Revenge On All Superheroines 1!

Revenge On All Superheroines 1! 1

This is part 1 in a small series.

Here’s a fun little romp in the old style of our classic videos. A good ole ragged out/worship/kayo video!

A Blue Angel (Christina Carter) confronts a masked intruder (Janira Wolfe) and it’s not long before the intruder takes down the tights clad crimefighter with a rag lullaby! Apparently this intruder has a thing for heroines in costume and wastes no time exploring the Angels body. When our Blue Angel comes around, there is a struggle and it even seems over when the intruder is trapped in a leg scissors but that rag will get you every time and soon it’s another trip to dreamland for the Blue Angel!

After some more fondling the intruder decides to put the Blue Angel under sedation and wraps a mask around her face. The Blue Angel immeidately feels incapaciated and has no choice but to allow the intruder to do whatever she wants to her! This includes an orgasm and other KAYO’s to follow…

As a side note, I tried doing something a little different with the rag scenes to show more tights clad feet kicking around. But at the end of the video I include the full scenes just in case you didn’t like the edits. Just a little window into the creative process 🙂

Models: Christina Carter, Janira Wolfe

Producer note: We were just trying to re-capture the old days of some sleepy/FO content we used to shoot and after I shot this vid I thought it would be cool to have a small story line about a wannabe superheroine that get’s shunned by the Blue Angels and other superheroines so she decides to exact her revenge and basically set traps and mess with them. It also appears she is equally divided between exacting revenge and molesting them, so apparently there’s a little bi-curious thing going on there and that type of behavior is probably what got her rejected in the first place!


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