Rrama (Tamara Bleszynski) in Malay movie Cicak-Man 2: Planet Hitam

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Rrama (Tamara Bleszynski) in Malay movie Cicak-Man 2: Planet Hitam

Post by shevek »

So apparently since 2006 there has been a Malaysian superhero franchise called Cicak-Man (Gecko-Man).
It seems to be very campy and comedic with elements of Power Rangers, Darna, Black Scorpion and so on.

There's only one costumed female character in the series, in the second of the three movies - 2008's Cicak-Man 2: Planet Hitam. (Black Planet)
She is the main villainess in the film - Rrama the ruthless assassin, played by super-hot actress Tamara Bleszynski, who was in her late 30s when she played this role.

The Villainess YT channel has compiled all of her scenes from Cicak-Man 2 into a 21 minute montage.
She looks absolutely gorgeous poured into that tight catsuit and her acting is over-the-top sexy and menacing.
I won't tell you what happens to her at the end but I don't think the 20 minutes you'll spend watching Rrama in action will be a waste of your time.



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Re: Rrama (Tamara Bleszynski) in Malay movie Cicak-Man 2: Planet Hitam

Post by Maskripper »

Thanks for the info and the video!
Looks like material for my blog :-)
Not a big fan of these insane "over the top comedies with action scenes", but with such a masked villainess.... it is different.
Vist my blog and its Youtube channel:

Masked women in action! Superheroines, burglars, villainesses are waiting for you...

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