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Hello all, heros and villains alike! Im Kelly, a 25 year old personal trainer by day, but by night I become Solaria, fighting for justice and against any evil doers in my city. Im looking for some criminals to roleplay against, some hardened evil-doers who are looking for a fight, that dont mind getting a little dirty. I will fight with all my might to defeat you! But i know being a superheroine is a dangerous, usually deadly, occupation. Especially when you look as good as I do, and when you fight criminals as twisted and perverted as some of the goons ive seen on this website. But what can I say? Maybe I like the danger. ;P I look forward to hearing from you creatons of crime, and engaging in battle with you.

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Welcome, we have an RP section. I am a meeter and greeter here if you need any help just post here or pm me
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Great to meet you Solaria! I know you'll have a fun time bustin' bad guys as much as I have a fun time writing about their defeat at the hands of the heroine! :)

Welcome to the Super League!
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