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Member's Update 5/20/19 - Amber Wavez Xmas Nightmare Ep5

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Miss me? I missed you! I’ve been working hard on 2 new series, A brand new series called Blush, and The Sorority, The Curse of Meritaten. But we aren’t here for that today, we are here today for Amber Wavez! Ms. Independence: Christmas Nightmare Episode 5 posts today!

Wrapping up winter and entering spring it’s time we put a close to the story. When we last saw Amber, she was captured by the devious Vortexxx! Her plan will be unveiled today! Will Amber be able to escape her devious dastardly deviation or will she said come to her devilish delights? The answer to these and many new questions begin to unfold in this newest and most exciting adventure of Ms. Independence: Christmas Nightmare Episode 5! Posting now for members!

For members: ... Episode-05

Thanks for reading!

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