FADING STARS - Latex Domina #1

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FADING STARS - Latex Domina #1

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Hello folks! Welcome to the debut of FADING STARS's Dark Universe on HIPcomix with this fantastic and huge first update...

After the Furia House exile, the fate of the human colonies rests on the shoulders of the Empress Neeva. With the help of the Proteans, House Arpad has perfected Illium's serum and their Cloning Mistresses have come up with a new Geno-Protein that makes their Battle Maidens more deadly and powerful than ever.

These outstanding warriors have become the peace-keepers and protectors throughout the new Empire... Now,One of the most feared maidens is folding the space towards the Ooth System tracking a dangerous war criminal and Imperial defector known as the Latex Domina...

Read more of FADING STARS comic adventures... NOW at HIPcomix.com!
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