Misty Lovelace as Batlass is snooping around in Trickster’s lair when
she’s caught in a net.  But this is no ordinary net, it is a net
soaked in chloroform.
A surprised Batlass loses consciousness, a captive of the Trickster.
Looks like the Trickster had this all  planned out by luring Batlass to his lair and capturing her.  It seems  like he needs her special talents to rob a bank.
As Batlass comes to and becomes aware of the Trickster’s plan, she will have none of it.
This won’t stop the Trickster from trying and in the process having some fun with his helpless captive.  What follows are knockouts galore including chloroform and electric shock.  This defeat is made more humiliating for Batlass as she is ball gagged for much of her groggy state.

Video contains peril elements including multiple chloro KOs, electric
KOs, bondage, ballgag, butt spankings, and an over the shoulder carry.

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Sleepy Superheroines




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