Rohanna - The Girl of the Guianas #2

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Rohanna - The Girl of the Guianas #2

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A slow-moving barge that was making its way through a narrow channel in the river so as to avoid detection. Her keen brown eyes...saw some rough-looking men...armed pistols and rifles..and she knew they were the ones she had sensed.

Releasing her grip on the vine...Rohannadescended on to the vessel...startling the thugs as she landed on the balls of her erotic shiny brownbare feet...her muscular arms raised in the air..her enormous firm shiny brown breasts bobbing sexily under her flimsy ocelot pelt bra.

"Surrender immediately and free the people you're keeping prisoner in the hold of this vessel!" demanded the gorgeous Girl of the Guianas assuming her heroic pose before them.

Read on... ONLY in!
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