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Skullion: Monsters - Lucia Films 3

Fantastigirl isn’t the strongest Heroine around, but it is well known that she might be the kindest. Renown for her generosity and pure heart, it is no wonder that when an estranged escapee of the dreaded Dr. Skullion saves her life from a wayward thug, she is quick to take care of the tentacled monstrosity. What she first thinks is a roving Monster proves to be far more. This bond may prove to be her downfall as Dr. Skullion reappears to take back his pet, setting his evil goggled eyes on Fantastigirl in the process. Using a control device to regain command of his creature, Fantastigirl is in her own words… “…Out of her league…”

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Skullion: Monsters - Lucia Films 4

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