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Superheroine Museum 4 HawkGirl 4K UPDATE!

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As Mistress Lenka continues her deviant and sadistic collection of enslave and bound Superheroine’s, Hawkgirl joins to her bondage harem. But Hawkgirl’s will is strong and she is determined to escape this latex hell and save her fellow heroine’s.

Meanwhile Lenka’s step-daughter Barbara decides to dispose of her rival Cheetah by turning the Cat themed Villain into yet another sex slave. But will she succeed, and might Hawkgirl’s desire for escape, doom both her and Barbara to even more deviant and sadistic bondage and slavery? For the arrogant dominant has many enemies, who would love to see her suffering in the cruel bondage she has inflicted on so many…

DOWNLOAD (ADULT´S ONLY) here: ... awk-girl-2

Author EngineSkye
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