Scorpion Woman - Slaves of the Black Syrian #6

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Scorpion Woman - Slaves of the Black Syrian #6

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Hello folks! Here we’re with a new comic of Scorpion Woman in “Slaves of the Black Syrian”

Detroit 10.30 pm

Her curvaceous and muscular creamy body straddled her silver Scorpion Cycle… the Venomous Vixen… felt the cool night air brushing against her… as she drove through the streets of the district… searching for criminals. However as she prowled the streets of Detroit looking for wrongdoers… her blue eyes glistened in the slits of her black sticky mask….and her huge firm creamy Scorpion Breasts heaved within the confines of her thin tight black sticky leotard…as images of her teenage boyfriend…Trey Johnson flashed through her mind. Memories of the tender moments they shared together… and then the nightmarish images of him chloroforming her in her Scorpion Nipples…and in her Scorpion Cunt… making her cum repeatedly… before chloroforming her into unconsciousness… and taking her captive… to Trickster and Clown Girl. Michelle felt her blue eyes begin to water in the slits of her black sticky mask.

Read on… ONLY in!
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