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Member's Update 6/10/19 New!! Blush - "Origin of APP" Ep 2

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I’d like to welcome everyone to a Monday update from ME! Jpeger! Today’s exciting adventure is “Blush: Origin of App - Episode 02”

Rose Posey, the step-daughter of a military contractor has befriended her tutor, and Father’s Lab assistant, Apollonia Wondolowski. In an effort to make her less socially awkward, Rose gives Apollonia some tips on how to dress for the clubs. However, did that make her a target for nefarious people? Apollonia is captured, and held by a dastardly do-badder! Is it to gain access to Rose’s stepfather’s lab, or was it just pure dumb luck? Maybe her Stepfather has something that could help??

Will Apollonia escape the vicious clutches of her kidnappers? Will Rose be able to find her friend? Why was she taken to begin with? What tool has her stepfather given her to help?? The answer to these and many new questions begin to unfold in this newest and most exciting adventure of… Blush: Origin of App! Episode 02 posts for members now!

For members ... Episode-02

Thanks for reading!

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