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Batwoman & Flamebird in the Case of the Captive Cowl

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** just a quickie while inspriation strikes...I haven't forgotten the stories still left hanging**

It is the early afternoon in Gotham City and all the city's attention is focused on the Gotham City Museum of Natural History. Today, a traveling exhibit from the Smithsonian in Washington has arrived with priceless articles from past presidents. Items such as George Washington's colonial army uniform and diary excepts from the pen of Thomas Jefferson highlight this historic showcase. The guests of honor at the opening of this exhibit are none other than Gotham's famed costumed crimefighters, Batwoman and Flamebird. Before the general public was allowed into the museum, Batwoman and Flamebird are given a private tour of the presidential exhibit. A young pretty blonde tour guide, Polly, walks the lovely superheroines through the now quiet and seemingly empty museum. Polly, a vision of beuaty in her early 20's, wears a smart, yet revealing, business suit with a short gray skirt, matching gray blazer, a tight white blouse, and black sheer nylon pantyhose. The only thing that looked a bit out of place was the black bowler hat she wore upon her neatly managed flowing blonde locks.
Under the bright museum lights, Batwoman and Flamebird were even more dazzling than usual. Their shiny spandex leotards and shiny tan pantyhose looked practically neon under the flourescent rays of light. In their shimmering body hugging spandex and nylon encased legs, the dynamic duo would truly be the main attraction at this exhibit opening. The raven haired Batwoman, in her yellow leotard and cowl with red cape, gloves, and boots, looked in amazement at the priceless pieces from of campaign literature from the Adams and Jefferson era. Our blonde Teen Wonder, Flamebird, in her red leotard with yellow gloves, boots, belt, cape, and eyemask, was inspecting the writings of Eisenhower and Kennedy. While looking over the many artifacts, our heroines are called by their guide, Polly, to see a special surprise box that had just arrived.
"Ladies, if I can direct your attention to a very special piece," Polly noted calmly. "This just arrived from Washington and it should be quite a hit."
Polly gestured to a box on a table at the middle of the room. Batwoman and Flamebird came together at the table to see just what surprise was in store for them. The box was 2 feet high and a foot wide. It was an unremarkable brown shipping box with the postage stamps and stickers noting that the contents of the box were fragile.
"What is it?," inquired Batwoman. "Is it a new addition to the exhibit?"
"Yes," piped up a cheery Polly, "and what an addition it is. Please, Batwoman, remove it from the box and see for yourself."
Batwoman grinned and flashed a sweet smile at her guide, Polly, and pulled open the top of the brown box. Flamebird, at Batwoman's hip, leaned forward to get a better look. Batwoman reached inside the box and pulled out a black "stovepipe" top hat and held it carefully in both hands before her.
"Oh my," gasped Batwoman, "This must have been one of Abraham Lincoln's stovepipe hats."
"Very good, Batwoman, it did belong to Lincoln," Polly interjected. "What makes this one so special is that this is the very hat her wore when he delivered the Gettysburg Address."
Batwoman and Flamebird stood open mouthed in amazement at the piece of history that was before them. Polly continued to stand rigidly at attention with a toothy grin as she watched the dynamic duo carefully inspecting the hat she had presented them.
Before our heroines could sense that anything was wrong, the top of the stovepipe hat flipped open and a pair of plastic eyeballs rose from under the hat. Both Batwoman and Flamebird stood with eyes wide in shock at this unexpected turn of events. From the two eyes, a quick flash of yellow light appeared before two wavy laser beams shot forth from the plastic eyeballs. The yellow beams of wavy light made a direct hit in the eyes of Batwoman. The eyes slits of Batwoman cowl glowed a bright gold as the stream of light stopped. Batwoman stood frozen in place, still holding the hat before her, with a wide eyed, open mouthed expression of shock locked on her face. She stood rigid in place for a brief moment before falling to the shiny marble museum floor. Batwoman remained as stiff as a board as she fell and her facial expression had not changed in the fall. Her arms were still extended forward in the position where she held the hat, but the hat has been dislodged from her grasp by the force of the fall.
"The Super Instant Mesmerizer concealed in the hat," Polly giggled with arms folded about her ample chest, " every time."
"Batwoman!?!?," cried Flamebird as she saw the stunned superheroine collapse like an ironing board.
Flamebird stood frozen as she was overcome by the unlikely events unfolding before her. Her aunt and mentor, Batwoman, had been mesmerized by a familiar device and now lay stunned and frozen on the ground. What looked like a simple public appearence had turned into a well-sprung trap.
"We walked right into this trap," shouted Flamebird, "a Mad Hatter trap! The Super Instant Mesmerizer popping out from under a top hat...a Jervis Tetch trap if I've ever seen one."
"Very good, Teen Wonder," smiled a confident Polly. "A Jervis Tetch trap you and your balloon-bod partner walked right into."
"Well you forgot to take care of me, Ms. Polly," Flamebird exclaimed with equal confidence. "...and I'll wipe these marble floors with you, you hat-check hussey."
"Hussey? Is that the best you can do?," laughed Polly as she remained relaxed with arms folded and a sly cheshire cat smile across her puss.
"You want to see my best, Polly?," Flamebird grinned as she adopted a croutched fighting stance. Being well-schooled in the martial arts gave Flamebird, the Teen Wonder, an uncommon confidence when squaring off in hand-to-hand combat. And, besides, how tough could the hat check girl be?
While Flamebird attention was directed on Polly, a shadowy figure tiptoed forward in his trademark light lavender tuxedo with a dark purple vest. The handlebar mustache and matching lavender top hat left no doubt as to the identity of this sneaking villain. Polly's grin grew wider as her boss, the nefarious Mad Hatter, was standing right behind the unaware teen heroine.
"...And what might be so funny, Polly?," huffed an indignant Flamebird.
"Nothing, really... just that the Mad Hatter has a special hat fitting ready for you..."
"Huh?," gasped Flamebird, knowing that remark meant that the Mad Hatter and his henchmen were close.
Before the Teen Wonder could finish the exhale of her gasp, the Mad Hatter produced a slightly oversized red top hat from behind his back. As Flamebird turned to see exactly who was standing behind her, the hat had been rudely placed on her sweet little blonde head and pulled down roughly to cover her face. Flamebird stood, looking ridiculous, with a slightly oversized red top hat where her head would normally be. The hat fit snuggly over her head as it seemed to contract upon contact. Yellow gloved hands reached up with panicked motion on the rim of the hat to try to pull the hat off, but the suffocating hat wouldn't budge.
"MMRRRgghhhhhfff....," groaned Flamebird as her cries were muffled by the Mad Hatter's heinous headpiece.
The 18 year old heroine in red spandex staggered like a new born colt taking its first steps, almost tripping her over own yellow boots, as she feverish tugged at the top hat secured to her head.
Mad Hatter and his hat-check girl henchwoman laughed lustily at the silly sight of a staggered headless heroine. Flamebird panicked stumbling finally stopped as a hissing sound could be heard coming from the form fitting, or face fitting, red trap top hat. Flamebird's muffled coughs could be heard as the trademark purple sleeping gas of Jervis Tetch could be seen escaping from under the hat. At the brim of the hat, the purple slumber fog was slowly leaking from above. The hat had been rigged with a KO gas capsule to subdue its intended victim, the shapely young superheroine, Flamebird.
As the gas emitted from the headpiece, Flamebird arms dropped from the brim of the hat and fell limply to her sides. A woozy stagger of the Teen Wonder's sexy shiny hosed legs followed before she crumpled in a caped heap upon the floor, joined her partner as a subdued captive of the Mad Hatter.
"Well done, Ms. Polly," lisped the smiling Mad Hatter. "The dynamic duo never expected our trap as honored guests of our city fathers. Their guards were down just enough to strike."
"Whew," exhaled Polly, "I'm sure glad you came when you did. That Flamebird looked like she meant business and I've seen those kung-fu skills of hers."
"Sweet Polly," cooed the sinister villain, "I was monitoring their every move. Your safety was never in question."
"Great," snapped the sarcastic sexpot, "Now let's get out of here before some nosy museum dork or some rent-a-cop shows up....Anyway, how are we going to get the dynamic duo out of here with no one seeing us?"
"Simple, Polly," smiled the Mad Hatter with a knowing raised eyebrow, "Cappy, Dicer...enter please."
Two large men entered the room in mover's coveralls. Using rolling hand carts, freight dollies, they wheeled two large wooden packing crates into the room. The crates were roughly seven feet long and two feet wide.
"Cappy and Dicer will load the defunct duo into the crates and take them to the panel truck out front where our helpless heroines will be taken to my little museum," smirked the smug Mad Hatter, rubbing his hands together evilly as his nefarious plan was coming together perfectly. "Polly, you and I will take the back exit and meet the truck down the block a bit."
With that, Polly and Mad Hatter scamped out of the room as Cappy and Dicer loaded the mesmerized Batwoman and slumbering Flamebird into the wooden crates. The large men had little trouble with the petite crime-fighting cuties as their shapely sexy bodies fit nicely into their boxes, which were swiftly sealed shut for a short trip across town.

Two hours an abandoned Haberdasher shop across town

Batwoman and Flamebird stirred slightly as the effects of Mad Hatter's Super Instant Mesmerizer and his purple KO gas were wearing off. Their eyes fluttered a bit as they tried to move a bit. Their movements were restricted, as they felt they were being bound by rope. The body heat from behind our heriones revealed that they had been tied together, back-to-back, in a standing position. As the fog lifted from their brains, Batwoman and Flamebird got a good look at their predicament. They had been tied together, with ropes across their shoulders, arms, waist, thighs and ankles. The entangling twine had been strung and secured snuggly to restrict any movement. Our spandex-clad heroines could see they were standing upright in some sort glass display case. The newest exhibits in the Mad Hatter Museum were Gotham's famed costumed crime-fighters, Batwoman and Flamebird.
"Batwoman?," groaned a groggy Flamebird, "Where are we?"
"I don't know, Flamebird," exhaled an equally groggy Batwoman, "but it looks like we're in some kind of display case, like animals at the zoo."
"Holy headaches, Batwoman," sighed a subdued Teen Wonder. "Can't clear my head...that purple knockout gas really does a number on your senses...Could this be any worse, Batwoman?"
"Well," grunted a more aware Batwoman, squirming her tight yellow spandexed body against her bonds, "At least I can feel my cowl is still on my head...I don't think the Mad Hatter unmasked us..."
The lights in the dimly lit room were turned on and the bright light forced the dynamic duo to squint in their glass display case as the Mad Hatter entered the room with Polly, now clad in her hat-check black costume that looked remarkably like a French Maid's outift, and his large henchmen, Cappy and Dicer.
"Unmassssk you?," lisped the fey villain, "...and ruin the surprise?"
"What surprise?!?!, you effeminate fiend" shouted an angry bound Flamebird.
"Why the grand opening of my new museum, my dynamic displays," boomed the Mad Hatter. "And you two are my prized attractions."
"What's...the...meaning of...this, Mad Hatter?," groaned a struggling Batwoman. "We're...your...attractions?!?"
"Why, yes, beautious Batwoman," continued the Hatter. "How much do you think the ticket buying public will pay to see the famous Batwoman and Flamebird, Gotham's own dynamic duo, unmasked before their very eyes!"
"Unmasked! In public!," screamed Flamebird. "How could you?"
"How could I?," reasoned a giggling Mad Hatter, "why, for the money, dear Teen Wonder, and I destroy your effectiveness as crime-fighters by exposing your true identities in the process."
"Ohhh," cooed a giddy Polly in a sexy, breathy voice, "That's pure genuis, Jervis, charge people $100,000 a piece to see Batwoman and Flamebird unmasked...and end their crime-fighting exploits while we rack in the dough."
"Yes, my sweet Polly," Mad Hatter laughed, "So simple, yet so sinister and effective."
"You fiendish...heinous...haberdasher!," grunted a disgusted Batwoman, realizing her peril and that the binds that tied her and her sidekick together were too thick to break. "You'll never get away with this..."
"It appears I already have, my detained duo," boasted a confident Hatter. "Now remember, that glass case is rigged with sensor that releases purple sleeping gas if you somehow get free of my ropes and try to escape...and I'd much rather have you both awake when your masks are removed before a captive audience. Makes it much more dramatic that way..."
The four villains shared a hearty laugh as they left Batwoman and Flamebird alone with their thoughts. They were certain no one could break the nylon bondage that wrapped the dynamic duo neatly and the rigged case would release the KO gas even if they get free.
As the villainous quartet left the room to market their fiendish exhibit to Gotham's well-heeled thrill seekers and assorted supervillains, Batwoman and Flamebird tweaked their necks to get closer to one another.
"Is this it, Batwoman? the end?," sobbed a dejected and bound Teen Wonder. "Is this how our crime fighting careers end? Not to mention our normal lives..."
"It can't be, Flamebird, it just can't be," cried a hopeful Batwoman. "We've got to find a way out of this bonds and disable the sensor in the case...its our only chance."
"Holy hundred-to-one shots," sighed Flamebird.


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Holy hundred-to-one shots, INDEED!! How will our deliciously delectable heroines ever escape THIS particular peril? I'll most definitely stay tuned to this same bat channel to find out! Great story, Franco!

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Great story indeed! I could almost hear David Wayne as Jervis Tetch delivering those wonderful lines! This is vintage 60's Batman type adventure at its best! Great peril too, Franco! As the Mad Hatter would say, "So simple, so very simple!" Really looking forward to this one! 8)

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Late into the night that same day....

A black tie crowd arrived at the abandoned haberdasher shop for the midnight revealing of the true identities of Gotham's dynamic duo, Batwoman and Flamebird. Folding chairs were hastily set up and placed in from of the display case in a dingy storage area behind the main entrance of the shop. A crowd of 30 gentlemen in their finest wares had arrived with cash in hand, $100,000 per seat, and began to take their seats. The display case was covered with a red curtain, ready to be unveiled shortly as Jervis Tetch, a.k.a. the Mad Hatter, would be personally removing Batwoman and Flamebird's masks to the delight of the assembling crowd. At the stroke of midnight, everyone had been seated and the Mad Hatter took the stage, along with Polly and his heavy lifting henchmen, Cappy and Dicer. Polly held the large bag of cash collected from the wealthy curiousity seekers.
"Gentlemen, I apologize for the rustic setting, but the show I have planned is well worth it," Mad Hatter announced to the crowd. "I will not waste any more of your valuable time. First, let me present the stars of the show....Gotham's costumed crime-fighters, the dynamic duo themselves, Batwoman and Flamebird!"
Tetch pulled at the red curtain and it fell to the floor to reveal the contents of the display case. The crowd cheered at the sight of Batwoman and Flamebird inside, tied back-to-back and looking still and depressed. It appeared that the dynamic duo had been resigned to their fate and looked as if they'd just assume that the Mad Hatter would get their unmasking over with.
"Now...I will enter the display case," Mad Hatter continued, "and remove their masks. Gotham's greatest mystery, the true identities of Batwoman and Flamebird, will remain a mystery no longer."
The Mad Hatter walked behind the display case to make his grand entrance inside when a voice piped up from the back of the room.
"Sorry, I was running a little late for the show," a female voice announced. "Did I miss anything?"
The crowd, along with Mad Hatter and his associates, looked to the back with amazement. The Mad Hatter and his crew were even more surprised as they surely recognized the voice. Standing at the back of the room was none other and the spandex superfoxes, Batwoman and Flamebird. Looking spectacular in the form-fitting costumes with their trademark heroic hands-on-hips pose, the Mad Hatter looked as if he'd seen a ghost.
"Wha!?! How?," stammered a confused Mad Hatter, "But you're still in my display case. How can you be standing right there?"
"Simple, Mr. Tetch," Batwoman explained, "what you see inside the glass case is a holographic image of Flamebird and I helplessly bound."
To prove her point, Batwoman pressed a button on her belt buckle and the image inside the case instantly vanished, revealing that the display case was actually empty. The crowd gasped as the bound vistages of the dynamic duo disappeared.
" did you escape?," continued the shocked Hatter. "You were bound...the case was rigged to release sleeping case..."
"You forget that we're the greatest escape artists in Gotham," boasted Flamebird as she pointed a finger at the stunned villain, "and you were stupid enough not to remove our utility belts."
"Once we worked our hands free to reach our Bat-cutting tools in our belts," Batwoman added, "the rest was rather simple."
"Yeah," continued Flamebird, "and an electro-magnetic pulse disabled the circuitry on the sleeping gas sensors hooked to the display case."
"Well, the time to talk is over, Flamebird," Batwoman interjected, "its time to officially close this exhibit."
With that, the surpriised crowd scrambled to their collective feet and made a mad dash in unison to the exit. The black-tied motley crew practically climbed over one another to flee the scene. Batwoman and Flamebird stepped casually aside to let these rats flee the sinking ship.
"Very impressive, dynamic duo," hissed the angered Mad Hatter, "I won't make the same mistakes when I take you two down again. Cappy...Dicer...Get Them!!!!!"
From the makeshift stage stormed the bulky henchmen, Cappy and Dicer. They ran together side by side with malice on their minds as they charged the sexy superheroines. Batwoman and Flamebird kept their confident and casual posture and traded knowing glances as they saw the henchmen quickly approaching.
"Hmmm...the bullrush, they almost make it too easy," yawned the relaxed Flamebird.
"Yeah, too easy," agreed an equally cocky Batwoman. "This calls for the old kickline...rockette style."
As Cappy and Dicer closed in, Batwoman and Flamebird threw their arms out and began to bounce on the balls of their go-go booted feet. As the charging henchmen arrived, our dynamic duo performed perfect high leg kicks in unison with the grace of ballerinas. Their high kicking right legs shot forth, connecting with the chins of Cappy and Dicer with a loud WHAP! The high kicking heroines saw the first strike had staggered the bulky villains and prepared to finish the job.
"...and back," shouted Batwoman as she and her sexy sidekick kicked their left legs high, again connecting with the unguarded faces of Cappy and Dicer. The large henchmen had their legs give out underneath them like punch drunk boxers and they crumpled to the floor.
"Geez, they must be making these henchmen dumber these days," gloated Flamebird as she stood over the defeated Dicer. "It must be tough to get good help these days."
The Mad Hatter grimaced as his musclemen had fallen so quickly before the high-kicking heroines. He stormed forward toward Batwoman and Flamebird to deal with them his way. If muscle wouldn't work, perhaps the Mesmerizer in his top hat would. Getting Batwoman out of the way first would be the best course of action.
"Oh, Batwoman," Mad Hatter called as he stood a mere five feet away from the caped crusader in yellow spandex. The top of his top hat flipped open and the mesmerizing eyes popped up from the opening.
Batwoman shot a quick glance at the villain's voice calling to her and saw the Super Instant Mesmerizing device emerge from his heinous hat. She closed her eyes and quickly reached into her utility belt for a small mirror concealed inside. As the brain baffling laser beams shot from the hat, Batwoman placed the mirror in front of her face to reflect the mesmerizing rays of light. The streams of wavy yellow lights bounced off the mirror as Batwoman expertly adjusted the mirror a shade to the right.
"Oh...Jervis...," cried a stunned Polly, who had retreated to the corner of the stage once the dynamic duo arrived. The befuddling beams of mesmerizing light had been reflected directly into her eyes, which glowed brightly for a breif moment before she fell to the floor. Wearing the same stunned expression with eyes wide open and mouth agape, Polly collapsed like a mannequin with her sexy body frozen in place.
"Sweet Polly...," gasped the Mad Hatter as he turned his attention to his fallen henchwoman, felled by his own devious device.
As the Mad Hatter turned his head back to the stage, Flamebird reached for her trusty Bat-a-rang and threw it in the direction of Tetch's head. The Bat-a-rang struck the Mad Hatter's top hat and knocked it harmlessly to the floor, effectively relieving him of his only weapon. Before the mesmerzing top hat hit the ground, Batwoman had grabbed her own Bat-a-rang, one attached to a long length of rope. Thrown in the direction of his chest, the Bat-a-rang itself had narrowly missed the Mad Hatter, but the rope attached did not. Catching the villainous haberdasher, the rope wrapped around the Hatter as the Bat-a-rang circled him. With each circle, another layer of rope wrapped around the villain, pinning his arms to his side in a nylon cocoon.
"Looks like this case is all wrapped up, Batwoman," giggled the giddy Flamebird.
The Mad Hatter strained against the ropes that wrapped him so completely and thrashed about so violently that he tripped over his own feet and fell to the floor.
"You may have won this round, dynamic duo," spat the disgusted and defeated Mad Hatter, "but your masks will be mine, someday, your masks will be mine."
"Well that someday isn't today, Tetch," countered a triumphant Batwoman. "And you won't be collecting many masks where you're going...the Gotham State Prison."
"...and be sure to say hi to Warden Crichton for us," Flamebird added sarcastically.
A phone call to the Commisioner and the Chief of Police followed and a crew of Gotham's finest were on hand to arrest Jervis Tetch, the Mad Hatter, and his crew. The large bag of money found on the scene would make for a generous donation to the orphanages of Gotham, after being used as evidence in the trial.


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Very nice job, Franco! =D> =D> =D> Very reminicent of the last season of Batman when they would have short one episode stories! A nice read and very entertaining! My compliments to you sir! 8)

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Nice short story Franco!
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