Robin Captured and Tricked HD

Robin Captured and Tricked HD 1

Robin is on the prowl. She’s on a mission to find out the dirt on Mr. Big. She sneaks around the exterior of his house and makes her way inside. Suddenly Mr. Big appears behind her and quickly grabs her. As she struggles furiously, he clamps his hand over her mouth and holds it there till she slowly stops struggling and slumps to the floor. He stands over and admires his handwork, pausing to grope her exposed ass. Robin has certainly landed herself in a predicament. She gradually comes to her senses, only to find that she’s been bound strictly…ankles, knees chest and arms…and she’s seated in a bare dungeon.

Mr. Big approaches her and demands answers. Who sent her and what was she looking for?? Robin is defiant and she stubbornly refuses to cooperate. Mr. Big uses a ‘hands-on’ approach to his interrogation. He pulls Robin’s tits out of her costume and roughly gropes them. Then he tells her that has a ‘secret weapon’… and approaches her with a strange device. He holds it in front of her and orders her to look at it. She squirms and looks away as he turns the device on. Its colorful spinning lights are mesmerizing and soon she can’t help herself. She looks… and soon is entranced by the device. As she stares dumbly straight ahead, Mr. Big tells her that she now will fully cooperate and have no resistance to his commands. She nods and agrees. He unties her…ropes are no longer necessary.

Neither are panties apparently…as he cuts them off. Mr. Big takes advantage of her current state and gets the truth out of her. Batman has instructed her to get the goods on him in an effort to take down his organization. Got it. But as long as she’s being so cooperative he can enjoy some entertainment can’t he?? He orders her to touch herself. She squeezes her breasts and pinches her nipples. She spreads her legs and plays with her pussy. She turns around a shows him her ass…which he can’t resist grabbing and spreading. He wants to see how responsive Robin is she he has her face him with her legs spread wide and her pussy is exposed. He uses the Hitachi wand to bring her to orgasm.

But he’s not done. Even though she’s cooperative, he shackles and chains her bent over a little table…with her ass poking out invitingly. It gets a bit of groping and spreading before her gives it a nice flogging to warm it up. Then her inserts a large steel plug in her ass…its two balls going in slowly. Then she gets the vibrator again. Turns out Robin is quite responsive…and before long she has another thrashing, chain rattling orgasm. He pats her ass and leaves her slumped and chained. What will he do to her next?? Is being a permanent sex slave going to be her fate?

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