Prey – Hidden Vault Entertainment

Watch as ex-special forces operative LIEUTENANT SONYA WEBB encounters trouble after entering the compound of the notorious GEORGE VAN HOLT.

Dearest fans and friends,

Heroine Arena will be closing on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 2018, which coincides with the end of Labor Day weekend here in the U.S. If you still haven’t seen any of our previous episodes then I highly recommend purchasing them now. Also, for a limited time we will offer, for a premium price, private customs. For details go to our website and click on the “PRIVATE CUSTOMS” tab.

On a personal note, this isn’t necessarily a goodbye. After the site closes I may occasionally drop by to comment or reply here or on other sites. In any case, I would like to say, thank you, thank you, thank you for all your support! Along the way, I learned a lot from you, and this experience has helped me develop significantly as a producer and filmmaker. You have been nothing less than awesome, and I truly appreciate how passionate you all are about this genre!

Also, please check the Lounge for a PSA which I will be posting shortly.

Thanks again!


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Heroine Arena – Prey


Prey - Hidden Vault Entertainment 1

Webb Holding Gun

Prey - Hidden Vault Entertainment 2

Van Holt Takes Down Webb

Prey - Hidden Vault Entertainment 3

Webb elbows Garner

Prey - Hidden Vault Entertainment 4

Webb Held By Davis

Prey - Hidden Vault Entertainment 5

Webb Interrogated

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