“Powerdame: Toxic Affair” at Ultraheroix.com

Powerdame takes great pride in protecting her safe, clean and green city. But when a toxic monstrosity attacks, our superheroine must use all her power and some luck to try and defeat it. Unfortunately, the monster known as Hedoran has a special power manipulating pollution and that is Powerdame’s main weakness. Can Powerdame defeat this creature and keep her city safe and clean?!?!? Check it out at http://www.Ultraheroix.com !

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Written by UltraHeroix.com
Producer/Writer/Director/Owner of UltraHeroix.com. I produce Superheroine videos featuring action and peril.
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  1. What happened to the preview video?

    • I don’t know. I see it when its previewed but when I update it here, it’s not showing. The youtube video itself is fine.

      • Ok fixed 🙂 Sent you a message too…


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