IDENTITY CRISIS – PART I – Anastasia Pierce

IDENTITY CRISIS - PART I - Anastasia Pierce 3
IDENTITY CRISIS - PART I - Anastasia Pierce 4
Starring: Dee Williams as Supergirl and Black Widow,  Jewell Marceau as Mind Reader,  Kendra James as Batgirl and Wicked Goddess
and Anastasia Pierce as Wonder Woman and Poison Ivy.
This story will be release in two Parts. It contains a LOT of Special FX!  Fasten your seatbelt here it is!

3 Super heroines (Batgirl, Supergirl and Wonder Woman) have been apprehended by black belt Ninja -Mind Stealer. All 3 Super Heroines are under the Mental powers of the Super Villainess. All three controlled and . They are brought to a secret location.

The Super villainess will be checking on her captive “testing” their state of consciousness. Enjoying her time with her captive by groping them, zapping them with electricity and humiliating them in front of each other with a triple forced Orgasm. Then only, will she be ready to start swapping bodies…

Her rich clients hired her to find “perfect’ bodies to be transferred to. Super Villainess will get body swapped into SuperHeroines using her mind control abilities and special powers!

Includes: 4 actresses, Dee Williams, Kendra James, Jewell Marceau, Anastasia Pierce, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl , and Controlled Super Heroines, De-masking, Electrical Powers, Mind Control, Power Exchange, Body Swap, Switching Bodies, Body XChange, Power Draining, Triple Forced Orgasm, Bondage, Groping,  Stripping,  Pantyhose, Big titts,  Humiliation. Super Heroine in Distress. Peril, Lots of Special FX. No escape

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