Happy New Year! 2021! 4

Happy New Year! 2021!

Well, what can we say about 2020? Here’s hoping 2021 brings you everything you desire! Less deaths would be a good start!    

Black Bat Stupor Heroine 5

Black Bat Stupor Heroine

Trickster’s got a new idea on how to humiliate superheroines. He would like to capture a superheroine and keep her in a “stupor” state meaning he wants to keep ...

"Blue Aegis" Available now!!! 6

“Blue Aegis” Available now!!!

It has finally happened! Ultraheroix and SHL has teamed up to form UHL and our first collaborative project is “Blue Aegis”! For a limited time, we w...

Heroineburgh Episode 18 (Parts 1 and 2): Someday Dominion 7

Heroineburgh Episode 18 (Parts 1 and 2): Someday Dominion

Now available: Episode 18 (Parts 1 and 2) – “Someday Dominion”, the fifth and sixth episodes in Season Two of Heroineburgh. It’s a doubl...



Supergirl stops a bank robber only to find out he didn’t steal money, he took a weapon… and she is the target.     Superheroine Limited  

UltraGirl In The Clutches of The Black Cat! pt 1 9

UltraGirl In The Clutches of The Black Cat! pt 1

Starring Chrissy Marie as UltraGirl Ashley Lane as The Black Cat Produced and Directed by Jim Weathers at Bondage Cafe Written by SH Binder (all screenshots bel...

Hypno Training 1! 13

Hypno Training 1!

Annnnd we’re back with a new episode from Hypnotics World! This is the the sequel to Sleepy Training 1! Constance is back and none too pleased that the re...

"UFO Attack" from UltraHeroix.com 14

“UFO Attack” from UltraHeroix.com

Hey everyone, We are finally back with a brand new Swiftgirl video, “UFO Attack”! “In this adventure, Swiftgirl must thwart an alien invader&#...

"Supernova 28: Serve & Protect" is Released! 16

“Supernova 28: Serve & Protect” is Released!

“Supernova 28: Serve & Protect” features Rebecca Mason as the one and only Supernova! “Supernova 28: Serve and Protect” is an epic reminiscent o...