Spider-Woman Three Strikes And You’re Out

Spider-Woman Three Strikes And You're Out 1

Two actresses portraying the same character in (mostly) the same story. Spider-Woman is ready to bring Trickster in, but the dastardly fiend gives her three chances to catch him. Easy enough for the mighty Spider-Woman, right? Wrong! Trickster unleashes a number of sleepy tricks on the unsuspecting heroine including a joy buzzer KO, chloroform, and injection. This being Sleepy Superheroines, you know Spider-Woman is going to taste defeat, but can she capture the fiend in three tries? Find out in this latest release, True Believers! Both videos contain some deleted/alternate scenes.


Purchase Links:

Link for Misty Lovelace Version: http://sleepysuperheroines.com/spider-w … -lovelace/
Link for Terra Mizu Version: http://sleepysuperheroines.com/spider-woman-terra-mizu/
Link for Combo-pack: http://sleepysuperheroines.com/spider-woman-combo-pack/

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