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Invisible Woman in Trickster's Pawn from Sleepy Superheroines

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Post 3 days ago

The Invisible Woman has learned of a meeting between Trickster and Dr. Doom decides to investigate. Little does she realize that Trickster has his lair booby-trapped with all types of sleep traps for snoopy superheroines. When Invisible Woman appears, she looks around the room searching for clues. Seeing a book on a nearby surface. As soon as she touches it she gets a prolonged electric shock, she stags and falls asleep face down. Enter Trickster who mocks her while studying her. What follows are a number of knockouts for poor Invisible Woman including a karate chop to the neck, bear hug, gas mask, and of course chloro. Trickster finally hypnotizes Invisible Woman into revealing who the traitor was that ratted him out.

The video contains peril elements including multiple chloroform KO's, electric KO, karate chop KO, gas mask KO, butt spankings, over the shoulder carries and cradle carries.

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Post 23 hours ago

Unfortunately, sleepy stuff just isn't for me.
But just had to comment because that costume and the model are killer!

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