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“Megagirl: The Grim Trials” at

Hi all, We are back with a new heroine "Megagirl", played by the awesome Monica Jade! Synopsis: Megagirl has been attacked by an inter dimensional demon named,...

Suporwoman Hunter Chronicles A

Suporwoman battles new Villain Pantheras the bounty hunter and Iron Vetta.   Purchase Link:

Knightgirl vs. Raven – Hypnotics World

Knightgirl has her hands full with the pesky Raven!

“Darkwing 17: Shade of Darkness” is released!

"Darkwing 17: Shade of Darkness" stars Yvonne in the title role, and introduces sexy Samantha (Sam) Wilde in the role of gorgeous, but badass,...

“Immortal” Starring Mia Malkova Available Now From TBFE Films

Supergirl tracks Gore to a warehouse. She's been tracking Gore for months and has every intention of permanently doing away with him. She engages...

Heroine Kombat: Thundra vs. Skyfox (Cross the Line Productions)

Plot: Heroine Kombat…the high-stakes gladiatorial game of the future is back for another round of colossal close-range full-contact combat. Today’s death match: the super-charged...

Super Addict

Lex turns on his cameras and broadcasts live to every network as he introduces Superior Girl to the world. He tries to embarrass her...

Prey – Hidden Vault Entertainment

Watch as ex-special forces operative LIEUTENANT SONYA WEBB encounters trouble after entering the compound of the notorious GEORGE VAN HOLT. Dearest fans and friends, Heroine Arena will be closing...

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“Teen Bat 2: Vanquished” is released!

In "Teen Bat 2: Vanquished", we learn that a group of unofficial sidekicks, the Street Guardians, have banded together to fight crime in Edgewing...

The Many Defeats Of Silk

Trickster has laid out a plan to trap Silk and like a moth to a flame she falls for it. Trickster knocks her out with a...

Suporwoman Hunter Chronicles A

Suporwoman battles new Villain Pantheras the bounty hunter and Iron Vetta.   Purchase Link:

Agent Carter & The Alien Encounter

Agent Carter is safely home after a dangerous mission and goes to sleep for a restful night. A bright light wakes her up. At...

WONDER WOMAN – Official Origin Trailer

This June, witness the future of justice. #WonderWoman Before she was Wonder Woman, she was Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained to be an unconquerable...

Tamer 3 – Wonder Woman Sold – CC Productions

Tamer 3, Wonder Woman Sold is a CC Produced custom video. The Wonder Woman parody stars Christina Carter, Cherie DeVille and Tommy Pistol. This is the third installment of...

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