Heroineburgh Episode 17: Systems of Romance

Heroineburgh Episode 17: Systems of Romance 17

Now available: Episode 17 of Heroineburgh – the 4th episode of Season 2!

Heroineburgh is a PG-13 live-action superheroine video series based in Pittsburgh, PA. The first season (13 episodes) creates an entirely new universe, revealing the origins of 20 superheroines who gain their powers from a dark-energy meteor bombardment. In Season 2, fragments of the dark meteor have fallen to earth, transforming more women into evil and chaotic supervillainesses. The Heroine League must stop them, as well as contain the efforts of the sinister Black Faction, led by corrupt detective Drake and his wife Vaporia. Each episode involves several story arcs in the tradition of superhero television shows.

Action, comedy, drama, romance and combat, all in the finest spandex, capes and tights!
Plus introducing three new actresses playing Hellyfra, Peccadilla, and new supervillainess Stellara.

Episode 17 is now on sale at HEROINEBURGH  in the Season 2 page of the Video Store.
Price is $9.99 each, and the video is 29 minutes – slightly longer than a typical TV program.

Here is the trailer for Episode 17:


A short description of Episode 17 follows below, as well as some cast photos from the episode.

(Fianna’s Love Triangle – Jinniyya & Gardenia vs Devorra – Arogya & Frija vs Kaliyuga – Rise of Stellara – Sintilla’s Sidekick)

In the fourth episode of Heroineburgh Season Two…..

Fianna is trapped in a love triangle between her jealous girlfriend Carrie and the beautiful Arctica, the ice queen – how will new League member Hellfyra help to resolve it?

Crainiac and Drake devise a stronger weapon to destroy the heroines – which traitor from the League ranks provides the power?

Jinniyya and Gardenia pursue the trail of Devorra the Queen Bee, while Arogya and Frija track Kaliyuga’s vengeful path of destruction. Will the heroines succeed in their missions?

Who is the brilliant and eager sidekick of Sintilla the master thief, and what threat will the new solar-powered supervillainess Stellara pose to the city’s populace?

Starring: Emily, Sarah D, Bridget, Josh, Ben, Erika, Kristin, Laura, Sydney, Nupur, Sarah S, Anna, Anastasia, Jonathan, Sasaya, and Shannon. And Devorra’s Drones: Jon, Jake and Sean.

This episode continues Season Two of Heroineburgh, and features 7 heroines, 5 villainesses and 5 villains.

Themes: Lethal Love Triangle, Pursuit of Justice, Treacherous Villainy, New Criminal Threats.

Elements: Tight Costumes, Caped Heroines, Masked Heroines, Masked Villainesses, Heroines in Tights, Transformation Sequences, Villainess Monologues, Super Strength, Female on Female Combat, Female Domination, Knockouts, Belly Punches, Bearhug, Crotch Kick, Depowering, Peril Trap,  Villainess Restrained, Heroine Peril, Lesbian Romance, Mind Control, Male on Female Combat, Super Powers, Special Effects, and more!

Episode 17 is now on sale at HEROINEBURGH (   http://www.heroineburgh.com   ) in the Video Store under Season Two.

Cast photo of Jinniyya the Wind Spirit, Devorra the Queen Bee and Gardenia the Plant Mistress, displaying the ill-gotten loot!

Heroineburgh Episode 17: Systems of Romance 18

Cast photo of Frija the Uberfrau, Kaliyuga the Destroyer and Arogya the Healer preparing for their climactic battle!

Heroineburgh Episode 17: Systems of Romance 19

Cast photo of Arctica the Ice Queen, Carrie the artist, and Fianna the Irish Banshee, ensnared in a lesbian love triangle.

Heroineburgh Episode 17: Systems of Romance 20

Cast photo of Spectrina the Rainbow Mistress, Crainiac the Master of Machines, and Detective Mark Drake, planning their treachery against the Pittsburgh Heroine League.

Heroineburgh Episode 17: Systems of Romance 21

Cast photo of the solar-powered Stellara the Star Smasher and her secret benefactor from the Black Faction.

Heroineburgh Episode 17: Systems of Romance 22

Introducing a new actress playing the role of Hellfyra the Heavy Metal Flamethrower, who joins the Heroine League.

Heroineburgh Episode 17: Systems of Romance 23

Sintilla, the sneaky latex-clad superthief, returns with her new sidekick, Peccadilla – watch the episode for the origin.

Heroineburgh Episode 17: Systems of Romance 24

And last, but not least, a special comic-style tribute to the buzzing drone henchmen of Devorra the Queen Bee…..”Yes, mistress!”     (comic book art by Jake)

Heroineburgh Episode 17: Systems of Romance 25

Raise the roof on Season Two of Heroineburgh….download the episode at  http://www.heroineburgh.com/episodes-season-two/


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Live action original character superheroine video series based in Pittsburgh. Action, comedy, drama, and lots of spandex - a comic book come to life!
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