Heroineburgh Episode 10: Reap the Wild Wind

Episode 10 “Reap The Wild Wind” introduces the Middle Eastern heroines Jinniyya and Darbouka, and the villainess Dyna.

Scientific inventors Zaynab El-Bahri – a Lebanese Maronite working at the University of Pittsburgh – and Darsha Bukhari – an Afghan Muslim refugee who just earned her American citizenship – are working together on a project to make windpower viable as an alternative to fossil fuels. Darsha receives a phone call from oil baroness Olivia Queen, offering to buy out the pair’s windmill designs. That night during the meteor strike, both Zaynab and Darsha absorb superpowers. Darsha adopts the persona of the greedy Darbouka, wielding massive sonic blasts and stealing her partner’s files to sell to Olivia the Quingpin. Zaynab, on the other hand, becomes the virtuous Arabic heroine Jinniyya (the female djinn), with augmented strength and the power of the winds. Can Jinniyya stop Darbouka and turn her to the side of good? And what happens when the Quingpin’s mighty henchwoman Dyna challenges them to a battle royale?

Theme: Alternative Energy, Middle-Eastern Culture

Elements: Tight Shiny Costumes, Arabic Heroine, Masked Heroine, Masked Villainess, Erotic Transformation, Bellydance Routine, Costume Reveal, Heroine Turned Evil, Power Item, Costume Reveal, Wind Powers, Sound Powers, Flying Sequences, Super Strength, Female on Female Combat, Knockouts, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Catsuit, Restraint Bondage.

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Written by Heroineburgh
Live action original character superheroine video series based in Pittsburgh. Action, comedy, drama, and lots of spandex - a comic book come to life!
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