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O-Girl: A Well Laid Trap - Jim Weathers' Productions

Post by xxjimbob2000 »

I wanted to try my hand at writing a video review. Mainly to try something new, and because of coronavirus boredom. I was inspired by the "Best SHIP Video ever" thread in the Lounge and was going to respond to that thread, but then realized I had pretty much started writing a review. I deleted what I had and decided to actually write a review instead.

Here is my review for Jim Weathers' "O-Girl: A Well Laid Trap" starring Christina Carter as O-Girl and Diana Knight as Lady Felina. You can find it here on Clips4Sale: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/49861 ... ell%20laid

Two caveats before I start...
1. Technically, the video on the Clips4Sale store has this broken up into 4 parts and it's split into 4 parts, but it's all part of the same story...so it wouldn't make any sense to review the parts individually. Keep this in mind if you choose to look into the video. The description on the Clips4Sale page does highlight what is featured in each part pretty well if you don't want all 4.
2. I'm not going to try and avoid spoilers.

The Good:
- Story -
The story is very simple but I definitely think this is a good thing. The basic premise is that O-Girl is attempting to arrest Lady Felina after a jewelry heist. Lady Felina is onto O-Girl's attempt and lures her into a trap and captures her instead. Lady Felina then tortures O-Girl with forced orgasms and tries to break her spirit with dripping water torture. I personally like the simplistic nature of the story because it is allows us to focus on the fetish elements of the video. I think it also makes Lady Felina a lot more scary and cruel because her only motivation is to make her prisoner suffer as much as possible.

- Peril Scenes -
Every single peril sequence in this video is executed perfectly in my opinion and with the exception of Part 1, O-Girl is thoroughly helpless throughout. To be honest though, most of the torture sequences in the video do fall into the forced orgasm category, so if forced orgasms are not your thing then these aren't for you.

In Part 1, there is some nice tension as created as O-Girl is lurking around Lady Felina's place and Lady Felina spots her. Of course, we the viewer know that O-Girl is getting captured, but it's a fun enough sequence. I normally don't care for prolonged sequences like this because I would much prefer that we just get to the heroine getting captured but this part is fairly entertaining. The trap O-Girl falls into is well done. Obviously creative editing was used to make it look like O-Girl falls down a shaft and ends up in a stone prison, but it looks very nice. All O-Girl videos have some creative traps, and this is no different.

Part 2 is where things really start to pick up in terms of the peril. O-Girl is tied to a chair with a vibrator between her legs. The way Christina is tied up is very appealing, especially since it appears that she cannot avoid the vibrator. It looks to be a very well done tie. Lady Felina comes in and mocks her a bit, and activates the chair. Christina definitely struggles real nicely and moans real nicely for the viewers as well. There are some nice close ups of O-Girl's boots as she struggles in the chair, so a nice added bonus for the boot fetishist. It's a pretty good (albeit basic) torture scene.

Part 3 is the start of the best sequence for me, the start of O-Girl's water torture. First of all, the bondage holding O-Girl in place to the bamboo board looks very secure, she isn't going anywhere. Second of all, the way she is tied down looks very visually appealing. The way her arms are strapped down and the way her legs are strapped down look great. There are a lot of close ups of O-Girl's head with the water dripping onto her forehead. The majority of this part of the video is just struggling and watching water drip on O-Girl's forehead, and it is very sexy. I also like the costume for this bondage because we get to see Christina's legs struggle completely in vain and she struggles a lot during this part. I also love the moaning and noises that Christina makes, I'll elaborate more later, but Christina does a wonderful job conveying fear during this part of the video. There is also some music that plays during this sequence that I think genuinely creates anxiety when watching the scene. It isn't as stressful as the ticking clock in Dunkirk, but there is something about it that definitely adds to O-Girl's situation and the horrible experience she is currently going through.

Part 4 is more of the same since O-Girl is still suffering from the water torture, but Lady Felina comes in and uses a vibrator to work over our poor heroine. O-Girl at this point in the video looks terribly exhausted and almost broken at this point. I do wonder how much was acting and how much was real. O-Girl is thoroughly worked over with the vibrator and she screams several times during this portion of the video. If you are a fan of forced orgasm scenes, this one is executed perfectly in my opinion. The added water torture element makes this scene simply amazing. There are times where Lady Felina presses the vibrator against O-Girl harder and definitely draws the appropriate reaction from our heroine. I personally think this is one of the best torture scenes done in a SHIP video. You can see the water dripping on Christina's forehead and I'm fairly certain the forced orgasms are real too. You can definitely tell that Christina is suffering as her character is and it is pretty hot.

- Acting -
For the most part, I think that both Christina Carter and Diana Knight nail both of these roles. Diana Knight is such an amazing villainess in pretty much every video I've ever seen her in and Christina Carter is definitely one of the best superheroines in this genre (in my opinion). The only knock I would have against the acting in this video would be that it can be really hammy at times. This mainly comes in Part 1 when Lady Felina is toying with O-Girl and luring her to her trap. It is effective because it is definitely inspired by 1960s Batman, which of course featured insanely hammy acting. The hammy nature does drop in the later parts when Lady Felina is taunting O-Girl later in the video so it doesn't last for too long.

Christina, as always, is a great superheroine. She is very good at portraying the confident heroine that ends up in a terrible situation and does a very good job throughout the video especially selling her torture. The highlight of her performance for me comes at the start of Part 4 when she just looks incredibly destroyed from the water torture. She does a lot of small things that really help sell her predicament and it is very good. For example, in Part 3, she keeps balling her hands into fists when she struggles to free herself and escape the dripping water but this is absent in Part 4. She definitely struggles a lot less at the start and when she does, she does so very weakly and her hands are just open, almost like she doesn't have the strength to fight anymore. She also continues to shake her head as if she is trying to avoid giving in or just because the water is breaking her down, at any rate it looks really good and definitely makes it look like she is suffering.

Diana is always good as the villainess as mentioned above. She definitely hams it up in Part 1 as mentioned above, but it works for what she is doing. Diana has always had a very sexy and seductive voice in videos and she uses it to great effect in this one. She taunts our heroine in her predicament. I love her line of dialogue during the start of the water torture scene when O-Girl asks what she hopes to learn from her and Lady Felina casually responds with "Learn from you? No, this isn't interrogation" in her sexy voice. Diana is also very good at the sensually sinister laugh during the water torture/orgasm torture scene as well. She definitely shows that she is enjoying every second of the torment she pumps into O-Girl. Diana always seems like she is having a blast playing the villainess when she does so.

- Costumes -
If you are a fan of the 1960s Batman show, the costumes definitely evoke that show and style. I've always been a fan of O-Girl's costumes. They did a very good job with the several costumes she has had in most O-Girl videos and they are pretty believable and do look like something a superheroine could possibly wear. The only thing that isn't "believable" are her spiked heeled ankle boots because the heels are very high which would be difficult to fight in. They are sexy as hell though and Christina looks good in them. I also like the accessories like her utility belt and her purple gloves. I also like the panty-like bottom to her costume because it shows off her legs quite nicely (which definitely look amazing when she is tied up and struggling as mentioned during the scene where she is strapped to the bamboo board).

Lady Felina has a few costumes in this video and they all look great. She has her traditional catsuit on at the start which she looks smoking in. She changes into some lingerie before capturing O-Girl which also looks amazing. I always wish more videos had the villainess "slip into something more comfortable" when they are at home, part of me wishes she wore this outfit during the rest of the video considering the rest of it takes place at Lady Felina's hideout. When O-Girl is tied to the chair, she has some kind of (I think) latex ass-less skirt and a latex blouse on that looks great. My only complaint are her high heels because they seem like the heels might be too tall for our villainess. There are a few times where it looks like Diana is close to losing her balance in the heels and she is mostly holding onto objects when she is standing in these or walking in them. It isn't enough to distract from the scene, but if you watch her closely, it certainly seems like that is what is happening. Lastly, during the water torture scene, she is wearing a nice silk dress with sexy leather gloves and high heels on. She looks stunning in this outfit while she gleefully tortures our heroine.

The Not-So Good:
- Minor Continuity Issues -
This might be nitpicking a bit, but because the video establishes what happens with O-Girl's utility belt, the following does distract me. At the start of Part 2 when O-Girl is tied up in Lady Felina's trophy room, O-Girl does not have her utility belt on and Lady Felina even gloats about adding it to her collection. In Part 3, when O-Girl is strapped to the bamboo board, she has her utility belt back. It is a minor issue that can be a little distracting given how perfect the rest of the video is.

During the water torture scene, there are added sound effects for the water dripping on O-Girl's forehead which aren't really synced up to the actual drops we see that hit O-Girl's head. It does add a bit of flair to the sequence, but I would have preferred that they were either synced up better or not included at all since it is a little distracting.

- The Ending -
The video doesn't really have a definitive ending and ends on a bit of a cliffhanger. After Lady Felina forces O-Girl to orgasm several times, the story ends with O-Girl still in Lady Felina's dungeon being tortured. I don't know if there was an ending video produced or not. The video is split into 4 parts, but part 4 is technically called "3a" and the ending of this part does have a "Don't miss the next exciting episode" card at the end so I'm not sure if it wasn't made or it was designed to end that way. Honestly, it isn't a huge problem as what we have is nothing short of amazing but I would have liked to see some kind of conclusion. Obviously, I would assume O-Girl got away as several other O-Girl videos have been made since :D

Final Verdict:
Overall, this is definitely one of my favorite superheroine peril videos and would strongly recommend watching it if you like O-Girl, Christina Carter, Diana Knight, or Jim Weathers' work. I've always liked O-Girl because while it appears it is an homage to 1960s Batgirl, O-Girl is her own thing. Jim Weathers' bondage work has always been quite appealing to me due to the nature of the bondage, the forced orgasms, the sexy ass outfits, and sexy models. I feel that O-Girl was a fantastic addition to the SHIP genre. I kind of wished we could get more O-Girl videos, or at least the more elaborate ones like this.

My final score for the video is 10 out of 10. I would strongly recommend this video based on the water torture scenes alone.

If you like this review, please let me know. If you have any (constructive) feedback for making it better, please let me know. Also, if you have any thoughts about the video yourself, please share them.

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Re: O-Girl: A Well Laid Trap - Jim Weathers' Productions

Post by ltrltr »

I echo your sentiments on the Christina/Diana double act. Seen plenty of O Girl videos when previously a cafe member, they are both superb at what they do.

I've long since maintained that Diana is the best villainess in the business, you believe that she wants to make the heroine suffer.

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Re: O-Girl: A Well Laid Trap - Jim Weathers' Productions

Post by sneakly »

Christina & Diana area great pairing, but I think Diana has retired and CC has really moved into her own space as a producer. I enjoyed The Perils of Nylonika, who’s costume was my favorite. The shear bodystocking, corset and red utility belt were smoking hot, especially trussed up or sinking in quicksand.

I wouldn’t complain if a Jim recast O-girl with a fresh face, although CC will likely remain the greatest O-girl.

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