Pt. 1 The Abduction – Anastasia Pierce

Pt. 1 The Abduction - Anastasia Pierce 3

It’s a war of the worlds. Alien have been a threat to humans for months now. They are taking over our planet and one by one eliminating the only people who can protect and save us: the super heroines.

Today, Golden Avenger (aka Christina Carter) will be viciously attacked and by an Alien. Black Vixen is back again and more powerful than ever. Both Amazon will be fighting it off, but Black Vixen, the Alien will use her special powers to overwhelm the helpless super heroine.

Soon, she will be emptying the Super Heroine from her powers and soul. Her human body becoming an empty shell. All before ravaging her and her body from deep inside with a large strap-on giving the super heroine multiple orgasms, draining her even further or anything she might have left…

Includes: Christina Carter as Super Heroine Golden Avenger, Anastasia Pierce as Alien Black Vixen, Original Super Heroine Costume, Original Characters, Amazons, Catsuits, Catfight, SHIP, Lesbian Domination, Fighting, Punching, Freeze, Energy Draining, Fantasy, Cosplay, Sci-fi, Trap, Alien, Lots Special FX, Damsel in Distress, Parody, Weak, Helpless. Stripping, Humiliation, Strap-on, Sex, Orgasms, Heroine in Distress and Peril. No Escape!

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Pt. 1 The Abduction - Anastasia Pierce 19

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