She-Ra: Last Chance – Amy Fantasy, SHG Media


This is a direct sequel to the first She-Ra video. This is a peril heavy fetish film. 30 min long.
Lots of sexy positions, wedgies, fighting, magic, softcore girl/girl and HARDCORE tentacle play.
She-Ra has been trapped and imprisoned by the brutal Skeletor and his Master for weeks. Night after night they try to impregnate her with a new host for the master with no success.

Clearly, She-Ra is stronger then they thought. One night Skeletor has his minion, Evil-Lynn look after She-Ra in hopes that she might break the princess’s will. Evil-Lynn specializes in illusions and plays trick after trick on She-Ra until she doesn’t know what’s real and what’s not.
Eventually, She-Ra thinks that she has won and after letting her guard down comes to the horrible realization that the Master has her in his tentacle grasp with no chance of escape!

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Amy Fantasy



She-Ra: Last Chance - Amy Fantasy, SHG Media 4




  1. Amy Fantasy and Krisa Kouture are such a hot pairing. I didn’t see a thread about this video in “Latest Superheroine Releases” though…is one going to be posted?



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