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Tomb Hunter LARRA COURT - The Beginning #22

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Hello everyone! Here we’re with a new comic update of L’Espion’s Larra Court’s perilous adventures…

Adimari returned to his work. “Barbaro,” he snarled. That was what came of giving low-born scum like Barzagli positions of authority.

The woman moaned, apparently regaining consciousness. Adimari frowned. The woman was obviously in pain, but he was reluctant to use any of his small stockpile of drugs, however, he did not want anyone who was so beautiful to suffer needlessly, and Barzagli’s words had piqued his curiosity. Perhaps it was time to try out the experimental drug he had brought with him; one he had acquired on a recent trip to a medical conference in Germany. He only had a few ampules of it, but Barzagli’s comment had him interested in what the woman might have to say.

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