Scorpion Woman - Slaves of the Black Syrian #4

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Scorpion Woman - Slaves of the Black Syrian #4

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Hello folks! Here we’re with a new comic of Scorpion Woman in “Slaves of the Black Syrian”

24 hours laterHall of Justice
Downtown Detroit. 9 am

DETECTIVE MICHELLE WALKER…smiled as she heard the judge’s gavel bang against the bench…and sentence was passed on 18 year old teenage girl… TIFFANY WASHINGTON… for a serious of crimes…ranging from kidnapping to assault…to attempted murder. As the teenage girl…clad in an orange prison uniform and white sneakers…tears streaming down her face…shackles on her wrists and ankles…the bailiffs led past her…the beauteous 24-year old policewoman quipped, “The joke’s on you now…Isn’t it…Little girl?!…At least you have it better than your friends…” quipped Michelle to Tiffany who just cried openly as she was escorted out of the courtroom and towards a holding cell…from which she would be transferred to a juvenile detention centre upstate…to begin serving a five year sentence there.

Read on… ONLY in!
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