“Megagirl: The Grim Trials” at UltraHeroix.com


Hi all,
We are back with a new heroine “Megagirl”, played by the awesome Monica Jade!

Megagirl has been attacked by an inter dimensional demon named, “Grimskull”. The last we saw this demon was when he tried to acquire Dynafly’s soul in “Fly or die”. The same rules apply, If Grimskull defeats Megagirl three times, then she is doomed to be his prisoner. This time, Grimskull knows all her weaknesses and changes form to defeat her. There are : KO’s, carries, bear hugs,back breakers, kryptonite weakening, poisoning, spider webs, Dragon fighting and etc.

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Producer/Writer/Director/Owner of UltraHeroix.com. I produce Superheroine videos featuring action and peril.
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  1. Another waste of time superheroine vid. Producers do not understand the psychology of the superheroine fantasy and its secret. The superheroine fantasy is born when a young boy sees an older woman in a sexy costume. But that older woman isn’t trying to be sexy. she stands for truth and justice. But there is an extraordinary attraction to her. When a boy is 7 or 8, the super woman he sees on tv or in a comic book is probably no older than 35 years old. But she is a lot older than the young boy. Now that young boy is a grown man looking to spend money and re-live his superheroine fantasy. Many people produce vids but they all short. They do not understand the psychology of the fantasy. They use young women. That former boy who is now a grown man with money to spend is really looking for a super woman much older than he is. That is what makes her the untouchable woman. The older woman he can’t have. The older woman he wants to see captured. That is the key to the fantasy. Produces need to make some vids with older women (45 to 55 years old) ) as superheroines. Dress up a good looking short haired blonde 55 year old woman with a good figure in an adult supergirl costume, call her superwoman, and I guarantee it will be a success. These young girls as superheroines completely miss the mark. It is time to understand and truly fulfill the superheroine fantasy.


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