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XGALs Black Strix - Shutdown special update #9

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Greetings folks! Here we’re with a new special update of XGAL’s “Shutdown” comic story for all our dear HIPcomix fans & supporters…

Dr. Sino left the room as the Earth girl struggled and writhed, squealing, laughing, and shrieking as her body was teased, tickled, stimulated, and fucked by the flowform substance of the nanite-implanter… She wriggled her hips in desperation, both trying to finally make herself climax, but also to escape the unbearable endless orgasm sensation along her body… Where once had existed a heroine of goodness, now stood a new conquered alien doll unable to resist the conditioning.

Trapped in somekind of virtual world… Ablaze replied out of her and began to follow the machine instructions. She ran her hands over her body, the fingertips running in spirals around their curves.. her hands caressing her body… slowly down. She did as instructed. Her hands acted as a man exploring her body.. They touched, caressed, grabbed and kneaded the flesh of Ablaze’s body…. The palms of her hands moved over the hard, thick nipples then cupped and kneaded her breasts , then They moved over the belly sown into the middle of her thighs.

Read more of XGAL’s superheroine in peril adventures… ONLY in!
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