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Season 4, Special Mission 3



Red Glory is forced to fight a Drone in a test she must pass to maintain her current rank. At first the heroine thinks that the test will be easy as she controls the metallic beast with her gravity power. However, the Drone, alongside a female computer with very high standards, quickly raises in level… All the way to the potentially deadly 6.

With this power the machine breaks out of Red Glory’s control. Now all she has to do is “stay conscious”. This proves easier said than done as the hyper-powered Drone humiliates our heroine over and over with knockout after knockout.

The dizzy heroine even attempts an escape, but there is no getting away from the titanium menace. The Drone uses straight punches as well as gas to put the Red beauty to sleep. Can she redeem herself in any way? Or will she fail the test and lose all heroic credibility?

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Knockout Fever




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