Heroine Power returns with “SHZAAM!”

AVAILABLE HERE! http://shg-media.com/Default.asp?PageID=productDetail&id=954618383532918677

Heroine Power returns with ebony fetish model Monica Jade in a spiritual sequel to the classic Saturday morning series. In times of dire need, Monica shouts aloud the magic word, “SHZAAM!” to become the world’s mightiest super heroine, Captain Marvelous! Unfortunately, her arch-nemesis, Georgia Savannah (played by fetish model Sarah Michelle) is determined to have her revenge after her last humiliating defeat from Captain Marvelous. This time she has tied up Monica with plans to use her as bait against Captain Marvelous for her device that will transform her into an evil identical of our super heroine. Georgia’s scheme appears to work, she now has all the powers of Captain Marvelous and challenges the super heroine to a fight. The two exchange powerful blows and appear to be evenly matched; in a desperate move, Captain Marvelous places Georgia in a powerful bear hug and calls upon the power of SHZAAM! in an attempt to remove Georgia’s powers. The plan not only fails to stop Georgia but also makes her even more powerful than ever! Georgia now plans to make Captain Marvelous suffer for her previous defeats through endless torture before finally humiliating the heroine by forcing her to orgasm with her laser gun. What other perils lie ahead? Find Out!

Running Time: 30 Minutes.

Includes Female/Female Combat, Bad Acting, Black People, Villains with Glasses, Spanking, Special Effects, Throat Lifting, Bondage, Belly Punching, Breast Groping, Crotch Blows

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