Salutations from Damselbinder, Wordsmith and Pretentious Man

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Salutations from Damselbinder, Wordsmith and Pretentious Man

Post by Damselbinder »

Hi there. I'm Damselbinder - been a writer on Deviantart and this here forum for a good few years now. Thought I'd reintroduce myself, maybe advertise some of my wares, as well as rear my head to people who may not have seen me. As far as my philosophy as an author goes, I focus on light, sensual and suggestive peril, rather than anything massively sexual explicit. Bondage, of a damsel-in-distress kind, is a big focus, as is sleepy peril: chloroform, sleeping gas, injections - you name it. I've got a few short fanfictions with established heroines, but my main claim to fame is the Enhancegirl series, starring an original character in an original universe.

Okay, being real, I'm doing a major case of follow-the-leader here, but the venerable Doctor Dominator convinced me that it'd be a decent way to increase readership, and a good way to just keep a record of everything. Credit to Abductor-en-Madrid for creating the format. Also, my stories tend to be very continuity heavy, so this might be a good way for newer readers to keep things straight. Let's get started.

"The Perils of Enhancegirl: the Smell of Chloroform" was my first superheroine story. It's a humble beginning: a simple tale of a young, lovely redhead named Sophie Scott, who just so happens to be the superheroine Enhancegirl in her off time! In this first outing, she goes up against a slaver named Madam Black, and discovers that her fantastic super-senses have a major downside...
Link here: ... =9&t=23340

"The Perils of Enhancegirl 2: Spectra's Sleepy Trap" introduces the second heroine to the Enhancegirl-universe: Spectra, otherwise known as Mariko Asakura. A tall, beautiful Japanese-American with power over light, she's one of the setting's most famous heroines. But even powerful heroines have weaknesses, and she finds hers being exploited as well. After an inimical encounter with Enhancegirl, the two are forced to work together. Can they escape their captors?
Link here: ... =9&t=23409

"The Perils of Enhancegirl 3: A Chloro Compulsion" pits Enhancegirl against the hypnotic Mesmeredith. With even her own mind betraying her, does Sophie have any hope of vanquishing this fiendish, mind-bending villain?
Link here: ... =9&t=23462

"The Perils of Spectra: Cosplay, Captivity and Chloroform" is an interstitial chapter taking place just after Enhancegirl 3. In this story, Mariko is posing for a photographer named Anita, and is encouraged to do some risqué, bondage-flavoured poses - only to find out she's being captured for real! Tied up, drugged over and over again, and dressed in a variety of cute outfits, can the mighty Spectra's pride survive intact?
Link here: ... =9&t=23518

"The Perils of Enhancegirl 4: Popstars, Cyborgs and Spider-Webs" introduces a new heroine and two new villains. The heroine is Stellar, otherwise known as Yumi Tae-Yeong, a K-Pop star as well as a superheroine, of whom Sophie is a huge, huge fan. The sweet and spunky Stellar has three distinct power-sets: super strength; cryokinesis; and sonic powers. But even these powers prove vain against the threat of our two villains: Cybelle, a powerful cyborg with enhanced strength, steel tendrils, and the ability to dispense bindings and sleeping gas; and Arachna, a woman with the ability to spin webs any size, catch heroines just like flies - and she has her sights set on Stellar. Can Sophie save the beautiful Yumi from their clutches, or will she end up as just another damsel in distress?
Link here: ... =9&t=24055

"The Perils of Enhancegirl 5: Back to Black" is the grand finale of 'arc 1' of Enhancegirl. It's a veritable cornucopia of villainy as Cybelle teams up with Madam Black and Mesmeredith to get Enhancegirl out of the way once and for all. With the help of a mesmerised Spectra, Enhancegirl is captured, abducted, and shipped off to be sold into slavery. Wracked with guilt over her role in Sophie's kidnapping, Spectra enlists the aid of Insyte, a buxom, lily-white beauty, and more importantly telepath who's immune to Mesmeredith's mind control powers. But Sophie's abductors seem more than happy to have two such fetching pieces of merchandise deliver themselves into their clutches...
Link here: ... =9&t=24465

"The Perils of Enhancegirl 6: A Thief's Allure" marks the beginning of arc 2 of Enhancegirl. Sophie is stronger, tougher, and a lot better at the whole hero-ing thing than she was before. Aerogirl, however, a new heroine that Sophie encounters, is not. She, frankly, sucks and Sophie decides to take her under her wing if only to make the poor girl feel better about herself. However, both are preyed upon by the seductive Ocelot, a drone-wielding thief who takes a liking to Sophie. A really, really strong liking.
Link here: ... =9&t=27284

"The Perils of Enhancegirl 7: Slave of the Sin Eater" is almost more horror story than peril fic. Insyte returns, but only for long enough to witness the abduction of Rachel Artesia, otherwise known as Ocelot, returning from part 6. Insyte senses Ocelot's connection to Sophie, and enlists Sophie to assist her in rescuing her from the cultists who abducted her. However, Sophie's brashness takes her into the lair of a truly dreadful enemy, one who seeks nothing more than to subjugate all women to her eldritch will.
Link here: ... =9&t=27464

"The Perils of Enhancegirl 8: the Supremacist and the Mistress of Sleep" is a story in two halves. The first concerns the return of the Supremacist, the most feared villain in the setting, after a long absence. Virtually every superhero in Sophie's home city of Seacouver mobilises to stop him. Sophie ends up uniting with Spectra, the super-strong Valora, and the walking nuclear inferno Zjarrus (who happens to be Insyte's big brother) to stop him. The second half of the story concerns the aftermath of this, with Enhancegirl and Valora being targeted by the lustful Nyx, who plans to humiliate the two heroines after their public success.
Link here: ... =9&t=27513

"The Perils of Enhancegirl 9: Powerless" is exactly what it says on the tin. Spectra and Enhancegirl, between whom emotions are becoming very complex, are kidnapped by a woman named Adrienne, who strips them of their powers, and takes joy in humiliating the drained and helpless heroines. They must unite to support each other and to recover their powers - and the seductive Ocelot finds herself entangled in events as well.
Link here: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=27580

"The Perils of Enhancegirl 10: Betrayed into Bondage" closes out Arc 2. The tension between Enhancegirl, Spectra, and Ocelot reaches boiling point, with disastrous results. Sophie must work out where her true feelings really lie, and must summon all the power she has - and more - to rescue the one her heart desires. WARNING: Contains horrific amounts of cheesy, sentimental guff.
Link here: ... =9&t=27646

"The Perils of Enhancegirl Hallowe'en Special: A Vampire's Kiss" is a bonus story taking place between EG10 and EG11. When Sophie plans to have a fun Halloween watching movies with her pretty college friends, she finds herself and her friends coming under the thrall of a lady of the night. Hypnotism, draining, and general spooky delights are in store - as is a profound and terrible revelation about Sophie herself.
Link here: ... =9&t=28086

"The Perils of Enhancegirl 11: A Real Villain!" begins Arc 3, the final story arc of Enhancegirl's tale. New couple Sophie and Mariko take a trip to Sophie's hometown of Ferndale to meet Sophie's parents. However, a truly bizarre villain named Captain Cur sets his curious sights on the town. Not only that, but his antics attract the attention of the Pauldron - the EG-verse's answer to the Justice League, led by the mighty and noble Imperion, the strongest hero in America. But soon, Sophie realises that justice dictates not helping the Pauldron catch Captain Cur - rather she must save him from them!
Link here: ... =9&t=28691

"The Perils of Enhancegirl 12: Maidens of the Underworld" represents the darkest hour of our cast of heroines. After the events of EG-11, Spectra is now a member of the Pauldron. However, she and the beautiful Nova - another Pauldron member - are abducted by the mysterious, masked villain Hades, who seems all but invincible. Yet Hades does not stop with them: Insyte, Stellar, Valora and Enhancegirl herself all fall into their fearsome clutches. In the hands of a villain who is stronger than all of them combined, what hope do our lovely heroines have?
Link here: ... =9&t=28777

"The Perils of Enhancegirl 13: The Penitentiary Supreme" puts Sophie in the titular jail, a maximum security facility designed to hold the most dangerous superhumans. She is there tracing clues to the mysterious source of her powers, when a prison riot starts. Enhancegirl goes up against villains new and old, unites with heroes and criminals in an attempt to put the genie back in the bottle. And if she is going to come out alive, she needs to push herself harder than she ever has before. If she doesn't end up getting locked away herself, of course...
Link here: ... =9&t=29152

"The Perils of Enhancegirl 14: The Sleeping Beauty Society" focuses on Insyte. Her life made miserable by her telepathy, and having given up life as a superheroine, things get even worse when she is targeted by a fiendish organisation who delights in the abduction and protracted unconsciousness of beautiful young women. Enhancegirl ends up falling to them as well, and Insyte must find her courage, and her power, if either of them is ever to go free again. At the same time, Spectra and the Pauldron take on the eldritch Lord Delirious, a foe mightier even than Imperion.
Link here: ... =9&t=29556

"The Perils of Enhancegirl 15: Heart of Darkness" finally resolves the mystery of Sophie's powers. But the answer may prove that ignorance really is bliss, as Sophie finds things out about herself she would wish earnestly she had never known. Will her beloved Spectra be able to save her? Will there, in the end, be a Sophie left to save?
Link here: ... =9&t=29622

"The Perils of Enhancegirl Finale: Uneasy Lies the Head that Wears the Crown" is the final story of Sophie's saga. It is difficult to describe without spoiling everything, but suffice to say Sophie will face her last and greatest enemy in this tale. The very notion of the superhero itself will be challenged as Sophie fights quite literally for truth and justice. Not everyone will finish this story alive, as Enhancegirl throws everything on the line to defeat an enemy of incalculable vileness.
Link here: ... =9&t=29892

"Enhanceverse: the Abduction of Lady Velvet" focuses on a new character, the beautiful and seductive Viola Annalise, a burlesque dancer and superhuman whom the whole world seems to adore. But it seems her wiles have drawn attention from the wrong places, as the dark-haired beauty is captured, drugged and kidnapped for a nefarious purpose, that may have a connection to Viola's unhappy past. A sensual, erotic tale.
Link here: ... =9&t=30744

"The Perils of Valora 1: America, F*** Yeah!" begins a new story arc, a prequel set ten years before the first Enhancegirl story. In this we focus on Valora in her early days, making a name for herself as part of a state-sponsored superheroine team called 'The Bombshells'. However, the forces behind the Bombshells do not seem wholly compatible with the might and free-spirited Valora - and it may all just end in disaster for her, and the rest of her team.
Link here: ... =9&t=31032

The rest of the stories here are fanfictions.

"Wonder Woman: Chains of Slumber" features two incarnations of the might Amazon: her 1970s Linda Carter self, and her 2010s Gal Gadot self. Both versions of her find themselves overpowered, overwhelmed and thoroughly captured in this tale, with an inevitable throwback to the legendary Fausta scene, and plenty of new stuff too!
Link here: ... =9&t=30599

"Zatanna: Night of the (B)at" puts the leggy magician in a state of emotional turmoil after an encounter with old flame John Constantine. However, in her distracted state she's easy prey for a certain cat-loving thief, and she's shown that Catwoman's greed isn't just for material possessions.
Link here: ... =9&t=30724

"Black Cat: Bad Night" puts the lovely Felicia on the receiving end of a run of really bad luck. She's first targeted by a group of mercenaries who manage to trick and restrain her. Then, when she escapes from them, she ends up in the clutches of an enemy who does not seem to belong in her world. But this enemy spins a hell of a web, and poor Felicia falls right into it. Before long Felicia is blushing, moaning, and mewing - and feeling very, very sleepy into the bargain.
Link here: ... =9&t=30998
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A full list of my stories can be found here, with summaries to boot: viewtopic.php?f=70&t=32027

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Re: Damselbinder story links

Post by CJS »

Awesome! Lots to dig into here.
My stories:
Sapphire Angel - Beginnings
Sapphire Angel - Power Play

Sapphire Angel website (download Beginnings in PDF, Kindle, and ePub)

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Re: Damselbinder story links

Post by GeekyPornCritic »

I read your first story of Enhance Girl. I like the character's concept. There wasn't any erotica. Does your stories contain any sexual perils or are they PG?

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Re: Damselbinder story links

Post by Damselbinder »

I read your first story of Enhance Girl. I like the character's concept. There wasn't any erotica. Does your stories contain any sexual perils or are they PG?
By the forum's standards they're pretty PG. The most sexual it gets would be in Enhancegirl 6. There's a couple of consensual sex-scenes sprinkled here and there. Most of the sexual element is derived from the fetishistic appeal of heroines getting knocked out and tied up, maybe stroked and squeezed a bit. I never push it further than that.
A full list of my stories can be found here, with summaries to boot: viewtopic.php?f=70&t=32027

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