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Spider In A Harem – Hypnotics World

SpiderGrrl has been transformed, can she ever get back?

Pleasant Dreams Black Bat

Black Bat is on a mission to find a computer hard drive that will put a corrupt politician away for good. Little does she...

“Nightfox: Gravestone” at Hey everyone! We are back with a brand new Nightfox adventure! In this adventure, Nightfox falls into a trap set by the villainous duo “Gravestone”!...

Image Gallery Tutorial

To create an image slide gallery follow this steps: 1. Click Add Media button. 2. From the Media page click the Create Gallery link. 3. Select the...

Mega Girl The Grim Trials

Megagirl has been attacked by an inter dimensional demon named, "Grimskull". The last we saw this demon was when he tried to acquire Dynafly's...

Wicked Memories

Starring - Lilly Hawke Luciafilms is excited to bring you the debut of actress Lilly Hawke in our most recent film, “Wicked Memories”. This action...

Agent X: Trickster’s Lucky Day

Trickster gets information that Jane Dunaway is a good friend of Agent X.  He decides that she will make good bait to trap Agent X...

Heroineburgh Episode 15: Green Deal

Now available: Episode 15 of Heroineburgh continuing Season 2! Heroineburgh is a PG-13 live-action superheroine video series based in Pittsburgh, PA. The first season (13...

Dark Wondra 1: Collected” is RELEASED!

"Dark Wondra 1: Collected" is Now Available! "Dark Wondra 1: Collected" starts off Season 3 of the Bluestone Superheroines with a battle between former bad...

Bluebird – Broken Wings: Part 1

Ahh! The return of Bluebird from Next Global Crisis!   When Bluebird was accidentally turned ‘Super’, she became the most powerful being on the planet by...
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