Helpless Batgirl – Anastasia Pierce

Helpless Batgirl - Anastasia Pierce 1

For this new adventure you will find some themes I haven’t shot in a while. Smoking Villainess, sleepy and unconscious Super Heroine. Batgirl getting stripped, fondled and kissed while unable to defend herself. Then gagged and struggling for Catwoman’s pleasure. Batgirl is completely helpless and at the mercy of Catwoman the entire story! Catwoman is […]

Dark Surrender – TBFE Films

Dark Surrender - TBFE Films 2

Not a day goes by that Diana Prince doesn’t think about the disappearance of her Amazonian sister. When an unknown caller suggests they have been holding her sister, she immediately transforms into Wonder Star and goes to the location. She’s confronted by a villainess calling herself Domino. She claims to have Wonder’s sister in holding, […]

Batgirl, The Accomplice

Batgirl, The Accomplice 4

Batgirl, The Accomplice (full movie) stars Emily Addison as Barbara Gordon, a.k.a. Batgirl and Christina Carter as Selina Kyle, a.k.a. Catwoman. Selina stops by the Gordon mansion unannounced to find Barbara in the middle of her yoga practice. The two women had met earlier at a Gotham socialite event. Selina convinces Barbara to share a bottle of wine she’d brought […]

Wonder Woman vs. The Alien Queen

Wonder Woman vs. The Alien Queen 5

Wonder Woman is checking on a distress call placed by Professor Zabrinskie from the Nasa team who is working on some Neptunian research. When Wonder Woman arrives at the home of the scientist she doesn’t find any evidence of any wrong doing or any alien activity until.. it’s too late and she gets attacked by […]

Black Cat vs. Spiderman – Leather Lust

Black Cat vs. Spiderman - Leather Lust 6

Black Cat vs. Spiderman, Leather Lust is a fan custom that CC Productions produced and underwrote a portion of the budget to give the video the production value it deserved. Black Cat (Christina Carter) has been out burglarizing the city but Spiderman (Marcus London) is hot on her trail. Spiderman is smitten by the sexy […]