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Black Lightning Season Three

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What do people think about the premiere?
S3 E1 Book of Occupation Part One Birth of Blackbird

I have mixed feelings. I like the powerful black female superheroine characters of Thunder and Lightning who drive much of this series. They are gorgeous, they are complex, and they are dedicated to their family. Plus they take advice and tech from a kindly old Alfred type, so it's kind of like combining a black Fantastic Four with elements of Dark Knight.

Here's what I don't like:

None of the characters are in their superhero costumes at all in this episode. Black Lightning wears a prison uniform in a containment facility.
Thunder wears a drab black Arrowverse costume and calls herself "Blackbird". And China is not only not wearing her Lightning costume, but for half the episode she is holo-cloaked as an Asian girl, even in a solo training sequence in a warehouse where no one else is watching. I would think this is a big fail, because anyone jumping onto this series and expecting superheroes, will simply *not* see any actual well-designed superhero outfits.

The pervasive woke messaging is bit over the top: Islamophobia (a Somali meta makes a speech reminiscent of Ilhan Omar), refugees (several mentions of the phrase "kids in cages") and Antifa (Blackbird's black masked costume as she whomps fascist police etc.). Although we expect this content as part of the Akil-verse, the amount is a bit heavy-handed for a premiere.

"Show not tell" is broken. We hear a lot about the new Big Baddies, the Markovians, but we don't see them or any of their agents.

Here's what I think everyone will like: (someone please alert Batgirl1969)

Nafessa Williams' gorgeous body. There's a whole scene where Anissa arrives home to her yuppie Batcave apartment (lovingly teched-out by her Uncle Gambi), strips off her street clothes and admires her own amazing curves. We get to do it along with her. Not bad. Apparently gratuitous objectification is OK with the Akils as long as they can justify it in service to the plot.

And then a new journalist is introduced - Jamillah Olsen (get it??) the investigative reporter, who (according to the Current Year laws of Ya Boi Zack) has an over 50% chance of being a lesbian. So after the briefest courtship in a bar, Jamillah and Anissa get it on in a full lesbian lovemaking scene, and we even get to admire Nafessa's figure again in the afterglow.

Now if we could only see these wonderful ladies (Nafessa and China) in their actual superhero costumes, this Markovian arc could get humming.

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