The Harvest part 2 – Rye Films

Imperia tries to avenge her fallen sisters but Mavok proves once again that no superheroine can stand against him! Imperia is slowly taken apart by Mavok as he attacks every part of her luscious body. The harder Imperia is hit, the more power she loses to Mavok! Imperia fights back with every ounce of strength but she eventually can no longer phase Mavok.

Imperia is now powerless to stop Mavok from beating her senseless. Mavok crushes the young heroine and he pays special attention to her lower regions to keep her powers in check. Imperia is beaten again and again until she loses consciousness only to find herself in bonds! Mavok wastes no time and humiliates Imperia over and over with crushing blows to her most sensitive areas.

Mavok’s powers take over and Imperia can’t fight back the pleasure building inside her from Mavoks attacks. Once thoroughly destroyed, Imperia falls victim to Wonderous girl’s lasso for a permanent slumber.

Includes Beatdowns, low blows, belly and face hits, slaps, hair pulls, back breaker, frontal bear hug, AoH bondage, breast punches, legs split, KO’s and permanent ending with golden lasso!

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Harvest Part 2 From Rye Films


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  1. She’s gorgeous.


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