After taking her informer ‘Deep Pocket’s advice, Diva got information from Sister Fate during a loss, and Captain Crime during a victory in the ring.

Now she faces the secretive ‘Jimmy Quiet’ who knows the next step in AJ’s transportation to who-knows-where. Trouble is, Jimmy is both quiet by name and nature and a dangerous fighter to boot. Diva gains the upper hand but her questions allow Jimmy back in to do her serious harm… it takes a backstage brawl as Supergirl to get what she needs.

Lastly, she must fight ‘The Champ’, who knows her to be a Kandy Girl. He is the Champ for a reason and pummels Diva in her Wonder Woman outfit mercilessly… But Diva is Kandy Girl through and through, she won’t quit… or will she? Find out now!

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