Heroineburgh Episode 16: Blue States

Now available for download: Episode 16 of Heroineburgh – the 3rd episode of Season 2!

Heroineburgh is a PG-13 live-action superheroine video series based in Pittsburgh, PA. The first season (13 episodes) creates an entirely new universe, revealing the origins of 20 superheroines who gain their powers from a dark-energy meteor bombardment. In Season 2, fragments of the dark meteor have fallen to earth, transforming more women into evil and chaotic supervillainesses. The Heroine League must stop them, as well as contain the efforts of the sinister Black Faction, led by corrupt detective Drake and his wife Vaporia. Each episode involves several story arcs in the tradition of superhero television shows.

It’s action, comedy, drama, romance and combat, all in the finest spandex and tights!

Episode 16 is now on sale at HEROINEBURGH in the Season 2 page of the Video Store.
Price is $9.99 each, and the video is 21 minutes.


EPISODE 16: BLUE STATES (Poderosa’s Battles – Cybrina and X-Machina in Peril – Devorra & Sintilla vs. Jinniyya)

In the third episode for Heroineburgh Season Two, the mighty Poderosa comes to the aid of her fellow superheroines Vendetta and Lunessa, but will she able to stop the supervillainess Pagliaccia without succumbing to her own weakness?

The scheming Black Faction enlists an evil weapons inventor in their war against the Heroine League. Will Crainiac, the master of machines, be able to destroy the high-tech heroines Cybrina and X-Machina?

And finally, Devorra the Queen Bee emerges from a metamorphosis more powerful than ever. Will she find an ally or foe in the crafty Sintilla, as she seeks to subdue Jinniyya, the Arabic superwoman?

This episode continues Season Two of Heroineburgh, and features 6 heroines, 3 villainesses and 3 villains.

Themes: Exciting Rescue, High-Tech Peril, Powerful Metamorphosis, Tragic Vengeance.

Elements: Tight Costumes, Caped Heroines, Masked Heroines, Masked Villainesses, Heroines in Tights, Transformation Sequences, Costume Reveal, Bulletproof Skin, Super Strength, Female on Female Combat, Female Domination, Knockouts, Belly Punches, Choking, Depowering, Peril Trap, Heroine Restrained, Damsel in Distress, Mind Control, Male on Female Combat, Super Powers, Special FX, Flying, and more!


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Written by Heroineburgh
Live action original character superheroine video series based in Pittsburgh. Action, comedy, drama, and lots of spandex - a comic book come to life!
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