Dark Siren and the Mask of Lust

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Dark Siren and the Mask of Lust

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Dark Siren and The Mask of Lust

She stalked the building like a shadowy ballerina, dancing across the rooftops towards her destination. It was a hot summers night and this feminine creature often made love to the city with her body. It was such a rush, flaunting her sexuality in her tight revealing costume, whilst her identity remained masked to the public. It was a sight not too unusual for the citizens of Elms Croft city. …..was her name, but her alter ego was Dark Siren. Tonight her target was the city’s Museum. Her employers hired her knowing she was the best that money could buy for professional thievery. The recent display on ancient civilisations had become quite publicised. A mask forged from an unknown metal had been discovered. Archeologists had dated it back to Sumeria but many scholars believed it belonged to Atlantis. Or perhaps further back? How much of our history have we lost. Dark Siren never asked too many questions as long as she saw the zeros in her account.

She moved from building to building like an animal. A trained gymnast, martial artist and ballerina; she relied on her wits, body and gadgetry. These were the same traits of her nemesis and current infatuation; the Night Master. Not much was known about him. Was he the self proclaimed protector of the city or a criminal vigilante.…or worse…A terrorist? The constant jousting between the two for the past year was one that was rife with sexual tension.

Dark Siren knew that encountering the Night Master this evening would make her current mission difficult. A part of her just wanted to smooth job and the instant cash flow. Another part of her wanted to wrestle with him one more time. And she had dressed for the occasion. On such a humid night she decided to don her summertime outfit, albeit adjusted just in case she encountered the Night Master. Her bodysuit was strong and flexible however on this occasion it have been trimmed down to the bare essentials. Her breasts were covered whilst her long lithe arms and torso were exposed. Her black pants did the job in covering her crotch, and her utility belt was fastened tightly around he slender waist. Her long legs were also bare as were her feet. She decided to try out an experimental gel which she had rubbed into her skin which enabled her to scale buildings almost like an adhesive, increasing the power of her grip. She wore a mask that shielded her face from the public. As she soared like a bird, Dark Sirens short dark hair contrasted her pale porcelain skin glistened and she almost glowed like some ghostly apparition….or an angel from hell….Bright enough for the eyes of the man on her tail, the so called Shadow of Justice: The Night Master was going to make an appearance much to the satisfaction of Dark Siren.

Entering the Museum was like play. Using one of her bladed gadgets she made an opening in a window. The rest was just a matter of applying her pick locking skills. She moved as quietly as a leaf falling from a tree. She knew there were 5 security guards on display. All of them large burly bruisers. One by one she disposed of them. The first one with chloroform, another one with a knock out dart. The third she was able to sneak up on a use a number of nerve strikes. The fourth resisted a bit which meant she had go into jujitsu grappling mode. Her legs and thighs squeezing the large lean man like an anaconda. The guard was shocked, embarrassed and somewhat sexually tantalised as he was slowly rendered unconscious in a rear naked choke.

Dark Siren looked down from the floor that she was on and could see in the room beneath her was the ancient mask. It was placed on a stand. In order to not trip the alarm she dropped down slowly on a rope until she hovered just above the mask like a spider on a web. She made stealth an art form.
“childs play” She thought to herself. However the flawless Dark Siren had made a mistake. In her arrogance she forgot about the fifth guard. Located in the darkness he was ready. He sprung out like a beast and immediately grabbed her, absorbing her slender body into his bear hug grip. It was like a vice and for the first time in a long time, the Dark Siren felt weak.
“uuugh can’t get free, too strong” She thought to herself.
“stop struggling honey, it’s over. Now let’s have some fun before the cops come” he said as he squeezed and rubbed his hard cock into her tight black panties from behind. Dark Siren’s mind was in a panic and yet she was slightly aroused at the same time. She loved the adrenalin of the chase and a part of her loved getting caught and outsmarted. But by a worthy man, not some brainless oaf. Losing to this guy would be the worst humiliation. She knew that her strength would not be able to break her free from the horny beast. She would have to rely on her flexibility. Launching her kick behind her with momentum like a scorpion whipping its poisonous tail her big toe landed with an impact into the guards eye. He screamed and dropped her. Blood was gushing from his wound, but mercilessly the Dark Siren launched a barrage of strikes sending the large fool into a slumber.

Dark Siren needed to get her breathe back and she felt a little dizzy. Luckily the ancient mask was not knocked over, that would have triggered the alarm. She stared at it for a while. It was quite hypnotic. Shaped like a ghastly demonic creature. Beautiful and terrifying at the same time. Dark Siren had previously disabled the alarms sensors but had to remove the mask from the glass casing without alerting the final alarm connected to lasers inside it. She came prepared. Taking out a small tool from her belt she slowly crawled underneath. The tool charged up as she pressed its button and a bright red beam cut through the bottom of the display case. It was not long before she was able to remove the mask from beneath the casing. She slowly crawled out. Her firm muscular glutes were displayed for the few security cameras that were on. Fortunately for her she had previously disabled most of them but wanted the police, management and security to at least have something entertainment to look at. Little did she know, the eyes of the Night Demon were on her sublime curves. As she climbed out he was there, ready and waiting. Like a school teaching catching a pupil smoking. She turned around and could not believe it.

“How lovely to see you again Mr Night Master, or should I call your Master?” The Dark Siren said in a cheeky tone.
He stood at 6 foot 2, a body of pure muscle, dressed in his intimidating black costume that even covered his entire face. Dark Siren had always loved the mystery of him and longed to remove his mask one day. He was not too bulky, his body was long and lean; almost like a gymnast or circus performer that specialises in handbalancing or acrobatics.
“Enough games” he spoke in that deep vibrating baritone voice. “Please come quietly” he continued as he displayed some handcuffs.
“oooh I do like kinky times” Dark Siren responded, moving seductively accentuating her long slender curves. She was practically naked. Night Master seemed unimpressed and immediately charged forward to grab her. She laughed and backflipped. The two fought but it was almost a dance. There was something about their movements that suggested a playfulness and that Night Master was holding back. With the mask in her bag attached to her black panties, she used all her agility to escape the Night Master, reaching for the balcony above them both. She escaped through a window although a part of her wished that he would take her down forcefully. The Night Master pulled out his grappling hook and disappeared upwards like a demonic apparition. He was in pursuit.

She ran across the rooftops trying to make her get away. She turned around to look and noticed he was chasing her. This brought a smile to her lips. Like a Lion hunting a gazelle he ran after her. They bounced from one building to another throughout the city centre of Elms Croft, his cape opened up like wings of a devil. Moving like that was effortless for both of them. It was like parkour on speed. Suddenly Dark Siren came across a gap that was way too wide for her to scale. She fired a rope from one of her tools which attached itself to a metal frame enabling her to swing across. However it was still too wide and she had to rely on her almost superhuman agility to reach safety. Night Master however was way ahead of her. He came out of nowhere as she was somersaulting in the air. He came down on her like some ravenous vampire. In mid air he bear hugged her.
“I have you now” he said
She smiled and noticed how strong his grip was. But as they fell towards the rooftop of the building on the other side she stroked his groin area softly. It was quite a shock for the disciplined vigilante. As they landed she broke free and managed to kick him away. She dropped the mask. It fell to the side some feet away from both of them. “It would have to be a fight” she thought to herself as her eyes focused on the ancient artifact.

Act 2 of the dance began. A gorgeous combination of soft and hard strikes, technique and speed. Dark Sirens spider like ballet contrasted the Night Masters forceful sensuality. And all the while it was as if the ancient mask was watching them. There was a strange energy coming from the mask which the Night Master picked up on the sensors inside his suit. He threw Dark Siren and she landed on her bare feet. She turned to launch a side thrust kick into his chest which he quickly turned into an ankle lock pinning her to the floor. Twisting.
“SUBMIT” he demanded
Dark Siren struggled but managed to wiggle her way out but Night Master immediately followed with a blow to her chin.
“He is so strong” she thought to herself as she feel to her knees. She was woozy from the blow.
“Come quietly” Night Master said. Suddenly both of them started to feel a weird feeling of disorientation. It was as if they were experiencing the effects of some kind of psychedelic drug.
“What is that sound” Dark Siren asked as the both of them felt a faint drumming music in their head. It sounded quite tribal or pagan and it was getting louder and louder. The both of them looked towards the mask and Dark Siren could slowly feel her entire body tingle with a warm sensation. The feeling became intense as the two of them feel to their knees, holding their heads.
“It…..the mask” Night Master said…… “My research dates the artifact back to the Atlantis……It represents a God of Lust”
“Lust?” Dark Siren said to herself. The word immediately triggered something inside her as the disorientation gripped the both of them. She noticed she was starting to feel very aroused and sexually distracted. Unfortunately for her the same impaired judgement was affecting the Night Master. Even his disciplined mind was being overcome by a primal desire.
“The drumming in my head is driving me insane, it keeps coming and going” she said.
“I can hear it too” the Night Master responded
Dark Siren felt the urge to escape but something pulled her to the spot, pulverising her body. She assumed that her arch enemy was in the same predicament. Then she noticed the way he was looking at her even through his dark mask and visor. He walked towards her in a threatening way. She was afraid and intrigued at the same time.
“Neither of us is going to be able to escape the hold of the artefact’s magic” Dark Siren said. “Why don’t we…..relieve some tension…..if we give into the desire maybe the effects will wear off”.
“An interesting plan…..Only problem is we are not working together. I am taking you in and the mask” Night Master replied with his typical arrogance and stubbornness that Dark Siren was used to. However she had a plan.
“No I don’t think so……this is what we are going to do…..You and I are going to fuck” She said realising how she could use the power of the mask and its effects on both on them to her advantage. Perhaps she could kill two birds with one stone. Fuck the Night Master and escape him with the artifact. Walking closer to him, she put a hand on his broad chest. “I would like to put forward a challenge to you might Night Master. We are going to fuck on top of this building. The first one to cum loses. If you win I will come quietly and submit to you. If I win, you have to let me go with the mask.” She had always fantasised about the vigilantes sexual prowess. It seemed a difficult challenge but she was confident that she would win.
“You can’t resist me” She said looking at him and stroking his crotch softly “undress and let me…..”
Quietly the Night Master undid his belt. With a clicking noise it came apart and she slowly pulled down his black armoured pants. She slowly unwrapped him of his undergarments like a child eagerly opening a Christmas present. And there is was…..his phallus. A lovely shape and size with an erection pointing towards the starry skies. It was everything she imagined, or maybe it was just the effects of the artifact which was drowning her mind in an ocean of lust.
“I know exactly how a man like you likes it…..you want me on my knees……in front of you” she said as she began sucking him. She enjoyed his dark skinned cock immensely, the strong urinal taste drove her crazy with desire. She noticed him moaning and she smiled.
“whats the matter darling? You can’t get past a blowjob by the Dark Siren?” She continued sucking, unleashing her tongue in the hope that she would make him cum in her mouth.
“This…..this artifact…..I can’t get that noise out of my head…” she thought
Suddenly the Night Master took control. Using his brute strength he grabbed her, lifting her off the ground like a doll, inverting her body.
“Oh you want to lick my pussy while I suck your cock? You think that’s going to get me there before you? You don’t know how dirty my mouth is, and my cunt will send you over the edge when you start to taste me…..I know you’ve wanted it for so long”
Finally the disciplined vigilante removed his mask and slowly began eating her. His tongue was simply divine. The Dark Siren continued to suck until the stimulation of her clitoral region began to set in. Her eyes began to roll back into her head as she succumbed to the pleasure. It was a dream come true, his tongue on her pussy, being dominated by this man that she had fantasised about for so long.
“Oh…..My…….uuuugh……I can see that holding on is going to be harder than expected…..fuck…..” She moaned as she felt her thoughts and mind scrambled. “Oh the feeling of his tongue” she thought to herself. She came fast and the Night Master relished his sexual victory.
“So much for the Dark Siren” he said to her as he turned her over and looked her in the face. It was the first time she had seen him without his mask and she was mesmerised by his green eyes. He immediately claimed her lips. She felt so possessed by him. She quickly took out the handcuffs she had planned to bind him in if she succeeded in making her cum. She intended to use them in that moment but the Night Master was way ahead of her. As she attempted to cuff his write he squeezed her left nipple, twisting it. Dark Siren let out a soft scream.
“Drop them” he commanded. Dark Siren felt pain and pleasure at the same time. She instantly surrendered, dropping the handcuffs on the floor. She liked how he could be brutal but still flashed an angry defiant look at him.
His erection now started to tease her wet hole and she realised that she had lost the wager she made.
“I hate magic” she said to herself “Damn that artifact” as she gyrated her hips, brushing the soaking wet lips of her cunt on the tip of Night Master’s dick. She was amazed by his strength. He held her above the ground by her hips, hugging her body close to his torso.
“Oh God…..I need your cock…….” she said with her impaired judgement.
The Night Master responded by thrusting himself inside her whilst pinning her to the wall near a stairway. He penetrated her and his pelvic thrusts almost lifted her off the ground. She spread her legs for him and stood on her tip toes. He tore her top over exposing her breasts which he mauled with his mouth. Sucking and biting her erected nipples. Dark Siren was in ecstasy. The vigilante pinned her wrists and hands over her head to the wall as he caressed her neck with his mouth. She was completely drenched. He passionately kissed her and each kiss reached deep inside her, planting more seeds of powerful desire. The wave of pleasure grew larger and larger. She could feel it rising through her body from the stimulation down below. Suddenly Night Master released his right hand. It travelled downwards and his thumb started to rub and massage her blood engorged clit. It was too much for her, as it brought her faster to the brink of no return. She wailed like a true siren, her vocal cords sang the song of pleasure and her body was shaking long after. She was exhausted and in a daze. He stayed inside her and she realised that he had not ejaculated.
“Such powerful stamina” she thought to herself.
He leaned closer to her ear and whispered “Not exactly the way I wanted to have my first date with you”
She responded with a smile.
“But I am afraid I had deceived you. I knew you would someday try to steal this artifact. Something that was of interest to me. Thank you for retrieving it for me” he continued
“I did nothing of the sort!” Dark Siren responded…..her defiance was silenced as Night Master thrusted his hips harshly again which stunned her.
“oooh” she whimpered. She felt so weak and realised that she could not resist.
“I knew the mask would also activate its magic and make you easier to deal with. Fucking you into submission was a delight and now I have two prizes for the night” Night Master said.
“what do you mean?” she replied. A shot of knock out gas emerged from one of his gloves. Dark Siren fell unconscious on his chest with his cock still lodged inside her.
The masked shadowy vigilante suited himself back up. He held Dark Siren over his shoulder and took the artifact in his hand. He pressed a button on his belt and a jet came out from the skies. It was like a black dragon. It hovered just beneath the rooftop building they were situated. The Night Master jumped in the cockpit with his prize. He laid the unconscious super thief in the seat next to him. He pressed another button on the cockpit and restraints bound her to the chair. The black dragon disappeared into the clouds. Where was he taking her?

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Re: Dark Siren and the Mask of Lust

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This is my first story here. Do let me know what you think. Your feedback is much appreciated :)

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Re: Dark Siren and the Mask of Lust

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Haven't read it yet as I am working but one thing I would suggest is putting a space between the different characters speaking
So you have
'Hello?' '
' Hi, how ya doing? '
' Not so bad, you? '

BUT it's easier to read as

' Hello?' '

' Hi, how ya doing? '

' Not so bad, you? '

Obviously you have bigger blocks of dialogue but splitting it up makes it easier to read. I post a comment on everything I read but I don't have time to read much so don't fret if weeks go by, it's not a judgement on your work.
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Re: Dark Siren and the Mask of Lust

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Oh thank you very much that is so kind of you. I can see how that makes sense!

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