Heroineburgh Episode 11: Doctor, Doctor (Arogya vs Chlorina)


Heroineburgh Episode 11 “Doctor, Doctor” introduces the Indian superheroine Arogya the Healer, and the toxic villainess Chlorina. Now on sale at http://www.heroineburgh.com

Dr. Maitreyi “Marty” Gupta and Dr. Claire Morena are postdoc interns in genetic biology at the University of Pittsburgh. Marty turns down a proposal from Claire to collaborate on a human cloning project. That night during the meteor bombardment, Clare wakes up with the power to emit toxic gases that poison the mind, and becomes the vindictive Chlorina, taking over the lab for her unethical experiments. Meanwhile, Marty discovers that she has the ability to alter biological tissue for good or for ill. Inspired by the legend of a Vedic god from her Hindu heritage, she becomes Arogya the Healer. Can Arogya free the lab techs and stop Chlorina from carrying out her evil scientific scheme? And what’s the secret of the unholy alliance between Officer Drake and the smoke-shrouded villainess, Vaporia?

Theme: Genetic Biology, Human Cloning

Elements: Tight Costumes, Masked Heroine, Indian Heroine, Caped Heroine, Vindictive Villainess, Masked Villainess, Villainess in Tights, Exciting Transformation Sequences, Costume Reveal, Healing Powers, Toxic Poison Powers, Male on Female Restraint, Female on Female Combat, Belly Punch, Knockouts, Depowering, Bondage on Table, African-American Villainess, Romantic Relationship.

Episode 11 is now on sale at HEROINEBURGH (http://www.heroineburgh.com) in the Video Store.




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