Scorpion Woman - Laugh or Lust #40

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Scorpion Woman - Laugh or Lust #40

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Hello folks! Here we’re with a new comic of Scorpion Woman in “Laugh or Lust”…

Tiffany was shocked as she saw the blood streaming from her nose and mouth… “You bitch!!…I’m gonna cut you!!… Then I’m gonna kill that loser Trey Johnson with you watching!!…Yaaaaaah!!!” screamed Tiffany as she charged towards Scorpion Woman…her knife raised at her. “Not going to happen” quipped Michelle calmly as she flexed her large creamy thighs and leapt towards the oncoming Clown Girl.

Tiffany was mesmerised by the way the muscles on the curvaceous body of the Venomous Vixen were accentuated as… with uncanny agility…she twisted in mid air…her left foot kicking the knife out of the Teen Terror’s right hand.

Read on… ONLY in!
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