Sleep Of The SpiderWoman


Misty Lovelace as Spider-Woman arrives to help Trickster out of a jam
knowing full well that it could be a trap. She goes against her better
judgment and rescues him. Wrong move! As we all know, this was a trap
to capture Spider Woman. What follows is a myriad of knockouts that
Sleepy Superheroines is known for including an electric and chloro
combo which is a must-see and a few nods to the original Batman
television show! Needless to say that Trickster eventually unmasks the
Spider Woman to reveal it’s really Gwen Stacy. Will “Spider-Gwen”
escape her fate? Find out in this brand new release from Sleepy

Video contains multiple chloroform KOs, book sleeping gas KO, electric
KOs, chloro/electric KO,  butt spankings, over the shoulder carries,
and cradle carries.

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Sleepy Superheroines




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