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Ivy's Apples (starbondmedia) 23

Plot: Lois Lane is the star investigative reporter for the Daily Planet and has covered everything from robberies, to political scandals to megalomaniacs attempting to take over Metropolis with their nefarious ways. She’s a woman who lives for a challenge and never fails to get the scoop for her viewers but things really get interesting when botanical eco-criminal Poison Ivy calls her looking for an interview. It seems that people have misjudged Ivy’s intentions toward the human race and she claims that she wants to set the record straight, so Lois comes by and is all ears to hearing what Ivy’s intentions are for her visit to Metropolis.

But as we all know, things aren’t always what they seem where a ‘rogue’ is involved and at first glance, it looks like Ivy’s intentions toward Miss Lane are anything but innocent…

Ivy's Apples (starbondmedia) 24

Analysis Overview: Okay, because this vid was relatively short on fetish and in order to save time, I’m gonna cut to the chase and give my critique on this video (pros, cons and maybe a little diagnosis) right here in the Analysis Overview.

This fetish vid was very creative and imaginative and I like what Star Nine put together for it. It’s extremely on the low-budget sector of things (possibly a custom request from a fan) but Star took what she had to work with and she made it turn out pretty good. From the looks of this story, it looks like a basic Poison Ivy seduction story and Star really put her best foot forward when she created this with her co-star Arielle Lane (and this is my first time seeing a performance by Arielle).

-Star Nine’s Poison Ivy outfit was pretty erotic, complete with red hair hair, vines, green high heels and a light-green thong. Arielle has on just ordinary civilian attire complete with skirt-dress and a sleeveless shirt and high-heels.

Ivy's Apples (starbondmedia) 25 Ivy's Apples (starbondmedia) 26

-Crisp and clear audio, excellent camerawork and close-ups of both fetish models also.

-The acting for this was pretty decent with Ivy trying to seduce Lois, who reveals that she’s immune to Ivy’s seduction pheromones. I really enjoyed that part of the vid as Lois just resists and Ivy is a little disappointed that she can’t get Lois under her control. That was spot-on for having Lois think ahead of ways to resist Ivy’s lethal charms.

-Excellent props selected and used for this fetish vid also. Star has some sort of pheromones in a paper cup that she tries to use on Arielle’s character but the way she tried to utilize them in a paper cup seemed more like a ‘con’ for me. However, she does make up for that a little later for the story with her biggest secret weapon: fruit!

Yes, you heard me right folks: For me, the biggest selling point in this story were those delicious looking organic apples that Star had on display. Why you ask? It turns out that the apples are not only juicy and tasty, but Poison Ivy laced them with some sort of special pheromone chemical that makes any ordinary human who eats one sexually attracted to Ivy. Now that is brainwashing from a villain on a whole new level! I mean…they say the quickest way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. :laugh: (And Star played that right down to the ‘T’ with those apples) Ivy's Apples (starbondmedia) 27 Ivy's Apples (starbondmedia) 28 Ivy's Apples (starbondmedia) 29

Every bite that Arielle and Star took out of those apples was not only steamy…it kinda made me hungry too!
Plus as a bonus, the effects from the apple began to show through Arielle’s acting when she comments that she’s feeling ‘funny’ and Ivy explains why. Classic villain gaining upper-hand moment!

-And another big selling point for this vid? At the 6:13 mark of the story, the vid becomes one big make-out scene! My blood was sizzling with excitement from seeing Star and Arielle make out through the rest of the vid! Poison Ivy has always been one of my favorite villainess’ because not only is she an expert at chemical engineering but she knows how to lure people under her control with her lips…either kissing them to brainwash them…or using her kiss to kill (that’s mainly what makes her such a devastating rogue in a lot of fetish stories).

Here, Star uses the power of her lips to bring Arielle’s character under her control even more and it was just so erotic seeing Lois try to resist but it was too late…Ivy had her completely under her power and as they make out, she reveals that she has a special task that she wants Lois to perform for her… :sneaky: Ivy's Apples (starbondmedia) 30

Ivy's Apples (starbondmedia) 31

Ivy's Apples (starbondmedia) 32

Ivy's Apples (starbondmedia) 33

-Some things that can be improved for next time though would be the following:

*Have Ivy showcase her pheromone powers through some sort of visual effect.

*The make-out scene was fun, but I was kinda hoping that Star would strip Arielle out of her clothes a little bit. But odds are, Arielle may not have been too keen on that so if she wasn’t feeling that, so be it. The make out scene was still ‘boss’.

*Arielle’s a nice looking young lady and I loved her performance in this but…I think Star should’ve used somebody with a more voluptuous or athletic physique like Anastasia Pierce, Akira Lane, etc. I mean, nothing against Arielle as this is my first time seeing her perform and I love her spirit, but I just wasn’t feeling her too much in her Lois Lane role but she did pull off a pretty convincing performance.

Final Outcome: Watching this story was like something straight out of a Snow White fairytale, especially where the apples were concerned. All we need now is for the damsel to pass out and a sweet prince (or princess) to come revive her from her long nap.:laugh: But no seriously, this was a very impressive vid from Star Nine’s productions and I truly enjoyed what she put together with this. Despite a few flaws, this vid was pretty entertaining.

Final Score for ‘Ivy’s Apples’: 8 1/2 out of 10.

If you like food fetish and a good makeout scene, then you should give this vid a shot. You can find it at starbondmedia.com or at https://clips4sale.com/74735/


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  1. Gotta say, your review is almost as hot as the video 🙂 Good job, Doctor!

    • Thanks shevek, I’m glad you approve. I kinda had my doubts about this vid but Star really put her best foot forward and though there were some flaws, she really gave this vid some flavor. Was there anything that you liked or didn’t like in the vid?

      • Haven’t bought it yet..I should maybe rephrase to say your review is almost as hot as the video sounds like it will be 🙂 But your review has convinced me that it is one of the immediate next purchases I will make! And when I do, I will post again here.

        • OK, watched this. I agree that it’s erotic and hot. But it’s also a bit PG-13 – they do nothing but make out. And I don’t think it’s because Arielle won’t do more. Arielle is tied up, bondaged and naked on her Twitter page so she definitely would do more. It’s just that the custom didn’t call for anything else. But at the same time, I don’t think this needed a more voluptuous actress, at least not for me. Arielle Lane reminds me of the smart ‘n sexy Jewish girls from my school days, so I’m fine with reliving that fantasy. Good video, it just needs a part two, at least, where Ivy goes much further with Lois.

          • I agree Shevek, it doesn’t goes into R or X-rated territory (chuckling) but ya’ gotta give Star credit for going the distance in this without dabbling too much into the ‘hardcore’ territory of fetish. But like you said, this could just be the first part of the story and there may be a second part that’ll dabble a little further into the sexual content of things. Remember, there’s a part in the story where Ivy gives Lois one more apple and tells her to give it to her ‘boyfriend’, so maybe Star has plans to do a continuation with a male fetish model if possible.

            This my first exposure to Arielle Lane also, but I can tell you know, she’s starting to grow on me after seeing her performance in this. So… if this wasn’t a custom request, odds are Star may give us a continuation of the story and we’ll see what kinda of ‘apple pie’ she cooks up for us next time.

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