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Member's Update 6/7/19 - Blunder Woman - The Vanishing Episode 04

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Welcome to a Friday update from me! Jpeger!

Ohhhh. This one is special! I’ve had this brewing for a while, and it’s been so difficult to keep the twist from leaking! The twist is spectacular too! I can’t wait till you read it!!!

Ok.. on with this episode!

In The Vanishing Episode 3, we go back a year and show the abduction of Supergrrl. This kidnapping is what starts the entire chain of events. In Episode 04 (posting today), we will learn what’s happened to Supergrrl over the past year, and see how he has the bait to force Blunder Woman to surrender!

Randal now has Supergrrl, Blunder Woman, Robyn, and Batgrrl. Who is next on his list??!!

Will Blunder Woman ever break free of Randals hold over her? Will Supergrrl break free of the Kryptonite rays keeping her in a weakened state? Will Batgrrl and Robyn escape the clutches of the fiendish madman holding them all hostage? The answers to these and many new questions begin to unfold in this newest and most exciting adventure of! Blunder Woman: The Vanishing. Episode 4 posts for members today!

For members: ... Episode-04

Thanks for Reading!

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