Supergirl in Bob "The Tank" Tanner Pt 2 Round Over

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Supergirl in Bob "The Tank" Tanner Pt 2 Round Over

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The character Supergirl is Copyrighted by DC
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Thursday Afternoon

The door to Linda's place opens up and a lightly perspiring brunette co-ed enters wearing a Turquoise tank top over a white athletic bra, black New Balance running shorts and gray New Balance running shoes. She throws her keys on the bed, kicks off her shoes, removes her wig and heads to the bathroom. Kara comes out of the bathroom with her blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail and a fluffy blue hand towel. The girl is padding the glistening off her beautiful face and amazing body as she walks to her desk and opens her laptop.

In reality, Kara's Kryptonian metabolism and physiology receives tremendous benefits from this planet's yellow sun. It means she has to do little exercising to maintain her fit 5' 6" 118lbs athletically slender tan defined female frame. Her trim body, broad shoulders, thin waist, slim girlish curvy hips and small firm heart-shaped rear end accent and help to proudly present her round perky 34B breasts. Running, swimming, actually any exercising the teen does is to maintain her cover as an ordinary Earth girl. It is much easier to explain her figure when she has been seen to be physically active.

There was a single exception to the work out ruse, Kundalini yoga. This exercise mirrors a part of a Kryptonian discipline that had been steadfastly practiced by all in Argo City. Called by a different name the goals of; focused breathing, meditation, innate physical strengthening, flexibility and maintaining an overall healthy physiology is the closest exercise the Earthlings had to Kryptonians. This was part of Kara's daily personal routine both as an important workout and to maintain a deep connection to her lost home.

Clicking through her class message boards and Linda's emails Kara begins to peel off sticky damp clothing. As each article is removed more and more of the college sophomore's impressive teen body is exposed. Her shiny tan skin glimmers in the afternoon rays of sunlight coming through her windows.

Another advantage Kara's Kryptonian physique is she gains her extra-Earthly superpowers from our Sun. Her body feeds on the radiation given off by a yellow star. It has been theorized the Kryptonian version of our melatonin metabolizes the Sun's rays differently in her young amazing body. She receives no UV damage to her skin just the extraordinary physical enhancements brought on by the absorption of vitamins and key essential nutrients. These ingredients are fundamentally processed and stored in her denser Kryptonian cells. This unique characteristic bestows her with: super-strength, flight, X-ray vision, heat vision, super-hearing, super-breath among a number of others amazing attributes. It also answers the question why Kara has golden tan silky smooth soft skin. The more sun rays she receives won't turn her skin any darker just provides more of a super-healthy bronze glow. Clearly, as long as Kara is under a yellow star she is in a Kryptonian's nirvana for super-health and wellbeing.

Focusing on her computer was suppose to have the same distracting quality her run had given her. Finally, she does what she has been trying to avoid all day, she looks at the clock on her wall. It's 4:00 p.m. which means, she has only three more hours before Supergirl has to meet Bob "The Tank" Tanner at The Spot sports bar. The blonde heroine has tried to avoid thinking about the upcoming meeting.

"Great!" snorts the blonde teen in a white sports bra, white cotton bikini panties and white ankle socks. She picks up her discarded clothing and towel. She heads back to the bathroom. Inside the door she opens the top of her hamper. Dropping her shorts and tank-top inside Kara continues to remove and deposit the remainder of her workout clothing. Closing the lid she steps to the shower and turns on the water. When the water is ready she enters closing the curtain behind her.

Fight Night

Metro City slowly transitions to a midsummer Thursday night. Streaking across the background of a warm cloudy darkening blue evening sky, still lit by the low hanging setting sun, is a blonde girl in blue and red. The young heroine heads to a meeting with an old ex-boxer in his sixties who had been hounding Supergirl for weeks to fight him. She originally met Tank Tanner in an alley after an exhausting encounter with three of Belko's soldiers. With the aid of an out of sight Kryptonite rock the old man ended up punishing, knocking out and sexually humiliating the good girl. The only thing that worked in the heroine's favor was the alley was deserted so no one saw her unbelievable defeat and debasement. Kara shakes her head to clear the undignified memory. He may have won that round but this is round two.

It's 7:30 p.m. and Supergirl lightly touches down at the cross streets of Bayou and First Ave in the river front warehouse district. In the early days of Metro City this was the core of activity and housing for its citizens. Now, Kara looks around at rundown buildings and some cobblestone side streets as sparse streetlights begin to ignite. Unfortunately, the only residents that remain in this low rent district are those with VERY questionable income or one limited incomes. A light breeze gently moves her blonde hair, red skirt and cape carrying the smell of water from the river just two blocks away. A number of warehouses along the waterline are still operational storing and shipping goods in and out of the city. The only thing out of place in this old depressed area is a brightly lit and updated corner bar named, The Spot.

Bosco Volicak is a Russian immigrant. He is also a known bookie, loan shark and top local bad guy. The large old husky man is also the owner of the, until recently, sleazy bar. Obviously the outside of the building had just received quite a face lift. The dark red and black brick exterior has been blasted and cleaned of years of weather. The all dark wood framing around the double door entrance had clearly been refurbished. New shaded picture windows with new red and white awnings line both street sides of the corner bar. New exterior copper light fixtures definitely make the location stand out. In comparison to neighboring stone buildings The Spot was like the shiny new penny among a group of dark and worn copper coins. The bar was now the vibrant point of activity and a beacon in the dark dull and dingy area some might call the "Historical" part of Metro City.

Unmistakable signs of life emit from The Spot. Well lit signage, sounds of music and a crowd spill out onto the streets. Above the doors to the joint hung a sign announcing, "FIGHT NIGHT". In the windows of both entrance doors were the all too familiar posters announcing the contest between Supergirl and The Tank. Kara takes a deep breath and moves towards the entrance. She did not even have to use her X-ray vision to know the bar is filled to maximum capacity, maybe a bit more. As she approaches two muscular 6' 4" 280 lbs bookends in their mid 20s with short tight haircuts wearing black short sleeve Polos with The Spot logo, dark jeans and boots open the doors from inside. The young heroine pauses looking inside the crowded facility and then back to the two doormen.

"Hello and welcome Supergirl," says one of the doormen.

"Come on in," says the other man motioning for the heroine to enter the lively establishment.

Kara's blue eyes look to both men as she flashes a quick smile, "Well thank you gentlemen." She starts inside looking around the packed bar. Talk about your mixed bag crowd. The attendees are made up of both men and women, older and younger, clean cut to more seamy and some high end criminal types. Kara is sure some of the younger faces she recognizes from campus. Supergirl crosses the threshold and asks, "Where can I find Bob Tanner?"

Just then Supergirl is met by a 6' 5" 290 lbs bodybuilder type male also in is 20s wearing a similar black logoed polo, dark gray slacks and expensive shoes. This is Viktor Volicak, the son of Bosco Volicak, the owner of The Spot. "Supergirl, we have been expecting you," he says with a smile as he looks the beautiful blonde heroine in the short red skirt up and down a few times. "Follow me," Viktor says as he turns. He looks to his left motioning to a tall slim dark haired guy in an elevated booth. Suddenly the music stops.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! The management and owners of The Spot Sports Bar want to welcome Supergirl!" comes over the speakers. The room is filled with applause, cheers and whistles.

Kara was not ready for this as many of the patrons want to shake her hand or get a picture. The overwhelmed heroine returned smiles and did what she could to accommodate the people. At the same time she kept pace with Viktor as they made their way to the bar. Behind her were two more large escorts dressed in what was obviously the establishment's security uniform.

Viktor leads Supergirl to the bar where his father and owner Bosco is holding court. Upon seeing Supergirl the 6' 4" 300 lbs 60ish year old heavyset man with thinning slicked back salt-n-pepper hair stands up. Dressed in a black long sleeve dress shirt, black slacks and expensive footwear like his son's he opens his arms and announces, "SUPERGIRL!" He steps up and wraps his arms around the 5' 6" slender but solid Kryptonian in blue and red and draws her into an uncomfortably tight hug.

Flabbergasted, Kara does not know how to respond as the entire room cheers. After the three second rule the young blonde heroine easily pushes the large old man away from her and holds him at arm's length. "Hello, I am here to meet..." but before she can continue her question is interrupted by another loud speaker announcement.

"Tonight! For the second time the beautiful Supergirl will meet this neighborhood's own one time light heavyweight boxing champion, Bob "The Tank" Tanner! This time they will fight in a winner takes all contest right here in The Spot's new sports room! So make sure you have your ticket and drink! Remember to keep your ticket for the very special door prize drawing! Better hurry the contest begins in 15 minutes. It will be Standing Room Only!"

There is a pause and low murmuring as Kara's blue eyes raise and roll back and forth to the speakers on either end of the bar. The volume of conversations in the room increases signaling the end of the most recent very informative announcement. Holding her right index finger in the air the blonde teen looks to Bosco Volicak, "What's that all about? Where is Bob Tanner?"

The old Russian sits back on his stool, picks up his drink and looks Supergirl over, "Well you are one of the participants of tonight's entertainment girly. Oh yes," he turns to his right and snaps his fingers over his shoulder. A moment later the bartender hands him a folder. Bosco looks back at the blonde, "Oh, where are my manners? Would you like something to drink Supergirl? Wait, are you old enough? We will have to see identification first." Those seated around Bosco along with Viktor and his two sidekicks have a hardy laugh at the heroine's expense.

In response Supergirl folds her arms across her gorgeous feminine chest and shifts her weight to her right hip. Her head tilts down and her fiery blue eyes told Bosco she was not amused. The owner opens the folder and presents Supergirl with a contract, "Sign this Supergirl."

Kara takes the document from Bosco and begins to read it, "What is this?" It looks like a standard boiler plate contract between Bob Tanner and Supergirl.

"It stipulates that this match tonight is winner takes all. If you lose Supergirl you will become Tank's property," grins the heavy Russian.

Kara reaches the winner takes all statement and has trouble with signing this contract. "I won't belong to anyone. I am Supergirl." She goes to hand the papers back but the bookie won't accept them.

"You publicly agreed to this fight Supergirl," Bosco begins, "It was all over TV, radio and in the papers. To make sure you don't back out The Tank demands you sign this contract or forfeit the match. Can you imagine the press about the "GREAT" Supergirl not keeping her word. What will your fans think?"

"That doesn't matter," replies Kara. "This is actually just between me and Bob Tanner." She looks around the filled to the rafters room, "I NEVER agreed to this circus." She tosses the contract onto the bar, "I will meet him but I won't sign that contract."

Bosco Volick slowly starts shaking his head and looks to the floor, "Supergirl, Supergirl, Supergirl. Then I guess you forfeit and Bob has won." The girl shifts her weight to her recognizable power stance. "No need to get tough girly. You just resigned yourself to defeat and public scorn and humiliation." He sees the blue eyes softening a bit. "Remember the past several weeks? Well from now on that will be your life. There will be a major marketing campaign to expose your loss and your acceptance of Bob's original claims."

"I DO NOT!" snarled the young blonde heroine. "There is no proof of his outrageous claims."

The Russian locks eyes with Supergirl, "Oh we both know Bob is telling the truth. So much for anytime, anywhere, any rules. How long will you last being exposed as a pathetic loser slut? "

These were some of the repulsive words used in the non-stop verbal blitz against Kara which caused the heroine to angrily accept the old man's challenge. Anger at herself and frustration with the whole situation has the attractive blonde girl step up to the bar, "Give me a pen." After signing she turns to Bosco, "Where is Bob?"

Bosco looks over the girl's signature. He then raises his glass, "Let's drink to the success of tonight's event!" The crowd surrounding the two of them raise their glasses, cheer and drink. Finishing his drink Bosco looks out of the corner of his eye at Supergirl. He places his glass on the bar and motions for another. He places the contract in the folder then pulls out another and hands it to the sexy little blonde girl.

Kara gives the old man an incredulous look and takes the document, "What is this?"

"This is a contract between you and me," says the bookie. "This one says if you win we will erase all tapes of tonight's contest. And all proceeds will be donated to the charity of your choice."

"There are to be no cameras. That was what Bob agreed to," growls a clearly fuming Supergirl.

Shaking his head, 'No' the Russian pushes a copy of the contract the girl just signed towards her, "You agreed on page two paragraph six letter a that tonight's event will be taped and can be sold for additional proceeds." Supergirl's blue eyes widen as she looks to the paper. Her cheeks are getting more red from either anger or embarrassment and Bosco decides to add to the young girl's distress, "You should REALLY read what you are signing."

"What happens if I lose tonight?" she inquires with an annoyed look on her pretty face.

"Well," he sighs, "If Supergirl loses tonight all tapes and recording become the property of Volicak Enterprises. Also, you will come back every Tuesday night for the next year to star in a, 'Challenge Night' where you will take on all comers."

"FORGET IT!" fires back Supergirl, "NO WAY!" Bosco does not even blink. He just looks at the girl with a catlike stare waiting for her next move. "One Tuesday night for the next two months, the tapes still get destroyed and you donate a year's proceeds to charity."

"No destroyed video, Tuesdays a month for the next six months and a month's proceeds," he says flatly. "Take it or leave it."

As an uncomfortable Supergirl leans over the bar reading this contract more carefully Bosco looks the sexy young girl up and down several times. Envisioning her fantastic naked body a grin widens his lips. "I tell you what Supergirl," begins the old bookie as his right hand lowers and his index and middle fingers slip under the hem of her short red skirt. As he slowly lifts her skirt exposing a lean defined tanned bare luscious leg and thigh, "I will even talk Bob out of taking your bloomers as a trophy." He has uncovered high on her hip and almost exposes her bottoms when sharp pain forces his hand to fly backwards. If the bar was not behind him Bosco Volicak the momentum would surely have sent him to the floor.

"STOP THAT LEFTY!" growls Supergirl. Her fierce blue eyes narrow focusing intently on the old fat man as her skirt returns to covering her modesty.

Viktor and two of his men move in but a raised hand by Bosco staves them off and puts them back into observation mode. Supergirl looks at Bosco's son and two additional goons and smiles. Kara looks to the bookie, "What are you talking about?"

A renewed grin covers Bosco's face as he gets his feet under him and straightens his clothes. "You really need to read your contracts more carefully girl." He sees her brows furrow and a hint of incredulous stymie appear. He leans in, "When you submit to The Tank he will strip your bloomers," he pauses and looks at the girl's short red skirt and rock solid sexy thighs again then back to the annoyed baby blues, "your panties Supergirl."

Supergirl grins and shakes her head in disbelief. As she looks back at Bosco's contract he says, "Why did you call me Lefty?"
Kara does not look up but simply answers, "You try that again and I will rip your right arm out of its socket." With that the deceptively demur beautiful young blonde female's left hand takes a hold of the new shiny bar rail. She slowly begins twisting it, making a stress groan come from the metal, until it breaks. She looks up from the document wide eyed. Placing her left hand over her open smile she chuckles, "Oops."

An uneasy Bosco Volicak hands Supergirl the pen, "Sign it Supergirl."

Supergirl pauses for another moment, sighs, makes the agreed changes, signs the contract and drops the pen on the bar. She turns to the owner, "Okay where do I find Bob Tanner?" Bosco looks over the contract. With a satisfied smile he looks up at the girl and points over her left shoulder. Kara turns to see a red door on the east corner of the back wall.

"By the way Supergirl, I need some information for your introduction," smiles the Russian. "How tall are you and what is your weight?"

Kara looks back to the old man gives him an exasperated look of disgust, "5' 6" and 118," she turns and heads for the red door.

As the sign sealed and delivered young heroine parts the crowd on the way to her fateful meeting with The Tank Bosco puts the contract in the folder and hands it to the bartender. He raises his glass and toasts in Russian. His surrounding court all repeat the toast and drink.

As Supergirl makes her way through the packed room people begin to fall in behind the young heroine. Kara pauses with her hand on the door. There on the wall to her left is a showcase of trophies, ribbons, newspaper articles, boxing gloves and a picture of Bob "The Tank" Tanner in his prime. From Golden Gloves to his professional career The Tank won virtually ever fight and award. He is now a local legend and obviously a real dangerous fighter. There is even a picture of Supergirl with a hook beneath it. She looks back at a large crowd of men and women with eager faces standing just behind her. "Great," she mumbles turning the handle and opening the red door.

On the other side of the door Kara walks into a 150ft x 150ft area with brick walls, like new roof supports and light fixtures along the high ceiling. There is a faint musty smell in the air. The room was filled with metal bleachers set up the sides of a raised three rope ring. A bar with two bartenders is set up along the west wall. There was a ringside table with a bell and four chairs. Above the brightly lit ring were mounted four large screen monitors. At this moment Kara's entrance was now being broadcasted. There were red lighted exits on the right and left walls and a gray heavy metal door at the back of the room.

There was an uneasy feeling washing over Kara as she walks into the room. In the ring she sees a tall muscular black man in a referee outfit, a 20ish thin dark haired male in a red polo and dark pants and three well dressed men. All five look to Supergirl as she makes her way down to the ring. Behind the her patrons begin spilling into the room heading for their purchased seats ringside. As she approaches the ring the referee nods and motions to the red shirted male to the ringside table. The younger man ushers the three men out of the ring as the referee comes to meet Supergirl.

The referee comes to the ring ropes and parts the middle and top ropes for the girl. To his surprise Supergirl casually leaps into the air and gently lands in the middle of the ring with a slight fluttering of her cape and skirt. Disappointed that he was robbed of an opportunity to test the girl's modesty he releases the ropes and joins her. He extends his hand and says with an accent, "Hello Supergirl. I am Renu Jacque and I will be the referee for tonight's match."

Kara looks around the room filling with people from the bar on the other side of the red door. She crosses her arms, "Where's Bob Tanner?"

The tall athletic built African man Renu Jacque studies Supergirl for a long moment before replying, "He will be along shortly." He begins circling the girl with the "S" on her chest, "So, you have signed all your paperwork?"

'Who IS this guy?!' thinks Supergirl as she groans, rolls her baby blues, "I'm bored. Are we going to do this?"

Just then the lights go down and the song, "We are the Champions" by Queen comes over the speakers and the crowd cheers. There is a spot light shines on the gray door on the back wall. A moment later the door opens and out comes Viktor Volicak with a blue satin robed old man with the hood pulled down over his head. He is trailed by a dark curly haired stocky woman and another of The Spot's security men.

"Please join me in welcoming a local favorite, one time light heavyweight champion and long time friend of the Spot! Bob "The Tank" Tanner!"

The room explodes in applause and chants of, "TANK! TANK! TANK!"

Kara looks around at the circus-like atmosphere and knows this is not how she wanted this meeting to go. Contract or no contract she was not going to allow this contest to continue in this way. She looks towards the old boxer as he gets into the ring, removing his robe and begins dancing around. "Bob, this is not what we agreed to..."

While Bob tests his fists inside his gloves by punching into his hands, “Well Supergirl, you fight or you forfeit, either way I will win.” He looks up at the girl’s pretty flushed red face and smiles, “And you become my slutty property.”

“Dream on you old fart,” snarls the blonde teen. “You got lucky last time. Everyone knows you don’t stand a chance against me. I’m Supergirl.” The old man looks at the referee, grins, shakes his head and goes back to testing his fists.

“I am not doing this here Bob. Let me know when you are serious and I will be back,” the teen heroine says flatly turns and walks towards ring side.

“Supergirl,” says the referee Renu. “You know you publicly and officially accepted this challenge. There is also the matter of the signed and witnessed contract. You didn’t put any conditions on your acceptance. Therefore, if you walk out of the ring I will count you out and you will be expected to honor your agreement. You know, when you lose, you WILL become his property.” The heroine turns and glares at the man, “And there is a room full of witnesses this time.” He walks over to the pretty superheroine looks around the room then back at her, “Do you really want to lose like that Supergirl?” The girl doesn't answer so Renu points to the corner and says, "That's your corner Supergirl, get to it."

The statement was almost a challenge itself. Her blue eyes searched his green eyes but it was clear he meant what he said. Supergirl can hear the crowd as they begin to stomp and clap. She looks around and says, “Fine let’s get this over with." She looks to the old man, "You know Bob this is going to be over in a few seconds. Your fans are going to be very disappointed.” The ref motions his hand towards the opposite corner and the blonde teen heroine heads that way.

The girl walks to her corner. Bosco Volicak, the owner is acting as Supergirl's corner man as his son Viktor is The Tank's corner man. He goes to put a stool in the ring for her to sit. "Don't bother. This won't take that long," snorts the heroine. Kara folds her arms across her chest still glaring at the old man and the tall referee.

After a moment more the referee moves to the center of the ring points to the official time keeper at the table. The red shirt man in the middle hits the bell the bell with a small hammer several times. The black referee is handed a microphone as he raises his arm into the air indicating he wants the crowd to quiet down. When the mob's roaring subsides he begins, “Welcome ladies and gentlemen to tonight’s main event sponsored by our friends," he points to the three men at the table, "And our good friend Bosco Volicak and The Spot.

As the thunderous applause slows he points to the athletically slender female in blue and red, “We have in this corner the 5' 6" 118lbs challenger. The pretty blonde good girl everyone knows…SUPERGIRL!” Another round of applause breaks out.

After a moment he puts up his other hand and continues, “And in this corner we have our own local boy and champion, in the blue trunks, who has already beaten Supergirl soundly once before. He stands at 5' 7" and weighs in 137lbs...Bob “THE TANK” TANNER!” The room explodes in applause.

The heroine’s fists clinch tight her jaw sets and Kara looks fiercely at the dark man in the center of the ring feeling both disgust and outrage. As her gaze fixes on the large referee, “I need to remember to take care of you next,” growls the incensed Supergirl.

The ref resumes his part, “This rematch is a winner takes all. Whoever loses here tonight will become the property of the winner, period. The match will be unlimited number of three minute rounds until a winner is declared. There will be a one minute rest between rounds. A downed fighter can only be saved by the bell once, then it is left up to me, the referee, whether to stop the fight or let it continue. If a contestant cannot reach their corner by the beginning of the next round they will have an article of clothing stripped.” He looks over at the girl in the corner and she has now taken the same irritated stances as before. “The winner will be determined by a count of three or submission. A combatant does not have to automatically accept the submission,” he smiles. The blonde tilts her head and cocks an eyebrow at him. “If a combatant goes out of the ring they will have the count of 10 to get back into the ring or they lose. There will be no foreign objects or objects from outside the ring allowed. And finally everything else IS allowed.” He motions for the two combatants to approach.

Supergirl’s arms remain crossed angrily over her chest as she moves to the center of the ring. “You didn’t say anything about low blows. I forbid the use of low blows Bob.”

“You can use them if you want to Supergirl,” replies the ref. She looks at him with daggers in her blue eyes as he finishes with, “You can use them or not use them that is up to you Supergirl.”

Renu stares at the irritated little blonde girl. When he has regained her attention the slow grin emerges as he says, "Pay attention girl. I said, There ARE NO Rules. The loser is counted out, disqualified or submits, BUT, he doesn't have to accept your submission Supergirl. That means the contest continues until he decides he is done with you." Renu steps back, motions to the time keeper to ring the bell and says, “FIGHT!”

The first round has begun as Bob dances around Supergirl poised in her power stance. He is looking for an opening before striking. The blonde girl looks annoyed and bored paying little attention to the boxer's movements. Suddenly Bob sends a lightening quick left jab at Supergirl's pretty face. In an even faster response the teen heroine's right hand intercept the fist.

Slowly Kara applies pressure squeezing "The Tank's" hand driving the old man to his right knee. With a playful smile she quips, "My Bob. That looks like it hurts, a lot. Care to submit?" Agony fills the old fighter's face as the teen applies the slightest addition of pressure to his gloved hand.

Out of desperation Bob punches Supergirl several times in the stomach with no affect on the girl. It is painfully demoralizing for the boxer to be handled in this way by Supergirl. That is when an unorthodox move comes to mind. With his left hand he reaches under her short skirt and hikes it into the air.

"HEY!" The reaction of the crowd tells Kara that the large overhead monitors are displaying her exposed modesty! The girl slaps Bob's gloved hand away from her skirt and tosses him towards the ring ropes. Her hem drops instantly covering her again as she turns towards the unscrupulous old man. "You'll pay for that Bob!"

Bob bounces off the ropes catapulting him directly back at Supergirl. To his surprise the blonde heroine stepped out of his way allowing him to pass by and fly into the ropes on the opposite side of the ring. This time his chest and abdomen catch the ropes and springs him to his back on the mat, "OH!" It takes him a moment to catch his breath as he pushes up to his hands and knees. He looks to the center of the ring and there stands the grinning girl. Bob gets to his feet and moves towards her again.

As the rude old man approaches again Supergirl takes her power stance and watches him. When he is in striking distance she takes a sudden barrage of completely futile punches to her face and mid section. The boxing gloves he wore did more to protect his hands then her. As she stands there the old boxer punches and punches to the encouragement of the house crowd. Finally, when the old man is obviously tiring and his hands are visibly hurting, Kara swats him with a backhand sending him into his own corner.

At that moment the bell rings, DING! DING! DING! and the referee announces, "ROUND OVER!" The two contestants are in their corners as the one minute break begins. Bob is seated and Supergirl stands waiting for the next round. The crowd has mixed reaction to the first round but they are still enthusiastically behind their boy Bob.

A whistle sounds and Bob gets to his feet. A few seconds later comes the bell, DING! He starts out of his corner moving carefully watching the confident saunter of the blonde girl to meet him center ring. They face off for a moment before Bob sends a left jab at his opponent.

Kara's reflexes are so much greater than the boxer's she is able to slap the back of his hand causing him to spin in several circles before he drops to the canvas dizzy. The room fills with cheers and jeers as the girl of steel waits for Bob to get to his feet. This time he throws several jabs and cross punches but the girl moves so fast he is missing by a mile. When she pauses he throws a right haymaker towards her chin. The heroine's flat open hand meets his fist causing the boxer to cry out in pain.

"AOHOOOSHHITTT!" Bob grabs his right hand and drops to his knees. He has broken his hands before and this felt very close. As he knelt at Supergirl's feet he tested his fingers and can tell his hand is not broken. "YOU BITCH!" he yells. The Tank looks up at the smiling Supergirl and reacts. "HUH!" He sends an uppercut with all his skill and strength rocketing between those gorgeous parted bare thighs landing squarely in the good girl's sweet spot!

"AO!" gasps a startled Kara as her knees come together. She felt the dastardly low blow. She bends over to cover herself out of response to the reprehensible punch and not due to pain. Her opponent gets to his feet and moves around her. The stunned Supergirl does not see the Tank's double gloved fists coming but feels them as they slam down on her back and neck. This fight has unexpectedly changed directions. Supergirl finds herself hurt and splayed out flat on the canvas.

Renu smiles, sends Bob to his corner as he begins to count out Supergirl, "One...two...three..." The recovering blonde girl pushes up from the mat, rolls over and sits on the mat. She looks up at the smiling referee. Suddenly Bob comes charging out of his corner.

DING! DING! DING! sounds and Renu steps up to stop Bob Tanner from continuing his attack, "ROUND OVER!" and the volume of the crowd is almost deafening.

As Bob "The Tank" Tanner moves to his corner with renewed confidence. An ambushed Supergirl stands on unsure legs pulling her blonde mane over her head. As the locks of blonde cascade down her face and across her shoulders Supergirl heads back to her corner with a definite look of concern.

'How was he able to do that?' wonders Supergirl as she decides to sit down during this break. Over in the other corner Bob Tanner is actually smiling and laughing. This new development is very unsettling for the young teen heroine. The whistle comes much too quick for Kara. She is still trying to shake a feeling of apprehension, but it seems like something more.


Less confident and clearly more reserved Kara faces off with Bob "The Tank" Tanner. This time when the old man sends a quick left hand jab the heroine sees it, responds to it but misses it by just a hair. "AOOO!" she moans as her head snaps back and there is a flash of bright light. When she looks back here comes The Tank! She grabs a hold of the sweaty boxer and tosses him to the right ropes to her right.

Bob stumbles and trips over his feet as the power behind Supergirl's tossing him sends him to the ropes but not nearly with the same velocity. He catches himself on the ropes regaining his footing. Taking a stances he has done for so many years he approaches the young blonde. He is inside his range for a few seconds before executing a triple combination, "HUH! HUH! HUH!"

The gloves come at Kara amazingly fast. She avoids the first two and catches the third with both hands. She smiles thinking she is back in control. "AHOOPPHHFFF!" that's when Bob's drove the ball of his foot into her midsection. She lets go of his hand and takes a right a left a left and a right to her pretty face. The punches registered but only had the effect of straightening the girl upright.

"THAT'S IT!" announces Bob as he peels off his hand pillows tossing his gloves out of the ring. This time as he moved towards Supergirl with only tape wrapped around his hands. He dodges a punch by the girl then another. By the third he had her timing down. He ducked under a right cross coming up with a HUGE uppercut right under the chin of Supergirl! "HUGGGNNAH!"

The blonde teen in blue and red totters backwards clearly unable to stop herself. She lands in the ropes and was barely able to keep herself on her feet. Her arms stretched out over the upper rope leaving her wide open for the trained fighter, "OHOA!" OH! OH! OH! A!" Bob was standing in front of her taking powerful and free shots to her ribs, abdomen and face. "AHO! AO! OAA!" The Kryptonian was feeling every knuckle as it leaves an impression on her beautiful young body.

Supergirl hangs onto the ropes to hold herself on her feet and Bob takes full advantage of that beginner move. He pinpoints his punches and drives them home working her midsection and face. Unfortunately he was so into punishing the girl of steel he missed her two fists coming down on his shoulders, "UNAGHNN!"

Kara drives her opponent to his knees as his arms drops to his sides. "HUH!" grunts the teen kneeing Bob in the chin sending him sailing back to the mat. Her exhausting effort drops her to her knees as well. Her sides ache her head throbs and the heroine doesn't have the enough energy to get to her feet.

Renu comes between the two downed fighters and does the only thing he can do. "One! Two! Three!" both combatants are struggling to get footing, "Four! Five! Six!"

DING! DING! DING! Renu looks back at the time keeper at the table with an displeased look on his face. He watches Supergirl slump to a seated position and Bob get to his hands and knees. "ROUND OVER!" as the crowd roars. Renu says, "You two get to your corners."

Kara pulls herself up by the ropes. Luckily she only has about five feet to walk to her corner assisted by the top ring rope. When she reaches her corner Bosco was busy discussing the last round with friends and forgets to put up Supergirl's stool. "Bosco," say the weary blonde with an elevated voice to be heard over the crowd. To her surprise the old heavy man holds up his index finger indicating the girl should wait a moment, he is busy. "BOSCO!"

The Russian owner of the sports bar looks back at Supergirl. He reaches down and grabs the stool and tosses it into the ring corner. He turns back around and continues his conversation.

Supergirl feels like she has just sat down when the whistle sounds. Bosco Volicak takes a hold of the stool, "Get up Supergirl. It's a new round." As the drained girl begins to stand. He pulls the wooden seat out from under her.

Kara was not prepared nor fully recovered. When the stool was removed she lost her balance and fell backwards landing on her pretty little butt. Sitting. legs spread, on the canvas, her arms draped over the lower ropes and her head bowed, the weary embarrassed young blonde heroine can hear the room roar with laughter.

Renu comes smiling towards an obviously worn-out Supergirl's corner, "Are you ready Supergirl?" The blonde's head raises and there is still some fire on those baby blue eyes. "Well whether you are or are not ready the round is about to begin. Get Up!"

Anger helps to motivate Kara for the moment but she still struggles awkwardly to her feet. With the help of the ring ropes the teen heroine stands just as the bell sounds, DING! She brushes her skirt and cape back behind her as she takes a deep breath and marches into the center of the ring as the crowd continues to jeer and laugh at her.

Bob is already in the center ring waiting for Supergirl. Timing his punches for just the moment the young heroine stepped into his range he delivers, "HUH! HUH! HUH!" Three clearly unexpected powerful jabs land squarely on the good girl's jaw. Her baby blues glaze over, her arms drop to her sides and the old boxer pushes his attack. His left hand reaches out and grabs her by her blonde mane and holds her straight while he lands numerous answered punches to her chin, cheek, ribs and bread basket.

A barely lucid Supergirl is held on her feet by old Bob's hand twisted in her blonde hair. The beautiful 5' 6" lean female wants to defend herself but she just doesn't have the focus or the energy. Her aching young Kryptonian body wants her to submit but her mind steels her against surrender. She sways on weak lovely legs knowing she has to just make it to the next break and..."AHOOO!"

The Tank took a moment to move around behind Supergirl. He steadied and posed the young heroine in blue and red standing her feet apart on wobbly legs. When he had her right where he wanted Bob dropped to his left knee and looped his right forearm upwards between those fantastic willowy sunned legs right up into her pussy! "HUH!"

Terrible pain registers again in Kara's loins as the force of the blow lifts her to her toes. Involuntarily she doubles over her knees and her thighs slamming shut. She is about to drop to her knees when she is pulled upright by her short red skirt. Despite her attempts to free herself she is spun around and her head is placed between the old boxer's thighs. His arms reach around her thin waist from behind as his hands lock in a tight grip at her abdomen. Next thing the teen heroine knows she is being lifted, legs first, into the air!

The crowd goes wild as the large overhead monitors displayed a humiliating exposed Supergirl. Cat-calls, whistles and cheers fill the converted warehouse. The echo of sound almost becoming deafening.

Renu Jacque leans against the ropes smiling that "Million Dollar Smile" knowing he has struck gold here tonight. He has to admit he has enjoyed The Tank's systematic beating, and now, shaming of Supergirl. The old guy might have started off slow but he has more than made up for it these past rounds. He looks around the room at the regulars, visitors and some invited guests with great satisfaction.

"Nooo...nawooo...stop..." begs Kara as she is held upside down by Bob "The Tank" Tanner. Her red skirt gives way to gravity exposing the thigh-high cut blue bottoms of her blue uniform leotard. "Stop this Bob...Stop..." the girl protests as she is haplessly paraded around the ring showing off her body. "BOB! STOP!" Kara starts up again when everything goes dark.

When Bob "The Tank" Tanner was satisfied everyone had a good look at this girl's complete package he paused in the middle of the ring, turned to face Renu and executed a pile driver. Sitting backwards he drives Supergirl's head into the canvas mat. Using his momentum and her own body weight against her the 5' 6" slender female didn't make a sound but instantly folded.

"OOOUUUNNOOOOO!" the crowd in the back room of the Spot said in near unison. The room exploded when the limp sexy body of Supergirl flops spread eagle between The Tank's legs.

The boxer gets to his feet and stares down at the motionless Supergirl. The referee comes up alongside him also staring at the downed young heroine. "Well Bob? Are you going to pin her and finish this?"

Bob Tanner looks around at the excited crowd the back to Renu, "They want more and I'm not done with this little blonde bitch yet! Besides, I placed a bet I could work her over for at least 8 rounds."

Renu laughs points to the helpless Supergirl, "Okay, she's right there and you have time left in this round."

Bob looks around for a moment. Then, a light bulb seemingly shown over his head. The old man moved with a purpose. He reached down, took a hold of Supergirl's ankles, rolled her to her back and began dragging her towards the corner of the ring. Reaching the corner ropes he drops the girl's ankles, landing either side of the ring post. The old boxer and climbs through the ropes. He jumps down and takes a hold of the girl's ankles again.

Look for the conclusion to be posted soon


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Re: Supergirl in Bob "The Tank" Tanner Pt 2 Round Over

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oh wow, it's a very good story, I look forward to the continuation, thanks for sharing it

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Re: Supergirl in Bob "The Tank" Tanner Pt 2 Round Over

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Fun stuff. So where's the kryptonite this time?

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Re: Supergirl in Bob "The Tank" Tanner Pt 2 Round Over

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Awesome, can't wait for next part.

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Re: Supergirl in Bob "The Tank" Tanner Pt 2 Round Over

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oh wow, it's a very good story, I look forward to the continuation, thanks for sharing it
You are very welcome. Thank you for posting a comment. It is much appreciated.


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Re: Supergirl in Bob "The Tank" Tanner Pt 2 Round Over

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Fun stuff. So where's the kryptonite this time?
Oh a magician never revels his secrets :shifty: Thanks for posting and I am back from another surgery and I am working to get part 2 of several stories posted. Stay tuned...


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Re: Supergirl in Bob "The Tank" Tanner Pt 2 Round Over

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Awesome, can't wait for next part.
It is coming. Stay tuned :D


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