Atlantis hasn’t disappeared, it still exists. Buried at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean. Forgotten by Humans. Amazons rules Atlantis and they got word about Supergirl’s existence.
Supergirl is a threat with her super powers and the fact that she can fly and breath under water as well!
The Queen of Atlantis decides to eliminate Supergirl before she even finds out of their existence.
She will release her Kraken!
But first Aquatica the Queen of Atlantis will get satisfied by the Kraken himself and one of his many giant tentacles. And then she will use it as a weapon against Supergirl… and take over her body and mind!
Includes: Chrissy Marie as Supergirl, Anastasia Pierce as Aquatica, Original Super Heroine costume, helpless super heroine, Metal Armor, Monster take over, Special FX, tentacles, mesmerized, Controlled Super heroine, helpless super heroine, physical and mental take over, parody, cosplay, aliens and monsters, Supernatural, Helpless, sex with monsters, Peril. No escape!
Book a custom video with Anastasia as your favorite Super Heroine Today!
A special Thank you: It was a combined effort between Rob and I for the special fx. He did the amazing Supergirl Rays and both very cool dissolving  fx and  I did the green screen and under water kraken ones. Thank you for your amazing skills Rob!

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