Path Of Peril – Full Adventure!

Path Of Peril - Full Adventure! 1
An unknown corporation has conducted some market research and discovered that there is a market among the idle rich for heroine porn/sex/doom performances. They have set up a chain of clubs called “The Murder Rooms”. To the outside world these appear to be little more than glorified restaurants and dance halls but their lower layers contain various cells, bedrooms and trap rooms. When a person is obtained by the Murder Rooms they face a members vote on whether they end up in a brothel room or a trap/murder room.
The Murder Rooms has so far broadcast a humiliation of both Valkyrie and Night Strike. However the hostess was surprised when Valkyrie discovered her office and is herself mad at the meddling heroines who just won’t play nice and let her hit her KPIs and avoid filling out the endless paperwork that the surprisingly bureaucratic Murder Rooms’ senior management requires of her. She’s annoyed and looking for some payback against the infuriating heroines of Jagkommand and has decided to make an example of one of them.
Sovereign Girl, who secretly finds it hilarious that Valkyrie and Night Strike were captured by the Murder Rooms, was investigating a suspected Murder Rooms property when she was ambushed and knocked unconscious. She wakes in a dim room alone and quickly realizes to her horror that she is the latest attraction of the Murder Rooms.
The Superheroine is challenged by the murder room hostess and finds out that if she want to escape alive she will have to “play the game”. Trapped in a maze of corridors she will find several rooms of danger. A real path of peril awaits her. Dangers of different kind, mental and physical. Will her  strength and persistence get her through?
Includes: (the full adventure)
Zoey Knoxx as Sovereign Girl, Anastasia Pierce as the Murder-Rooms Hostess, Super heroine in Distress, End Game, Maze, Traps, Perils, Path of Peril, Indiana Jones type scenario, Darts, Danger, Humiliation, Interactive Display and Game with viewers , Original Super Heroine Costume, Giant Oven, Sonic Crusher,  High Frequency Waves,  SHIP,  Super Villain,  Fantasy,  Challenges, Orgasm, Damsel in Distress, Parody, Weak, Murders Rooms, Helpless, Broken Down Super-Heroine in Distress. DOOM, NO Escape
Zoey Knoxx as Sovereign Girl and Anastasia Pierce as the Murder Room Hostess

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