Paraclete And The Enemy Yet To Come

( Disclaimer: Not sure if I have to do this or not, but will just in case. The characters in this post, aside from Paraclete/Tonya Wilkinson, Henry, Maud, Karen, Atropos, and nameless guards are trademarks of DC and Marvel and probably other stuff too. Just writing a fun little story with a fellow forum member and none of it is intended for sale or anything. Just purely recreational writing. )

The 25 year old Food Lion grocery store manager, Tonya Wilkinson aka Paracelte laid in bed in deep thought. It was nearing the anniversary of her mother’s death and her emotions were running high. Her eyes sank, her lids closed, and the memories of her past rose in her dreams…

Henry and Maud Wilkinson stood in the long line waiting outside the enormous and grandiose public tomb. A weathered hand from the elderly couple each held onto a shoulder of their 15 year old granddaughter, Tonya, consoling the rigid and saddened girl. They took in the spectacle around them. The venue was like a concert or something instead of a burial place. Armed guards of various special forces and law enforcement backgrounds provided constant foot patrol around the mammoth square building. The huge double doors on the north and south of the building had two guards astride them. Others of the same uniform and professionalism manned the top of the structure to maintain ever present vigilance. It was an extravagant show of force but a justified one. The security detail had been put in place to prevent any hooligans or villains from ever disturbing the final resting place of one of the most revered superheroines of all time.

It took an hour for them to get to the north doors, which only increased the fatigue of the elderly couple who had transported their granddaughter two days travel for the visit. They, too, had wanted to pay their respects in person but never did they think it would be this type of event, especially with it being several months after the shocking death. The doors parted with an hydraulic hiss and the party of three entered. The sarcophagus of gold encrusted stone stood a hundred feet away but for Tonya it seemed like a mile. Their ears were graced with the tribute theme song of the woman in question. The spacious walls were full of tribute artifacts of all kinds, magazines, flowers, books, jewelry, and every other thing you can think of leaving a deceased loved one. The floor itself was marbled and tiled, inundated with gold speckles. The world had spared no expense to treat this good willed superheroine to a deserving final home. Henry and Maud gave their precious granddaughter a nudge forward, still consoling her with their loving touch. They aided the trembling girl in her transit, then let her finish the final few steps.

The dark haired, green eyed teenager shakily approached and leaned forward. Her young soul-windows took in the sight of the horribly still figure through the clear partition glass that separated them. The scene was unreal. How could somebody so vibrant, so full of life and movement, be so utterly still? Yes death makes you that way but it still toyed with the young girl’s mind. Her green eyes scanned the form below, starting at the red boots and moving upward over the bare legs, to the red skirt and blue top with that iconic red S across the breasts, and finally the flawless facial features and marvelous head full of blond tresses. Tonya couldn’t take it. Every ounce of water in her body pulled to her eyes and shot out in waterfalls down her cheeks, streams racing each other to the finish line of her adolescent chin. She choked out a strong sob, yellowish green snot bubbles joining the fray. “Supergirl… please… come back. PLEASE!” she squeaked in volume barely above a whisper. Tonya’s hands and arms slid across the glass in a hug attempt and the rest of her body went slack against the sarcophagus. She bawled and bawled and bawled.

Maud stepped forward to console her but Henry prevented her from going and pulled Maud into a hug. “Let the poor girl grieve. it’s been rough on her for awhile now.” He was correct. First it was the death of her mother, their daughter in a car wreck two years ago, then Tonya’s attempted suicide a year ago, and now this. Tonya’s heart sank even further than when she turned on the news three months ago and saw the live coverage of Super Girl dead and impaled atop the needle on the Empire State Building. It was a horrific event. Super Girl’s placement there was a clear statement of arrogance and dominance by the person or persons responsible for her demise. The funeral procession that followed days later was the largest the world had ever seen. Millions lined the streets. World leaders from every major and far flung nation across the four cardinal directions attended. The Pope joined. Other heroes and heroines were on hand too. None of that mattered to Tonya now. She just wanted Super Girl back.

“Look Super Girl”, Tonya said as she removed one hand and tugged at her blue and red Super Girl t-shirt, “I’m dressed just like you. I am going to grow up and be just like you. I don’t know how but I will,” she vowed with a crying face that she managed to force a smile through. That was their cue to leave. Her grandparents gently grabbed her shoulders and started to pull her away, giving her soft spoken words of encouragement. Tonya balked on them and protested, her fingertips bragging across the face of the glass in defiance. Suddenly, her frame locked solid like a weighty stone statue. Her eyes rolled back into her skull so only the whites showed. Every pore on her skin and follicle of hair stood on high. Then, she opened her mouth and a voice not her own spake words laced with divinity and absolution. “Girl of Steel, strength be true, persuade your death to cease.” Tonya’s soft, angelic hands began to take on a gold hue, and two beams of light shot out from her palms and through the glass. Under the glass, Super Girl’s impressive body even in death was engulfed in a burst of light, then just as quickly it dissipated.

A force of unseen energy propelled Tonya and her grandparents several feet backward and onto their rear ends. The glass and stone sarcophagus shattered to pieces, piling itself into a neat pool smack dab in the middle of the building. What they saw next froze them in place. There was Super Girl levitating in the air above them. The blond haired goddess was confused. Her blue eyes were stuck out in befuddlement, her head snapping to and fro trying to figure out things. She spun in the air a few times. “Where I am? What is the meaning of this?” Her gaze rested on the three supine folks. Henry and Maud were too busy fighting off the heart attack waiting happen and lost their tongue. Only Tonya was able to point at all the gifts then to Super Girl. “You’re… you’re alive!!!” The Girl of Steel was gobsmacked,“Of course I’m alive. Why..” Super Girl started to do a slow 360 in the air, “Wouldn’t I…” the super intelligent heroine started putting two and two together after seeing all the gifts in her honor, “..Be..” She completed the 360 vexed and paranoid. She had no memory of the last few months. In fact, she couldn’t remember anything prior to six months ago. Before Tonya and the approaching guards could do or say anything else, Super Girl’s confusion got the best of her and she fled via flight.

The world would later rejoice at the news, but for Tonya she could only look at her hands and marvel. As she peered into her hands she was taken into a flashback….

14 year old Tonya Wilkinson sat Indian Style on her bed surrounded by superheroine paraphernalia of every sort – shirts, movies, magazines, books, signage and the whole shebang-bang. Clasp in her hands was her grandfather’s old Smith and Wesson Revolver. Her eyes were closed. Her only focus of thought was the last time she saw her mom, and the cruel words she had given her. It was a year prior to this, her mother, Karen had made the 3 hour one way trip to see her at the Juvenile Behavior Health Rehabilitation Center just like she had done every week for the past seven months. Each visit was worse than the one before. The bratty little 14 year old punk would always place the blame of her predicament on her mom.

That was the farthest from the truth though. Every time they went before the judge, Karen had always managed to sweet talk him into giving Tonya another chance, until she ran out of words to say and the visits with the judge became too frequent. That last visit, though, was the life changer. The two argued for a solid hour before Tonya roared at the woman who birthed her, slamming her with a verbal onslaught that she would never recover from. Those final words… “Just leave you bitch. Don’t visit me anymore. I wish you were fucking dead…” drove into Karen like a sledgehammer shot to the chest. She burst into tears and ran away from the visiting room. An hour later Karen, lost in tears and sorrow of her daughter’s feelings toward her, drifted through a red light and was killed by the truck that t-boned her compact car.

Tonya’s grandparents took custody of her shortly thereafter, but the damage was done. Consumed by grief and guilt, Tonya blamed herself for her mom’s death, and some could say it was a rightful blame. Nevertheless it made her realize that you really do not know how good you’ve got something until it is gone. That unconditional love of her mother was gone. The only thing that had come close to replacing it was the care of her grandparents, and the superheorines she had come to worship. She saw a lot of her mom in superheorines. Strength. Care. Love. Patience. Strong moral compass. None of it was able to persuade her from the moment now, though. The fact remained: Tonya had virtually killed her mother and did not deserve to live because of it. The guilt was too great.

Tonya recited those horrible last words to her mom again and pulled the trigger. She heard no bang. Saw no flash. Felt no pain.

She woke up in a room of solid white with no corners nor beginning or end. She could tell she was on a bed of some sort and could see many golden threads side by side 10 feet above her, each perfectly in line with the other. She lifted up her confused head and saw that the threads stretched for what seemed like eternity into the endless white. Upon closer inspection she could see tiny little moving images in them, like movie clips, but they seemed to be of a person’s life currently going on. It intrigued her and she stood up. There was a peaceful warmth to this place that had wiped away her grief and guilt. She was totally engrossed in the threads and tried to jump up and grab one, though it was far too out of reach. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you. Might send a ripple through their life line.” The sultry and commanding voice caught her off guard. She spun around to see a tall feminine figure in a golden robe with a red rope slung around the waist, and a pair of glistening silver shears in her left hand. The face of the woman was hidden behind a brightness that made Tonya shield her eyes.

“Is this Heaven? Are you an angel?” Tonya implored. The response was a low chuckle. “Oh, gorgeous graceling, I am afraid not. But do not let your heart be troubled. This isn’t hell.” The being let her words sink in before continuing. “Think of this as a conference room or a mediation table between the many realms. I am Atropos. The goddess of fate and destiny, and death to a degree. I twine the thread of every mortal’s life and I am the one that shears the thread at the appointed time. Unfortunately I have no power over the thread of a non mortal, like those of superheroines. Their fates are left to the whims of someone or something else, however I have a found a loop hole of sorts.” Atropos smiled and pointed at the utterly confused Tonya Wilkinson. The teenager was speechless. “See, little one, you will act as a mediator for me. I have the power of resurrection so long as the source I am resurrecting is powerful enough to absorb it. No mortal earthling being can. However, superbeings can. Problem is I can not leave this plane. I can not physically step foot on earth. But I think I can establish a divine link with someone, ahem you, and at the appointed time grant a fallen heroine a second chance. I’m a big a fan of them as you are, you see.”

A million different statements and questions rumbled in Tonya’s head but none were able to make it out of her mouth. She stammered and stuttered and was simply at a loss. The information given to her was too much for her young mind to process so quickly. Atropos continued,“Evil lurks behind many veils but the enemy to come will be unlike the rest. Go forthright Tonya, and be the hand that helps save your world. When a superheorine perishes, and they will despite your denial of it, go to their death marker and pay your tribute to them. I will be not far behind. Let me do the rest from there, through you.” Tonya was dumbstruck and stood there with a drooped jaw in cowed silence. Two ends of a golden thread rose from the ground, severed at the middle, being held by supernatural means. The thread was Tonya’s. Tiny threads from the two ends began to lunge toward each other like glad happy arms reaching out to hug a lost loved one. As they did so, Atropos stepped over to Tonya and placed a glowing hand across her head. The teenager was “gifted” with a surge of divinity that would only surface later.

“Be on your way and look for me after your 15th nameday.” The threads of the two ends finally intertwined wholly and Tonya began to drift away, Atropos parting her with a final remark, “Be joyful, your mother is the one who lobbied for you to endure this gift, no greater love have I ever seen from a mother to a daughter.”

The 14 year old woke still sitting Indian Style but the Revolver was on the floor, the barrel smoking. A moment later her grandparents burst into her room on high alert and worried out of their poor old minds. They had feared the worst when they heard the bang, but were relieved when they found her safe and sound, but the girl had a whole lot of damn explaining to do.

The now 25 year old Tonya Wilkinson aka Paraclete snapped awake from the memories and took a long moment in bed to collect herself.

To be continued by forum member sstone72


Feeding vital information to the high tech optics of the scope attached to the state of the art cross bow, the small computer calculated distance, terrain, wind speed, humidity, air pressure and the rotation speed of the earth and made micro-second adjustments to the targeting head of the gas powered bolt that sat poised on the rail like a small deadly missile that it was.

Her blond hair flipping from side to side, Super Girl had sensed the ambush and quickly took her famous poise in what would turn out to be a vain attempt to lift off into a hurried flight. Her super hearing picked up the sound of the movement of air of the super sonic missile that she sensed, more than she knew was bringing something more deadly than she had ever faced before heading directly for her.

Kara had only to twitch the muscle of her finger to set into motion hundreds of calculations that ended with the arrow bolt leaping from its rail and beginning its deadly journey in the night air. In the high tech world, the arrow began its journey very slowly but quickly reached its peak speed that was too quick for the human eye to see. Making minute adjustments, the arrow covered the distance to target very quickly, the kinetic force it carried was enough to severe a large semi trailer in half by itself irregardless of the payload package it carried on the tip of the titanium shaft.

Super Girl felt a dread pass through her that normally she would have not even worried or cared about, but something screamed in her sub-conscious that this time was different. Maybe it was the sound of the projectile, maybe it carried a different scent, maybe it was a supernatural knowing, but any way it could have been viewed, Super Girl just felt a fear that she had never had to come to grips with before. As her feet left the ground and she began to accelerate, there was just a small glimmer of hope within her that maybe she could make good her escape.

Milliseconds before the tip of the speeding missile impacted the very well known blue fabric covering Super Girls body, the programmed ones and zeros of the program inside the payload reached its designated point and set in motion a complicated set of instructions which caused a small tear in the fabric of temporal time that was passed along the entire shaft of the titanium arrow and for less than flicker of the speed of light. Passing through the rift in temporal space, measured only in an infinitesimal period of time. the arrow entered the space where in the temporal tear Super Girls body had not before existed but in real time now occupied, the field around the arrow was commanded to collapse which allowed the arrow to essentially re-solidify deep inside Super Girls body as normal time re-assembled the atoms that made up the heroine’s body and organs appeared around the arrow shaft.

Instantly, the head of the arrow exploded deep inside the internal organs that made up the Super Heroines body sending chunks of kryptonite shrapnel shredding every organ in their journey in multiple directions.

Super Girl only felt the impact the kinetic force carried by the arrow strike her body, a feeling she had felt before from any projectile that had been fired at her in the past and an almost sigh of relief escaped her lips when a silent scream ripped from her lips. Kara watched the rapid rise of Super Girl’s ascent and saw the momentary look of relief on her face before the sudden look of tremendous pain covered her face and her body going limp before her limp body began her out of control plummet to Earth.

Reaching upwards, Kara took the black tip marker and made a bold X across the picture of Super Girl before she picked up the black bag containing the cross bow and turned to only briefly glance at the picture of Wonder Woman before she made her way to the elevator which descended from the 101st floor of Crump Tower to a facility deep under ground.

It was the mild sobs from behind her that brought Kara ‘s thoughts back to the present. Turning, her gaze rested on the elderly lady and the child that stood behind her. Obviously the young girl was distraught at the sight of the person she idolized lay white and un-moving behind the golden thick glass of the case resting on the pedestal in front of them.

Kneeling down, she placed her fingers under the chin of the young child and pushed her head up slightly.. “Why do your mourn young one? Even the mightiest must fall.. look to yourself, within you, you carry the hope for your own future and destiny. Not from an alien that is not even human. You my little one are more powerful than she will ever be.” Leaning forward, Kara place a light kiss on the girls cheek and stood before moving up to the case and looking at Super Girls body, a delightful smile crossing her lips as she moved on with the line leaving the area.<Present Day>

“Six….Six…Six..” the number churned in Kara’s mind as she stood on the solid glass balcony that hung from her the roof of Crump tower high above the city. The lights and movement of the city far below the glass beneath her feet. “Six…count them six…” she could say their names without even having to stop to reflect or think. “Supergirl, Rogue, Black Widow, Carol Danvers, Psylocke and even the most unlikely one of all, the one they called Vampirella…” Kara’s voice muttered, not even aware that she had spoken the names out loud. Leaning forward, she placed her forehead on the thick glass wall and closed her eyes. “Six…all dispatched very nicely…yet all somehow had survived.. and yet, Kara was not a stupid woman, her IQ was one of 3 highest in the world and she knew or maybe just sensed that there was something more at work with those six…..something she had missed….and that one thing boiled away at her psyche and churned within her. Like her grandfather…the one that unceremoniously been labeled “Joker”… Kara only surmised that his genes and potential to plant the seeds of chaos in a morally self righteous world that ignored and hid their own corruptness behind super beings that Kara had proven over and over again also bore their own flawed moral code.

It had been what now? Three years since her last foray to prove to the world it could survive just fine without resorting to worship of corrupted beings whose only purpose was the self-gratification of worship of a world that did not itself deserve to exist. Yet, in three years, Kara and her team of scientists had not found the missing key that prevented her from completing the heritage passed to her and drove her very being expose and eliminate those so called Super Beings of their false worship.

“Mam…here is your schedule for today…” her secretary stood, tall, straight and very business like…”..I believe it is a light day, Donald Trump at 9:00, Hilary Clinton at 10:00, Bruce Wayne at 11:00 and this afternoon, you have a meeting from 1:00 to 3:00 with the weapons development team before you have your last meeting for the day. I did have to fudge the schedule to wedge Lois Lane for the interview from 4:00 to 5:00. Oh, and Jenny from legal has asked if you could possibly speak to her mother’s friend, a Ms. Maud Wilkinson about one of 12 intern positions we have available for dis-advantaged youth’s. If you like, I can place Ms. Wilkinson and her grand daughter on your schedule for 10:30 tomorrow.” Anna hesitated and then finished…”..oh, and yes… the ambassador from North Korea wishes to finalize the purchase and delivery of their weapons….”

Without looking at Anna, Kara nodded her head…”very well.. lets get to it… “ as she shoved her real desires and thoughts to the back of her mind and steeled herself to take on the persona of the successful business woman that she had become

{Present Day}

  • It had been what now? Three years since her last foray to prove to the world it could survive just fine without resorting to worship of corrupted beings whose only purpose was the self-gratification of worship of a world that did not itself deserve to exist. Yet, in three years, Kara and her team of scientists had not found the missing key that prevented her from completing the heritage that was passed to her and the one thing that drove her very being. The desire to expose and eliminate those so called Super Beings, which were really nothing more than abberations on the evolutionary tree, burned deep within her psyche.

{The Past}

15 year old Tonya Wilkinson heaved the last shovel full of dirt over her shoulder and collapsed onto her buttocks. It was dead of night in the middle of a creepy cemetery. A place that had made her keep up a maddening pace to execute an unauthorized exhumation of her deceased mother. Mere days ago she had visited the public tomb of Super Girl and resurrected her by accident. What her grandparents had previously said about mind tricks was wrong. Tonya really did have a encounter with the goddess Atropos. There was no scientific explanation her grandparents could give her that would ever make her think otherwise now.

Tonya rested for a time. She was exhausted. It had taken over an hour or more for her to dig up all the dirt. A part of her remained unmoving after her break to recuperate, deep down inside she didn’t want to open that casket. She could remember the words Atropos said to her about how only super beings or those with enhanced powers could benefit from the resurrection gift. Her mom was just a human. That’s all. A human that, although dead, was someone Tonya didn’t want to confront again. Not after the cruelty she had subjected her mom to before her death.

It was still worth it though. She could make amends. Be a good daughter for once. Tonya motivated herself and grabbed the crowbar next to her and got to prying the lid of the casket open. It took some pulling and straining but alas it popped open and there lay her deceased mother, remarkably well preserved. Emotion instantly ran high and she forget why she even came for the longest time. She just bawled and apologized and swore vows her mother would never see her keep. Then, with hands trembling and tears cascading down her cheeks, she placed her hands over her mother and concentrated, trying to summon the power Atropos had given her.

Nothing happened. For half of an hour Tonya remained there in her ill fated attempt until she suddenly heard a sound and before she could register anything a bright light swallowed her from above.

“Get out of the grave now, ma’am, and put your hands where I can see them.” A shiver ran up and down Tonya’s spine. It was a damn cop. She couldn’t go to jail. Not after what she found out she could do. Had she been of sounder mind, perhaps she could have realized tampering with a grave is just a misdemeanor and she likely wouldn’t serve any time, especially being only 15. Instead she went into hysterics but the officer was tolerant and let her throw her fit. He’d seen it a thousand times. Nothing new for him. He spun her around slowly and placed a handcuff on her wrist. That was the trigger.

The metallic clink and Tonya’s manic mind at the moment yielded to something terrible. Her eyes began to burn badly and smoke wafted from the ducts, then a flash of red overcame her entire sight. Two beams of heat shot out from her eyes like lasers. The force rocked her head back into the officer’s knelt face, causing him to lose his control over her. She thrashed about hectically. It was painful and she couldn’t control it. Trees, tombstones, and even the police car a distance away were seared and cut in half. In a few seconds it was over.

The cop fled, probably thinking it was some kind of demon he’d stumbled onto instead of the usual grave robbing hoodlum. Tonya fled also, in the opposite direction, half blinded and eyes burning. It was a rough trek home and it gave her time to think. Had she somehow absorbed an ability of Super Girl’s when she resurrected her? It was the only logical conclusion to her.


{The Present}

The elevator doors parted ways and out stepped Lex Luthor adorned in his usual suit and slick bald head on full display. The ultra controversial CEO of LexCorp strolled down the lavish hallway toward his office, giving small nods and keen looks to all the underlings milling around him going to and fro places to do his bidding. He made his usual stop at Sandy’s desk yet this time she didn’t greet him with the usual run down of the day’s festivities. In fact she remained seated and just smiled at him. The odd reaction threw him for a loop. “Sandy, are you ill today? Usually you are standing and rattling off all the stuff I have to endure throughout the day before I even make it to your desk.” He gave her a small smile.

The grin she had sent him a few seconds ago gave way to a look of confusion. “Are you pulling my leg, Mr. Luthor? I gave you the briefing 30 minutes ago. You came in early. Remember? Or are you the one feeling ill today?” She laughed and assumed it was indeed some kind of prank Lex was pulling. He would do silly things like that once a year or so.

Nope. Not a prank.

Lex urgently pressed the cuff link on his suit and commanded the building go on full lockdown. Nobody gets in. Nobody gets out. He shot Sandy an accusatory glare and swiftly joined his elite security detail. They barged into his office in full badd ass mode, but after a thorough sweep through found nothing amiss. None of his expensive wall paintings were gone. Not even the small but incredibly valuable trinkets from his showcase were missing.

Meanwhile, in a parking garage two blocks away, safely tucked away in her 2012 Ford Fiesta, Tonya Wilkinson aka Paraclete shapeshifted out of her Lex Luthor form and back into her regular state. It wasn’t a gentle transformation either. She clamped her teeth down on the folded towel and screamed as the pain of the shift took her down to her natural self. She threw the car in gear and sped out of the garage, then turned the corner in the opposite direction of LexCorp and hauled ass until she thought she was safe enough distance away. It was a shame she had to pull this off in the morning instead of night, but certain circumstances won’t allow for such luxuries. Out of the danger zone, the confident heroine ran the towel over her sweat soaked face then tossed it aside and procured a tiny thumb drive out of her pocket. She raised it to eye level, keeping one eye on the road and the other on the device, and held it in high regard. A smile surfaced. “Why thank you Mr. Luthor, you are generous as you are bald”.

Paraclete laughed and her gaze drifted to her wrist and the bloodship/friendship bracelet Vampirella gave her. After she resurrected Vampierella several years back the pair struck up a tight knit bond, and the bracelet was a forever reminder of that. It matches the one Vampierlla wears. After a moment of reflection, Paraclete uttered a quick thank you to the vampy heroine; after all it was Vampierlla’s shapeshifitng ability that she absorbed when she resurrected her that netted her such a successful and brazen ruse not even an hour past.

{Present two days after the Lex-capade hehe}

Maud Wilkinson held onto Tonya’s arm as they walked down the long luxurious hall on the uppermost level of Crump Tower. Everything about the place seemed straight out of a movie. All the people looked like models, from the greeters to the cleaning crew, the hiring standard must put a lot of emphasis on physical appearance. They took in the magnificent beauty of such a tower and settled near a window looking down at the ant sized cars and people below. Maud was worried. She had tricked Tonya into being here. Maud had told Tonya that a friend of a friend in Crump Tower (Jenny from legal), hooked her up with a tour for two. Obviously the logical choice to come with her on the trip was Tonya. Maud checked her watch; It was 10:15 and good a time as any to spill the beans.

“Tonya, darlin’, please forgive me. I lied to you. This isn’t a tour. There’s internships for helping dis-advantaged youths that has your name on it and I knew you were too wrapped up in your work to pay much mind to something like this if I would have mentioned it to you.” Tonya was at a loss. She had never heard her granny utter a lie in her life. “Wait.. huh? What?” Tonya replied flabbergasted. No wonder her grandma had wanted her to dress up super nice just for a stinking tour. Tonya felt a little stupid for not catching onto her granny’s tom foolery leading up to this day.

“Look, Tonya, you’re 25 years old and plonking away at a dead end managerial job at Food Lion. All your life you’ve been hootin’ and hollerin’ about wanting to be a hero for people, to help them, so now here is your chance. You won’t get to fly. You won’t have a cape. You won’t be a super hero with a bunch of powers like you’ve always idolized. But you will change the lives of many a youth; you can save them because you’ve been where they are at and fought your way out of it.”

Tonya wanted to be mad but she couldn’t. After all her grandmother had been through she deserved to be able to tell a lie once or twice in her lifetime. She sighed, still stunned. “Granny, I love you, and thank you, but you really should have told me sooner. You do realize this is internship right? Interns usually don’t even get paid.” Maud cut her off with a single finger then pointed to the lavish walls that just ooze wealth and aristocratic lifestyle. “Oh trust me, honey, it’s a paid intern position.” she countered.

Tonya relaxed a little bit. The wise words and encouragement helped make her see things in a different light, and she sure would have blew off the idea of coming up here for an intern position if she’d merely been told about it. A door opened to a large room and out stepped a smiling, clipboard carrying woman dressed in exquisite business attire. “Ms. Wilkinson, Ms. Crump will see you now. Right this way.”

A still slightly addled Tonya perked up best she could and started to walk toward the door followed closely by Maud right behind her. Puzzled, Tonya looked back with a eyebrow cast skyward. “I think you’re supposed to wait out here, granny.”

Maud smiled, “Nope. I want one of those intern positions too. There’s 12 of those suckers open and I had to raise you so I know a thing or two about dealing with dis-advantaged youths. Ms. Crump’s a busy woman, I am sure she won’t mind knocking out two birds with one stone.”

The tall, leggy, 5’8″ sleekly built Tonya smiled and led the way in. The woman that fell across her sights was mesmerizing. Ridiculously beautiful.

{101st Floor Crump Tower – Present Day}

“Ms. Crump…this is Ms. Wilkinson and her grand daughter Tonya…” her voice silken and professional and quietly closed it behind the two women as they stood across the large office from the large oak desk and two chairs that had been meticulously placed for the meeting.

“Please come in..” Kara Crump stood, her hands sliding to the bottom hem on her dark, navy blue blazer which matched the almost knee length skirt that she wore. Underneath the blazer, a white button blouse with two buttons undone to give a peek at the tops of her two full breasts and the cleavage between them before the blouse slid back into place with the tug of her blazer. “Please, have a seat”, Kara’s voice warm and inviting sounded almost musical as her arm swept towards the two chairs as she moved over and took a seat in a large, leather, over stuffed chair across from the two women. Crossing her legs, Kara placed her hands together in her lap and leaned forward to extend a hand towards Tonya…”you must be Tonya and this is your grand mother…or is the reverse true?” her eyes twinkled a bit at the slight joke as a smile crossed her lips.

“Tonya…I have read your resume and application and I must say I am impressed.. I dont believe I have met someone as young as you that manages a regional distribution channel..” Kara hesitated and she raised an eyebrow while her eyes moved from Tonya to her grand mother and then back to Tonya. “..originally I had planned to place you as an intern with our disadvantaged youth program..but, someone with your drive and initiative…I just might have a place for you in our Operations group.. that is, if I can afford to match or beat your current salary?”

Around Kara’s office, thousands of small camera’s and sensors recorded every movement, body and voice inflection, body heat, breathing rate, water vapor in each breath, eye movement with each place the pupil of the eye focused and thousands of other small readings coming from every person in Crump Tower.

The “net” as Kara had dubbed it had picked up on readings from Tonya that when it had generated millions of calculations and comparisons with every known human reading that it contained had sensed an “unexplained” anomaly and had immediately flashed the information to Kara before Tonya and her grandmother had even left the lobby of the building and climbed onto the elevators that led up the 101st floor.

Kara’s deep, blue eyes locked onto Tonya’s as if appearing to read deep into her inner being and without looking down, for she had caught sight of it earlier when the “net” had flagged it…” interesting bracelet..very unusual Tonya..” she paused to gauge Tonya’s reaction…” heirloom I presume?”

Around the office, the thousands of small camera’s tracked the movement of Tonya’s eyes and with each place her pupils paused and adjusted or focused and with each movement, the “net” quickly adjusted the pigment in the specially designed paint so as to send signals to Tonya’s psyche. Each color picked from a selection that the “net” had cycled through as Tonya and her Grand Mother had walked through the building and cataloged each change in each response that was reflected in the way Tonya walked, talked, breathed and reacted to hundreds of other subconscious responses.

The “net” having detected the subconscious reaction to sight of Kara from Tonya upon entering Kara’s office caused the “net” to change the coloring each place that Tonya’s eyes tracked to send enhance suggestions to Tonya’s subconsciousness.

Leaning forward, Kara’s blouse once again gaped giving a better view of the rise of her breasts that flowed into the low cut bra cups, her skirt riding up a just a bit on her left thigh visible only from the angle where Tonya was sitting. s

Her eyes un-moving as Kara gazed into Tonya’s eyes..”..I could swear that we have met before…you do appear so familiar… tell me all about yourself Tonya..” the color of the paint pigments changing to colors that had been detected that it had sensed appealed to Tonya’s sense of security and well being.

{Sub Level 150 – Holding Cell 1406 below Crump Tower}

Slowly, around the dark cell, the small camera’s and sensors scanned and tracked the occupant of the cell. From the speaker’s above the consoles where the technicans sat, an occasional hiss could be heard from time to time and simairly, the sound of movement whispered from the super sensitive system that betrayed the dark object as it moved from corner to corner of the small room as if an animal searched for an opening, any opening that would give it escape or at least hint for an opening that would give it an advantage.

Jumping slightly as the technican felt, more than heard the supervisor walk up behind him. his fingers moved slightly on the keyboard to cause the camera’s imbedded in the walls to cycle through various colors of the light spectrum to locate one that would give a view into the cell and illuminate its occupant.

“any luck Mr. Johnson?” the supervisor checked the tablet he was carrying and wrote a few notes on the conversation…” sir…” a bit of frustration sounding in his voice. “ seems to be able to adjust its body to mimic or hide any change we make to illuminate it… but…” he turned his head and smiled weakly..”..we still have about a couple of million variations to try… ” making a note on his tablet and then scrolled down some in his notes…”I see you were tracking …a…er…some body jewelry at our last check..what has happened to that?”

The technican lifted his hand, his finger stabbing at a monitor above his head…” figured that one out sir..its laying in the corner of the room…it took it off and dumped it…”

Leaning forward, the supervisor looked closely at the object and tapped onto his table which caused a snapshot to be taken of it. “Very well, it hasnt been fed, so if our research shows that with its feeding schedule well passed… it will become more agitated and weaker.. lets continue to see what happens..”

Nodding, the supervisor instructed the “net” to research the net, which in a matter of only micro-seconds had matched the object similarites to an object that rested on the wrist of the young visitor that at that time sat in Kara’s office.

{The Present – Crump Tower}

Tonya paused when Kara spoke and motioned toward the chairs with her arm. There was something about the billionaire beauty that disarmed the usually very observant young woman from the get-go. Perhaps it was Ms. Crump’s stunning beauty which surpassed anyone that Tonya had ever come across? Maybe it was the sweet, honeyed warmth at the end of the woman’s articulate tongue that caught Tonya off guard? The smile? The eyes? The breasts? Possibly all of it? Whatever the case, Tonya’s heartbeat pattered a little quicker than usual and the odd sensation of butterflies fluttering around inside her tummy surfaced. Tonya was getting the goosebumbs and giddy sweats already. It was an attack she never could have saw coming nor prepared for, but it was the best kind of attack. She carried on, gathering her bearings quickly as possible. With her back straight and chest out, Tonya moved with confident grace over to the chairs and tended to her grand mother first before settling into her own chair.

A broad smile lit up Tonya’s face as she leaned forward and took Kara’s outstretched palm into her own slightly sweaty one. She let the handshake linger for a moment, studying every line and contour of the woman’s immaculate body in case she needs to pose as the billionaire sometime in the future….and also for her own rising lustful selfishness. After giving Kara a very, very brief once over the young woman parted the handshake and giggled at the lady’s joke all the while her cheeks took on a blushing red hue. That twinkle in Ms. Crump’s eyes got to the young intern prospect. Tonya leaned back into her seat and sat regal and proper, occasionally preening her hair to make herself look more appealing to the powerful billionaire. As Kara spoke with that sweet, eloquent, musical voice Tonya nodded politely even when she mentioned the resume and application that she never sent in. Kara and Tonya both gave Maud Wilkinson a quick look with the same eyebrow raised, to which the wise old woman just shrugged and let loose an all knowing wink back at them.

Then came the bombshell announcement. Tonya’s jaw dropped a little bit. Her gorgeous green oculars widened like small saucers. She was speechless at the job offer Kara was now presenting her with. Her grand mother leaned forward, a bit less shocked but nonetheless intrigued. “She accepts,” Maud exclaimed matter of factly. Tonya nodded slowly and regained a measure of herself. “Yes ma’am. Of course I would be interested. Who wouldn’t accept such a position within your illustrious empire? As for the pay… hey, as long as you can beat the $50,000 a year I’m currently making I’m all in. However I would still like to work with dis-advantaged youths. I’ll do that for free if need be.”

Maud threw her hands up in a bit of dramatics, whispering out a relief filled “Thank you Jesus” upon hearing Tonya’s acceptance of the offer that is extended to very few people. She’d honestly expected Tonya to take more time, days even, to think about accepting the job after researching things, but it was a welcome surprise to find her granddaughter so easily accepting of the rich woman’s offer. Little bid Maud know that Tonya had basically been non-magically spellbound by Kara’s irreproachable beauty, silver tongued speech, and charismatic charm.

Kara and Tonya locked eyes one more, green vs blue, and once again Kara held the young woman in captivation. The bracelet came into the conversation, a topic that caused Tonya to instinctively flinch. She quickly covered the item made of animal bone pieces, hair and thread, with her other hand and drew it close to herself upon her lap, as though protecting it. The eyes of the young heroine darted down and to the left, briefly breaking eye contact as she rattled off the fib, “No ma’am it’s not a family heirloom. It’s a friendship bracelet…” she paused and frowned in a bid to play the grieving card for some sympathy… “well I mean now It’s a memorial bracelet. Her name was Ann. She was my best friend. Sadly she died in a dirt bike accident many years ago.” To emphasize her sadness, Tonya engineered an Oscar award winning performance of making her eyes go misty and producing a single tear that she promptly wiped away with her hand.

“That Ann turned out to be a god send I tell ya what,” her grandma chimed in. “At first I didn’t like her. She was all dark and gothy and emo lookin’. She’d have Tonya out all hours of the night doing god knows what, sometimes Tonya would come in with bruises on her but the more I got to know Ann she grew on me. Turns out the two were going through their respective partying phase and after some grilling on my part I found out those bruises were from self defense classes the two had signed up for. I noticed Tonya was starting to do much better in school and becoming more productive as a person while Ann was around.” Maud sighed and made a sudden hand gesture of a bomb. “Then one day, puff, the poor girl was gone. She was a thrill seeker which always kinda worried me.”

The truth of the matter was that those late night excursions were the two kicking bad guy ass and Tonya being taught hand to hand combat by her best friend Vampierlla. Tonya grabbed her granny by the hand and gave it a tight squeeze. “Granny, please, let’s move on from this topic.” She returned her gaze to Kara, who had in the process leant forward with her marvelous, full breasts all but calling out to Tonya. She gave them a hard look, longer than one should. The temperature inside Tonya’s body rose. Without knowing it herself, Tonya’s tongue made a lustful lap around her lips as she leaned forward seemingly pulled by Kara’s sheer magnetism. When the skirt of the billionaire retreated up her thigh, Tonya’s gaze dreamingly spied upon it, her pupils dilating to the point one could probably drive a Mack truck through them. Goosebumps stood. Moisture began to seep in places normally dry as the Arizona desert. Tonya squirmed a little in her chair and had to literally fight her eyes to get them back where they belonged – locked on with Kara’s enchanting blue pools of perfection.

Maud noticed the odd behaviour going on and nudged her granddaughter. “You looked parched. Have some water.” She pulled a bottle out of her purse with her shaky hands and twisted the cap, but then lost control of it. As the bottle fell, Tonya snatched it up with quickness and reflex normally only found in high caliber athletes, and pounded it down her gullet. She was also buying time to answer the woman’s last question. Kara wanted to know all about her and seemed to think the two had previously met. She handed the bottle back to Maud and nodded.

“Well, Ms. Crump. I apologize for my nervousness and all. To be honest I thought I was coming here to be a tagalong for my granny, who hoodwinked me into thinking this was a tour of your amazing tower.” She looked to Maud and just shook her head but smiled, then turned back to Kara. “So this has been an ambush. Be that as it may, I am still interested in your positions, so if you want to know all about me then I’ll share. I am an open book.” Tonya felt so secure and relaxed around this woman. Almost enthralled.

Trying to match the eyes of Kara Crump, Tonya leaned further in and smiled. “First off, I am pretty sure we have never met. Trust me, I think I would remember meeting a women of your caliber, because you are VERY memorable.” Her blushing worsened but she forced out a confident smile. “Secondly, I am just a simple, hard working woman. I attained my position as manager of a ahem.. ‘regional distribution center’.. not by college study but by having more drive and quicker learning capabilities than my peers. I’m almost super human in that regard.” She chuckled and continued.

“Let’s see, what else? I’m single. Never been married. My current job is the only one I have ever had. Started it when I was 16. Worked my way up from cart pusher to store manager. I’m very active; I do biathlons and triathlons. I have a German Shepard named No Mercy Percy. I’m very competitive but not so much that it causes friction or is detrimental to a task at hand. Great team player. Nobody has more drive than I do. I’m basically your dream candidate.” Tonya stopped and was going to end it there, until granny nudged her to proceed.

“I guess I might as well tell you about my past too. I lost my mother to a car wreck when i was young. I suffered depression at a very young age because of it and attempted suicide.” Tonya paused and winced; she tried to gauge the woman’s reaction. Her confession might be a deal breaker. “But I pulled my life together thanks to my grandparents and Ann. And look at me now” She produced the biggest smile yet.

“You left out how much of a mega nerd you are, always dressing up as superheroines and going to those cosplay things even till this day,” her grandma piped in with hearty laughter. “At one point she even thought she could rai-” Before Maud could finish, the dominant and aggressive Paraclete side of Tonya kicked in and she firm-palmed her granny’s mouth shut. “That’s enough. We’re done talking about my past. It was a terrible time for me.”

She looked back to Kara. “Ms. Crump, enough about me. I want to know about you now; more specifically your tower here. I am sure you are aware there was a severe security breach over at LexCorp a few days ago. It’s all over the news. Now they are saying thousands of charities and homeless foundations received billions of dollars in anonymous donations over the last few days. I think that is one hell of a coincidence. Don’t get me wrong, I am cool with someone playing Robin Hood to some degree, but not if my personal information and banking data is compromised under such an attack. So I’d need to know what kind of security apparatus you have in place to prevent such a thing happening here if I were to come work for you.”

She released her grand mother and gave her an apologetic look and got an eye roll in return.

{The past}

In the dead of night, inside a darkened yet spacious mansion in New York City, a young 19 year old Tonya Wilkinson, clad in skin tight black leather suit with gadgets and gizmos she was kinda-sorta familiar with attached to a belt, stealthed down a long hall way on nimble cat feet. Immediately to her front walking down the hall was a security guard with his big broad back to her, and further down in front of him was the target’s bedroom door. Tonya had made a rookie heroine mistake. Her reconnaissance had been faulty. She hadn’t taken in to account something, but for the life of her she couldn’t figure out what. Too late for all that. She needed to get down to business.

She snuck up behind the lumbering hulk of man then leaped up and double Karate Chopped him at the external carotid artery on the neck. He went limp and started to fall. She slid under him and used a combination of swiftness and leverage to ease him silently to the ground. She then pulled him into one of the 27 bathrooms and closed the door as she sneaked back into the hallway. Tonya waited a moment to ascertain other threats in the area but found none, so she pressed forward.

To her surprise she found the target’s door slightly opened just enough for her sleek frame to slip through. She hesitated for a moment then eased through, first peeking her head in to see the lavish, huge room with the gigantic bed fit for a king in the middle of it. Finding no guards inside, she slithered in like a snake and slowly made her way to the nearest window, the portal to her escape route. She investigated it for any kind of senors and traps but it yielded nothing. Just a simple window albeit expensive. Keeping her head on a swivel, she prised the window open and made her way to the bed.

What she found was the target in a deep sleep surrounded by a copious troop of naked women. There was snoring running amok that almost made her giggle. After a quick glance she noticed her target, the man of the house, was resting on his side with his face toward her. Without wasting another moment, Tonya unsheathed a small knife and stealthily grabbed the top of his head by the hair.

She yanked up on the hair and sliced her knife abroad the scalp, parting the adhesive that separated the baldness from the toupee. Donald Trump sat up instantly screaming in confusion and discomfort. The startled women followed in his wake, some rocketing out of bed and fleeing down the hallway. The billionaire pressed a button on his night stand an loud alarm rang out across the sprawling mansion. The perpetrator , however, had already bolted out the window and was fleet footing it toward the brick wall in the courtyard out back.

She rummaged her component pouch as she went, expertly pulling out the necessary materials she figured she’d need. Sure enough, she saw three armed guards round the corner with guns that had bright flash lights and red lights on them. She tossed the materials into the air and uttered “Demi mirroris imagani semperis” to invoke the nifty trick Vampierlla had taught her. Suddenly five shimmering versions of herself appeared just as the men spotted her and took aim.

Bullets rang out killing the five apparitions, but the distraction had paid huge dividends for Tonya, who had successfully absconded over the wall. Her feet hit the pavement and her legs starting pumping fast and furiously. In no time at all she had distanced herself from the chaos inside the walls of the mansion.

She rumbled through a thicket of bushes and trees and met up with Black Widow, the same woman Tonya had used her resurrection power on not six months prior. Widow’s stealth bike was ready to go and Tonya hopped on. Tonya waved the trophy toupee and the ladies laughed and laughed and laughed as they sped off into the night.

Widow brought the bike to a stop outside of Tonya’s grandparents house. “You did good, kiddo. Need to work on your recon a little more though. I would have been in and out in half the time and never would have alerted anybody. You’ll get to that level soon enough, then you’ll be ready to join us abroad.”

Tonya smiled but shook her head no. “Nah, I am better on my own. I think I want to stay on the fringes and pick my shots, you know? I’m young though, so I might change my mind later. Thanks again for helping me.”

Black Widow smiled, “Hey I owe you my life, literally, you brought me back from the grave. I’ll teach you everything I can if time and mission allows. Now get to bed kid”, Widow head motioned toward the door and Tonya retreated toward it, giving a final wave with the toupee.

Tonight was baby steps for the future Paraclete. Little did young Tonya know she would some day be revered in nearly the same regard as Super Girl and Wonder Woman.

{Kara’s Office 101st Floor Crump Tower}

Leaning forward a bit more, Kara’s eyes never left Tonya’s and seemed to hang on every word that Tonya spoke to give her un-divided attention as if she was the center of universe and the words that she spoke were pure gold. From the thousands of sensors monitoring the young girl, the “net” noted the increase of Tonya’s breathing, heart rate and body temperature and with small, minute adjustments, the colors enhancing the atmosphere was changed to feed an aura directly suited and tuned to Tonya’s subconscious of arousal. Slowly, the “net” began to feed directions to the chair that Kara had directed Tonya also made small adjustments to make small vibrations too fast and ever changing to keep the human nervous system from locking onto any one point of change before it changed again to encourage the subconscious to ignore and movement as being non-relevant much like the eyes become accustom to placing contact lenses over the eyeball. Changing with each perceived movement of Tonya’s body, small pressure points formed and then retracted to encourage the nerve endings to help aid the sensing of comfort and well being that Tonya felt and as the “net” sensed the arousal state of Tonya’s body increased, it increased the fine vibrations that occurred to fast to feel centering them on strategic spots around where Tonya’s hips, thighs, shoulder blades and the back of her arms as well as around other strategic parts of Tonya’s body that pressed into the finely crafted leather to encourage nerve endings match the vibration frequency of the chair and concentrate a sense of subconscious stroking of arousal spots that betrayed themselves to the ever seeing and ever changing network of sensors around Tonya and her grand mother.

Not forgetting the grandmother, the ever watching “net” logged each response and desire with the spikes within the grandmother’s pleasure of seeing her grand daughter respond so positively and extremely happy that things seemed to be finally changing for her troubled grand daughter.

Kara’s face remained passive and her curiosity was not lost at all at the comments from the grandmother about Tonya’s infatuation with Super Heroines and Tonya’s obvious uncomfortableness and attempts to change the subject. Finally, as Tonya finished, Kara’s smiled warmly at the girl and shifted her position to uncross her legs allowing the toned, firm muscles to flex as she shifted position just a bit with a gaping at the edge of her skirt. Leaning forward even further, Kara chuckled and extended her arm across the short distance between herself and Tonya, and laid a warm hand on Tonya’s knee, letting it rest there as she spoke, Kara’s face became serious “..You can be assured Tonya that we have the highest security of any firm within corporate world..” and with well planned seed of suggestion, Kara innocently continued….” in fact.. the only weakness in our building would have to be if someone dug their way in might be through some old subway shaft or something silly like that, but we have gone to every effort to research any way into our building and have multiple teams of security patrolling at all times”

Squeezing Tonya’s knee lightly, a warm smile once again came over her face as she left left the discussion of the old tunnel system and really the only possible way in being the abandoned 94 spur, a seed that Kara knowingly planted to test the prior hushed comments of the grandmother.

“Now. Tonya, as for salary, how does $85k a year sound, plus all medical benefits paid, your own office and you will report directly to me. Of course, you can still assist your grandmother with her new position on our intern staff if you wish..” Kara hesitated to let the words sink into the other Ms. Wilkinson, her hand still resting on comfortably on Tonya’s knee as Kara turned her head and smiled warmly at the grandmother. “..yes, I did read your letter Ms. Wilkinson, and yes, your daughter is a keeper and if given the chance, would be a very good addition to my staff” one corner of Kara’s eye winking at Tonya as she spoke.

Turning back to Tonya, Kara lifted her hand from her knee and reached for a manila folder before she scooted her chair close to Tonya and faced her. Obviously pushing her knees forward to brush up against Tonya’s, she placed the folder onto Tonya’s lap and opened it. Leaning over, Kara’s hands shuffled through various employment forms, the gap in her blouse dropping open to allow the view of her bra less breasts, the large dark aureoles to become visible and each moved gently with each move of Kara’s body… “…medical forms, IRS documents, non-disclosure documents…” Kara went through each one taking her time seemingly oblivious to the view she was presenting.

Finally reaching the last one, Kara reached into her jacket pocket and pulled out a pen which she sat onto the top of the papers, exclaiming “..oh my, I am sorry” she muttered as the pen she had just placed slipped off the papers, hit the chair and slid down the seat between Tonya’s legs. Seemingly flustered, Kara moved her hand off the paper and slowly slid it down to retrieve the pen and in doing so, let the edges of her hand graze against Tonya’s leg until she found the pen and in grasping it, caused it to exert just a bit of pressure on Tonya’s body before she pulled it out. Holding the pen up..” have it..” she smiled at Tonya…”, lets me remember if there is anything else…” and in looking thoughtful, Kara touched the pen to her lips before she shook her head..”nope…nothing else…well there, if you can just sign these…we will be good to go..” and placed the pen in Tonya’s hands. “Do you have any other questions Tonya?”

{The present – Crump Tower}

Tonya lost the battle between herself and her eyes. They diverted directly to Ms. Crump’s glorious legs, those pillars of perfection that belonged attached to a goddess not a mere mortal, as the billionaire elite cruelly parted them for Tonya’s eyes to feast upon. Then came the hand toward her knee. Tonya saw it coming but could not overrule her body, which shivered favorably in response, her eyes momentarily jutting upwards then returning.

An explosion of tingles and other pleasurable sensations rumbled across Tonya’s inner thighs, private parts, and into her tummy by the mere touch of the woman who had effectively severed the link between her mind and body so effortlessly. Tonya’s breath was stolen away when Kara squeezed her knee. The young woman’s hands, which had laid still on her lap for the last several minutes, rose up and rested on the plush arms of the chair that must have cost thousands. Her palms facing down on them, Tonya’s fingers dug into the material while Ms. Crump addressed security in place being more than adequate. Those words were only half heard.

The only saving grace for Tonya came from her grandmother, who perked up at hearing mention of the old 94 Spur. Although Kara had been speaking to Tonya about the only easy way in being old subways, her words only came in short bursts to the young woman who was too busy trying to recover her gushing, blushing self. Maud didn’t seem to notice the fatal attraction going on.

“Heeeeey, I remember the 94 spur. My husband, God rest his soul, and I used to pass by it everyday to get to work. And, hey, Tonya isn’t that around the place you stopped that mugging?”

“Uh huh, yes.” That was the only reply Maud got. Tonya did not elaborate any further. Her eyes which had been so full of confidence when she walked in the room, now were a bit dazed in a dreamy type of stare, much like a blithering teenager’s when in the presence of their major crush. Her granny snapped her fingers at her “Well stop leering and tell her about it. Kara you’re gonna like this story.”

“I uh, saw a big guy pummeling this smaller guy who was holding onto his jacket and fighting him over his wallet.” Tonya’s voice trailed off and she just stared at Kara with a sweet, blushy smile but said no more. “Annnnnnnnd????” Maud goaded. Tonya went a little sheepish but continued, “I ummm hurled the big guy through a wall and aided the small man to safety.” Granny Wilkinson nodded but waved a corrective finger. “Well, she meant against a wall I think, not through one, but she saved that man’s life basically.” Tonya’s smile got a little bigger as she swooned at Kara. “No granny, I lawndarted him through a wall. They even interviewed me on the news. I was hailed a hero.” A rather confused look swam across the old lady’s wrinkled face; the story Tonya gave the police and herself was a little bit different than the one being uttered now. Maud chalked it up to her precious granddaughter wanting to impress her interviewer and simply shrugged. “Adrenaline does wonders I suppose”.

“Whatever, granny, we’re here to talk about a career,” Tonya quipped and waited for Kara to continue. The next few sentences would change their lives forever. 85k per year. Benefits paid. Own office in Crump Tower. Getting to work along side her granny to help dis-advanraged youths. And the best part of it all, Tonya would answer only to Kara. That meant time alone with the bewitching beauty. Even with the current meeting not adjourned yet, Tonya was already chomping at the bits for the next time they’d get to chat. Tears of joy consumed the pretty green eyes of Tonya Marie Wilkinson. Her grandmother reacted much the same way, tears welling and a hand clutched over her heart in a combination of shock and jubilance. Tonya buried her face in her hands for a moment and wept in small squeals of happiness. She quickly removed her hands and placed them on the chair arms again, her head shaking up and down fastly. “Yes ma’am. Oh yes absolutely. I accept your offer. Thank you so much, Ms. Crump. You have single handily changed my life forever.” Tonya just smiled endlessly then all but melted when Kara winked at her.

Without gaining permission from her mind first, Tonya’s legs uncrossed themselves when Kara’s knees pushed forward against them with the folder in her hands, her form fitting gray skirt rising up her pantyhose-less thighs a little bit. Tonya’s knees spread wide enough to allow Kara’s to have inside trek, a submissive gesture that gave Crump the green light to do as she wished. As Kara leaned over, the scent of the billionaire’s perfume, most likely a concoction the brilliant beauty created herself, wafted up the nose of the young superheroine. The alluring smell only captivated her even more and helped draw her attention to Kara’s blouse and the exposed, bra less bewbs that greeted her. More than any other time since the interview started, Tonya’s body reacted with upped arousal. She was swelling and wet betwixt the legs, her cute white panties now providing next to no protection from the increased moisture inundating it. Her breathing was heightened and a tad faster. Her fingernails dug into the chair’s arms deeply and she slowly dragged them a little bit across the leather unaware, wishing so badly that it were Kara’s vivacious body she was raking them across. Her eyes delved longingly into her boss’s breasts, a monopoly of sexually themed fantasies accompanying them.

All Tonya could do was mumble a string of “Uh huh’s” and “Yes Ma’am’s” as Kara went about explaining the folder full of paperwork. Instead of affording Kara the same undivided attention she gave her, Tonya busied herself squirming and slowly, sneakily gyrated her throbbing body against the seat of the chair, under the guise of trying to get better situated to see the paperwork. Tonya’s yearning eyes went wide as the ink pen rolled off the paperwork and fell between her parted legs. She wanted to grab it but relented when she saw Kara, apparently only half paying attention to where it went, extend her hand forward. Tonya’s bottom lip sank inward, held under by the top row of her teeth and her upper lip, trying so hard to not make a sound that would alert Kara to her lustful situation. When Kara’s hand grazed her leg, Tonya failed in her mission. She turned her head away from her and her granny. Then, when Kara applied the pressure of the pen against one of her more sensitive areas, a muffled squeak of pleasure escaped the trembling prison of Tonya’s lips, just a tiny one, and in a voice barely audible and possibly not heard by her boss she said .. “Take me”.

Tonya quickly covered it up by fake coughing but couldn’t help stopping in mid cough when Kara declared she in fact did have the pen back in her possession. Tonya caught quick sight of the top portion of it, which was a little slick with a sheen of moisture on it. She knew she had been made wet as hell from this remarkable woman but it wasn’t until now she realized exactly HOW wet she was. The young woman wanted to say something as Kara placed the dampened end against her luscious lips, but there was something too sexy about it that she couldn’t quite figure out, so she instead became even more blush faced and sweaty and said absolutely nothing. When the pen was handed to her, Tonya just stared at it for a moment, the whole moment had been so surreal that she questioned if it was all a dream.

Tonya’s starry eyed look prevailed for a few moments after Kara asked her last question. “Well, dang it, Tonya do you have any questions? The woman has a busy schedule. Did a cat get your tongue all a sudden?” Said Maud.

Tonya was still reeling.. “Will you be doing me while I am employed here?”

*WHACK* …. “Tonya Marie Wilkinson what in the world?? What kind of question is that??????” Maud was dismayed.

“What? Wait.. huh…whoa.. no-no-no-no-no-no… I meant what will I be doing while employed here?” Tonya had her hands out and up in a pleading prayer gesture. “Please forgive me. Just got a little tongue tied-” Tonya paused and winced at the subtle sexual remark. “I mean this is all just so overwhelming right now. But yes, you said this position will be in operations, what will all that entail? I am sure the corporate world is a little different than others. Will a tour be given? When do you want me to start? Dress codes? How many security patrols do you usually have during the day? And I guess since I told you all about me maybe you can tell me all about yourself, while you go over these last two documents again?” Tonya pointed at the last two and sheepishly grinned.

{Kara’s office, 101st Floor Crump Tower}

Seemingly ignoring the turmoil and the mess of comments and the mess that Tonya had apparently become, Kara, pushed the last two documents under Tonya’s pen to sign, one a normal agreement to take the customary drug test and the last one an agreement Tonya that she would never take any action of any kind against Crump Enterprises or Kara herself and if she did so, everything that Tonya owned or would ever acquire would become property of Crump Enterprises. Once again, laying her hand on Tonya’s leg just abover he knee, she also slid another manila folder to the flustered grand mother. Keeping her deep hazel eyes locked onto Tonya’s blushing face, Kara addressed her grand mother. “..and Ms. Wilkinson, if you will sign your agreement forms that can complete our process of bringing Tonya on board to begin her new future.

Addressing Tonya once more…”..I believe we will start you out in training as my personal assistant, I am assigning Jenny to you as your personal mentor, listen carefully and do everything she tells you. She has all the details of your first assigned project. She will cover all the dress codes, but basically, its very business and professional except for meeting and entertaining customers. You will be given a budget to purchase evening gowns, pool wear, daily business wear and instructions on clothing outside of work since you represent the company wherever you go. ” hesitating, she squeezed Tonya’s leg another time, the chair and “net” making subtle changes to encourage Tonya’s experience to continue unabated. We shall answer all your other questions in time my dear.. ” Finally lifting her hand slightly, Kara’s finger nails light scraped the inner side of Tonya’s leg as she withdrew it.

Lifting the elegant, gold, expensive watch on her wrist. “Jenny, would you step in here please..” which almost instantly a voice sounded behind Tonya…”..yes mam.?”

Keeping her eyes on Tonya’s, she smiled..”Jenny, once Tonya finishes completing her company forms, will you please take her shopping, she needs the usual clothing wear… ” and from behind her again the almost musical voice sounded once again…”..very well Ms. Crump..I will make sure she is briefed and has the proper company attire”

{Outer Office Kara’s Office}

Chewing on the end of the red licorce stick, Anna, Kara Crumps Secretary watched the information gathered by the “net” roll across the screen and noted the changes in computer generated colors that swirled around Tonya and her grandmothers body…”..happy ole bitch” Anna muttered noting the bright, almost royal blue surrounding Tonya’s grand mother and then chuckling to herself when her eyes switched back to Tonya, she noted the almost reddish purple hue of what Anna knew as just plain old fast lust. “..horny bitch arent you sweet cakes..” Anna again muttered. Placing her fingers on the laser keyboard superimposed on her desk, she typed the command…”..DNA confirmation..” which immediately caused the “net” to send the command to the chair to sample the wetness from Tonya’s body to gather and run a DNA profile before it entered it directly into Tonya’s profile….” my dear..anywhere you go, your DNA will give you away..welcome to the barrel little fish..”

{Kara’s Office}

Finally standing, Kara straightened her blazer and skirt, pulled her blouse back together and extended a warm hand to the grandmother and then to Tonya, letting it linger the grip onto Tonya’s hand before addressing Jenny….”.. Macy’s? no..wait…Nordstrom’s Jenny, that is a good place to start..” Nodding, Jenny stepped up and placed an through and around Tonya’s free arm…”..Shall we go my dear.. ” and then looking at the grandmother, Jenny smiled…”..I will get Anna to take you down for your job briefing and then to meet the “girls” they have needed some wise guidance for a very long time..”

{Outer Office}

Her fingers moving, Anna fingers lightly tapped a soft key imposed upon her desk…”..Nordstroms to….lets see..” Anna’s finger flew over the soft keys looking up Tonya’s address…” use 22nd to Grand Avenue…take bitch vamp to the alley..oh..say..6712 Grand Avenue, fix her up nice and pretty… see what reaction we get…let see…use ATM 1201 there, its been converted and prepped for surveillance and …er…other uses..will work good… Ms. Crump wants to learn more about the bracelet and connection to the vamp”

Hearing the door open, Anna smiled sweetly at group coming out of Kara’s office..

{Sub level below Crump Tower…Room1401}

Checking his pad…”..Ok..vamp bitch goes takes a trip….. hit the nerve gas..that will take her down for a couple of hours…then we can move her.. not eating, she wont be much trouble…”

Raising the piece of clear plexi glass, the tech slapped his hand down onto a red button. In the next room the sound of hissing sounded which caused a growl and the tearing of finger nails along the stainless steel walls inside the dark room and then a heavy thud. From behind the two scientist, a squad of security forces formed around the door and prepared to enter.

“Ok..GO..” the supervisor gazed up from the readings on his pad. Immediately, the door slid open and team disappeared into the darkness of the room.

{Nordstroms Downtown}

Piling the last of the clothing onto Tonya’s arms, Jenny looked thoughtfully and stepped back…”..Ok..undies first…, then swimwear, then evening gown, then business casual, finally everyday down time wear…lets see what you look like..” Jenny took a seat and settled in for the wait..

{Present Day – Inside Kara Crump’s Office – 101st floor of Crump Tower}

Any other point in time Tonya would have scoffed at the notion of signing such a ridiculous agreement as part of employment. Nobody in their right or even wrong mind would do such a thing. She had been compromised though. Her thoughts were not her own at this point. She was only being driven by bodily impulses, all of which pinged Kara as the most perfect being that every lived, and the most beautiful, and perhaps even attainable if Tonya played her cards right. Without so much as a pause for a second thought, Tonya scribbled her name on all the appropriate lines and handed it back to Kara with that blushing smile still plastered on her face. Maud was the only one who showed some visible reservations about the employment agreement, but after seeing Tonya so eager and happy, she too signed away on hers.

Tonya’s jaw dropped for the umpteenth time of the interview when, yet again, Kara uttered something amazing. She would be her personal assistant. Not a Crump Tower assistant. Not a floor cleaner. Not a member of operations. No, she would be Kara’s right hand woman. Excitement, arousal, happiness and a slew of other feel-good emotions ran through the young woman’s body as the dream-come-to-life saga continued. As her alter ego Paraclete, people hung on her every word because of her immense power and abilities that make her feared by evil and respected by good, but here was Kara Crump, the elite of the elite, richest of the rich, hanging on TONYA WILKINSON’S every word and reaction and wanting her to be a part of her inner circle. Finally respect and adulation was being given toTONYA instead.

Tonya stood up fast when Kara scraped the inner part of her leg with her fingernails. The young woman didn’t want to sploosh all over the chair and leave it a wet mess even more than it probably already was. She straightened out her attire and did a barely noticeable little involuntary gyration as her granny shook hands with their new boss. Then Tonya shook her hand and let in linger in Kara’s hand for as long as the billionaire babe wanted it to. When Jenny entered, Tonya gave her the happiest wave of the hand one ever has and beamed a radiant, joyful smile at her then kept smiling more and more as Kara reeled off directives for Jenny to help Tonya out with

“Wow, Nordstroms, really? Never been there. That place is the cream of the crop.” Tonya didn’t deny the arm in arm placement by Jenny. Maud clapped her hands and motioned for the car keys, “Looks like the rest of your day is booked, Tonya. I’ll drive myself home. Just be back by 8 please. I’m going to fix you something extra special for dinner.” Tonya rummaged in her purse and tossed her the keys, which she caught with reflexes not normally found in an elderly person. Maud chirped up all proud and happy. “Alrighty, lead the way. Let me learn those troubled girls a lesson in the wise and wonderful ways of Maud Wilkinson.” With a wave of the hand toward the door by Maud herself, the party exited Kara’s office. From there they gave their final hand shakes and see ya laters, then went their separate ways.

{Present Day – In traffic on way to Nordstroms}

Tonya and Jenny piled into the backseat of the fancy car outside the lobby and began their transit. “Jenny, I’m sorry, I have to tell my people about this real quick. I can not contain myself,” Tonya said as she opened her Iphone and began posting her amazing turn of luck onto Facebook and her other social media sites. It was during this venture that Tonya remembered something Kara said about her bracelet, and it caused her some alarm. She couldn’t remember, but there may have been times in the past where she had forgotten to dispel the bracelet when morphing into Paraclete. She bit her lip nervously. Kara probably was just making conversation or was genuinely interested in the bracelet for non nefarious reasons, but what about somebody else? A person with evil intentions might be able to put 2 and 2 together. “Excuse me, Jenny. I forgot I have to take care of some bills and stuff online here, it might take me a little bit.”

Tonya went onto google and started looking up images and video clips (with volume muted) of her in her Paraclete persona. She furiously flipped through page after page, her mind becoming more at ease with each view as she found none with her bracelet on. Then, her heart jumped. Her breath was stole away. In a video clip on the Tonight Show there she was as Paraclete with her bracelet on. Tonya thought back to that night and remembered it was her birthday and she had gotten a little bit tipsy at her party earlier that evening, and simply forgot to rid herself of it during her transformation. Plus she was running late too, that also was cause for it. She continued to thumb through the images, luckily finding no more with that bracelet on. Suddenly the car stopped and they were at their destination.

Jenny was a fashion guru of the highest level. Tonya barely got a word in as the girl breezed through articles of clothing and before she knew it, her arms were piled thick with garments. The two giggled like two teen age girls as Tonya entered the booth and tried on her first pair of undies. Pink Betsey Johnson ‘Novelty Heart’ panties with matching bra. She opened the door and paraded in front of Jenny, doing a twirl and sexy pose. “Well, how does it look?” She modeled her impressive body a little more then retreated into the booth again. As she put on the next set of garments, she couldn’t stop thinking about Kara, and yelled out to Jenny. “Hey, Jenny, since I am going to be Kara’s assistant now, maybe I should know her favorite color, food, type of coffee or anything really that might help. I know that sounds like more of a secretary thing, but just some general info would be nice. How about dropping me some intel on that, hehe?” She was hoping to get a few articles of clothing the color of Kara’s favorite color.

{Present day – same day – Grand Ave}

As the fancy car was slowing to a stop in front of Tonya’s modest apartment complex, the young woman caught glimpse of a supine figure laying inert down the alley that separates her building from the next. It wasn’t an usual sight. Drunks have passed out there before, but it was always men. The form she saw was clearly a woman, there was just enough dim light around for her to see it. Afraid that the poor lady might get taken advantage of, she quickly exited the vehicle and got her stuff and swiftly said goodbye without paying any mind to parting words offered by Jenny.

As the car left she dropped her bags down and hurried to the fallen figure. With each fast step her tummy began to churn; the person was looking more and more like her best friend. With only a few feet left she realized it was definitely Vampirella. Unleashing a wail of fright, she ran and slid next to her in a panic. “Vampy, wh..are you ok?” She violently shook her and got no response. A mixture of vomit and diarrhea and mass rank of sweat filled the nostrils of Tonya Wilkinson, causing her to shield her nose. “Noo… NOO! I can’t raise you again damn it,” she berated the fallen heroine. Grabbing Vampierella’s wrist clad with the bracelet matching hers, she pressed the two enchanted items together, not giving a damn who was around to see it. This was her bestie and time was of the essence and she wasn’t going to let her slip into death.

Tonya closed her eyes and began concentrating on transferring a portion of her life energy to Vampierella. The matching bracelets began to glow a golden color and slowly Vampirella’s body began to move a little, then convulsed a little.. “N… n.. nerve …g…as” manged to squeak out of Vamp’s lips. “I got you”, replied Tonya, who gave more of herself to her best friend before breaking the connection between the two bracelets. Tonya slumped over a little lethargic and grabbed her bestest buddy, crying with tears of joy that she’d saved her from a second trip to the after life. Tonya cradled her for a moment, cherishing her, and gave her a kiss on the forehead. She tried to teleport them up to her apartment but was too weak to do so now. Transferring so much of herself at once gave her fatigue.

Tonya could also sense some faint traces of nerve gas still on her and knew she had to do something about it. Vampieralla was recovering enough to use her legs, so Tonya helped the wobbly legged heroine into the lobby and up the several flight of stairs, occasionally stopping. Once inside, Tonya closed all the doors. Locked all the windows. Turned off the air conditioning and heating to keep out the outside air that might also be contaminated now, from coming in. From there she removed Vampy’s clothing, placed them in a bag, and tossed the possibly contaminated clothing aside. Next she escorted her into the shower and helped the still weakened and addled superheroine clean herself of any poison still on her

{The Past – two weeks prior to Tonya’s visit with Kara Crump – so still kinda present}

Mayor Douglas stood at the podium clapping his hands while the millions lining the street did too. Bands were playing. Floats were going by. Military personnel marched and performed their disciplined formations and flung their rifles every which way in their hands much like a cheerleader would her baton. Massive balloons shaped like cartoon characters and superheroes flew overhead, held by contingents of people on the ground with ropes they struggled to control in the wind. It was a parade. A much needed one. It wasn’t for a holiday or anything, it was for Paraclete. The superheorine had sky rocketed to popularity during the absence of Supergirl and several others, who had taken on missions abroad and in some cases away from the planet all together.

For three years Paraclete had put boot to ass of every threat that rose in the city and abroad. But as the old saying goes, where one dies another ten rises in their place. The city had been plunged into terror by a few super villains recently. One of those being Tiberius Windstorm, a sorcerer who had summoned creates from an elemental plane to take over the city. Paraclete along with help from the city’s police forces and a few fellow super heroes led the battle against the evil man and his hordes. And it was Paraclete herself who dealt the death blow to Tiberous by using her heat laser beam eyes to pop his head like a zit.

Not only was this parade in honor of her, it was also a show of force and power and defiance against the remaining super villains lurking about in the shadows waiting to strike. The city, with Paraclete as their symbol, would no longer cower in their homes and look over their shoulder, jumping at the very sight of their shadows. They would live, be merry, happy and full of joy. This was their city and they would run it, not some evil jerk off with a chip on his or her shoulder. That was the spirit invoked by the very woman who now stood atop a humongous float resembling Mount Olympus, indicating that the populace was starting to think her a goddess.

The dark haired, green eyed woman was clad in her legendary costume.. white close fitting one piece leotard with a golden circle cut out of a portion on the middle of her breasts, giving sight of some cleavage. A golden, enchanted slash rested around her waist, and gold trim ran up the sides of her costume. White and gold ass kicking boots rose up to shin level. White gloves with golden markings over the knuckles rode up her arm to about elbow length. Her cape, solid gold, waved powerfully in the wind. And of course, her golden masquerade style mask covered her face from her forehead to the nostrils, leaving only her lips, chin, and eyes uncovered.

As the massive float came to a stop in front of City Hall where the Mayor stood clapping, Paraclete stood atop it in her superheroine super pose – legs spread about shoulder width apart and balled fists on her hips. The crowd went wild, chanting “Paraclete! Paraclete! Paraclete!” to the point their vocals strained and hurt. After taking in the sight of her precious city in such good spirits, she smiled and waved to them all before lifting into the air and gliding down to street level, where she then marched up the steps of the notorious building. As she passed by the crowd, many a eye focused on that legendary ass of hers as the wind kicked up her cape. It was an ass that had been put through the rigors of intense 3 to 4 hour workouts 6 days per week for nearly 7 years now. An ass that had the perfect width, perfect curvature, perfect length, perfect firmness, and exquisite plumpness. Yes, squats were definitely part of her workout regime. It was an ass that also won Best Ass In the World by just about every magazine for the past few years.

When she reached the podium, she hugged the Mayor and they exchanged a few kind words before each turned and waved to the crowd. The Mayor stepped back up to the podium and began to speak.

“Ladies and gentlemen, great citizens of our amazing city, thank you for showing your bravery as the wolves lurk at the door. With Paraclete here right now, I think they’ll whimper and run back into the wilderness with their tails between their legs. Paraclete, on behalf of this city, we extend our thanks and love to you. Without you stepping up to the plate three years ago, and putting so many villains away that threatened this city, there is no telling how bad things would be right now or if we’d even be here right now. This parade was in honor of you but that isn’t enough. We had to take it a step further. So without further adieu…”

The Mayor did a grandouoiuse hand gesture down City Hall’s “lane of legends” which has finely crafted statues standing side by side of people and heroes alike that have contributed something great to the city at some point. Batman, Bruce Wayne, Kara Crump, Supergirl, and a few others stood out in all their glory. But at the very end of the lane, right next to Kara Crump, stood something hidden under a large white cloth. Everyone knew what it was. Paraclete smiled and shook her head in humbleness, yep she knew what it was too. A second later, the cloth was ripped away and there stood a magnificent statue of Paraclete. It stood a good two feet taller than the Kara Crump one and looked to be more finely crafted. Paraclete blushed, waved, smiled and was genuinely at a loss for the love being shown to her.

After viewing it and having her pictures taken with it, she moved to the podium and addressed the roaring masses.

“Wow, just wow. I don’t know what to say. Thank you seems to be an understatement. This is amazing. Thank you so much. It has been an honor to serve you and protect you. But honestly, I would not have been able to do the deeds I’ve done without the help of you the citizens and law enforcement. Time and time again I have seen you, the average citizen, unarmed and scared still face down that fear and fight for this city. Police from all agencies have worked closely with me to close in with and capture so many bad guys. You and you and you and you *she started pointed to citizens in the crowd* and allll of you are the true heroes, not me. I’m just a reflection of the power, resilience, and bad assery of this fine city. That’s all I am.”

She paused, bit her bottom lip, and smiled.

“But since you all went out and gave me this big surprise, I guess I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t make it competitive huh? Hmmmm, let’s see. What could I possibly do to give back to this city in equal measure?”

As she said that, she did a smooth, slow glide over to the base of the float and ripped open a door. After a few seconds inside, she reappeared carrying the feared and reviled super villain Wade Brightholme by the underwear which she had wedgied him in. The city went ape shit with cheers and tears of joy. The evil man had terrorized the city for over a year. Using his control over the weather and temperatures, he made life miserable for the inhabitants. He had caused freezing cold in the middle of summer, catching people off guard and unprepared to face artic temperatures. Floods in the city. Blizzards. Citizens died. All the while he ransomed the city for millions of dollars, promising he would go ahead and take his weather with him somewhere else. His flair for the camera was his downfall. Paraclete had managed to get some good leads from her tech buddies in the police force, who had finally managed to figure out where he was sending his feeds from.

Less than 24 hours before the parade, Paraclete paid him a visit, beat his ass, cut off his fingers when she realized it was instrumental in his power, and hid him for the ultimate surprise. With one hand she carried the beaten and now fingerless man by his undies, and in her other hand she carried a suit of some kind of gun metal gray armor he had been wearing. She tossed the man at the Mayor’s feet, who then gently placed a boot on the man’s chest and did a victory pose for the cameras. Wade was then taken into custody to answer for his crimes.

After the scum was taken away, Paraclete manned the podium again and raised the armor up with one hand. “Wade was wearing this suit of armor when I confronted him less than 24 hours ago. Nothing I did could destroy it as I battled him. After defeating him and securing the scene, I realized this armor was not a creation of his own. He procured it somewhere and I need your help in identifying it and the brilliant mind who could have created it. This armor doesn’t look fancy but it is resistant to just about everything – fire, cold, energy, projectiles, so on and so forth. Luckily I figured out his fingers and mind were the source of his power and not this suit.” She paused, and when she did a young boy’s voice rang loud from the crowd.. “Use your strength, Paraclete. Rip it in half.”

Paraclete hesitated for a moment but the people rallied behind the boy and she couldn’t say no. Taking it in both hands, she got a real good grasp on it and applied a huge amount of tearing force. Nothing happened for several seconds, then she tried again, summoning everything she had with a mighty warrior roar complimenting it. Slowly it began to rip apart, a slow, long tear until finally it was severed in half. The crowd with ballistic with cheers. Paraclete slammed the armor down like she was spiking the football after a touchdown. She took the Mayor by the hand and raised it in victory as the city celebrated. She then briefly put her mouth to his ear…

“Still need to find out who made that armor..”

Announcing the armor to the world wasn’t ideal but she was worried and a little desperate, especially if more of that armor had already been made and outfitted on baddies, or even a small army. It would pose immense problems for her or anybody.

{The Past}

A far stretching sea of military and police marched in perfect unison through the beautiful memorial burial grounds in Boston, Mass. Tonya Wilkinson, age 20, was one of them, well kinda. She’d used the shape shifting ability that she absorbed when she resurrected Vampirella to morph herself into that of Army Captain Jane Marshall. Despite the somber mood everyone was in over the humiliating defeat and death of Carol Danvers, known to the public as Captain Marvel, Tonya was thrilled. She had resurrected Supergirl, Vampirella, and Black Widow. Had it not been for Vampirella, Tonya would have never found out where Black Widow was buried. And it was a tough feat to even resurrect that woman. Thankfully this was a very public thing, allowing Tonya the ability to blend in without much trouble.

The huge, beautiful wooden carriage with gold trim and fine gloss was drawn by seven white horses who came to a halt in synchronized cadence. The bag pipes were playing. Many wore stern faces written of sadness they tried to hide. Other were filled with sorrow, tears running freely and unhindered. In fine military manner, the red, white and blue coffin of the legendary super heroine was pulled from the carriage and carried, slowly, in military march toward the six foot hole in the ground surrounded by flowers and tributes of all sorts. The men anchored it there on the device that makes it stay above ground until the service ends. The media was only allowed to get within 500 feet of the service, thank goodness. For some reason they had kept showing Captain Marvel’s demise all the way up to the day of burial. Sickos.

A man of the cloth gave a long, passionate speech, making all who heard it weep for the treasure they had lost. The flag that draped over the coffin was folded and tucked perfectly in place and handed to the crying mess of a woman that was seated closest to the coffin. The memorial gun shot salute rang out, more bag pipes played, and the coffin lid was raised at the request of family and friends so they could get one last look at their loved one. After everyone passed by one last time and paid their respects, they left the immediate burial area except for Tonya, who hid in a thicket of woods while the massive throng of service members stood around a few hours after the service was over.

Tonya had wanted to resurrect her already, but there were way too many people around, a fact she should have realized as soon as she arrived on the scene there. So she waited and finally the last gaggle of people left and the gravediggers started to approach to do their jobs. With shovels in hand, they only got one scoop in when she bounced in on them.

“I’m sorry guys. I just flew in from overseas. I wasn’t able to attend any of the services. May I pay my respects please?”

The two men, older and graying, looked at one another and shrugged. “Sure, ma’am,wouldn’t deny a pretty lady like yourself anything at all. Take all the time you need.” And they retreated toward their truck. She quickly jumped into the grave and, after much pulling and straining, got the lid open. She didn’t waste any time looking at the corpse. She instantly placed her palms over her and lost control of herself as Atropos took over from there. Tonya’s eyes rolled into the back of her head and her voice came out not her own. “Captain of Marvel… Ready your fingers for battle, your heart for war, rise up hero and do justice once more.” A golden glow shot out from Tonya’s palms and engulfed everything around them. The men looked back, catching the sight and running forward to it.

Tonya came hurtling out of the opened hole, flung mightily across the ground by Captain Marvel, who rose out of the grave confused, paranoid, and a bit angry. The gravediggers simultaneously fainted next to each other. The superheorine made a charge at Tonya and scooped her up; little miss Wilkinson had some explaining to do and it was going to be one dandy of a story to tell. Out of all the ones Tonya had resurrected, this one seemed the maddest and more willing to bash her face in. Poor Tonya wondered how she was going to tell her she had absorbed some of her power/ability during the resurrection. Maybe she would leave that part out. Yeah, good idea.

{Kara Crump’s Office 101st Floor Crump Tower}

“Watch for it….almost…..almost……NOW”, Anna stabbed her finger down onto the laser generated keyboard super imposed on her desktop which froze the video display showing Paraclete sitting next to Jay Leno. Humming as her fingers flew over the virtual keyboard, the screen quickly zoomed in to focus on Paraclete’s wrist. Leaning over Anna’s shoulder, Kara took in the view of the bracelet. “……a B-league heroine…wearing the same bracelet as the vamp AND our little girl hmmm” Kara stood and crossed her arms over her chest. “..have we transported the vamp slut yet? “ Anna’s fingers tabbed on her desktop…”….she has been contained and prepped to move but still in holding”

Nodding, Kara looked at the screen thoughtfully, “ok..the grandmother kept spouting something about the girl and her fascination with Super types….now we have an interesting quandary.. does this minor heroine have another copy of the bracelet or is the girl and her one and in the same and if so, what ties do she have with the vamp and maybe other heroines…” Kara walked to the plate glass window and looked out over the city. “..we did get a good DNA profile of the girl?” and quickly replied. “yes..she is cataloged into the “net” Not looking back at Anna, Kara looked thoughtful…” didn’t this Paraclete beat the crap out of Brighholme, cut off his fingers and toss him to the mayor? “

Again Anna replied the affirmative…” ok.. its standard procedure for CSI and hospital to capture a DNA profile from every violent act, use our hack of the police “net” and pull the DNA profiles from all evidence taken from Briththolme’s body ….then get genetics to holding… have them use that the DNA profile, create a nice marker to enhance the DNA profile to give our vamp’s genetics an enhanced, central focused desire to feed on that DNA profile, make it overwhelmingly unquenchable and must be satiated no matter what the cost… lets see what the relationship between the girl, the vamp and the heroine is….if the girl is this heroine, she is going to have her hands full with an out of control vamp..she may not fawn over her lovely heroines after this.. but….” She turned to Anna…”..keep the SWAT squad ready…I don’t want her seriously hurt…just messed up a bit…hurting this Paraclete is mine to do”

{Room 1401 Below Crump Tower}

Holding up the glowing neon blue syringe, the white coated scientist shook it to make sure the solution was well mixed, then lifting the syringe high over the comatose body of Vampirealla, he brought it down hard to drive the needle through the cartilage between her ribs and directly into the heart and pushed the plunger to force the liquid profile directly into Vampirella’s blood stream. Deep at the atomic level, the concoction quickly attached to blood cells streaming through her body and was carried throughout her body.

Watching closely, even in her comatose state, the genetics watched as Vampirella’s nostirls flared involuntarily, her unconscious form sniffing the air. Turning to the guards…”..notify Ms. Crump that the subject is responding as expected and is ready for transport..”

{Air 1401 High over the City}

“….10 minutes to station” the voice pilot of the black stealth aircraft crackled in the headsets of the black clad teams waiting impatiently in the rear. Looking at teach of the men under his command, the leader motioned for them each to check their weapons to make sure the silver nitrate rounds were locked and ready to go.

{6712 Grand Ave}

Pulling from traffic over to curb, the van marked “Twin View Cable”, quickly parked as two men stepped onto the street, set up several orange cones around the van and then opened the back door where they rolled a large tool cabinet onto the back lift and slowly let the lift sink to the ground before rolling it up onto the sidewalk and then into the alley way. Quickly checking for any stray on lookers which in a city where everyone was just as happy to mind their own business for sticking their noses into things that werent theirs, even with the heroines running around the city, was known to be extremely dangerous to be willfully ignorant was the safest course.

Opening the cabinet, the two men rolled the unconscious form of the vampire out into the alley way and quickly pulled her form into a spread eagle position before one of the men pulled out a cartridge powered nail gun and placed it onto Vampirella’s left shoulder and pulled the trigger which was followed a muffled “kerthunk” as the large spike of a nail was driven at high speed into the vamps skin, through the muscle tissue, driving through the shoulder bone and deep into the asphalt beneath her body. Quickly, four more “kerthunk’s” closely followed the first before the men shut the container, loaded it back into the van, picked up their cones, climbed into the van and disappeared. Slowly around Vampirella’s body, the black pool of her starving bodies life force began to spread out and pool onto the asphalt.

{Kara Crump’s Office 101st Floor Crump Tower}

Setting abandoned, dirt, debris, and pieces of card board boxes surrounded it, the old unused ATM machine sat in the small alcove 50 ft away from where the body of Vampirella lay nailed to the ground.

“Video feed up and good…” Anna said to no one in particular as the picture was transmitted to the large white screen in front of where Kara stood. “…and…there is our little darling…” the video showing Tonya rushing up and kneeling beside Vampirella. Anna’s fingers tapped lightly to bring up a secondary window in the corner of the display showing a reversed graphical colored display of the two figures in the alley. Tonya’s figure glowing a variation of pink and red colors as the “net” matched Tonya’s video signature with her DNA profile and superimposed the results graphically on the screen for Kara and Anna to see. “….gotcha…you little wench…” Anna chuckled …”…the vamps body is showing traces of your little bitches DNA profile in her body… and it does give a 90% likelihood that Tonya and Paracelte are the same person….” Her hand slamming down on her desk with delight. Watching the screen…Kara nodded…”..lets see how she handles a hot vampire shall we…..”

{Alley 6712 Grand Ave}

A low groan of pain escaped Vampirella’s lips, someone…no…something seemed to be drawing her from deep comatose state as her nostrils flared at the smell that had just wafted on the air surrounding her. . “Vampy, wh..are you ok?” the dreamy words filtered into Vampirella’s subconscious and with the over whelming desire to feed helping to drive her, Vampirella began to swim to consciousness.. “Noo… NOO! I can’t raise you again damn it,” the words stirring memories deep within her that also were definitely associated with burning desire starting to rage within her until she finally managed to utter… “N… n.. nerve …g…as” Vampirella manged to squeak, unaware of her glowing bracelet or the reason that her strength seemed to be returning with the reply she heard from the figure she now was beginning to realize was the source of her burning desire to feed on and rip her body apart….. “I got you”,

{Kara Crumps Office 101st Floor Crump Tower}
“What is that?…. “ Anna muttered as she zoomed the camera feed in to focus on the glowing bracelets on the two women…before Anna’s voice declared astonishingly ” …OMG, she is doing some sort of healing of the vamp…”

Nodding at Anna’s voice…Kara ‘s mind flashed back to Super Girls funeral and Tonya’s face and then her memories cycle back through her shock as one by one, the Super’s she had put in the ground, magically reappeared.

“Now..we know..for sure..” Kara hissed under her breath… and walked up to the screen where she lifted her hand and ran her fingers over the video picture of Tonya’s face “..and she has fallen into our hands… fate IS a cruel master isnt it my dear.”

Stepping back from the screen, Kara watched as the vampire, with Tonya’s help, pulled herself from the ground, the spikes tearing through the flesh of Vampirella’s body but seemingly not causing any pain or concern as the bracelets glowed brightly until the two disappeared into Tonya’s apartment.

“Switching to camera #2… its infra red..not as good as direct video, but their heat sources are clear enough.. and we do…” Anna brought up a split screen, the infra red on one side and a video feed from the redirected police cam mounted on the building across the street…”…have a partial feed from our lovely friends at PD..” and chuckled as she spoke..”..those

naughty boys down town… it was already directed at her apartment, what do you think Ms. Crump…is our little girl a voyeur…the little wench.. I thought she had the hots for you earlier from the look on her face”

{6712 Grand Avenue – Tonya’s Apartment}

“Tonya?…. “ a low, barely audible growl escaped Vampirella’s throat as she spoke, the burning desire and rage gaining ground deep within her and having not realized what was feeding it at that time she leaned against Tonya’s body for support, Vampirella’s senses feeling the growing heat of Tonya’s body coming through Tonya’s clothing against her own body.

“How..where…” she managed to get out as somewhere within Vampirella’s mind, she tried to remember, to tie the pieces together, but her memory seemed blank and for that matter of fact, to Vampirella, the desire to feed was overwhelming everything else as she the rage of desire became more and more unbearable with every feeling of enhanced movement of Tonya’s body against hers to the point that the smell of the girl caused Vampirella to finally not even want to try to remember anything else and another very low rumble of a growl unwillingly escaped the vampires lips.

Seemingly unnoticed by the girl, Vampirella closed her eyes and kept her body limp as she allowed Tonya to remove her clothing and guide her to the shower. Inside, the Vampire relished and groaned what might appear as sounds of pain from her healing wounds but in reality, Vampirella relished every touch of her skin to any exposed area of skin on Tonya’s body. With each touch, a wave of rapturous desire coursed through her and caused her incisors to tingle with anticipation.

Vampirella could now hear Tonya’s heart beating, like a single, inviting drum each beat seemed to send wave after wave of almost orgasmic height humming through Vampirella’s body causing her nostrils to flare at Tonya’s rich scent.

Feeling the water starting pour down her body and feeling Tonya’s closeness to her, Vampirella opened her eyes, locked them onto Tonya’s gaze to bore deep into Tonya’s subconscious…sliding her hand to take Tonya’s , Vampirella whispered ” Join me…” her voice carrying with it a huskiness of the depth of her inner struggle that could be deemed that of lustful gratefulness.

{Present Day – Tonya’s Apartment}

Tonya peered at Vampy’s naked frame with a twinge of yearning, Tonya’s body still horned up and revving from her encounter with Kara earlier. Betwixt the legs, her special spot was still slick and wet, her mind having run rampant with fantasies of Kara long after departing her office hours ago. Normally Tonya would have denied such a offer from Vamirella, but for some reason, after a little bit of hesitance with her body ultimately overruling her morals, Tonya allowed her hand to be taken and the request to “join me” accepted.

Forgetting that she had clothes still on, Tonya stepped into the hot shower and yelped. “Oh god, my clothes.” She tried to step out of the shower to remove them, but Vamirella prevented her from doing so. With speed, aggression, and power that Tonya had rarely seen from the superheroine, Vampy ripped the suit jacket and white blouse right off of her, tossing the shredded garments aside. Only her skirt, panties, and a bra that was having difficulty keeping Tonya’s moderately sized boobs in place remained.

“Whoa..calm-” Tonya grabbed the rabib woman’s wrists and a stalemate was quickly reached.”I know you’ve been through a lot. Just calm down. We need to get all that stuff out of you. Let me help you”. Vampy just looked at her with a burning lust in her oculars, “Hurry, Tonya. I’m losing control,” she husked out, nostrils flaring. As soon as Tonya released her grip, Vampy ripped the girl’s skirt, panties, and bra off in one swoop. It happened so fast Tonya was unable to do anything, then suddenly the Vampire pressed her against the wet tile of the shower wall, pinning her hands over her head against them.

Tonya’s heart was beating fierce, all but exploding out of her chest. She knew she had to stop Vampy but a part of her didn’t want to. Tonya took a deep, wanting breath as Vampy’s cheek pressed against her own, her warm breath hot on Tonya’s ear. “Cleanse me of this mess..” She placed Tonya’s hands together above her head with one hand and retrieved a loofa and body wash with the other. Tonya’s nipples were pointing out like two sharp daggers. Goosebumps littered her body. She let out the softest moan as the two wet bodies pressed against each other, Vampy’s bigger, fuller breasts pinning and defeating Tonya’s smaller ones.

Vampy released the girl’s hands and placed the items in her hands, then took a step back. She just stared at Tonya with hungry eyes, her tongue lapping her lips, each breath deeper and harder than the last. Stunned, sexed up, and not knowing what the hell was really going on, Tonya obeyed her best friend’s request and began lathering the Vampiric one’s body with the body wash. Tonya slowly massaged the soap into the woman, starting at her shoulders and working her way down to her waist, and paying extra special attention to her breasts by slowly, sensually rubbing her soapy hands all over them while in a trance like state.

Tonya bent forward to get below the waist but Vampy grabbed her under the shoulders and lifted her up. In the blink of an eye, Vampirella swiped the bottle of body wash from Tonya’s grasp and spun her around, forcing her face first against the wall. She then kicked Tonya’s feet apart and pinned her in place with a forearm across the back. “My turn” she said with deep gruffness, almost a growl. She lathered Tonya up in much the same way she was treated, then enjoyed molesting the girl’s world famous buttocks. It drove her mad, as it also did Tonya.

Little did Tonya know that Vampy was merely tenderizing the meal to come. Tonya gasped as Vampy kissed her collar bone, one of Tonya’s sexual sweet spots. Tonya went jelly, submitting to her. Kara had unlocked some kind of sexual tornado within Tonya Wilkinson and Vamiperlla was reaping the benefits of it. All of a sudden, Vampy delivered a power smack with both hands across Tonya’s rear end, causing a LOUD sound to reverberate through the apartment and down the hall. It hurt too. Tonya cried out and tried to buck, but Vampy kept her in check. “What… was the meaning of that? What is this? What are we doing?” Tonya was confused, intrigued, scared and horny all at the same time.

“Just playing with my food, is all.” Vampy replied, as she ran her tongue over the side of Tonya’s neck, taking in the taste and smell of the person she could no longer keep herself from saving. Tonya’s eye went wide when she felt the woman’s fangs brush against her neck. Out of pure survival instinct and not knowing if this was Vampy’s version of foreplay, Tonya spun away and drove an elbow into the rib cage of Vampirella.

“Stop it, Vampy!” the heroine demanded. “We can beat this” she said encouragingly, as she drove forward to wrest the physically and sexually starved superheroine under control.

Reaching the tipping point from not having fed for days in captivity, Vampirella had reached her tipping point. Her finely tuned vampire vision did not see Tonya, her friend and savior but instead, Vampirellas primordial instinct had taken over her emotions, her mind and her hunger raged like a blazing fire through her body to push all feelings, recognition and the remnants of her humanity deep into the deepest part of her being.

Seemingly, Tonya’s blow to her ribs failed to produce any affect on the Vampire, her lips curling into almost taunting smile that allowed the tips of her incisors to revealed and gleam evilly for Tonya to see the single main vein at the center clearly throbbing under the porcelain white ivory. The vampires eyes could see the thousands of veins and vessels that made up the girls body, all seemingly pulsating with life that screamed at the Vampire in an animalistic way that offered or more, demanded the vampire to feed on the prey that had once been her friend.

An low growl of a laugh rumbled up from deep inside Vampirella as Tonya drove forward towards her, her words low but clearly loud enough for Tonya to hear as she made her lunge…”.. the prey fights…it is worthy of the kill” and with a blazing swiftness of her kind, Vampirella easily side stepped Tonya’s move and as the girl’s body passed by her, Vampirella spun and brought up her left hand, the fingernails of which had slide out to reveal long and sharp talons, as the genetics of her kind had made them.

With a move that would have been seen as little more than a twitch by normal human eyes, the claws on her hand flashed downward and drove all 5 sharp talons to their finger tips through the soft spot of Tonya;s right flank piercing through the muscle and tissue but very carefully avoiding the humans organs. Quickly, the talons clamped into the muscles, tearing and embedding themselves with Tonya’s ligaments and muscles and with a powerful move, Vampirella lifted Tonya’s body upwards to hold her over the vampires head only inches from Vampirellas mouth. Tilting her head back, the vampire snarled as if in slow motion, a few drops of Tonya’s blood slowly formed around the talon entry wounds and finally, in an agonizing, almost torturous speed of slow time, several drops turned loose and fell the short distance to land upon Vampirellas tongue. Instantly, a compassionless roar escaped the vampires lips as the sweet taste of the life force of Tonya’s blood sent tremors of pleasure throughout Vampirellas body.

Suddenly, with blinding speed, Vampirella turned and as if she was tossing a feather pillow, slung Tonya’s body into the bathroom wall to send it crashing through the sheet rock of the wall, between the studs and through the sheet rock of the bed room wall, across the room to smash into the sheet rock of the opposite bedroom wall, through it and out of the living room wall to finally smash into the refrigerator door to leave an impression of a human body in the stainless steel exterior.

Pushing her way through the holes in the walls left by Tonya’s trajectory, Vampirellas seemingly, enjoying the hunt and battle of her prey, stepped into the room and moved forward until her arm shot out and grabbed Tonya by the throat to lift her straight up into the air to allow her body to hang in front of her leaving the girls feet to only swing helplessly a few feet above the floor.

Vampirellas nostrils flared as the scent of blood filled her senses and with a look of joyous rapture on her face, she pulled Tonyas body towards her until the vampires nose pushed into the camel toe of Tonya’s body and Vampirella sniffed powerfully at the smell of the girl in front of her. Finally, Vampirella began to lower Tonya slowly to allow her nose to trace along the firm abdomen, over and around the troughs and rises of the tight, sculptured stomach and then upwards until the aureole of Tonyas right breast slid past eye level to just in front the Vampire’s mouth.

“…Yes…a foe..worthy of the greater honor than to consummate the worthy life force of your defeated, be it known that what you offer today will be used wisely”

Slowly, a pleasurable tremor began to build and was obviously clearly visible within the vampire as she opened her mouth and pushed her incisors down on the dark aureole of Tonya’s right breast until the tips of sharp teeth pushed to tear through the dark skin into the soft, sensitive center just either side of the nipple and sought out the pulsating blood that flowed through the fatty tissue until they were fully buried and then it was then that Vampirella;s eyes turned a bright, cold, burning red as they looked up and bore into Tonya’s eyes, penetrating deep into into the deepest depths of Tonya’s soul….and from her lips, in the words of her ancient dialect …Vampirella commanded ”.. surrender the force of your life willingly or shall it be ripped from your tortured body… ”

{Outside Tonya’s Apartment}

“All Team’s, you have release…I repeat, you have release…..” the words crackled through the headsets of the Crump special security forces headsets at the same time..
Instantly, figures that had once been obscured suddenly appeared and began moving as one in unison rapidly towards Tonya’s apartment

Pain she wasn’t used to soared through Tonya’s side and back as the Vampire struck gold, piercing her soma and rendering the heroine a blubbering mess. Before Tonya could react, think, or even feel the true measure of the affliction she was suffering, her best friend flung her powerfully through wall after wall like she was nothing more than a tattered rag doll being tossed away by an angry child. Tonya howled in misery as she careened most violently into the metal door of the fridge and sat there, mind numb, body racked with unyielding pain.

She focused her vision on her new found nemesis, finding four of her instead of one, the trauma to her head giving her the classic boxer’s multiple vision. “Please… noo… Vampy.. noooo-” she pled with a hand stretched out before her in a pitifull display of begging unbecoming of a heroine. No mercy would come to her, she knew it the moment her friend turned nemesis plucked her from the ground . Still, Tonya tried to reason with her, tried to eek out words that might dissuade her from continuing this awful trek of destruction, but the super powered grip around her throat crushed any words and shut off her oxygen supply.

Despite her own immense power, Tonya could not break free of the raging woman’s grip despite many, many tries at hammer fisting her forearm and face, or prying her fingers away. She also tried kicking, hard and fast, all but burying the tips of her toes deep into Vampirella’s bread basket. It proved fruitless. Nothing worked. Vampy was too far gone. Her friend was dead and someone…or thing…. had taken her place, using her friend’s body as its own.

Tonya’s heart pounded too fast, at an unhealthy rate. Her blood was pooling both outwardly and inwardly. Darkness began to set in on the fringes of her vision. She was dying. Just when it seemed like it couldn’t get worse, the sadistic Vampire lifted her high and violated her most sacred place with her vile nose, sniffing at Tonya’s pristine and virtuous love tunnel. Tonya tried to squeal, terrified, but no sound could aid her cry. She was soundless, wordless, and in a few short moments would be lifeless.

Dizzyness struck her next, the lightheadedness buffering the pain of Vampy’s teeth being sunk into her right breast. At this point there was no more struggle from Tonya. She, instead, did what she had hoped never to do to Vampy or any other heroine. She closed her eyes and began to concentrate. She blotted out the pain, what little bit she could feel now anyway, and continued to urgently summon the power of Paraclete.

In a instant, a flash of light enveloped her, a sound of thunder erupted from around her, knocking over anything and everything not tied down, except for her captor. When the light dissipated, there was Paraclete. She was now clad in that legendary white and gold leotard with golden sash, golden half mask, white boots and gloves. Reaching up, Paraclete easily forced Vampirella’s fingers away from her neck and, in a vicious flip of the wrist, broke those bones and followed through, breaking her wrist next. Vampy roared in both anger and pain and tried to yank free, but this was Paraclete she was dealing with now, Tonya times a thousand. Cause for alarm. This time it was Vampy who could not escape.

While still holding onto Vampy at the hand, Paraclete speedily reached back with her free hand and effortless ripped off the huge, heavy, stainless steel refrigerator door and brought it strongly into the fight, clobbering Vampirella across the entire left side of her body while simultaneously letting go of her hand. The impact sent Vampy hurtling into the large food panty closet and almost through the back wall of it. The enraged Vampire roared and trudged out of the hole, casting aside the pain and random articles of food that decorated her frame.

Paraclete was already in motion, unrelenting in her quest, yelling “You brought this on yourself” as she lifted the metal door overhead head bashed Vampy into the floor with it. Vampy fell prone with a screech. Refusing to let up on such a fierce and tough entity and knowing to do so would be fatal, Paraclete relentlessly slammed the heavy door down upon her prone form, blow after blow ultimately causing a Vampirella sized crater in the floor that threatened to give way into the ceiling of the poor souls living in the apartment below them.

Casting the door aside, Paraclete reached down to pick up her battered foe, only for the woman to disappear into a silvery mist. Having spent many a battle along side her, Paraclete knew her favorite tactic to do when pulling off this vanishing act. Summoning an abundance of strength, Paraclete relieved her foot from the floor and sent it firing back behind her in almost mule kick fashion, like a missile loosed from its launching pad. *BAM!* Direct hit as soon as Vampy appeared behind her. The vampiric one went ass over head a few times through the air and collided head first into the 62 inch flat screen tv. Sparks and smoke billowed from the device and a small spark of electricity cascaded through the body of the raging vampire.

Wearing the television as a hat for a moment, Vampirella scrambled to her feet and ripped it off of her. Looking back at Paraclete, she smiled a most unholy smile, “mmmmm yeeees, after devouring you, I’ll never need to feed again. Fight, Paraclete, pretty pretty Paracklete, better the taste.” She licked her lips and sneered, lips pulled back showing those god awful menacing fangs.

Paraclete just stood there, feet shoulder width apart, fists on her hips, face set fearless and determined. She shook her head at the threat and raised a hand up… “Don’t sing it, bring it, bitch.”

The two charged headlong at each other like two rams colliding over a territorial dispute. Vampirella was slightly faster with her claw attack, dodging a haymaker and slashing her talons across Paraclete’s tummy. Each woman took a quick step back. Paraclete looked at the woman’s hand then down at her tummy. The indestructible otherworldly leotard had proven exactly that. Not a single stitch of its fabric had been compromised. Vampirella, on the other hand, brought up her hand to face level and peered in disbelief. Her talons had been cut, bent, and otherwise rendered useless now. Both super powered entities seemed surprised by it all, then immediately resumed their war.

Paraclete faked a front kicked and sent a Super Man punch towards Vampy’s jawline. Having seen this before whilst fighting baddies alongside her, Vampirella side stepped it, grabbed her by the hair and ripped her backward toward the ground back first across her knee. A sickening pop echoed and Paraclete yelped as copious pain sizzled her back, pain that quickly subsided but not before Vampy attacked again.

Leaping high into the air with her head touching the ceiling, Vampirella tucked both her pale patellas into her large, naked breasts and plummeted mightily down at Paraclete. She thrust both pedal extremities down exceedingly hard, blasting Paraclete across the chest with the world’s most powerful stomping. The floor was unable to handle the force of the blow and the powerful bodies that accompanied it, and gave way. The pair fell through and crashed into the glass coffee table of the apartment below. Luckily the occupants had left the abode few moments before hand, having vacated to report the disturbance above them ironically.

Vampirella was first to the her feet, paying no mind to the plethora of glass shards adoring her body now. Paraclete followed closely in her wake, getting up just in time to receive a whirlwind attack of punches that sent her turning, twirling, and fumbly legged against a wall. Her head snapped violently side to side, her face absorbing the blows before she could even think to put her hands up in defense. Luckily she was able to gain enough bearings to spy Vampy’s other set of claws, the uninjured ones, coming at her unprotected jugular with the speed and ferocity of a instant kill blow. Paraclete ducked under it at the last fraction of a millisecond and drove her shoulder forward, catching her foe at the midsection with it.

Lifting up with blazing speed, she placed the vampire on her shoulder and charged forward. Vampire clawed feverishly at Paraclete, her attacks hitting nothing but the woman’s impenetrable leotard as the heroine who saved her life twice now speared her savagely through a wall. The two spilled into the hall way of the apartment complex, where they bulldozed over several people.

{Crump Tower 101st Floor}

Not as fast as the vampire, nor having the same strength as the …the…”other” one in the on going fight that played out before them, Anna Hendricks had one thing that set her apart into a “super” class of her own. With almost blazing speed, her fingers zipped over the holographic keyboard that was superimposed on her desk top. Around and within the building housing Tonya’s apartment, any and every camera that was even remotely able to transmit a video signal was hacked quickly came online to be displayed on the holographic generated field that surrounded her and Kara Crump in a 360 degree arc like a self contained bubble.

Chuckling to herself, but only long enough to continue hacking into everything from city police and traffic cameras to ATM cameras, to the plethora of laptop and smart phones anywhere and everywhere within a block of the building not limited to, but including the occasional aerial shot of any camera on any plane, helicopter or spurious drone that little Tommy was happily flying against his parents wishes at that time of the day.

Arms crossed over her chest, Kara followed the intense battle from apartment to apartment and out into the hallway. Something inside her had sensed a difference in the girl and now it was confirmed as she had watched Tonya’s transformation into…what?… obviously into some type of meta-being that with each move, blow or even minute flex of a minor muscle was being recorded, analyzed, and compared to the “nets” huge database of powers displayed by others of the same or different type.

Her fingers continuing to fly effortlessly, Anna only muttered calmly so that her boss could hear as the “net” flashed the name upon the screen and then attached it as a flag to the video figure being displayed on numerous screens being viewed by Kara.

“Paraclete… minor heroine of the C-class heroines, records indicate she has been slowly making a name for herself and seems to be an up and comer in the “Super Heroine” world. “ She paused only slightly as she noted the suit that Paraclete had appeared with Paraclete’s transformation, sheared off one set of Vampirella’s talons… ” … Net indicates she is displaying traces of mixed powers of different heroines… the “Net” postulates the before demonstrated healing abilities displayed by the alter ego may allow the assimilation some of the powers from her victims……” Hesitating only a split second…”…conjecture of course..” a smile crept across her lips, obviously the sophisticated code zipping through the chips and circuits of the “Super Computer” of its on accord was not completely all knowing..

Without speaking a word, Kara only nodded as she continued to make mental notes of each “abnormal” display of power that was or had been so well staged and orchestrated to expose the secrets of both heroines for just the purposes that she was viewing.

Muttering her thoughts mainly for herself but also for Anna to pick up on and run with at the same time. “..the girl took a severe wound to her side, and also, I believe the sound we heard later was a bone of some type cracking in the area of her back, make a note, need to find out is she is self healing, or is adrenaline covering up the affects of the damage she is taking.. she can heal others…but can she heal herself.. if this continues…how long before it takes its toll on her?”

From behind her, a single word slipped from Anna’s lips…”noted” and then..” Security wants to know if prior orders still stand..”

Without looking at Anna…her voice low and matter of factly spoke…”…have the teams stand back, lets see what happens…the girl is not to be killed…the vampire is expendable..but we need to know the extent of her powers..”

“…..All teams…word is stand down and monitor…lethal response authorized for vampire only… passive response authorized for other target if required only“

{Tonya’s Apartment Building}
Screams filled the hallway as the two bodies spilled out onto and among the unlucky residents that had heard the commotion and had “ventured” out to see what sound of the ruckus was that had erupted in their normally quiet building.

Any sliver of humanity that had been left in Vampirella and so rudely crushed by her hunger, was now replaced by cold, furious animalistic rage born of centuries of evolution. Within the vampire, slowed to some extent by her lack of feeding, the cells of her genetic makeup were at work healing and replacing the cells of her body that had been so badly damaged in each of her attacks which caused her response systems to slow somewhat.

Crashing through the wall into the hallway, Vampirella was only mildly aware of other humans as she and the “other” crashed and became entertwined with. The vampires senses, now registered the fresh smell of food as the two, now mixed with several humans rolled together down the hallway due to the expiring force of Paraclete charge.

Cries of human pain, sound of breaking bones and the fresh smell of blood filled the air around Vampirella as she twisted and rolled free of the pile of forms on the floor. Quickly, she leaped upwards to bound off the ceiling and return to the floor, head down, one knee and hand slamming down onto the floor in a stance prepared to attack once again. Raising her head, her long unkempt main of black hair spilling down around and partially hid her face except for the red glow of her eyes and the long extended gleamed in the hallway light. Rolling from deep within her, a low, rumbling growl emitted from deep within the vampires being.

Staring at Paraclete with the look of a cold, calculated killing machine, Vampirella once again locked her eyes with the heroine, the ancient dialect again rolled off her tongue..”…your death….shall be most …pleasant…and honorable…” and with a blur of movement, Vampirella’s hand suddenly reached out and grabbed the ankle of a nearby elderly man who, in vain was trying to crawl to safety through a partially ajar door.

Like lightening, his scream filling the hallway, the vampire jerked him backwards before she lifted him up for Paraclete to see and without hesitation, snapped his head sideways, a loud crack filled the hallway as drove her fangs deeply into his exposed neck. A loud, seemingly long, but in reality short, sucking sound echoed down the hallway, the man’s body jerking and spasming as it appeared to shrivel into only fleshly dead weight. A smile crossed her face as the vampire’s body began to transform from the needed partial replenishment. Vampirella’s skin and muscular tone clearly firmed, the muscles growing and flexing with every movement she made indicated the feeding was having its desire effect and releasing a clear picture of what Vampirella fought so hard to keep hidden among a human species who would not have been able to comprehend the horrors of the being that had been released looked like at her full strength. Locking her eyes onto Paraclete…her words blurring with the dialect of her kind.. “… his blood be on your hands…it is a waste of honor… cowardice is indeed un-honrable..”

With a lightening quick reflex, in a single blur of movement, the vampire tossed the body directly at Paraclet and with a sudden flash of movement, Vampirella’s free hand shot out and grabbed a screaming mother of two small children huddled behind a plant in a door way and held it up…”..which shall you save…yourself …or this …” and with a quick blur of movement, she suddenly tossed the young woman directly at Paraclete to follow that of the dead man, then in a quick flash, Vampirella’s muscles flexed and she too leaped following the two human forms already in flight. In the blink of an eye, her form transformed into a seemingly black fog dropped low, obscured by the forms of the two humans already flying towards Paraclete.

Within the vampire, a small gland nestled just behind the tubes that ran from her hollow incisors leading to vampires internal organs, pulsed to life. Inside the small gland, microscopic parasite’s, already having been triggered to life by vampire’s autonomic system, squirmed and wiggled causing the gland to seemingly pulse with life ready to be released into a victims blood and travel on its deadly path to attack the neural system with a slow acting paralyzing venom on its unsuspecting host.

Arriving at the approximately the same time, the vampire timed her leap to wisely arrive low instead of trying for the anticipated neck as a human might expect. Opening her mouth at the very last moment, a single incisor raked across the back of Paraclete’s exposed hand, the tip slicing open a small, seemingly insignificant , nick and at the same time, the pulsating sack shot its venom outward, pouring it out from the tip of tooth to cover the exposed skin and wound to allow an opening for the small parasites to begin their slow journey towards their destination with each heart beat.

As Paraclete rolled free from the entanglement of limbs and bodies, she managed to snatch up a few people, guiding them toward the exit stairwell where they soon disappeared into and out of harm’s way. But when she looked around to ascertain her foe’s location, she heard the evil words and horrible act perpetrated on the poor old man. “Noooooo!!!” Paraclete screamed with tears bursting from the corners of her eyes as, in the twinling of an eye, he was sucked dry by the Vampiric One.

Paraclete made a motion forward, knowing that Vampirella would be even more dangerous now that she had nourishment in her. Suddenly the elderly dead man was hurled at her with maddening speed. Already knowing the man was dead, she side stepped the flying vessel that once housed so many memories and life, allowing it to speed by her as she rushed forward. To Paraclete’s horror, she found yet another body hurtling at her; this one was alive with arms and legs flailing hectically. Then, as she reached out to nab her, a black fog engulfed them, obscuring her view. Undaunted, Paraclete made a few blind grabs into the air, and managed to secure the mother of two at the ankle. She quickly stood her up and shoved her through the exit doors where the stairs and freedom awaited, clearing the terrified woman of the fog.

“Ahhh”, Paraclete hissed as a small sting pinged the top of her hand. Immediately, the super empowered white blood cells of Paracelte’s almost celestial body rushed to the rescue. They met head on with the deadly and nearly equally super empowered venomous parasites that were invading with the same ferociousness as the muslim refugees into Europe. A mighty battle ensued inside her body, as well as on the outside. Twirling around, Paraclete sensed Vampirella returning to physical form, and had a Spinning elbow shuttling toward her face. With ease, the vampire ducked it and in a matter of only a few seconds, fired two dozen powerful, lethal punches into Paraclete’s liver and kidneys.

The powerful super heroine wilted and lurched and curled defensively. She let out grunts and groans but could offer nothing in retaliation. Knowing the tide of battle had turned and she was the clear dominator now, Vampirella grabbed her by the shoulders and slammed her against the wall, caving it in some. Using only one hand, she held Paraclete in place at the throat, then unleashed an ungodly fast and vicious lashing of her claws across the face of Paraclete. Many, many deep gashes formed over Paraclete’s now mutilated face, but almost as soon as they formed, the gashes sealed up leaving little to no traces of blemish. The heroine was still up shit creek without a paddle or a boat though.

Unhinging her jaw from her mouth inhumanly, Vampirella was done fucking around and went straight for Paraclete’s neck. She bit down into something that definitely wasn’t the most precious flesh and blood. It was plaster and wood of the wall. At the last possible moment, at the proverbial 11th hour, Paraclete had invoked her seldom used Misty Step power, which turned her into a silvery mist and allowed her to reform to physical form about 50 feet down the hall way. Moving quickly, the heroine ripped off her enchanted golden slash and whirled it around like it was Bruce Lee’s famous nunchucku routine. Tiny little golden, magical daggers formed from it and shot forward. First tens, then hundreds. They flew down the hall way at fascinating speed, but the vampiric one went matrix mode and dipped, dodged, ducked, flipped, slid, and even back handed some of them away, not allowing a singe one to hit her as she sped toward Paraclete with eye blinding speed.

“Nooo” pled Paraclete as Vampirella plowed into her tummy with her shoulder in a legitimate attempt to cut her in half. The two rolled down the hallway head over ass like shot rabbits. The rolling ball of flesh destroyed the door of a vacant apartment and there they came to a rest. Both kipped up, but it was Vampirella that made it to her feet first. Winding up, she let loose a powerful hay maker at Paracelte’s neck with her claws. Having it scouted again, Paraclete ducked under it and urgently wrapped her best friend turned worst enemy into a Bear Hug. Letting out a quick, pained cry Paraclete yelled, “Forgive me” as she suddenly took flight straight up. One by one but very fast, the floors above them were intruded upon by the flying bodies. TVS, coffee tables, floors, beds, toilets, you name it the two (mainly the Vampire) plowed into them hard and fast as they continued to rocket upward.

Before long they exploded through the upper most roof of the complex and that is where Paraclete foot ball spiked Vampirella onto the pavement of the roof. Paraclete landed in a three point stance and looked at the back of her hand. A yellowish ozze or puss was seeping out of it, indicating her body had successfully evicted the parasites. She stood full upright and began to sob as she saw Vampirella struggling to make it to her feet. Knowing what she must do utterly devastated Paraclete. The heroine closed her eyes, wailed loudly, and took flight some 50 feet into the air before bringing down a Hammer fist from hell atop Vamiperlla’s head. The blow did damage to Vampy’s cranium and sent an explosion of crippling pain through her cerebral cortex. The Vampire stumbled back on wobbly legs, dancing near the edge of the roof. Summoning a plethora of power and speed, Paraclete rushed into her and delivered a very “This Is Sparta” like kick that sent Vampy flying off of the roof and plummeting to the ground below, where she wound up crashing through the plastic heavy doors of a large metal dumpster. Paraclete felt it was a knock out blow, maybe even, God forbid, a death blow.

Paraclete peered over the edge sobbing, seeing no movement below. Suddenly, she felt a tingling then a numbness in the same hand that had been bit. She shook it and gave it a once over. More numbness set it on the hand and seemed to be working its way to the wrist and arm. Most of the parasites had been evicted but it dawned on her that maybe a small few had managed to sneak past her body’s immaculate defenses. Nothing a quick trip to the hospital wouldn’t fix. Now she had a decision to make: check to see the condition of vampy and any poor innocents that got wrapped up in the battle, or make a quick flight to the hospital to be on the safe side.

“HOLD IT RIGHT THERE LADY….OR WE SHOOT….GET DOWN….GET DOWN” the top of the building was suddenly awash with light as powerful beam of the helicopter search light illuminated Paraclete in its blind glare and officers wearing every type of uniform from Detective’s, to street officers to SWAT officers all spilled out onto the roof the red dots from their guns all centering on just about every part of the heroines body.

Suddenly, dirt and debris was blown up off the roof from the sound of other helicopters stuttering nearby as the News choppers focused their spot lights on Paraclete, their cameras feeding the scene below them back to the news stations and then up linked to the many news outlets around the world.

“HOLF YOUR FIRE DAMMIT…” a voice sounded from the throng of officers that continued to flood out onto the roof top. Separating from the black crowd just outside the white spot lights, a single figure walked straight up to Paraclete and brought up a badge….”Detective Maggie Barnes…you will need to come along peacefully…” she reached behind her and pulled out a set of handcuffs…” until we can sort this out, I am placing you under arrest for the murder of John Akeman, an elderly tenant of the building and the assault and battery on about 30 other people… you have the right to remain silent, if you give up this right, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law, an attorney will be provided for you if you cannot afford an you understand these rights as I have told them to you..” looking into Paraclete’s eyes while her right pointed to the ugly looking gash on her hand and the dark line that followed the outline of a vein in her hand until it disappeared from view under her clothing…”..we will get medical attention for you.. I promise…”

Across the street, gleaming glass Co-OP tower reflected the red and blue strobing lights of hundreds of police cars, fire department emergency vehicles and blocks of ambulances. Laying in the dark recess between two cooling towers, the black figure had watched the battle as it spilled out onto the roof and with small movements of the cross hairs within his scope, he moved from figure to the other and waited for the proper order to shoot. Finally, he had watched Vampirella fly off the roof, her body twisting and turning as it fell to the street below and landed in the dumpster with a crash.

Switching his attention back to the figure of Paraclete, he centered the cross hairs on the base of her neck and waited as the roof door flew open and was suddenly flooded with a throng of the cities finest police officers….”..Team A has a shot…” he whispered into the mic hanging around his neck.

{101st Floor Crump Tower}

“…Team A has a shot…do you want them to take it?..” Anna hummed as her fingers flew over the super-imposed keyboard under her hands. Kara’s minds was still in the throes of processing the scene she had just witnessed.. “….N….o…. “ she said slowly…”..pull…them ..back….we .. need to process this…..” .

Watching the scene play out on the building across town. Kara turned and looked at Anna thoughtfully…”….Is her grand mother still with those kids?” and after a few seconds, she received her answer…”..yes…on 19th floor…” Anna said matter of factly and one of the pictures in front of Kara switched to a scene of Ms. Wilkinson reading to a bunch of kids during story hour…”Good… when she is done there, have Brandy take her down to the lab 1401…say its..lets say a required health examination for her job… I want her prepped with the Omega 13 virus…just in case we need her to handle her grand daughter. “

Her fingers suddenly stopped and without looking up from her monitor, Anna closed her eyes as she spoke…”…Omega 13?…are you sure? You know how unstable that is… you have seen the reports from the Belfast plant? “ Nodding, Kara turned once again and studied the activity on the screen in front of her…”..yes… but I still believe it can be controlled.. and yes..” she continued as if anticipating Anna’s next question…”… I know there were 210 fatalities and the plant had to be entombed…yes, I know all of that… but just do as I instructed…” and with that Anna continued typing…”..with all due respect boss..your playing fast and loose with our lives”

{Roof Top 6712 Grand Avenue}

“Come on sweetie…don’t make us use force…a lot of people will get hurt…and I am not sure you want that to happen…” Maggie Barnes kept her eyes locked onto Paraclete’s.. “..we will get you a doctor and a good lawyer..if your innocent…you will be let go…”

Behind her another large detective wiped his brow with a dirty handkerchief after having climbed the many stair steps up to the roof. Puffing a bit, he moved up behind Maggie Barnes….”…no sign of the other perp… witness said he/she fell into the city dumpster… but the guys checked and its empty… is this the ass hole that caused all of this” his eyes locking onto Paracelete’s body and scanned her up and down….” Nice tits… her nipples say she enjoyed this mess” indicating the hard spots on Paraclete’s chest pushing against her suit. “Shut up Don…” Maggie hissed as she continued to stare at Paraclete…but her words seemed to hang on deaf ears…”..oh yeah Mag…37th Pct says they have found at least 6 of the Cubie boys gang down near the docks…all dead.. coroner says they aint got no blood left in them…sounds a lot like what this little filly has been a messing with from the looks of the ole geezer..and we cant find a one.. Tonya Wilkinson…she is missing..possibly dead as this all started in her apartment…what’d you do with the girl?” he said accusingly as he glared at Paraclete.

Frowning, Detective Barnes reached for one of Paraclete’s wrists..come on, lets go sort this out…” while under her breath…she hissed…”..go to hell Don”

{Lab 1401}

“This way Ms. Wilkinson..” the petite young girl led the elderly woman into the white sterile room, please have a seat right here and helped the woman into the chair as the door behind her opened and another tall blond haired woman walked into the room. “..Ms. Wilkinson, I am doctor Cindy Loman.. we just need to run some tests and get some blood, you will be out of here very quickly.. Brandy…will you wait outside for us”

Patting Ms. Wilkinson’s arm, Brandy smiled at the woman…”..I will be right outside when your done and will take you back upstairs” and then slipped from the room.

As she left the room, the door opened once again allowing a couple of lab technicians to roll in an IV machine and began immediately to insert the needle into the grand mother’s arm as the doctor listened to her heart, went through the medical questionnaire and completed the work up.

“Now, just sit back and relax and tests will begin.. “ Nodding to the tech’s, the machine began a small humming sound as the needles on the paper graph attached began moving. Behind the grand mother, one of the tech’s pulled a neon blue looking syringe from her pocket, inserted it into the IV line and slowly began pushing the plunger to allow the glowing liquid to move with the saline solution into Ms. Wilkinson’s arm. “Now, you may feel a bit sleepy…just lie back and take a snooze.. will all be over shortly..

Paraclete jumped out of her skin when the sudden yelling and flooding of blinding light engulfed her. She spun, screamed, and shielded her eyes with her forearm as the spotlight illuminated her. She ignored the officers demands for her to get down, despite her body being littered with what seemed like endless little red dots. She had done nothing wrong and would not yeild like some captured criminal. Instead of obeying them, she tried to help by pointing behind her and yelling, “SHE’S DOWN THERE! IN THE DUMPSTER! SHE KILLED AN OLD MAN AND I CHASED HER UP HERE!”.

Her words fell on deaf ears. She heard the flick of the selector switch on the SWAT teams assault rifles, meaning they were ready to mow her down. Dread filled her. She was going to have to hurt them. These were some of the same people she’d been on missions with. How and when did this go so horribly wrong? A huge sigh of relief left Paraclete’s body when the female detective rumbled onto the roof with authority and good sense, demanding the officers hold their fire. Her name was Maggie Barnes and she wasn’t messing around.

Before Paraclete could get a word out, the spit fire of a Detective produced a set of handcuffs and rambled out the rights of those that are usually being placed under arrest. Paraclete’s jaw dropped to impossibly low levels. “This is insane”, she retorted, holding a hand over her chest in shock. “I’m… I’m Paraclete.” Detective Barnes seemed to give minus 10 fucks about who Paraclete was and continued quoting the rights. The superheroine kept shaking her hand no vigorously. “Wait.. what?? Murder? What? I tried to help that old man. I was fighting for him. The murderer tried to flee but I nabbed her and brought her up here to mitigate any other suffer of innocents.”

Paraclete’s words started to come together quick and rushed. This was not at all how any of her dealings with the law had happened before. She was getting scared. Not for her own safety; she could easily just beat the crap out of all them in the blink of an eye, she was scared of how these people were so quick to point guns at her and bring her in. On top of all that, a quick glance skyward revealed a slew of News helicopters monitoring her every move. This simple fact disarmed her. There was nothing physical she could do to the law enforcement element around her. If she did, her public image would be tarnished forever and she’d be viewed in such a negative light that she might as well just be a common criminal. That’s just how the media swings things without knowing the full facts first.

Paraclete’s nose scrunched up along with her lips as a sudden, putrid smell overcame her. It smelled like gallons of obese sweat, cheese, and old man excrement vapors. The source of this awful odor came in the form of a hulking, overweight Detective that for some inexplicable and utterly stupid reason decided to take the stairs on this night, of all nights. The mighty heroine kept things professional but could not hide her disgust as the man ogled her with his lustful eyes and made his degenerate remarks. She looked at Maggie then back to him, casting a look of death at him. What the man lacked in being fit he made up for with good intel though. As he spoke, Paraclete listened along Detective Barnes.

“YES” Paraclete wailed. “There was some… I dunno… evil demon entity attacking the good and innocent tenants of this complex. I was just doing my rounds and heard the screams of, I assume Tonya Wilkinson??? That’s when I rushed up to confront the issue. All I saw was the evil fiend and quickly went to battle against her. I tried to save Tonya. I didn’t do anything to her you fat water retaining seven chinned dummy” she stared a most hateful glare at the rude male Detective. Yes, she was also lying about who she fought. Despite having to war against her best friend, she wasn’t about to tell them who Vampy was, especially after hearing she was still alive. Maybe in time Vampirella would be able to break the chains of whatever had made her go berserk a few moments ago.

More stinging and tingling pinged away at her damaged hand, drawing a small bit of concern from the heroine. She thought about Misty Stepping away from them, but she’d only be able to turn to mist and teleport 60 feet away, and there was no unoccupied or unlit place around them for a good 150 feet in any direction. She was in quite the pickle. The more Detective Barnes spoke, the more it put Paraclete at ease. “Yes, Detective Barnes, I will definitely be cleared of any wrong doings. These buildings, streets, and every nook and cranny are inundated with security cameras. I know for a fact that most of them, if not all, recorded the whole ordeal and will exonerate me. So yes, I will come with you and will take you up on the offer for medical attention.”

As Detective Barnes stepped forward with the cuffs and made a movement toward the heroine’s wrist, Paraclete took a step back and raised a hand of caution. “No handcuffs. You have no proof that I did any of the things you are arresting me for. I am allowing you to arrest me for sake of keeping my image clean and making sure you and your forces don’t look bad, but if those helicopters or any news cameras catch me in cuffs, that will be bad for me and thus bad for this city. So we do this my way not yours or fatty mcgee over there”. She motioned her head toward the big male detective. “We can make this work, Detective Barnes. No cuffs but you still get to do your job.”

Paraclete locked eyes with the female detective, blue eyes virtually pleading with the woman to do the right thing here

Keeping her eyes locked onto the heroine, she made sure every move she made was clear and concise so as to not cause any misconceptions that might cause a further escalation of the tense situation. Slowly, she lowered the handcuffs and slid them back into the black leather holder attached to her belt just inside her business like blazer. “Mag’s, that’s just plain stupid…” Don hissed behind her back….”..she has already killed one young girl and injured many others…she cant be trusted…. none of these mutants can be trusted with all this power…. Mag’s, she has already destroyed this building, innocent people have been hurt… come on…Mag’s signal the snipers to take her out…”

Again cursing under her breath, Maggie spun and stepped up until she was in Don’s face…her voice tight and low….”…Don…shut the fuck up and go down to the docks,, find out what happened to the gang bangers…ok!… I….will…handle…this…” her jaw tight and fists clenching until Don turned his head and spit onto the roof before he back away, turned and began making his way to the stairs…his voice floating back towards Paraclete ..”Ok.. Maggie..its blood on your hands…I am going to include this in my report…and when the heroine slut goes berserk,…and she will, its your head on the block…”

Turning back to Paraclete, she stepped up and place her hand on the heroine’s good arm… her voice tense…”…ok…no cuffs…but you had better be the hell as helpful and complacent as you can be and act like an upright, law abiding citizen…any resistance to me or my orders is going to cause at least half a dozen 50 caliber rounds to sever your head from your body…you understand that?….now..we are going to walk off this roof, your going to get into my patrol car and we are going to the hospital, cause your hand doesn’t look good and then to the precinct where you are going to answer my questions, truthfully and you had better not lie to me… do you understand that? Cause if I even think your not being truthful, your going to join the other meta-humans at the inter-dimensional prison at Star Labs until our investigation is complete…got that?…now…lets go..” and with that, she lightly tugged on Paraclete’s good arm to direct her to the door leading out onto the roof.

{Lab 1401}

Brandy placed the stethoscope on the chest of the sleeping older woman and listened to her heart while checking her heart beat and gazed at the monitors. Finally satisfied, she stood erect and stepped back, picked up the woman’s chart and scribbled some notes.

“How is she?…” the voice behind her startling her but in spite of wanting to scream, Brandy finished her writing, put the chart down on top of Ms. Wilkinson’s blanket covered legs before turning to face Kara…..” Everything is normal at the moment.. from our experience, O13 takes about 48 hours to merge with her cells and bond with her DNA. Then, we will know if her system is going to be accept the changes or reject them”

Leaning backwards against the table where Ms. Wilkinson lay sleeping, Brandy ran a hand through her hair, brushing it back out of her face. “ Of course you realize, that if the bonding fails, she will more than likely become a homicidal maniac killer subject to psychotic episodes of raging lunacy? “ Brandy paused…”..and when you add super meta-human powers, she will essentially a super human hunting and killing machine.”

Nodding, Kara walked over and stood by Ms. Wilkinson, reaching over, she reached out and ran her fingers down the side of the woman’s face…”..Yes, but after we found out about her daughter, the one in we have is that Tonya will not suspect or be ready for it and also, she will have a tendency to hold back against her grand mother, which, if it comes to that, will be mistake that will be her undoing…since her grandmother will have no similar restraints against her grand daughter, she will destroy her without blinking an eye….” Pausing…. Kara moved back from the edge of the table…”…move her to the island… I have ordered a nuclear charge be placed over her under ground holding cell.. if comes to that, we will entomb her with radiation just as we did before” Then turning on her heel, Kara walked out without waiting on a response.

{St. Mary’s Hospital}

Entering the room, the white coated doctor only briefly glanced at Maggie Barnes before moving over to stand in front of the young girl sitting on the exam table. Pulling the chart he held under his arm out, the doctor read briefly before he walked over to a light display mounted on the room wall, pulled out several x-rays and CT scans from the folder and clipped them on the lighted panel. Motioning to Paraclete, he began placing his finger on several points on the xrays to emphasis what he was saying. “..Test reveal you appear to have suffered some internal injuries.. from the blood work we took, it would seem that there is an unknown foreign anti-body in your blood stream which seems to be affecting your bodies natural healing mechanism. I am concerned that your immune system may be compromised and that could cause uncontrolled bleeding with any further injuries. Turning to Paraclete, he reached for her hand and gently turned her arm over, one finger tracing a dark line that seemed to track up the blood artery that disappeared into her suit. “… This dark line is in fact artery in your arm, which it appears is the point of entry, is your artery bleeding through the cells lining your artery walls. Right now your muscular system is absorbing the small leakage, but what you are seeing the direct affect of the internal bleeding taking place in your arm. I am going to give you a new clotting drug that I hope will help take are of the bleeding which you must understand is only a temporary solution and might or might now work. I want to see you back in a week to run more blood tests to see if the anti-bodies in your blood have decreased.”

Hesitating, he released her arm, “… our only other choice is to get a sample of the raw fluids that were injected into your arm and try to replicate a serum, but without that, you need to understand that eventually the anti-bodies will over take your system, replace your blood cells and eventually will cause death.”

Reaching into his lab coat pocket, he pulled a box of syringes out, “one per day for 7 days, don’t forget to take these, then back here in a week” He stepped back, pulled the xrays down and put them back into the folder before walking to the door only stopping to talk to Maggie..”..she is released into your custody… “ his voice lowering..” her closely, I have never seen an anti-body like this, its replacing her own blood with its own.. I cant say for sure because I havent treated anything like this before, but my guess is that its trying to change her body into something else and I have no idea what the end result might be.”

Nodding, Maggie walked over to Paraclete, “Ok heroine…lets go to the precinct, you have a lot of questions to answer..and you can start right now!

When the brave young detective spun and gave Don the verbal admonishment, the smirkest smirk of all time creased across Paraclete’s face. As Don backed away like the whipped puppy he was, the heroine gave him the sarcastic buh-bye dismissal wave and added in a shot of her own, “Be sure to add in your report how you need the department to invest in you a treadmill, lard ass”. Don growled and gave her the finger before disappearing behind the door to the stairs, where we will begin the battle of his life just to get down them.

With that done, Paraclete listened to the detective’s words to her. Other heroines and villians would have scoffed at her threats of 50 caliber bullets being used against them, but Paraclete played it smart and acted like such a thing was a viable threat to her, even though it wasn’t in the least bit. The heroine nodded and waved to the news helicopters before giving them and the surrounding police officers a big thumbs up. She pat Maggie on the back and nodded as she was whisked away. “No worries, Maggie. I was just trying to save lives and eliminate the threat. If I did something wrong in the process of it, I will gladly atone for it any way the courts may seem fit.”

{St. Mary’s Hospital}

It was a media circus by the time Paraclete and Maggie got to the hospital. About a million different theories had been thrown around in the short time it took for them to travel from the roof of the apartment complex to the hospital, and when both women exited the unmarked SUV, they were nearly blinded by the camera lights and flickers of portable and cell cameras. They, with help from hospital staff and police officers, forced their way into the ER section, all the while Paraclete continued to wave with her good arm and eased the public’s worry, spouting off stuff about a routine check up after a battle.

Once inside they were taken to a controlled wing of the hospital where the media wasn’t allowed. As soon as the door to the hospital room was closed, Paraclete all but collapsed onto the bed and clutched her hindered hand close to her chest. Everything was a blur for her at that point. Before she seemingly had time to blink, she was x-rayed and had a CT scan among a host of other things. When the doctor came in, though, things slowed down. She perked up as he set the results up on the board and started pointing key things out.

She nodded when he said internal injuries, “Been there, done that, Doc. It’ll heal up before you know it. Always does.” However, her confidence bwindled little by little as the man continued on with grim news after grim news, eventually capping if off with an assumption she never would have associated with herself….. death.

Paraclete’s jaw hung agape in freight. She shook her head “no” defiantly. “No sir, I’m Paraclete. Those charts must be wrong. They have to be. I’m invincible. I..I…. no…” A small mist took to Paraclete’s eyes, her voice was cracking. She was on the verge of crying but refused to let it happen. She is too strong for that, damn it.

At last some favorable news came. The good doctor advised her of the new clotting drug and she took the syringes from him almost greedily when offered. Not one to be duped easily, the young heroine examined them with the same intensity and vigor as Detective Barnes would a murder suspect. Paraclete still paid attention to the doctor and Maggie’s low voiced conversation, barely being able to make out what he was telling her. Paraclete’s heart sank at what she heard. This just couldn’t be right. She knew everything about Vampierella. The two had been best buddies for awhile. Heck, even Vampy herself told Paraclete ways of defeating her if she ever went crazy. But nothing the doc was telling Maggie ever came out of Vampy’s mouth, which led Paraclete to believe something or someone had done something to Vampirela.

Paraclete had to find Vampy ASAP. The visit to the precinct would just have to wait. Problem was, how would she evade Maggie without the whole police force being alerted? Paraclete nodded to Maggie when she told her to get up and join her to the police station. Paraclete gave the doctor a hug and thanked him in parting, then advised him she’ll see him in a week with a clean bill of health.

As they exited, Paraclete spotted the bathroom. “Maggie, I need to use the bathroom. I can not hold it. I may even vomit. I feel so sick right now. I know, I know…. you’ll have to escort me in and stand by my stall. Police procedure I know, well aware. But I definitely won’t make it to the precinct without peeing, pooping, and puking all over you.

Paraclete uncorked a huge sigh of relief when she plopped her award winning sexy rear end onto the toilet and closed the stall door. Her mind began to race with escape options. She could use silvery mist and teleport herself into the hallway, but she would still be in her Paraclete form and the police as well as media were swarming everywhere, so that plan was a no-go. She could easily just knock out Maggie but she didn’t want to harm the young detective in any way; she’d been so fair and nice to her. What she could do, however, was shape shift into the physical appearance of her friend Wanda, whom is a nurse at Piedmont General Hospital across town. That would give her the perfect out. It was settled. She would do that.

Gritting her teeth to prepare for the pain of the shape shift, Paraclete held onto the sides of the toilet seat and began to concentrate. Her body soon started to form shift and with it the pain. She let out a series of long groans and whimpers, which could easily be misconstrued as sounds one would make if on the toilet battling with the fierce enemy known as one’s own bodily fluids and waste. Her powerful suit vanished and was replaced with the clothes her alter ago, Tonya Wilkinson had worn that day. Her face and body, however, was that of her friend Wanda. Different hair color. Different eye color. Different look.

Her transformation complete, “Wanda” stealthily slid under the stall to her left and continued the process until she was three stalls away from the one Maggie was guarding. She flushed the toilet, coughed, and exited. To make things less suspicious she actually took the time to stand in front of the bathroom mirror fluffing her hair, washing her hands, and doing the things women generally do. After that, she politely exited the bathroom and immediately began a fast paced walk down the hallway, politely excusing herself past several police officers.

The hydraulic hiss of the double doors sounded off and she was free out of the doors of the ER and the hospital itself. She quickly spotted a young nurse exiting a taxi cab so she rushed over, damn near knocking the nurse on her ass, and jumped into the cab leaving a trail of yellow puss from her hand behind. “Drive damn it just drive” she ordered. With all the craziness going on, she didn’t think to even check on her granmother.

nstinctively, at the sounds coming from the stall, Maggie moved back across the room and leaned against a sink. Taking her phone out of her pocket, Maggie checked her texts and emails as with all humans, the business taking place was more or less an intimate bodily function. Not really paying that much attention as the sounds stopped, Maggie looked up at the sound of a cough that emitted from the stall at the end of the room. Strange, Maggie thought to herself, she had not been aware of anyone in the facility when they had entered, but then, she had not taken the time to check for anyone else.

Watching the young woman walk out of the stall, pass in front of her and then walk out the door, it was more Maggie’s police instincts than any conscious effort that caused her to note the features of the young girl more than anything else, but later, Maggie would realize that her training had been triggered by something familiar about the woman even though she did not know it at the time.

Finally, after a few minutes of silence, Maggie walked over to the stall and rapped on the door…” have had enough time in there…lets go…” and after not receiving any acknowledgement or hear any movement, she pushed on the locked stall door…”..look, I will kick this door in sweetie if you do not open it right now!!”

Upon receiving no answer, Maggie stepped back, raised her foot and slammed the door open with a single kick which revealed an empty stall. “…Shit!!!..” she cursed and then went down the line, stall by stall to find herself the only other person in the room.
Grabbing the radio from her hip, she pressed the button…”..Officer 1206… Code 612” (prisoner escaped) and as the face of the woman that had left a few minutes ago flashed into her mind…”…need BOLO and warrant issued for..” and as she walked out of the hospital, she gave the description of the only other person that passed her to leave the room.

{Crump Estate}
“Yes…this had better be good Anna..” the masseuse having had to pull the white terry cloth towel back up over Kara’s nude back, pick up her smart phone and hand it to Kara. “…tell Melinda hi and don’t forget to work on the tight muscles in quadrant four…” Anna chirped cheerfully having learned long ago that Kara appreciated her ability to give back the same attitude in equal amounts.. “..police scanners…our girl has eluded their capture…also the good doctor reports that it appears the vampires regeneration genes have successfully been reactivated.. she is apparently going through the turning process. The doctor gave her the drugs to slow the change down as ordered, we just need to hope she is resourceful enough to find an antidote as you had calculated..”

Pulling the towel around her body as she set up, Kara motioned to Melinda that she was free to leave… “Anna…what about the DNA sequence splice, the research indicates once bitten, the carrier under goes a change that prohibits them from harming the host to the point that anything they try to do the host is boomerang inflicted on the carrier instead…” standing up, Kara dropped the towel and moved to pick up a terry cloth robe hanging on the wall near the door.. “…yes mam, the test we ran on subject X-232 who was tasked to cut up the vampire showed that the cuts ended up on his own body, unfortunately, the subject tried to stab the vampire in the heart and ended up with a tearing gash in his own heart” Having pulled up the video of the experiment watched as man with cuts all over his body suddenly lunged and plunged the knife into Vampirella’s chest only to suddenly go rigid himself, grab his own chest and fall to the floor dead.. “..your DNA sequence has been spliced into the regeneration genes so they should become a part of Tonya to the point she should be unable to bring herself to harm you and if she does, the harm intended for you should be reflected in her own body..”

Walking out onto the terrace overlooking her vast estate, Kara smiled to herself…”..then all proceeding according to plan…. I have plans for Paraclete to undo the damage she has done when she re-animated all those worthless heroines, and I need her fully controllable” a thoughtful look crossed Kara’s face.. “… we need to make sure she doesn’t turn… makes sure she finds the vampire… “ ending the call, Kara sat the phone down on the table and settled into the lounge chair where a maid instantly appeared in set a drink on the table next to it.

Her fingers flying across the superimposed keyboard on desktop, Anna pulled up the location of Vampirella from the small tracking device that had been injected into her blood stream and then looked at Tonya’s location from the tracker that also flowed through hers that had been injected during all the blood tests at the hospital. Punching a key, a dialing sequence sounded as digits of Tonya’s phone appeared on the display in front of Anna and then was followed by the ringing sound. Responding to Tonya’s voice mail. “…Tonya, Anna, Ms. Crump has been informed of an altercation that indicates a killer is loose in the city and she has concerns for you and your grandmother as she does for all of her employees. It is company directive that all employees stay away from the area of the old power plant on Bayshore drive as Kara’s contact in the police department indicates they are tracking a break in there, once you get this message, please use the “Yes, OK’ number to enter you have received this message and are not in any danger. This is Standard Operating Procedure for all Crump Industry employees anytime there is a major life threatening event… “ punching the end call button, Anna stood from her desk and stretched lazily before she headed down to the lab to check on Ms. Wilkinson.

{Lab 1401}
Brandy once again felt Ms. Wilkinson’s pulse as she counted off her pulse before she took the stethoscope out and placed on the woman’s chest listening to her heart. Distracted as she listened, Brandy failed to see the older woman’s eyelids flash open and the black, milky liquid that swam across her eyeballs until her eyes became totally black and then an instant later, her eyes suddenly became a blazing red in color before she closed her eyes once again

Walking into the room, Anna moved over and looked down into the face of the older woman and spoke to no one in particular. “..sometimes I hate this job…” her words trailed off before she composed her job and turned to face Brandy…”.. progress?”

Without looking up, Brandy finished listening to Ms. Wilkinson’s heart beat before she stood, pushed the stethoscope back from her ears and looked at Anna. “.. everything is going well. We made a change with this version of the serum and it seems to be bonding well instead of mutating as the other samples have done.. if it keeps going well, Ms. Wilkinson may be the first instance of a leap in the generations of evolution of humans.. but as it is, it is a bit too early to tell…”

Nodding, Anna turned and walked towards the door, “..I will inform Ms. Crump…keep me statused of her progress” and stepped from the room, the heavy thick blast door hissing as it sealed tightly shut behind her.

{Old Power Plant, Bayshore Drive}
Nestled high in the steel cross beams of the blast containment room, Vampirella lay curled into a ball. Her mind seemed as if it was on speed as the events that had just occurred ran like a high speed film through her consciousness. A growl escaped her lips when the vision of Paraclete flashed through her mind, the rage causing the talons of her left hand to scrape and dig deep grooves into the steel beam and then a light whimpering sound occurred as the scene changed to Tonya and the relationship she had shared with the girl flashed into her reality before the two visions merged and the confusion of feelings caused a whimpering sound to escape her lips.

Somewhere deep inside her, Vampirella sensed that a part of her had long ago had been repressed and that part once again had changed to become active and even then flowed through her blood. There was only one deep, dark secret that her species had long ago, after great turmoil and heart break had managed to squelch and subdue and was of such a deep pain for her kind that it was never shared or even spoken of among the Valkon’s.

From generations past, there was a part of her being that had regularly replicated the dark part of her being into other creatures during their feeding cycles. For generations, the Valkons had pushed the black virus, that part of her blood that actually turned others into those of her own kind had been conquered and repressed, which was a tremendous victory for her kind as the being that was produced from the dark change carried the most heartless and soulless dark evil side of their being and what, for a long time had kept the Valkon’s a civilized people in the transference of that part of the Valkon’s into their victims.

Her kind’s history was filled with memories of countless purges of the “dark others”, the hunts and killings, which were required to rid her civilization of the those that were changed and with the change, where their evil nature that inhabited the Valkon blood line had been transfered. Now, somehow, Vampirella sensed, without knowing it, that centuries of countless pain for her kind had once again been released and the goodness that was her people was being reversed.

Drawing herself tighter into a ball, a part of her felt tremendous guilt for having been involved in the wanton killings and sorrow arose in the knowledge that she had passed this evil of her own kind into her friend, yet, part of her knew that as Tonya transformed, the transference of the darkness inside her would once again allow the vampire to step into the world as civilized person and free of the darkness once again.

“Just drive” Tonya yelled when the middle eastern man inquired about her destination. He let out a growl but mashed on the gas and sped away, silently cursing her in his head, stupid entitled infidel cow-bitch. He drove for about two miles before asking her for the destination again, to which she stammered and sunk low in the back seat when a few rushing police cars flew by going in the opposite direction. “Uhh, hold on, let me think. Just keep driving.”

Tonya’s mind raced with what the hell to do. This day had went from the greatest she’d ever had to an absolute nightmare come to life. This was different, much different than her usual dealings with the elements of evil. It was usually a cat and mouse game for a little bit, then she pounces on the mouse and defeats it. It had been pretty for her, as Paraclete, to defeat these evil doers so easily, but this foe she faced was on a whole other level.

Tonya had more questions than answers. Where could she go? She certainly couldn’t retreat to her house or her grandparents, because those places were teeming with cops most likely. Then again, they were looking for Paraclete, not Tonya per say, so perhaps she could show up as Tonya and bullshit her way through it all. Nah. Maybe not. Whoever changed Vampy might know who Tonya really is. She couldn’t risk that. The young heroine really wished the other heroines were in town and not off saving the world in every damn direction except her city, but that’s the price you pay for telling them you could hold the fort down whilst they played saviours of the galaxy.

Once again her hand and arm started tingling and numbing, more intense this time. She pulled out the glob of syringes the doctor had given her and injected herself with one, right near the bend of her elbow. The sensation felt good at first, but started to burn a little, before subsiding. Growing increasingly dejected by her circumstances, she looked at the syringes more intently. “Fuck it, I’m a super heroine.” And with that, she stabbed another syringe into her arm, figuring her sky high constitution could handle it. After a few seconds it seemed to work. Her arm and hand started to lessen in their tingling and the numbness faded.

Her mind shot back to the destination she needed to go. Tonya honestly couldn’t think of any place. Sure, there were a few places she could go and probably be safe, but her paranoia got the best of her and she decided not to. Then, it hit her, somehow in all the chaos she had forgotten about Vampy and her whereabouts. Tonya perked up and gave the cabbie directions to the cemetery where she originally revived Vampirella. Hopefully the sentimental value of the location would shine through to Vampy and the pair could finish what they started there. She sunk back into her seat and huddled up for a bit and dozed off.

Her cell phone fell out of her pocket and hit with a thud on the floor mat less region beneath her, which barely alerted her. She picked it up and saw an alert. It was a voicemail. Somehow Tonya had slept through the ringing, or perhaps she never bothered putting it off of silence once leaving Crump Tower. She listened to it and her heart skipped a beat. The individual they were speaking about in the voicemail most definitely had to be Vampy. In fact, the more she thought about it, the Power Plant on Bayshore Drive was where the two had once teamed up to take out a mad scientist and his gaggle of goons. It had been such an easy victory for them that she had forgotten all about it for a moment.

“Hey Akmed, change of plans. Head to the old Power Plant on Bayshore Drive. And step on it.” He gave a nod and a thumbs up but again silently admonished her.Stupid American imbecile. My name is Charlie. He carried on and was ordered to stop about a half mile from the gate of the old power plant. Before he could say anything, the girl was out of the door. She tossed him a wad of cash, not knowing or caring if it was enough to cover the fare, and beat feet into the night. In mid stride she morphed into Paraclete and, as she neared the gates of the plant, sought out the wooden barriers and pallets still lying about.

With ease of her enhanced strength, she broke apart several sections of it and chopped them so that they made crude wooden stakes. Paraclete’s heart sank as she stared at the items, tools that are one of the few vulnerabilities Vampirella had. In a few moments she might actually have to drive one or more into her friend’s heart. Sobbing some, the heroine shoved them between her golden sash and hip and trotted forward. As she neared the structure, she found it odd that the police who tipped off Ms. Crump were not so quick to make it to the power plant yet. In fact, she couldn’t hear a single siren in the distance. Certainly they would be near by now, if not already swarming.

Her thinking was cut off by the faint sound of something scraping against steel inside the main building of the plant, so she as any good heroine would do, rushed to it and walked in like she owned the place. Coming to a stop dead center of the place, she put her hands on her hips in her best super heroine pose and looked around. Still crying some, her voice cracked as she yelled, “Vampy, I know you are here. I can sense it. You’ve done some things that can not be. You must atone for them. And you may have infected me with.. something… some kind of virus. You need to tell me how to reverse it.”

A blur of fast moving darkness shot down from the rafters and landed a few feet from Paraclete, causing the heroine to jump back startled. It was Vampy. The conflicted Vampire was emotionally distraught. Her eyes were pools of sorrow mixed with hints of rage. She rubbed her arms and clawed down them, as if torturing herself to keep from torturing Paraclete. “I’m sorry, Paraclete. You’re too… weak.. to be cured right now. I don’t even know if it is possible.” Vampy choked back some tears and kept looking away. “Vampy, I’m Paraclete. I’m strong enough to deal with anything, you know that.” The Vampy One shook her head no. “Not this. It took us centuries and many powerful of my kind to purge this virus from the worlds. You are just one soul. I am just one soul. It is going to take you…. ch.. change you… into something worse than death itself.”

Paraclete was gobsmacked. She couldn’t say anything. Fear and trepidation took hold of the mighty heroine. She just stood there with dropped jaw. Vampirella continued, “And because I know what you will become and what you will spread, I…. I’m so sorry… but I will have to… purge you.” Vampy extended her arms out to her sides, talons sharp and menacing, and let out a roar of both rage and sorrow. “THIS IS CRAZY! STOP IT! WE CAN BEAT THIS!” Screamed Paraclete, but Vampy, perhaps not in her right mind or missing key parts of her past, lunged forward with terrible resolve.

Her claws swung with a quickness that made the speed of light wish that it was faster. Several strikes raked down Paraclete’s impervious suit, sending sparks and shards of talons flying. As Paraclete would find out though, these were diversions. Vampy knew striking the suit would be useless, but she also knew it would be distracting enough for a legsweep. It worked. Paraclete landed flat on her athletic ass and the Vampire leapt on top, hands reaching for the heroine’s head to either cave it in or possibly rip it clean from her shoulders. Something quick so to not make her friend suffer too much.

This was met with Paraclete’s knee jutting up into Vampy’s private regions, followed by the heroine tossing her off and kipping up to her vertical base. Paraclete sped forward with super speed and lowered her shoulder, aiming it at her bread basket. Just when she was to make contact, her brain and teeth were rattled hard by an unseen but HELLACIOUS high kneelift. The impact sent Paraclete rocketing toward the rafters, her head pinging and dinging against the steel beams, before plummeting back down into Vampy’s waiting talons.

The menacing claws roared upward at an angle, poised perfectly for a lethal (possible) decapitation strike in one swoop. Seeing this impending doom and not having much time to do anything with it, Paraclete allowed her seldom used power (and the one she hated the most) to flourish. Two enormous red heat beams whizzed out of her eyes and made purchase with the ground, Vampy having used her uncanny supernatural reflexes to dodge out of the way in the nick of time.

Paraclete landed on her feet but her eyes were burning and hurting. Exactly the reason she hated using it. Her head also hurt but the pain was quickly subsiding thanks to her divine properties. For Vampy, she knew this wasn’t going to be a quick end. There was no kill shot for her friend. She was going to have to beat her senseless, wear her down, then sadly purge the virus from her. Bursting forth, she sped hungrily at her foe. Paraclete, on the other hand, has had enough and unsheathed one of the stakes. Her vision cleared, she spied her friend-turned-enemy barreling down on her, so she hurled the stake at her chest with truculent force.

The wooden projectile gave Vampy reason for alarm but the dogged woman snatched it from the air and twirled, hurtling it right back to its sender. Paraclete swatted it away and ducked a volley of claws and kicks coming at her from what seemed like a million different directions. In irony, it was a legsweep of her own that downed Vampirella, and she followed up by grabbing her by the feet and using her as a gong to beat against the side of a massive generator. The sound of body on metal clanged loud. The generator started to dent inward as Paraclete, crying but also raging, continued to pound her once best buddy into unconsciousness.

Summoning a tremendous amount of super strength, Paraclete did a full 360 degree rotation with her foe in tow and released her against the generator. The metallic monolith caved in and gave way. The side section of it broke apart and Vampirella came to a rest with only her feet dangling from the opening of the generator. It was a scene almost straight out of the Wizard of Oz, when the wicked witch was crushed by the house and only her feet showed. Paraclete collapsed onto her hands and knees. Not out of battle fatigue, but out of emotional turmoil. She was crying and shaking. However, she stayed true and shakily unsheathed another stake from her sash.

She moved in on the feet and grabbed one, prepared to yank her out and plunge the stake in. But she hesitated. There had to be another way. Her naive-ness, a key and unfortunate trait for a lot of heroines, kicked in and she started to think of options, any options no matter how absurd they may be to somehow turn this into a happy ending for both of them. That’s when the foot in her hand turned to mist. “Damnit!” Paraclete hissed. Within seconds, the stake in her hand was knocked clean from her grip by the woman she’d hesitated to kill.

Next her sash was ripped from around her waist, Paraclete grabbing for the stakes in vain. The wooden weapons were cast aside and out of reach. Vampirella moved with quickness not even Paraclete could keep up with right now. The heroine threw some wild strikes and tried to grab the fast moving creature who had misty stepped back into the battle. In a tactic Paraclete could have never imagined, Vampirella grabbed the heroine’s golden cape and pulled it over Paraclete’s head, then proceeded to wrap it around and around her head and face. Blinded and disadvantaged now, Paraclete was helpless to defend against the flurry of super powered punches that overwhelmed her a moment later.

It seemed liked a thousand fists were pummeling her head and face in no time. Paraclete tried to block, push, move, but Vampy had her pinned against the side of the generator and left her no reprieve. The blows rattled her like none ever had. Her healing properties were not acting fast enough to keep up with the incredible amount of damage being done in such a short amount of time. There was just no end in sight. Paraclete began to scream some, begging, reasoning with her tormentor, who kept roaring and howling with mixed emotions.

Paraclete’s knees began to slowly pull toward each other. Her eyes, hidden under cape, crossed toward her nose. She was wilting.


{Lab 1401)

Alone in the lab, the only sounds Brandy could hear was the monotonous sounds of never changing monitors detailing the vital signs of the patient laying comatose on the table and having checked her condition hundreds of times, Brandy yawned widely as she stood and stretched her back before she turned away form Ms. Wilkinson, walked over to desk, set down and began typing in her report.

Behind her on the table, slowly, one of Ms. Wilkinson’s slid open then another, the hazel’s eyes blinking several times and tried to focus. Confused, the older lady’s mind worked to fight out of the drug induced stupor that she had been placed in. For the life of her, Ms. Wilkinson could did not know or understand where she was. The last thing she remembered, she was on her way home and had stopped by to take her required blood test. Tonya would be home and expecting a nice supper and hopefully eager to share the excited experiences of her first day at work. Turning her head, she could see Brandy, sitting at a desk with her back turned towards her…” excuse me dear… but..I seem to have fallen asleep..and for goodness sakes..” she tried to lift her hands only finding them tied down to the metal table. “..oh lordie, now how did this happen?”

Jerking suddenly at the sound of Ms. Wilkinson’s voice behind her, Brandy whirled around and stood quickly, her normal reaction causing her to back up against the edge of the desk with a surprised look on her face…”..oh…Ms. Wilkinson….er…uh….how are you feeling?”

Completely missing the reaction and a the passing look of fear on Brandy’s face, Ms. Wilkinson tried to move her body that was bound by the straps on the table. “.. I am feeling just fine sweetie, but for the life of me, why did you tie me to a table? That was most rude of you!” her voice taking on a bit of annoying sound.

Hesitatingly, Brandy edge over beside the table. “..well…when I stuck the needle in your arm Ms. Wilkinson, you sort of gasped and fainted… we needed to let you lay down until you felt better and didn’t want you to fall off the table, so we strapped you down” and picking up a stethoscope, Brandy checked the woman’s heart beat and again checked the readings from the probes attached to her body. “ does look like you are doing much better…” Brandy paused . “..are you sure your feeling all right?”

Ms. Wilkinson nodded her head as best she could once again, “…I am fine dearie, now let me up, my grand daughter will be at home waiting on me to fix her dinner, she is a bright girl, but just doesn’t take care of herself like she should…be a sweet girl and let me up..” she smiled a grand motherly look at Brandy who hesitantly reached over and released the straps.

Sitting up, Ms. Wilkinson turned to lower her legs before she stood up, “ know, er..Brandy wasn’t it? I feel better than I have ever felt in my life, I swear, my old arthritis pains seem to be gone, I swear, this job is going to do wonders for me!”

Nodding slowly, Brandy stepped back and kept a good distance away from the woman, “ I will walk you out Ms. Wilkinson…this way please…” raising her hand, Brandy indicated the high strength lab door. “..I want to see you back tomorrow to make sure you are doing well, I don’t usually have patients pass out on me…”

Chuckling softly, Ms. Wilkinson reached over to pat Brandy’s arm and paid no attention to the fact that the girl jerked back at her movement. “..I am a tough old bird dearie, I will be fine, now, I must go…”

{Bay Shore Drive Power Plant}

Vampirella a loud growling snarl tearing from her lips at each powerful blow slammed time and time again into Paraclete’s stomach, ribs and cape covered head, with most of the blows reigning on the heroine’s head that did not have the benefit that the suit provided for the rest of her body. The blood line of the hunter ran deep in Vampirella which it does with any vampire and it was that gene pool that gave her the ability to sense just what condition her prey was in and she could more or less sense a change in Paraclete. The heroine was weakening, Vampirella could sense it, the heroine had been able to land some decent blows that had hurt the vampire, but like the Super Heroine, her healing abilities had been able to keep up with the damage that Paraclete had been able to dish out and then, Paraclete’s blows had become less frequent and her attempts to defend against Vampirella’s onslaught had become more random and ineffective.

Slowly, her blows began to change, not in frequency, but in location, as more and more blows reigned down on Paraclete’s unprotected skull with a smashing blow to each side of her head, then the other, then both together before she changed tactics and smashed blows into the front of the skull, then the back, then sandwiching front and back at the same time with equal blows. The brain, which essentially floats in a fluid inside the skull, being very susceptible to damage due impacts of any kind, struggled to absorb the constant pounding as it slammed from one side of the inside of its bony cap to the other side and then back to front.

Vampirella stepped forward, with each powerful blow to Paraclete’s head with an occasional blows to the stomach and ribs for good measure, to keep up with the heroine who was giving ground, a step or two at a time with each powerful blow that reigned onto her body.

Finally, reaching the large circular blast protection doorway, Vampirella reached over between blows and punched the red button which caused a klaxon to began sounding as the 6 foot thick door, made of concrete, lead and steel began to swing slowly closed. Timing her moves just right, Vampirella suddenly stopped her pounding just enough to grab Paraclete’s golden cape, and with a mighty pull, jerked Paraclete’s body off her feet and began swinging her like one would see one swinging a shot put until she was spinning almost at a blur and in the last instant, she brought Paraclete’s body against the steel frame, her lower back slamming against the curved edge with the force bending her backwards as just as the door hissed shut pinning the heroine between the door and frame, the hydraulics squeezing her there with tremendous pressures as the door groaned to complete its closure.

Throwing her head back and roaring, Vampirella, consumed with thirst from her continued attack, suddenly vanished into a mist, the reappeared beside Paraclete’s head, grabbed her hair and jerked her head back to reveal Paraclete’s smooth neck, the artery there pumping against the flawless skin. Looking into the herione’s face, Vampirella mumbled, I am sorry, but the purge must happen…for your own good…” and without hesitation, Vampirella raised her head, her long fangs shinny white and gleaming as they slammed down and into the pulsing vein in Paraclete’s neck.

The bombardment had no end. Paraclete tried so very hard to keep her powerful arms up in random blocking motions around her cape covered head and face, hoping like hell some would absorb the blows at least to give her time to unwrap her head, but not a single damn time did it work. She was literally a blind woman in an ass kicking contest. Suddenly a blow landed with murderous intent upon her forehead. It rocked her wildly. Her knees, which were already buckling in toward each other, smashed against one another with a audible pop. Her head jerked back like whiplash motion of a car wreck, the back of her noggin slamming into and denting the panel wall of the steel generator.

In all honesty, it was that trusty ole generator that kept Paraclete standing, even now. The partial destruction of it earlier had left the wall uneven, giving Paraclete almost a chair to sit in to enjoy her nice dinner of fists. Another shot landed, then another, and another. The heroine’s arms, once random but high near her head, started to sag a little. Yet more fists came screaming in and it was a double fist to each side of her skull that sent her arms down to her sides, listless, barely moving. The twin blow had effectively breached all of Paraclete’s impenetrable defenses (of her head and face at least).

With absolutely no resistance being offered from the dominant do-gooder, Vampirella took liberty in utterly and totally wrecking her adversary with rights and lefts that violently snapped Paraclete’s head to and fro. There were no begs, no pleas, no screams, only a small and pathetic whimper from the super heroine as she was resigned to being pummeled by 14 unanswered blows. If it weren’t for the make shift chair of the uneven wall, Paraclete would have long been sprawled out on the ground, to which she would still be getting pulverized into oblivion. In short, though, she was out on her feet in every sense of the term. Which was a good thing because she didn’t have to feel the last onslaught of knuckle bombs that inundated her brain-case.

The battered heroine, felled from her impoverished pedestal, awoke to the world spinning around her in a hectic blur. Her recovering abilities were at least working enough to bring her barely to consciousness, but it wasn’t really going to help her in this situation. The beating coupled with the hellish spinning sent her stomach into a protest, and before long her mouth flew open and out shot vomit that sprayed everywhere. Perhaps it was the release trigger, because almost immediately after that, she was let go and sent spiraling out of control. A loud wail thundered from the heroin’es lips as her body felt like it was lit ablaze from the impact.

It was actually temporary paralysis. If she were a normal being, this effect would last quite awhile and she would be left forever paralyzed. Fortunately she is Paraclete, the Paragon of Power, and mighty in her ways so her regenerative properties began to fuse together the severed parts inside, while Paraclete languished in pain and burning sensations. She was stuck between a rock and a hard place – pun intended. A fully powered Paraclete who hadn’t been brutally pummeled would not have too much of a problem powering out of the perilous predicament, but that wasn’t the case here. She was in dire straights. In a bind she had never faced since becoming a heroine. She was hurt badly and scared to death.

Her efforts to free herself, however noble they were, ultimately fell inadequate as the door threatened to squeeze the very life out of her even as her friend-turned-enemy loomed closer. Somewhere along the way, during the shot put swing ride she took, her cape had finally undone itself from her head and face. She could now see the demonic look upon Vampy’s visage staring down at her. Paraclete tried to eek out a plea for her life but her head was yanked hard. There would be no mercy. She knew it. Her hand and arms free, Paraclete pawed feebly at the woman who now laid claim to her life, and then the fangs flashed as the heroine looked past the Vampire and uttered, “forgive me”…

Simultaneous with the ravaging fangs sinking into the heroine’s virtuous neck, the Vampire’s body jolted and a guttural whimper muffled from her bite. Not one. Not two. But three of the wooden stakes Vampirella had disarmed Paraclete of now stood in bloody lust through Vampy’s chest. The dark fluid soaked devices came to a stop not far from Paraclete’s face, the stakes having made a nearly through-and-through journey from the point of entry of Vampirella’s back. The vicious woman said nothing and did nothing else as her fangs retracted and she fell to the ground. It was there, on the floor of the ole plant, that Vampirella gave up the ghost.

The telekinesis Paraclete had used to bring the stakes into action would cost her dearly. The concentration of mind, the force of energy as well as the desperation involved, were too much for the powerful but severely injured heroine’s brain to undertake. She had no time to mourn her friend’s death. No time to cry. Her vision blurred and slowly her eyes rolled in toward her skull and her lids shut, perhaps permanently. She had suffered a hemorrhage – aneurysm – something. In laymen’s terms, she blew a fuse.

Just outside of the Power Plant’s wall stood two homeless men. Well, they called the area around the plant there home anyway. The pair had once worked at the plant when it was in its hayday. When Crump Inc came into town though, she bought up the plant and land for god knows what, and they were laid off work. The two never recovered and ultimately wound up homeless. Freddy and Sammy, better known as Foodstamp Freddy and Soupline Sammy, had just stumbled upon something huge though. They had heard all the commotion and rushed over to see what all the racket was.

They made it to the window of the plant just in time to catch the final scene of the seemingly double murder of two enemies. Sammy quickly pulled out his crappy freebie cell given to him by the government and dialed 911 as Freddy just stood in a mix of fascination and horror. “911 emergency, what is your location and degree of emergency?”… Sammy stuttered and looked back in the window… “Yes ma’am.. uh… uh… hurry up get to 632 Bayshore Drive..the ole power plant. It done been destroyed by uhh… my god I think its that heroine we keep seeing on TV and some evil looking thing.”

The dispatcher paused, “Heroine? Superheorine? Which one, sir?” Sammy tried to recall. He saw her a few times on the news when he was flopping at the local McDonalds. “I think it’s um… that Para… damn it whats her name?? Para…” He took another glance inside and seeing only an angle of her, namely her big boobs, he shrugged… “Para-tits is what I call her but I can’t remember her actual name.” The dispatcher frantically started pressing buttons to get EMS moving, “Sir, I think you mean Paraclete. Yes sir, we have EMS on the way. Police and everyone will be there in a moment just sit tight.”

Sammy would go on to tell the dispatcher all the important details about Paraclete’s current predicament. Stuck, busted up, perhaps dead. He gave good solid intel that kept being dished out over the police and EMS nets. They didn’t wait around though. This was their time to do something great so they barged in and began trying to move the huge circular door that held her wedged. They both knew from having worked here that there was no real emergency release button for this situation. Sure, there was, but it would prove counterproductive given the human sized obstruction in its path. So they did the next best thing and tried to rally Paraclete back to the land of the living.


{Crump Tower – 104th Floor}

“..we’ve lost contact with the heroine and the vampire…” Anna mumbled into her ear piece… “..well. you had better find her again Anna or you might as well go take the job as lingerie model” Kara said as she steered the powerful Lamborghini through the streets, its throaty roar echoing off the sides of the cavernous streets between the tall sky scrapers of downtown. “….send in the security teams.. we need to get control over the situation asap..I am headed there now..” and with that Kara broke the connection, shifted down a gear and punched the gas feed. Immediately the 2200 HP twin turbo engine caused the tires to spin on the pavement before they caught and the sleek little sports car roared towards the old Power Plant.

{Power Pant Bayshore Drive}

Sammy patted Paraclete’s cheek and spoke comforting words to her while Freddy held her hand, the hydraulics of the blast door hissing as it fought to cut the obstruction in half that was keeping it from closing.

It was Freddy that saw the small red dots first and turned to say something to Sammy when what sounded like whispers of small angry hornets zipped towards them and was, in those milliseconds, the last sounds that either of the two homeless men heard in their pathetic lives.

The black clothed teams quickly checked and secured the grounds while two black vans careened into the building and spun around, one barely coming to a stop as obviously what was a medical team leaped from the inside of the van to surround Vampirella, attaching lines, wires all the while scooping her up to place her into the black van before suddenly disappearing into the night.

Spilling from the other van, the medical team quickly surrounded Paraclete… commands coming rapid fire… “..get the IV in….get the door stopped and open.. I cant get a pulse… 200 cc of xycathian…” Quickly and efficiently a tube was inserted in the artery in her neck directly feeding her heart while tubes where run down her throat into her lungs to pump air into her lungs. Quickly a hand held scanning machine was passed over head. In the van, a holographic image of Paraclete’s head quickly appeared in layers as each scan built graphical image of the girls head and brain. “…got it…right here… “ the doctor punched a finger at the site of the bleeding.. “an aneurysm, it looks at least controlled or she would be toast. “ yelling out the back of the van.. “..10 cc of Vasopressor and 15 cc of Keppra stat…. she needs surgery stat to close off the rupture before it causes her brain to swell..” the doctor said as he selected several medical packages and jumped from the van.

Ripping open the sealed packs, he reached for the tube inserted into the artery of her neck and very carefully began to thread the micro fiber “snake” into the tube and watching the holographic image in the van behind him, he carefully threaded through up the artery into her brain, working it carefully through several narrow spots until it was stationed right at the tear in the vein. With several quick bursts from the laser, the wound was cauterized closed and he slowly withdrew the fiber. “blood pressure stabilizing, brain activity still below thresholds..

Finally setting back on his haunches, the doctor wiped his forehead with the arm of his jump suit. “… its up to her own healing abilities now..” he mumbled just before the familiar voice behind him. “…well done doctor…but we are not done here…” stepping into the light, a figure wearing a skin tight black leather pants and halter top walked up and looked down at Paraclete.

“What is the status of the virus and the gene markers we put in the vampire?” Kara knelt beside the doctor and received the medical reply..“The virus died when the master vampire died… that is typical of the vampire virus…its unsure whether the gene markers bonded with her DNA… only time will tell.. “ the doctor looked at Kara,

Running her hand over the suit covering Paraclete’s body she wistfully mumbled.. . “..too bad we cant peel this off of her.. “ Kara said wistfully,….”…if we cant remove it, lets see if we can control it..” Kara muttered “.. insert the xenotrope”

Nodding, the doctor reached into a nearby medical bag and pulled out a small vial containing what appeared to be a clear solution. Inserting a syringe needle into the rubber cap, he withdrew the total solution containing a microscopic silver cylinder, reached down and injected it directly into the tube in Paraclete’s neck.

“Done” he said as he stood… “she needs to rest..” the doctor said matter of factly.

Tracking her fingers over her Paraclete’s face. “…lets get her back to her to her apartment, the incident teams have completed their work and the police have been called off.. give her the altered Antivan drug… that will wipe this whole episode out of her memory,” Nodding… the team quickly loaded Paraclete into the van and sped off..

{Tonya’s Apartment}

Floating within Tonya’s blood and being pushed along with each heat beat, the xenotrope moved up the main artery and into her brain until it finally sensed the proper location and with silent movement slid open. Hundreds of tentacles shot out of the cylinder and quickly began spreading through the tissues of the brain and attaching themselves to key points and centers within the brain until finally satisfied, it quietly went dormant.

Echoing through the bedroom, the irritating buzzing of the alarm clock filled the room with is persistent jangle.

Tonya turned over in her bed and power slapped the alarm cock into oblivion. It made a odd chirp then went silent and fell off the night stand. Tonya sat up in bed clutching her head. It was full of pain twinges, not a steady pain but one that seemed to be in rhythmic harmony with her pulses. “What the hell??” Even when not in Paraclete form Tonya was formidable, having powers, fast healing properties, and an extremely high pain threshold. So for her to have a headache or any form of pain or illness, which she hadn’t had in well over a decade, was truly vexing for her if not a little alarming.

She rolled her beautiful naked body out of bed and stumbled around in her room like a blind man in a rock quarry for a little bit. A slight fogginess to the pain was present. She shook her head a few times and ventured into the bathroom where she took a nice hot shower and got dressed. By the time she finished all of that the pain and haziness had dissipated and she started feeling good again. “Did I go out partying last night?” She questioned herself. She’d only been drunk once, when she turned 21, and remember waking up with a small hangover which was a little different than what she felt when she had woken up a few moments ago.

She tried to think back to last night but all she could remember was having the greatest day in the history of her life and being dropped off at her apartment by Ms. Crump’s personal assistant. Tonya shook her head and shrugged. Today was her day off. She was going to go turn in her resignation to Food Lion then prepare for her first day at Crump Tower tomorrow. She smiled and skipped happily out of her room, down her hallway, and into the living room area. Something was immediately off putting to her when she got to the middle.

She couldn’t put her finger on it right away as she scanned the living room, but she eventually found it, or at least the first thing. Her love seat was not where it should be. It was about three feet to the right of its normal placement. She paused and looked further. On guard now, she got in a fighting stance and stalked around her living room, a small spark of paranoia setting in. She scooted the loveseat back where it belonged and continued into the kitchen, still on guard as if expecting someone to jump out of the shadows or the fridge and try to get her.

She opened the fridge and reached in to pull out a bottle of her favorite drink, Mountain Dew. She grabbed a can of it, opened it, and grinned in relief whilst uttering “Ahh yes, somebody dew me, hehe.” All was well now, or so she though. As she took another look in the fridge to possibly make a breakfast, she noticed the food items were arranged differently than the way she had them previously. She had not had any visitors to her knowledge (as she never has) yet somebody had rudely rummaged through her kitchen. It was obvious. Tonya was not happy and slammed the door shut.

She turned toward the counter and saw a small business card sitting there. She paid it no mind at first, thinking it was Ms. Crump’s, but as she spied it a little closer she saw the city’s police shield on it so she scooped it up. The name on it was Officer David Jetter. A little worried and thinking there may be a link to all the odd things she’d encountered since waking up, she dialed the number. It rang several times and a man’s voice reached out to her from the other side of the line. “Officer Jetter.” Tonya cleared her throat. “Yes, hello there, this is Tonya Wilkinson. I found your card on my counter. May I ask what is the problem?”

He urged her to hang on for a minute as he pulled up her name and address on his police computer. Attached to her file was a ping to have her call tranfered to Detective Maggie Barnes. He advised Tonya of what he was doing and patched her through. The phone rang several times before a female voice answered, “Detective Keller speaking…” Tonya paused. “Umm, this is Tonya Wilkinson. I think I am supposed to talk to a Detective Barnes???” The woman on the other end paused for a moment then spoke again. “Detective Barnes has been assigned to another case. Yours has been forwarded to me. Don’t worry you are not in trouble or anything from the looks of it. We just wanted to make sure you were accounted for and are in good health. I’m a new transfer to this department and I guess they are giving me the easy ‘check on this person to see if they are okay’ cases.” Keller chuckled a little.

Now things were getting more bizarre. “Huh? Why would I be not accounted for? Did something happen that I am unaware of?” Tonya’s voice was raising a little bit. Keller paused again and breezed through the highlighted sections. “Hmm. All it says on your file is that there was a disturbance at your apartment complex, on your floor, two nights ago and nobody could find you. Wait… Park Avenue, right? Holy crap! Why isn’t this on your report? Ma’am be glad you weren’t there or you might have been killed. There was a knock down drag out fight between a superheroine and a unknown entity. A few were killed. They almost tore the whole damn complex apart.”

Shock and trepidation filled Tonya. She hung up the phone and turned on the TV to the news stations. Nothing was circulating. She fumbled through her laptop and internet sites until she found one of the independent stations. She almost collapsed when she saw the feed on the screen. It showed her as Paraclete fighting… Vampirella on a grainy cell phone camera footage???? And then there were cops surrounding her… then the feed cut to a hospital where she as Paraclete was going in to get checked out. IMPOSSIBLE!!!!! The tag line at the bottom of the screen read: PARACLETE MISSING! Tonya was gobsmacked and horrified. She sunk onto her couch, mind racing for answers to questions she didn’t even know how to ask.

How could this be? This happened two nights prior? Tonya remembered being up until the wee hours catching up on her favorite shows she’d recorded. Nothing at all happened that night. Nothing happened last night either. Well, best of her recollection anyway. She peeked outside her window, looking up and down, then opened her door and peered up and down the hall way. There were no signs of damage or anything anywhere. How could the complex have been torn apart then fixed so quickly? None of it was adding up.

But then again, there was the odd situation of how she woke up, how she initially felt, how her living room and kitchen were off putting a little bit. An uneasiness gripped her. She flicked open her cell phone and nearly shot straight up into the air. Her interview with Ms. Crump happened on Wednesday and the last thing Kara’s assistant told her as she got out of the car was to be at Crump Tower on Friday to do the finger printing and grand tour etc. Tonya woke up thinking it was Thursday when it fact it was Friday now. Somehow Tonya could not account for the day and night of Thursday at all. Not a single millisecond of it. And if she didn’t hurry she would be late getting to Crump Tower.

Tonya sped out of her apartment and raced to the parking lot. She pressed the button on her car keys but a car not her own answered to the button’s command. It was a sleek black brand new Mercedes Benz that looked like it belonged in the movies not her parking lot. On it was a small red bow and a card that read: Tonya, all Crump employees ride in style. Enjoy. There was no time for her to weep of joy like she wanted to. She jumped in and sped away toward Crump Tower.

{On the roads toward Crump Tower}

Tonya had been so caught up in the confusion and mix of emotions that she didn’t think about the missed dinner with her grandma. Once she turned a corner and saw “Memaws Diner” it reminded her. Poor Tonya almost slammed on her brakes when she realized it. Hurrying her phone to her hand, she called the old lady. It took awhile for her to answer. “Mamaw, I’m so sorry. I’m so so sorry I missed dinner with you. Kara’s assistant dropped me off at my apartment and I must have went straight to bed or something. I honestly don’t know. Why didn’t you call me and remind me or come over??”

Maud just stood there on the other end of the phone for a moment. Her eyes peered at the enormous meal she had cooked, that would have fed a small army not just her and Tonya. The feast was now cold and inedible but for the life of her she couldn’t remember cooking it and she damn sure didn’t have the ingredients to make most of it, so how she made it was beyond her even with her advanced cooking credentials. Furthermore, the dishes the meals were on were fine china, really expensive, things she didn’t own previously. Maud was pacing. She felt so good, so energetic. It was like she was 20 something years old again. “Oh no worries darlin’. I too have lost track of time it seems. I cooked us a grand meal but don’t even remember doing it. I just woke up. Didn’t know it was Friday. Speaking of which, you’ll see Kara and them today at Crump Tower. Ask to meet Brandy. They have a most excellent medical facility in their building somewhere. They took me to it and gave me some shots of stuff and now my arthritis is gone and I feel like I can sprint the Boston Marathon. Ask them to take you there and give you one of those shots.”

It was only now that a small seed of suspicion started to grow in Tonya. Both of them had experienced missed time. The last people they had contact with before lost time were Crump employees. Full blown medical facilities in places that are not designated medical places? What? The headache she had when she woke up. The cop card. The inaccurate living room and kitchen. The internet footage she saw. The fancy freebie clothes and $200,000.00 car. Now her granny. Something was afoul and it seemed to circle back to Crump Tower in some way. Tonya refused to believe Kara had anything to do with it. The woman seemed to have a million business things going on to stop and mettle with anything other than that. Perhaps it was somebody working for her? Stealthily disguised as a close associate of Kara’s? That was more plausible but she wouldn’t completely rule out Kara Crump. After all, there was a part in her interview where Kara seemed to recognize Tonya from somewhere.

“Dinner is on me tonight, granny. Pick a place, any place, and I’ll take you there as soon as I get out of Crump Tower. And I’m glad you’re feeling better. I gotta go, almost at the tower. Love you *muah*.” Tonya hid her worry behind those words and ended the call.

{Crump Tower}

Tonya made it to the lobby just in the nick of time. She almost bowled over a few people in the process though. “Hey, Tonya Wilkinson here for finger printing, other stuff, and the tour.” She hurriedly told the receptionist. In Tonya’s haste to make it on time, she had not bothered to change clothes. So she looked a little out of place in skin tight light blue colored jeans, a solid white “Super Girl” shirt, and bland white shoes. She stood out like a sore thump around the suits-and-ties milling around.

(Tonya’s picture base when not in Paraclete form is below)



{Crump Towers –Main Lobby}

“Crump and Associates…please hold… Crump and Associates, ext 2132 transferring… Crump and Associates… ext 4509 transferring… Crump and Associates…please hold…” the receptionist answered call after call as well as pointing to people to their proper destination at the same time only nodded at Tonya as she punched buttons on the laser super imposed keyboard on her desk top while her hand typed Tonya’s name into another super imposed keyboard on her desktop. Immediately in front of the receptionist and Tonya, a 3D holographic employee file complete with Tonya’s picture appeared hovering in the air in front of both her and Tonya. Reaching up, the woman continued to point, push and answer as she slid her finger across the image, which rolled all the information save for Tonya’s picture off of the screen. Finally, flipping through page after page of employment data, she found the one she needed, quickly moved her finger and tapped the air on line 83 which momentarily flashed red, paused for a second, then turned green. Pointing to a set of comfortable looking furniture near the large plate glass windows by the door, she continued un-flustered with her hectic work. “Crump and Associates…please hold..”

Before Tonya could make even half way to the seating area, a woman’s voice called out… “Ms Wilkinson…Tonya Wilkinson?…follow me please.” and led to a doorway marked with 3D holographic sign that floated to the right side of the door frame…..”New Hire Orientation..”. Pointing to a sign that says enter here.. the lighted and marked holographic arrows super imposed on the floor indicated that Tonya was to walk through a scanner which flashed a an image of Tonya…without clothing and x-rayed her body internally for any signs of contraband or weapons. Motioning for Tonya to move forward, the security guard had Tonya stop under a clear plastic dome that descended over her head. Quickly, a holographic image of Tonya’s head appeared and the computer adjusted the image until the crisscrossed lines fit over Tonya’s face exactly. “…look into the lights please and do not blink for 2 minutes.. “ quickly a red dot appeared on the black pupil of both of her eyes where the “Network” immediately recorded syncords of Tonya’s brain and entered it into the Crump Industries data base.

Waiting patiently, the security guard finally heard a faint beep and reaches onto a rotating rack of silver looking cigars where she selects the one that contains a flashing red strips on the sides.

Stepping up to Tonya, she moves around behind her, lifts her hair and pushes the tip on Tonya’s neck. “..please hold your breath..” the guard says in a cold mechanical voice and without waiting on a reply, a small “pip” is heard as a small RF microchip is shot under the skin and into the muscle on her neck.

Stepping back around in front of Tonya…”you may breathe..” she coldly says again and taps the required info into the system before she says “..that’s it Ms. Wilkinson…you are coded and have received your security credentials which have been implanted into the base of your neck…” she chuckled as she completed her instructions.. “.. you and your pet fido can now be identified and returned to Crump Industries if ever lost..

Now… you have been instructions to meet Ms. Anna Barnes in room 1401 of the 12th floor for your tour, just say “Alexis..directions” if you are unsure where you are to be or where you are at..and a series of holographic arrows will be super imposed into your vision center providing you directions. When done…just tell Alexis..” she paused for Tonya to catch up..”to turn off locator and they will go away… any questions you may have, just ask Alexis, your encoder is tied directly into the “net” and you may pull up any information within you security clearance and she will wisper the information into your ear. “You may go anywhere in any of Crump Industries facilities as you as you have clearance…..Now any questions?……good…just ask Alexis..”

Then turning, the guard walked back to the door leaving Tonya to her own devices…”..Ms. Jones….Kathryn Jones..please enter over there..”

{Room 1401 – Crump Tower}

“.. Call Kara…” Anna said, her heels snapping smartly on the marble tiles floor as she headed towards room 1401.. “.. she is here…instructions? ”

{125 Floor of Central City World Wide Trade Centers}

Cinching the safety belt tighter that was tied to security ropes to keep from being blown off cellular spires by the 30 mph wind at that height, Kara snuggled into the self warming stealth suit, she adjusted the high power digital satellite scope that set atop the XR-71 bow, thumbed the rotating display until the name Barry Allen came up on the display. “..nothing special, show her around.. Alexis has her work itinerary, she meets with Bill and Hillary Clinton at 10.. we will agree to fund their election for certain considerations, Donald Trump at 11, same itinerary, she has a lunch meeting with Kat Grant at noon, brief her Grant, don’t want anything disparaging in the news now do we. Her work out time is from 1-2, she needs to peel off around 5 lbs,” Kara paused as the onscreen display indicated it had found the Flash at 12th and Congress and gave his speed and directions which were fed into the “smart arrow”. Kara waited until the outer edges of the display turned green and pulled the trigger. Instantly, the arrow leaped from the bow.. gained super sonic speed and dissolved into nothingness. “… ok..where where we… from 2-5, she needs to go with the forensics team to …er…” she checked the time and location display on the screen…”…300 block of Guadalupe Street to direct them in investigating the shocking events surrounding the destruction of our Fashion store that had been in Central City Mall before it mysteriously vanished., then I need her to meet me at the Adult Film Conference at 7 pm, they are major buyers of our lingerie and clubbing fashion line.. make sure she is undressed appropriately…”

Below, Barry Allen only heard a slight buzzing that indicated something faster than himself was approaching but could not visually see it before the head of the arrow suddenly materialized inside his chest and only had milliseconds to understand something was amiss before the small war head exploded causing thousands of pieces of razor sharp titanium metal to liquefy his internal organs. Traveling at 3 times the speed of sound, his body slammed into Central City Downtown Shopping Mall which seemed to bow inwards as it absorbed the tremendous build of Kinetic energy before it suddenly, as one witness would say, it just seemed to melt like a warm ice cream cone and disappeared into a huge four block square hole in the middle of downtown.

“Kara out..”

Without missing a beat, Anna walked into the conference room, moved over and looked out the window in the direction of where Central City was located and made a mental note of the dark cloud that rose into the sky even at the distance apart they were

Everything was happening so fast, then hurry up and wait. Tonya didn’t like it. Too much she was not in control of, which makes any super heroine irked. She was growing frustrated with the stone faced security guard. Biting down on her tongue, Tonya valiantly fought off the urge to verbally and even physically abuse her. When the old hag told Tonya to hold her breath, she obeyed as she thought it was some sort of advanced drug testing or mental health stability procedure. It wasn’t.

Tonya let out a small yelp as she felt actual pain of the injection, something she definitively should not have felt. The information that came from why the chip was injected gave Tonya a little bit of relief. She could always just rip it out later on since her healing properties allow for such things. For now she would permit the intrusion as it would give her some advantages but she didn’t forget to spy the guard’s name tag, which read Officer Gertrude Williams. The heroine filed the name away in her head and silently vowed to seek her out when in Paraclete form later on, just to teach her how to be more professional if nothing else.

Tonya moved on down the hallway, quickly distancing herself from the old witch. Once she made her way around the corner she paused and rubbed her neck. The elevator was close by but Tonya was already thinking about using her new security clearance to snoop around some. The first point of interest was Brandy no-last-name in the medical facility. It was too much of a coincidence that Tonya and her grandmother had no knowledge of what happened the previous day or two. All of which traced backed to Crump Tower in some fashion.

There was also the alarming shot that her grandmother was given that mysteriously made her feel 20 years old again, even now several days after she’d left. Anna Barnes was also a person of interest for Tonya. She is the last person that Tonya remembered being around before she woke up nearly two days later with no recollection of those days. Someone or maybe a few more had singled out Tonya and her grandmother. There was a bad apple or two in Kara’s tree and Tonya was bound and determined to figure it out. Of course it could all be paranoia but a super heroine’s intuition is never wrong.

“Alexis, direct me to the medical lab.” Tonya waited for a few moments until her ears were ingratiated with Alexis’s soft whispered voice,”You do not have access to the medical lab. Please try another command.” Tonya chuckled. “Disregard”. It was worth a shot. She figured even without something afoul going on that most people, especially new hires, wouldn’t have access to any testing or medical labs. At least not yet. She would have to be patient. Continuing on, Tonya made it to the elevator and arrived at her destination on time, 12th floor room 1401. She caught site of Anna looking out of a window before suddenly dropping the blinds and turning toward the group of men and women with a huge, warm smile.

In short order Anna went over a slew of orientation power points and had everyone sign a few more documents, then finally she dismissed them all except for Tonya, whom she asked to stay put. Once everyone else left, Anna closed the door and locked it behind her. The two smiled at each other as Anna sat down next to Tonya. “Alexis has your work itinerary for today. You have a few meetings and-” Tonya shook her head in confusion and raised a hand to interrupt her. “Whoa, no no. I think there’s been a mistake. I was only here for an orientation and tour. That’s it. I’m not supposed to start any work until Monday I think?”

Anna maintained a smile but shook her head sternly. “Tonya, we don’t make mistakes here. It’s against policy. Ms. Crump likes to throw a curve ball to select new hires from time to time. You know, toss them to the wolves to see how well they can adapt and overcome, and to see how well they handle pressure. She did it with me. I reacted the same way as you, but I sucked it up and look at me now.” Anna threw her hands up a little bit to show off the luxurious room and her success. Tonya wanted to protest it more but her gut told her not to. She would have to suck it up indeed, in order to find out who, if any, were up to no good there. Tonya conceded to Anna’s explanation with a slight frown.

“Okay. Good. You’ll do fine. Now, as I was saying… Alexis has your itinerary. Ms. Crump has decided not to allow Alexis to give you the full run down from start to finish. I know, I know, it sucks but like I said she wants to see how well you can respond. If you knew the entire itinerary from the start, you could prepare better. We like quick thinkers who excel under pressure. After today you will be afforded full run downs from the time you arrive in the morning, so it’s only a one time deal.” Tonya frowned a little more but caught it and turned it upside down. After all, how bad could it be? Probably meetings with representatives from Japan or something. Tonya was confident she could at least muddle her way through that.

But there was also something else that nagged her. “Okay, but Anna, we have one small problem. I am not dressed appropriately for this day.” It was true. Anna just shrugged. “Always be prepared from now on. Bring an extra set of work clothes in with you and put them in your office after today. It’s too late to run home now so you’re stuck with what you’re wearing. Here’s where it starts to get easier though. Simply ask Alexis what’s next on your itinerary. Go ahead.” Anna kept her smile in tact but inwardly was even more happy. She yearned to see the reaction. Tonya nodded and forced a smile. “Alexis, what’s next on my itinerary?” That smile instantly vanished from Tonya’s pretty face.

The heroine stood in a hurry, she was appalled at the response she’d received. “Absolutely not! Are you serious? Hillary and Bill Clinton? No. Not going to do it. I won’t be caught dead in a room with those evil, sorry pieces of crap. You’re gonna have to cover for me on this one, Anna.” That warm smile Anna had sported during the conversation slowly eroded as she also stood. With firm conviction, she spoke.”Then you may leave but be advised this will be considered your resignation. We do not tolerate insubordination. ANY refusal of a task is automatic termination from here on out. Don’t be stupid. Roll with the punches, no matter how hard they hit.”

Tonya ran her hands through her hair in frustration and stress, causing angst among the roots and follicles. She paced. Didn’t say a word for a few moments. In mid stride an epiphany struck her that stopped her dead in her tracks. She spun back toward Anna and nodded. “Okay. I..uh… yeah… yeah I think I can do that.” She took a deep breath and nodded again. “But I am a little nervous. My tummy just went upside down with this news. I’m definitely going to use the bathroom real quick.” Anna was perplexed by the woman’s sudden reversal of emotion and was eager to see where it was leading, so she opened the door and motioned her out.

The heroine made a bee line for the ladies room and while in a stall she reached into her pants pocket on each side. Maneuvering her fingers deftly, she popped off the two golden snaps that hold the small inner pockets in place and caught the two nearly microsized items embedded therein. Tonya dropped them into her regular pockets, gave a thanks to Black Widow for introducing her to such things, then made sure she looked at least somewhat presentable before exiting and returning to the room. Anna was no longer there. The heroine was about to ask Alexis about Anna’s whereabouts when there was cheerful commotion that stirred.

She peeked out the door and coming down the hallway, being led by Anna and greeted by happy Crump Tower employees, was “Billary”. The horrible, vile Clintons. Tonya choked back the vomit that wanted to shoot out and took a few steps back. Placing her hands in front of her in a polite but open gesture, she fakely smiled and gave a big, cheerful “Hello, Nice to meet you” as Anna escorted them in and introduced everyone to each other. Tonya shook their old decrepit hands; hands that had Benghazi blood and Monica juice still on them. It was already taking every last bit of patience and control the heroine had not to grab them both by the neck and choke slam them through the oval table behind her. But she endured.

To Tonya’s surprise, Anna left the room, waved at her and closed the door behind her, leaving her literally with the wolves. While Tonya sat there, Anna sprinted to the office next door and eagerly ran her fingers on the lap top on the desk. A camera inside the conference room came to life and Anna, adorned with a gigantic smile on her face, began to watch the drama unfold. The scene inside was not what she had expected. Seated across from them, Tonya was cool and relaxed. The three made some small talk, exchanged flatteries (especially Bill to Tonya, of course) and basked in one another’s niceties. Then Tonya ramped it up unexpectedly.

“So, let’s cut to the chase. We adore each other. Ms. Crump adores you. In the past she has donated quite a bit of money to your campaigns and legal fees in exchange for certain considerations. You’ve kept up your end of the deals. However, this time the consideration may be a little different. There’s really only one consideration. If Hiliary wins the Democratic nomination and runs for President, Ms. Crump will be chosen as the Vice President. How’s that sound?” The Clintons were gobsmacked. The two silver tongued devils were left a little speechless. They looked at each other and stumbled over mumbled words then looked back to Tonya. The heroine leaned forward, making sure her voluptuous breast hidden under the tight Super Girl shirt were at their best view point – aimed at Bill. She gave him the ole sparkley eye then shifted gaze to Hillary and smiled all-knowingly.

“Hear me out. Just listen. Hilary, no offense, but you are marred in controversy. You’re lucky to have no real competition running against you. However, you won’t have that luxury when someone like Donald or any other strong candidate on the other side runs against you in the presidential race. But guess who isn’t marred in controversy? Guess who is viewed with great favor among the masses? Who is the perfect example of what a woman with determination can do to greatly impact the world in a positive way? Kara Crump, of course. Her name on your ticket would swing the female and minority vote, and even the college voters almost instantly. Heck, you probably wouldn’t even have to run with her name on the ballot. On top of all that, you’d have access to her endless streams of zeroes, because let’s face it she has more money than God.” At this point not even Tonya knew what the hell she was saying.

In fact, she stopped herself and took a breath. She should have consulted with Kara first but what’s done is done. The Clintons looked hesitant but Bill cheered up first and nodded, then said a few things in Hilary’s ear. The evil old wind bag regained her composure and replied, “That’s certainly worth consideration. It’s a lot to think about. I’ll have to discuss it with my constituents. It’s piqued my interest and I am certainly not opposed to it.” Tonya shot them a broad, beaming smile and shook her head favorably. In the office next door, Anna sat there with fingers frozen on the keyboard and jaw slightly agape. Tonya had hijacked the meeting, had derailed it. She had figured he stupid tart heroine would wilt, get flustered, blabber, and just make a fool of herself not pitch Kara for the vice presidency. “Call Kara…”Anna stood up, ready to dash into the room if Tonya continued to go willie nilly.

Tonya stood up and placed her hands in her pockets, then strolled around the table toward the Clintons. She moved with confidence, shoulders back, chest out, eyes locked on her two prey with a vibrant sparkle to them, smiling. “You know what else would pique your interest?” Tonya moved to their backs and leaned forward, her face and head stopping between theirs. The heroine sneakily procured one of the microsized devices from her pocket and hid it betwixt her fingers. “The medical lab here at Crump Tower”. With that said, she slid her arms over their shoulders like they were old pals, her right hand coming to a rest on Hillary’s right shoulder, and her left hand sliding down Bill’s shoulder to cop a feel of his left pectoral region. Her fingers stealthily released the item into the breast pocket of Bill’s nice suit. She then stood fully upright and gave them a small pat on the back.

They immediately inquired about the medical lab. The Clintons were a little taken aback that their long time donator and thought-to-be-friend had kept such a thing classified. “All I know is, they gave my grandmother a shot of something and it made her feel 20 years old again. That was a few days ago and there’s no end in sight apparently. I don’t have access to it yet, but Anna does as she is the facility tour person as well as my superior, and second in command to Ms. Crump. Ask her to take you there and be sure to see nurse Brandy, as she is the go to person for the shot apparently. At least she was for my granny. I can’t wait to get the shot myself.”

The Clintons were excited. If they could feel 20 years old again they could campaign their asses off, have sex like mad people, and well the options were endless like their evil schemes. There were a few quick knocks and Anna came into the room. She smiled and motioned to Tonya. “My apologies Mr. and Mrs. Clinton, but Tonya has something she needs to take care of real quick. I’ll be taking over from here. Tonya…” Anna motioned for her to come to the door and she obeyed, giving them parting hand shakes. As Tonya exited, Anna leaned into her ear and growled, “That was ill advised and you may be reprimanded. I know you’re trying, but you’re trying too hard. Go take a break and be back here at 11 for your next meeting.” Tonya didn’t fuss back. She took the admonishment in stride and did as told, all the while Bill was checking out her nice little shit dispenser.

The damage had been done. Anna tried damage control but it didn’t work. The Clintons were demanding to see a tour of the medical facility and a meet-and-greet with nurse Brandy or they would not entertain Kara’s vice presidency bid or any other considerations. It was Anna’s turn to adapt and overcome and she did so quite well. Making a few calls as she escorted the Clintons out, she ultimately talked them into seeing a very, very small area of the medical facility. Meanwhile, as that happened, Tonya took her break in the stall of a ladies restroom. Pulling out her big, blocky cell phone she removed the case off it and slid off the back section of it. There were two sim cards, but only one actually was. The other was a small auditory receptor devise that Tonya promptly cupped in her hand and turned on, inclining her ear to it. There was lots of static but she could hear The Clintons and Anna conversing.

Some words came in clearly, some not. Turns out Anna convinced them to meet nurse Brandy near the entrance of the medical facility. More static. Tonya strained to hear and smiled as she heard “Hi there, I’m Brandy Helms. I oper…” Again more static. The interference lingered far too long and Tonya abandoned further listening. She had gotten all she really needed anyway. Brandy Helms. Putting the receptor back in place, Tonya smiled. She would later track her down using her name and pay her a visit via Paraclete. If Brandy was up to no good she’d find out, rest assured.

Five minutes before her next meeting, Tonya met back up with Anna, who gave her a quick but fierce tongue lashing. Tonya apologized profusely and agreed not to mess up the next one. To the young heroine’s dismay she found out who it was, Mr. Donald Trump. It sickened her. She was going to have to sit across from a racist, arrogant, narcissistic fool who was nothing more than a republican version of Obama. Tonya knew she couldn’t screw this one up though, so she played it safe. She met him. She choked back more vomit like a champ. She endured his flirting. In the end she got him to agree to impending considerations, none of which were Kara for vice president pitches. Well, actually, it was her beauty and spectacular booty that sealed the deal. It didn’t matter. She was a big hit with him and he left happy.

{Diner atop Crump Tower}

The sexy heroine was amazed as how luxurious even the diner was at Crump Tower. Tonya looked out the window that gave a view of the entire city. It was so beautiful. She was mesmerized by it. Alexis chirped in and announced her lunch partner as Kat Grant, to which Tonya sighed big in relief. She liked reading the reporter’s articles and watched her talk show often. Kat was running late though, which Tonya thought odd given that news personalities were supposed to be very punctual. She sat at the table, ordered some food that she couldn’t even pronounce properly, and “I’m sorry, so sorry. I’m soo late. My apologies.” Kat slid into the seat opposite Tonya and looked frazzled. “It’s quite alright. But wow you look like you full sprinted up here.” Kat’s eyes were wide and she took in a few deep breaths. “I’ve been through the ringer today. I was held up talking with my contacts across the city over what happened at Central City Mall. Insane, right?”

Tonya’s oculars sprung from her sockets. She was horrified and almost afraid to ask. “Huh? What do you mean? What happened?” Kat peered on in disbelief at Tonya’s reply. “One of your fashion stores was utterly destroyed as well as several others. People were killed. I tell you what, bad people are going to take advantage of Paraclete being missing. It’s already starting.” Her words stunned Tonya. Paraclete really was missing, just like the internet video had stated. “I don’t know why the main stream media is silent on it. The criminals know, though. Villains are gonna come out of the wood work now.” Tonya just sat there not engaging, mind a blaze with confusion and fright.”Um, anyway, I’d really like to get Ms. Crump on the show. Been trying for awhile and get stonewalled by her people every time. I almost cancelled our lunch but wanted to see if I could hoodoo you into making that happen.”

Tonya was in a haze and only half heard what the woman was saying. Something about a show and Kara being on it. “Sure, you got it. What day and time?” Kat was floored. “”Wow, outstanding. Next Saturday, the sixteenth, at 6 PM. Show airs at 8 pm. I like to have my guests there early so I can go over some questions I’ll ask them, but be forewarned I always hide a few hard hitting questions to grill them with, and Ms. Crump will be no exception.” Tonya shook her head, a little dejected. “Ms. Crump can handle anything. She’ll be fine. Look, I need to go. I haven’t felt well all day. I’m sorry.” Tonya excused herself and with haste made her way down the floors.

{Elsewhere in Crump Tower}

She didn’t want to bump into Anna, she was afraid she might actually punch her at this point. She needed some space and, sadly, the ladies room was the only nearby safe haven. She locked herself in a stall once again and tried to piece together what the hell was going on. She is Paraclete yet somehow Paraclete is missing. How? She couldn’t remember anything happening except the loss of memory for a day or so which still circled back to Crump Tower. It had to be someone at Crump Tower. Had to be. No other way.

Alexis interceded. “Ms. Wilkinson, next on your itinerary is the gym, located on the 6th floor. You must lose 5 pounds within the next 14 days or suffer possible reprimand.” Tonya was insulted beyond measure. “EXCUSE ME!!?? Me? Lose weight? I’m in terrific shape!” There was a pause and Alexis replied, “Your physical shape is in accordance with the World Health Organization. However, Crump Incorporated demands and maintains a higher standard from their associates that surpasses the acceptable range dictated by the W.H.O. According to your file, the main focus area for reduction of weight is the Gluteus Maximus region, most commonly known as the buttocks. Our gym has personal tr-” Tonya ordered her to shut up then stood up angrily. “This is OUTRAGEOUS! What the hell is going on around this place?” She ran her hands over her butt and went to the mirror.

The more she looked at her rear end the more she began to think maybe it was too big, at least for the work environment. Perhaps it was putting the other womens’ butts to shame and some had complained? That was the most believable reasoning. The gym is a good place to sort out one’s thinking. To clear their mind. She needed that right now, so she reported to the gym, using Alexis to direct her there. Once she made it, she hopped on a treadmill and quickly turned on the mini flatscreen tv embedded into the facing of the machine. The images fed on the news station were horrific. Tonya ran harder and harder as the scene got worse. Before she knew it, the hour was over. She was sweating pretty hard and took a quick shower to sort herself out. One thing was for sure, she needed to get downtown soon as possible. Hopefully not much was left on her itinerary.

Luckily for her, going downtown to head up Crump forensics team was next on the list. It struck her as rather convenient though.

{Central City Mall}

It was pandemonium. Police were swarming everywhere. Families of missing persons who had gone to shop at the mall were trying to push their way past the police barricades. There was anger, confusion, and chaos running amok. Rescue and recovery teams were already digging around the bottom of the large four city blocks, 40 feet deep square by the time Tonya was able to make it on scene with the forensics team. The event had happened many hours ago but it still had that freshness about it, like it had just happened. Small bone fragments and articles of clothing mixed with blood and innards were being fished out of the massive hole.

It disgusted Tonya. She was furious. Her team linked up with some law enforcement personnel and were given access to the crater. The heroine opt to stay put, and just stared down into the gargantuan crater. What kind of weapon could do this? What monster conjured this up? she thought to herself. Her heroine heart was hectically pumping, how DARE someone do this on her watch. Better yet, how dare she let it happen. She really wished Anna was here so she could dismiss herself for the evening. But Anna had decided to hold the fort down at Crump Tower.

Anger and sorrow flooded Tonya and then suddenly her lead forensics guy, Danny Wells, crawled out of the crater with a piece of fabric. He handed it to the heroine and she titled her head to him… He sure found this awfully fast she thought to herself as she took it from him and inspected it. The material was drenched in some goo, possibly innards of… oh no… red shredded fabric… partial jagged lightning bolt colored yellow… “B..bbarry?” She barely whispered. Her heart sank fast. A violent swirl of sorrow gripped her tummy. She felt sicker than ever.

Turning away from Danny, she clutched the small bit of fabric to her chest and bolted to the vehicle they’d traveled in. Once inside, she let it all out. She cried, not just a few tears, but a lot, as in a wild sobbing fit. She took out her pain, frustration, confusion, sorrow and anger on the seats, battering them to the point they were significantly damaged. From there she just rocked back and forth with the item close to her chest, mourning over the last bit of her dear friend that she’d ever see. Danny didn’t follow. She wasn’t bothered for the next few hours. In that time she reminisced over him and ultimately decided not to turn the item over to the authorities. When pressed by Danny, she lied and said she’d already turned it over to the cops, when in fact she was going to keep it and use Black Widow’s expertise to research the goo, possibly affording her some evidence on what the hell happened or could have killed someone as gifted as him.

{Adult Film Conference}

Tonya should have called the evening off. Looking at herself in the mirror, eyes sunken a little and sad, she couldn’t even admire the stunning beauty that is her. Anna had handed her what amounted to be next to nothing in the form of “clothes” and as she continued to look at herself, she wondered where Kara’s priorities were. Why was she holding a big conference with these perverted asswads when one of her stores was destroyed earlier in the day, and people had died, including customers and employees inside her store as well as other stores? She knew Kara was a cut throat businesswoman, you have to be when in the position Kara is in, but this was almost too much. Now she was going to have to defile herself in front of porno loving semen rags by dressing like a….. she didn’t even know what to call it. Some poor misguided girl was going to someday wear the very same “clothes” or likeness thereof as her. Yuck!

For a moment, her full confidence returned and she started to take the clothes off. She was going to march out of that dressing room and throw them in Anna’s face then just leave. She’d beg for her old job back. KNOCK. KNOCK. KNOCK. Anna’s voice chimed in from the other side, “You have been in there way, way too long. I know you don’t get down like this, but you’re going to have to for a little bit. It’ll be over before you know it. All you’re really gonna have to do is stand around and look pretty. Maybe smile some and wave. No biggie. Just remember the paperwork you signed back at the interview, if you abandon a function like this specifically, Kara can make your life a living hell if she wants to, and in light of today’s really fucked up events and your Clinton escapade, she probably will.”

Tonya balled up her super heroine fists and her body literally trembled in anger. She had forgotten all about the paperwork. She and her grandmother could possibly be screwed over big time. There was no way she could let that happen to her granny. Swallowing her pride, Tonya put the “clothes” back on and forced back some tears and sorrow. Her mind was still racing with so many different emotions. She was at a loss, didn’t know how to control this situation. She just wanted this day to be over so she could regroup and figure things out. Cheers and other celebratory sounds penetrated her thoughts, and there were no doubts who they were for.

Kara Crump had arrived.

Tonya took a deep breath, wiped away the remaining tears, and put on her best face, then exited the room to get this nightmare over with.


{Ms. Wilkinson Townhouse East Side}

Looking up groggily, Grandma Wilkinson blinked a couple times at the offending device that refused to stop squealing that she was going to be late for her first day on the job if she didn’t get her ass out of bed right then.

Grabbing the covers and pushing lightly, the covers flew up in to the air, flew across the room where they struck the sheet rock wall and instantly, due to the kinetic force of the throw, melted into the plastered sheet rock on the wall forming what appeared to be a human size quilt painting hanging on the wall. “..Oh my…” her face turning red, she climbed out of bed and walked over to the wall.

Sliding the palm of her hand over the wall, she felt the coarse texture of the embedded bed clothing and shook her head. “..not bad for 84 years old and then chuckled before her attention was drawn back to the squealing alarm clock and walked back over where she very, very carefully pressed the off button with her little finger. Almost instantly, the plastic housing of the alarm clock melted into a puddle on the bedside table where it burned through and dripped to the floor leaving a hole in her favorite antique.

Startled, she clasped her hands together and carefully walked to the bathroom, stepped into the shower and after twisting both faucets off, she managed to take a shower and stop the water by pushing her hand into the wall and pinching off the water pipe feeding the shower faucet.

“Must talk to Tonya about this…” Ms. Wilkinson muttered and at the thought of her grand daughter..”…that little turd of a ungrateful bitch needs to die for what she has put me through..” the outburst causing her to clasp her hand over her mouth. “..oh dear..” she sputtered and then very carefully moved to get dressed.

Walking towards the bedroom door, Ms. Wilkinson opened her purse and dug through it looking for her bus pass and while searching, she reached the wooden door and without stopping, her form dissolved into what appeared to be a black mist before its atoms passed between the bonds of the atoms making up the wooden door to appear as if a smoke had touched the door, been sucked inside and appeared like a black smoke coming out of the wooden door on the outside where it assembled once again. “..oh dear..I need to refill this ticket” she muttered and walked down the stairs and outside her building.

Looking up at the bright sun, Ms. Wilkinson blinked her eyes and felt the warmth of the rays on her body. “..such a nice day, I think I will walk to work today, its only uh..oh..about 26 miles to the office…” and in turning to start down the sidewalk she heard a familiar voice. “…Ms. Wilkinson, how are you this fine morning?”

Turning to see who was speaking, a smile crossed her face upon recognizing her mail man Bert Thompson.. “..pretty light today Ms.Wilkinson..” he smiled as he dug through his bag and reached out to hand her several pieces of mail. Reaching for the mail, Ms. Wilkinson accidentally brushed Bert’s hand as she took them and looked at them before turning and slipping them back into the mail bag hanging on her shoulder and enjoying the sunshine, Bert Thompson walked happily down the sidewalk towards Crump Tower wondering how her first day at the office would be.

“Coffee..” that’s what she needed when Bert Thompson spied the Star Bucks on the corner. Walking up to the window, she dug into the mail bag and pulled out $5.00 in quarters “ moca latte please” she smiled at Beverly Sills who nodded, went and got the drink and reached out to take the money. Setting the quarters into Beverly Sills outstretched hand, the quarters clinked as they landed on the counter. Beverly picked up her coffee, took a sip and once again continued her walk. “I must be sure and pick Tonya’s favorite dish for tonights dinner” and then bursting from her mouth. “…that little piece of trash doesn’t deserve to live..she has to die…painfully, very painfully” the thought rang in Beverly’s mind while she crossed the street and continued to enjoy her walk.

“Arent you just sooo cute…Beverly Sills chuckled as she saw the Pomeranian dog that came loping to her. “..lost your owner huh..I bet your name is Spot..” she giggled at having selected such a common name and happily petted the small dog on the head before Spot sniffed the air, trotted over to a light pole and hiked his leg before again starting on her journey to Crump Tower.

Finally, pushing open the door, Spot >>>Animal Control Office Don Stout>> Parking meter attendant Julian Rodriguez>>> Officer Brad Townsend >>> speeder and gymnast Amanda Williams finally pushed open the door of Trump Tower to be immediately met by Anna ..”..good morning Ms. Wilkinson.. “ she moved in beside Amanda Williams and quickly, with her gloved hands strapped a nice looking ivory looking bracelet around Amanda’s wrist. “..enough of that of shit..” she said to herself mentally.

“This way Ms. Wilkinson and led the elderly lady to the elevator, helped her in and pushed Floor 2 on the panel.. “..enjoy your day with the daycare kiddos Ms. Wilkinson… Donna Brayden is waiting for you, she will show you the ropes” .

Watching the doors close, Anna shook her head and turned to head back up to her office.. “damn you Kara…you cant let that run around the city unattended.. how many times did she phase? Anna made a mental note to find out as she would need to prepare cover stories and itineraries for the people that had just gone missing and it was only the first hour of her day.

{ Downtown Convention Center – AFAA (Adult Film Association of America) Award Ceremonies}

“Tonya…how nice to SEE you..” Kara chuckled lightly, her arms outstretched as she walked up to Tonya. Took her hands and lifted them up. Stepping back she looked Tonya over, then dropped one hand and lifted Tonya’s other arm into the air to twirl her around for a good look. “…yes…I knew there was a hot girl under all that baggie attire..”

Dressed in a white, skin tight, sequined gown made from a material where delicate streaks of golden colored highlights shot up and around her body with her body movements. Kara’s red hair was pulled up on her head and she had chosen chocolate colored dangly earrings, choker, and dainty bracelets around her left wrist and ankle.

“You do look lovely” she pulled Tonya to her and wrapped her arms around Tonya’s bare back and pulled her tight against her body where she could feel the warmth of the girls soft breasts even through the material of dress.

Letting her back off, Kara smiled at the view where the straps that came up and over Tonya’s shoulders, separated to barely cover the girls pink aureoles, continued down her chest and joined once just above the top of her mound. “oops…” Kara quipped and reached up to pull one strap that had slipped half out of position and was only held from slipping completely off by the girls hard nipple. Grabbing Tonya’s breast, she held in place as her finger slipped under the strap to push it back on Tonya’s nipple busily pushing and stroking the now dark aureole and hard nipple all the while working it back in place.

Finally, Kara nodded, there you go… and turned to pull Tonya;s arm over hers while looping her arm through Tonya’s so that her arm would rub against the side of Tonya’s bare right breast each time they moved and walked down the red carpet together.

“I heard you signed me up for VP young lady…very creative of you, and of course you realize that as my assistant, you will accompany me to the White House and your job will be to work closely with her chief of staff, which If I remember correctly is her husband Bill… but..” Kara turned her head to give Tonya a warm smile..”..but think of how much fun you will have..rubbing elbows…and…who knows what else you may rub, or get rubbed by and with powerful men and women.”

“Now my dear…Anna said you were steaming a bit about your dress tonight.. be at peace sweetie.. these AVN types are only interested in themselves… to this industry, your just a piece of meat.. so its nothing personal and to be honest, I don’t really care about their business for Crump Fashions, but they are donating a very large sum of money to the Orphans Home for Children killed by Mutant Aliens. You know every time those so called Super Heroes go out to battle some evil entity, they don’t care about collateral damage, did you know last year that Super Girl battled 100 different baddies and the resulting destruction killed almost 300 people in the areas around the battle. Why even Paraclete killed 175 bystanders last year and orphaned 38 children which had no place to go until I founded the Orphanage. “

Strolling around and mixing with well known people of the Adult Film Organization.. “.. its not a well known fact and is mostly ignored by the Alien Mutants and covered up by the government, nonetheless it’s a sad part of our culture. Crump industries cares about the little kids and especially kids left without parents, who do you think our grandmother is going to be working with? One would think these super beings would have some consideration about the loose ends they leave behind them”

Walking up to the steps leading up onto the stage…”..Listen Tonya, I sent you down town to check what happened in Central City, one of our technicians responsible for R&D’ing medical affects on our clothing line and what it is exposed to, Ms. Brandy Helms, a very sharp young lady, is working on a piece of clothing we specially manufactured for well known Super hero that apparently died in that event. She says that the pieces of clothing that have been turned over to her indicate a possible inter-dimensional shift which may have had an impact on our own dimensional time line. I need you to handle it due to its sensitive nature and you have shown you are very creative in handling difficult situations on the fly…report back to me and me only..understand..”

Stopping at the edge of the stairs, “, I need you to go up on that stage and deliver a speech imploring these pieces of human debris to give money for the orphanage. Show off your skin and youthful body, maybe a wardrobe malfunction here or there to peak their interest.. Tonya, they need to contribute something back to society since they make billions from human debris who sit around and fantasize about their own sexual deviations… I know you can do it…I have faith in you” Kara reached up and placed her fingers on the side of Tonya’s face and then leaned over to place her lips on Tonya’s, her tongue slipping into the her mouth as her hand slid around the back of Tonya’s head and pulled her head forehead to finish the kiss with a passionate crush on the girls lips. “Thats for good luck my dear”

{Adult Film Conference}

Tonya should have been happy to see Kara Crump, she wanted to be, but she wasn’t. Even so, she smiled and greeted her boss with open arms and a smile that was as genuine as she could muster, despite it being disingenuous. Tonya was still secretly fuming over whatever the hell Anna had picked out for her to wear but nonetheless twirled and showcased her amazing body to Kara. To her surprise and relief, Kara was pleased and had not yet admonished her for any of the day’s troubles.

Tonya had never seen such a physically beautiful woman such as Kara. On this night it seemed the red carpet made Kara pull out all the stops. Her red hair was done up beauty queen style. That white gown fit her so flawlessly that it might as well have been an extra layer of skin. It was such beauty that disarmed Tonya. Once again she was starting to feel fluttered tummied and googly eyed. For the life of her she couldn’t figure out what made Kara Crump so damn attractive to her, especially since she’d always been heterosexual.

Every touch Kara gave her sent the heroine into a fit of arousal that she couldn’t control. The simplest of touch gave her a moisture between her legs that quite frankly alarmed her. Her nipples were growing out impossibly far and were aching. Like a puppy being led by its owner, Tonya let Kara trot her around by the arm and showcase her to the deviants. It felt like she was some kind of pretty show horse or something of the like. The heroine wound up shaking hands and rubbing elbows with some she’d just as soon punch in the face as look at them.

To keep her boss happy and spare her job and cover, Tonya doubled down, bit her tongue and endured. Even when Kara spoke about the VP angle and advised Tonya of her possible role in it, the young heroine took it in stride. She faked being happy about the prospect. She smiled and nodded. Tonya would die before she ever went around the Clintons again, that much was for sure. As soon as she figured out who the bad apples were in Crump Tower, she was going to bail and return to her old life, because even with Kara Crump not having any bad elements around, this wasn’t the type of career for Tonya Wilkinson.

Tonya’s brows furrowed downward when Kara went on a small tangent about how awful super heroes are. it stunned the heroine some. Suddenly Kara wasn’t as attractive as before; funny how one’s ideology about something can change how attractive they are to people. The remarks were something that Tonya could not let stand regardless of who it was speaking them.Especially when she mentioned Tonya’s heroine alter ego, Paraclete. Little did Kara know that when Paraclete posed as Lex Luthor recently and stole billions from his accounts, she’d donated a lot of it anonymously to other orphanages and to rebuild some of the homes and buildings.

Tonya pulled away a little but not rudely and exhaled… “Unfortunately there’s too many villains and not enough super heroes to go around. I don’t think our beloved heroes have a whole lot of time to fix collateral damage when another super baddie pops up trying to end the world from across the country and stuff as soon as the previous one is vanquished. Super heroes are mostly humble it seems and probably donate money and etcetera to help out anonymously.” Tonya shrugged and continued walking with her employer.

The name Brandy Helms got Tonya’s attention real quick. The rest of what Kara said might as well been Chinese speak. It was way above her pay grade even as her alter ego, Paraclete. “Ok?? Ummm, I’ll see what I can do tomorrow. I’ll speak with Ms. Helms first thing in the morning.” Tonya gave her a resolute head nod and smile. Hmmmm, this Brandy girl certainly has a alot of stuff going on she mused to herself. As they stopped at the stage, Tonya grinned and motioned up the steps, “Good luck, Ms. Crump. I’m sure you’ll do fine. One piece of advise, you should probably have a moment of silence for those who perished today, you know? Something like that. They were, after all, like family to you.. right?”

The script was effectively flipped on her when Kara hit her with the bad news that she’d be the one giving a speech. No matter how fast Tonya shook her head “no” in horror and protested through stumbling words, it would do no good. The vibrant young heroine was taken aback when Kara kissed her. Tonya didn’t want it at this point, given the ever changing circumstances, and tried to back her head and face away from the lip lock. However, the back of her head was captured by Kara’s hand and the passion of the kiss, the slip of the tongue, all joined together in bringing Tonya to a point of lustful submission. Her arms went slack. Her knees bowed inward and became weak. She was paralyzed by pleasure.

The only thing she could actually work was her lips and tongue, which soon joined with Kara’s. When her boss broke the kiss, Tonya remained paralyzed, she just stood there with eyes closed savoring the moment. Her tongue lapped over her own lips to soak up every drop of Kara that she could before she opened her glossy, lust-upped eyes. The kiss was enough to boost her morale for the time being, and up the steps the heroine went. She stopped mid way through and looked back at Kara. “Oh, I forgot to tell you. You will be on the Kat Grant show Saturday.”

As soon as she appeared on stage the crowd erupted with applause and cat-calls. The flashes from the many media devices sparkled across the venue like it was the kick off to the Super Bowl. It gave her pause. She was out of her league in this environment. She would have never been caught dead in a place like this before, as her herself or alter ego Paraclete. Yet here she was. Her sweat soaked palms gripped the magic talking stick and she pulled it to her luscious cherry red lips, then waited for the hooting and hollering to die down. Once it was to her liking, she smiled and laughed nervously.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you so much for being here tonight, and for lending your ears, hearts, and hopefully your wallets to such a worthy and noble cause. My name is Tonya Wilkinson. I am a spokeswoman for Kara Crump and her industry. As I am sure you know, orphans are becoming a huge issue not only in this city but around the world. It is starting to scale along with poverty and homelessness. There are many reasons for this, drugs, crimes, parents being sent to prison or killed. But sadly, here lately, within the last year or so, there’s been a lot of orphans made through collateral damage. Unfortunately this has come from the hands of villains and super villains who like to lure super heroes into battles around large civilian populations. Sometimes, maybe even most of the time, our revered super heroes are able to get the battle away from such places or they find another way to stop the baddies as well as negate collateral damage, at least in the loss of civilian lives. However, this is not always possible. Sometimes they have to make choices that I am sure lives with them and torments them. While I’m confident they try to amend it through anonymous means, it simply isn’t enough. That is why Crump Industries needs your help in funding our current orphanages as well as future ones. Imagine, if you can, a little 6 year old girl. Let’s call her Annie. Little Annie is at the park with her mom and dad. They’re playing with her. She’s happy. They’re happy. Down the slide she goes, held by her daddy, the two laughing. Suddenly a war breaks out in the skies above. Alien Mutants attack. A super hero shows up. The battle rages. Annie is scooped up by her daddy and her parents make a run to safety. An explosion happens. Debris starts falling around Annie. Her father falls. Her mother falls. She miraculously survives but her parents don’t. Now imagine… what if Annie was YOUR child. Would you want her homeless? Would you want her in one of those horrible boarding homes? No. You would want her to live in a safe, pleasant, caring environment which Crump Industries provides. Tonight you can be the hero to all the children affected by these tragedies. You don’t don’t need super speed or super strength. You just need to spare a fraction of your immense wealth. In exchange you get supplied with the finest materials and clothing possible. That’ a helluva deal, right? Who’s with me???”

Tonya raised her hands confidently to a roaring, favorable reaction from the crowd. She thought about doing a nip slip or a wardrobe malfunction but she didn’t want her words to be forgotten about so quickly. She knew with this perverted crowd, a simple nip slip would make them forget about anything and everything that had happened the last five minutes, especially if they got a glimpse of her massive mammories. Anna abruptly appeared at her side and leaned into her ear, There’s a special video package we’ve put together. Announce it and I’ll hit play.” Tonya didn’t like that one bit but she did as ordered. “Well, folks, apparently we have a video package to show you. Without further adieu, let’s play it.”

A sad tune began to play as the montage showed child after child crying, depressed, and terrified. Then it showed clips of battles being waged between super heroes and villians. It showed Super Girl using heat beams that go straight through an invading alien but the end point of the beams don’t stop until they pierce through an innocent civilian running for his life. In his arms, as he fell, spilled out his young son, the child somehow surviving the incident. Next it showed Paraclete doing battle with the evil Cyborg named Meridious Decimus. Tonya immediately covered her mouth in shock. The cyborg shot a big plasma bolt at her but the heroine dodged it and closed in close to continue the fight against him. However, the plasma bolt didn’t just disappear, it exploded into a huddle of scared civilians. They all died except a 10 year old little girl who scuttled under a eatery table screaming, crying, horrified. For Paraclete it was one of her greatest victories, but she never realized just how costly it was for others.

Tonya couldn’t take it. She ran off stage crying her eyes out. Anna tried to follow her but the leggy Tonya easily distanced herself and made it outside. Instead of dipping into one of the fancy company cars, she jogged past them and hailed a taxi.


{Tonya’s apartment}

As soon as she entered her apartment, she checked her cell again and saw some missed calls and voice mails from her granny. But she wasn’t in the mood to talk to anybody. She couldn’t get those kids’ images out of her head nor the fond memories of her dead friend Barry/Flash. She needed to rest. The heroine didn’t even shower. She went straight to bed. A few hours into her rest, she was woken to the beep of her encrypted super heroine cell phone. She checked it and saw it was a clip file sent from Black Widow. It was a reply from when she had communicated with her during her taxi ride from the event to her apartment. Tonya had basically asked for the address and any other information about Brandy Helms of Crump Industries.

This put her in high spirits. She was so excited she couldn’t go back to sleep. She read the file and, although set to meet her in the morning at Crump Tower, decided to get the jump on her right then and there. Jumping out of bed, Tonya concentrated to bring her Paraclete self to the forefront. For some reason it didn’t work at first so she concentrated harder, summoning her suit from the divine planes again, and this time it worked. From there she took a knife and file, then split the back of her heck open right where the suit end, and after delicate finagling manged to pull out the chip that had been implanted there by security at Crump Tower.

The wound healed up instantly thanks to her regenerative capabilities. She had decided to remove it just in case one of the bad apples at Crump Tower was using it to monitor her movements. Paraclete placed the chip on her bed pillow and covered it with her blanket. Then, she popped open the window and took flight.


{Brandy Helm’s house}

In the middle of the night Brandy awoke to a cold chill in her bedroom. She sat up, confused. Even under the covers she was cold. She rolled out of bed in her tiny nighty gown and spoke the command, “Light, on”. The overhead light came on instantly and she strolled over to the open window that wasn’t open when she went to bed earlier. Alarmed, she turned around. She let out a small scream as Paraclete in all her super heroine glory stood across from her, hands balled into fists placed on her sexy hips in that classic super heroine pose. Paraclete smirked at her, a rather sinister one at that, “Brandy Helms, you got some explaining to do”.

Brandy made haste toward the bedroom door but Paraclete removed her golden slash from around her waist and noosed the woman’s outstretched arm. Pulling back hard, Paraclete dragged her kicking and screaming right back to her. Brandy proved to be a lot braver than the mighty super heroine had calculated, for as soon as she stood her up the lady threw a quick combination of punches at her. None of them hurt Paraclete in the least. Even so, she let Brandy have her little warrior moment before dishing out a hard bitch slap across the left side of Ms. Helm’s face that sent her sprawling across her fancy, rich, imported marble floor.

Brandy’s head was scrambled like eggs on a skillet as she tried to crawl away. She held her hand over her swelling face and made another command, “Security, master bedroom”. Paraclete wagged a finger at her, “Already took care of them. They’ll be out of commission for, ohhh, I dunno, perhaps an hour or so. In the meantime, you can tell me all about the juicy little secrets you have going on at Crump Tower.” Brandy kept scooting back on her buttocks and came to a stop with her back against her night stand. The bright young Crump employee peered on in fright, speechless as Paraclete closed in and knelt in front of her.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t know why you’re here. I just work at Crump Tower. I Ju-” Paraclete shut her up by clamping her jaw shut very hard with her hand. The super heroine squeezed harder, so hard that Brandy began flailing some. “Rumor in the super heroine community is that little miss Brandy Helms, a bright young engineer and scientist, likes to give unwitting people shots of stuff. The vile Clintons were raving about it in their unsecure email chatter. They’re expecting to get the shot soon. Stupid Clintons and their opsec neglect, when will they learn? These shots have very interesting results, correct? But as we all know, every shot has at least some negative effect. The higher the potency, the higher the negative side effects. You already know this of course. So, spill it, or I’ll spill your teeth, your blood, and other things. Then I’ll go an spill the same from your little buddies Tonya Wilkinson and Anna Barnes. I bet one of you three will give up the pertinents.”

Paraclete threw her own name in there to keep the secrecy around her and to keep herself undercover. Brandy was stunned and silent. She just stared at Paraclete with a wide eyed look. Pissed and without patience at the moment, Paraclete glared at her. The super heroine was feeling an abnormal amount of rage welling inside of her. “I hate the silent treatment. Fine, I’ll let go of your mouth, but say bye bye to the hand that you pleasure yourself with.” As she said that, she removed her hand from Brandy’s jaw and grabbed the woman’s right hand. In the blink of an eye, Paraclete crushed it like a grape by simply flexing her muscle.

Brandy let out a howl of pain that was muffled by Paraclete. Pressed against the nightstand, Brandy jolted in pain, holding her hand protectively against her chest as Paraclete leaned in closer. “The shots. What are they? Why are you giving them? Answer me or the other hand gets mangled.” While Brandy is mighty in mind, she is feeble in constitution and pain tolerance. Brandy shook her head yes, defeat written in her eyes. Paraclete knew she had the bitch right where she wanted her and grinned ever so smugly. Once she got the answers about the shots, she’d move into the next line of questions about the R&D of those articles of clothing from Flash, and the inter-dimensional shift.

“Okay, okay please… no more. I’ll tell you. The shots are nasty stuff. Bad news. 013 is what they’re called. I managed to use my genius to bond it to the latest test subject’s DNA. Gives one meta human like powers but bad side effects, bouts of homicidal rage and-”

From the door a voice rang out, “Mommy?” Paraclete froze for a moment then slowly looked over her shoulder and saw a little girl, maybe 8 years old, standing there with a stuffed animal dangling in her left hand, her right hand rubbing the sleep out of her eye. “What’s wrong? What’s happening?” Paraclete released Brandy and stood up as the little girl started to walk closer, her young eyes clearing up and realizing one of her favorite super heroines was right there in front of her. “Donna, honey, a bad man broke into our house. Somehow he got past security. I tried to fend him off by punching him but I broke my hand in doing so. But Paraclete was in the area and saved me, isn’t that right, Paraclete?”

“Uhh.. um.. ye.. yes.” Paraclete looked down a the young girl. She saw every single crying, terrified child in that video montage from earlier. Donna was, for the moment, at least in this case, an embodiment of all those poor unfortunate children. Paraclete was suddenly nervous and didn’t really know what else to say. Donna smiled real big, so big that it melted Paraclete’s big ole heroic heart. Her eyes bulged out real big. It was true. Paraclete was literally right there in front of her in the flesh. Donna dropped her teddy bear and her little feet sped across the floor. She plowed into Paraclete’s legs with a big hug and just clung on tight. “I can’t believe you’re here! Yay! Oh my god!! Thankyouthankyou. Pleased don’t leave.”

Paraclete rubbed the little girl on the back and hugged her tight in return. She was searching for something to say but couldn’t find anything. “Guess what else Paraclete can do, honey? She can heal, right? My hand sure is hurting.” Through a cringed, pained face Brandy walked to them and held out her mangled hand toward Paraclete. If looks could kill, Brandy Helms would be dead a thousand times over. Paraclete clinched her jaw shut tightly and reached out her hand. Concentrating, a golden glow over came her hand and Brandy’s. Donna looked on in awe. When the glow went away, Brandy’s hand was as good as new. Ms. Helms wiggled it around some and let out a big laugh. “Thank ya very much. Best. Super-heroine. Ever. Isn’t that right, honey?” Donna jumped up and down in place yelling “yes” repeatedly.

Paraclete nervously chuckled, “Aww thanks. Well, my job here is done. There’s more people I need to save tonight.” Donna started to cry but Paraclete knelt in front of her, wiping away the tears, and gave her a big hug. “I will visit you again, maybe play some games. How does next weekend sound?” With that, Paraclete looked right at Brandy. The two shared a glare before Paraclete released the embrace. Donna was more accepting of the super heroines departure now and agreed on the play date for next weekend. Heroines always stick by their words, after all. The two pinkie swore over it.

As Paraclete walked toward the opened window, she gave Brandy a most menacing stare. Casting a little smirk back at Paraclete, Brandy leaned in to her, just out of ear shot of her precious daughter, and said.. “Defeated by an eight year old girl. How pathetic. That’s not gonna look good on your resume is it?” Paraclete didn’t say anything. She couldn’t. Technically the bitch was right. The super heroine leapt out the window and took flight. As she soared, she cursed herself for skimming the file Black Widow had sent her. In her haste to just hit the highlights, she must have over looked the part where it said Brandy Helms had a daughter. She did have some intel though, at least she got that much, and a visit to her grandmother would be forth coming.

But when she tried to locate her granny, she was nowhere to be found.


{The Kat Grant Show}

BREAKING NEWS… BREAKING NEWS….. was the tag line that scrolled across the screen of all those people at home watching the Kat Grant Show. The vibrant young reporter’s anxious face filled the screen and, with much excitement, she began to rattle off… “Ladies and Gentlemen, we have some breaking news. Some body cam footage taken by a super heroine has reached our desk. It is purported to be from Paraclete, a super heroine who was rumored mainly on the inter-webs as being missing. Well, as you are about to see, she is still in the thick on things. This is rumored to have happened in the wee hours of this morning.”

The screen then split in half, with the right side showing the footage of Brandy Helms turning around and spotting Paraclete, and the left showing Kat Grant and her facial expressions. From there it showed the exchange between the two, the confession about 013 and so, with Tonya’s and Anna’s names bleeped out for sake of privacy, and the footage ends right before Donna yelled “Mommy”.

Kat replayed it several times before commenting on it herself. “We’ve tried to reach out to Brandy Helms personally, and her employer, Crump Industries, but have been unable to obtain comments from either. Some have already come out against Paraclete for her disruption of civil liberties, claiming she can’t just break into someone’s home on a hunch, but if what the video showed is true I’m sure glad there’s still some vigilantes around willing to do what’s right regardless of the law. Keep in mind, viewers, just because something is made law doesn’t mean it’s right. We will continue to report on this issue as more information develops.”

{ Conference Room 2222 Crump Tower}

“Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press….Kara Crump” Anna’s gaze scanned around the room warmly. She lightly clapped her hands as to encourage the press and visitors to do so likewise as she stepped off the podium and re-took her place beside Tonya.

Stepping up to the blaze of flashing strobe and camera lights, Kara gripped the edges of the podium containing the Crump Industries logo. Waiting on the noise from the press to settle down, she moved so that her mouth was in front of the 30 or so microphones that had been attached, taped, stapled and whatever else that the press could find, to the sides of her microphone.

“.Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press….” She hesitated and smiled warmly for the crowd…”…I am sure you all have questions about the story that ran on my good friend Kat Grant’s show last evening.” again she hesitated before continuing. “I wont to confirm that Brandy Helm is indeed an employee of Crump Industries, she is and has always been an out standing part of her medical and research staff. “

“As many of you recall, Brandy was instrumental in developing a vaccine cure for the Ebola virus which has saved many millions of lives, she was nominated and runner up for the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize for her work in developing the ability to provide clean, affordable water for the people of impoverished Africa, received several Pultzer Prize awards for numerous research papers to further the war against cancer.”

She stopped and leaned forward, her eyes circling the room of reporters and news people before her eyes finally swung and locked eyes with Tonya at whom she smiled warmly, her tongue sliding out slightly to run over her apparently dry lips and wetted them before continuing..

“..Now, each of you is probably wondering about the allegation by our beloved Super Heroine Paraclete that something egregious is afoot at Crump Industries and I for one want you to know that I am very appreciative of her efforts to protect the good citizens of this city.”

She waited until the nods and murmurs of agreement went around the room. “.. The Omega 13 is indeed a project that Brandy Helms has undertaken with my approval and blessing and like with all new break through, Crump Industries is not ready to benefit of this to the public at this time. I will also confirm as with all new research and products, there is a point in their development where each of them were indeed found to be as Brandy put it, “Bad News”, but as development continued, they were gradually made safer and safer until only the benefits without the side effects were ready for release.” She stopped to let her words sink in while continuing to look at Tonya.

“I cannot release all the information about the O13 as it is DOD government classified, but once perfected, it will provide a level of protection for our proud men and women of the armed forces on an unprecedented scale never known before in history. Our goal here at Crump Industries to insure that all the mothers and fathers of our Armed Forces never again must face the awful prospect of seeing their sons and daughters return home in body bags.”

Being forced to pause by the clapping, cheers and whistles coming from the news media, Kara looked at the news cameras and smiled warmly while she waited until it finally quieted down before she again looked at Tonya. “..I wont you all to know that we support Paraclete to fullest and commend her work in law enforcement and her bringing to light the most untruthful and damaging lies precipitated against Ms. Helms and Crump Industries and I above all say thank you to our wonderful Super Heroine for all she does for us one and all…lets give a round of applause for Paraclete.. and I thank each of you for sharing this movement with me today”.

Raising her hands, Kara led the ovation around the room and around the city with the TV feed that was being sent out over the air wave and then again, offering a warm smile for the cameras, Kara waved as she walked off the platform.

Stepping up on the platform, Anna thanked everyone for their time and pointed them in the direction of food and drinks that were available for them before they left.

Stepping down off the platform, her hands clasped behind her back as she moved, Anna walked over to Tonya, “ missed your morning meeting with Kara… is Alexis working properly for you? You may wish to have security check it for you.. in fact, I believe you also just missed a brunch meeting with your grandmother, I passed along your condolences that you were busy with today’s news briefing from the events that happened last night…” she leaned sideways a bit as if checking Tonya’s neck where the implant would be.

Smiling at Tonya, Anna moved passed her towards the door… before she turned her head back towards Tonya, “..oh yes, I have taken the liberty of assigning a couple of assistants to you..” she motioned for the two young women to step forward. both being mousy looking little girls, their brunette hair in a pony tails, wearing large rimmed glasses, buttoned down white blouses, plaid wrap around skirt ending at their knees, calf high white socks and shiny black loafers.

Tonya…this is Kat and Cat, they are two of the cities most acclaimed fashion and makeup artist’s. Ms. Crump wants you to look 100% for each and every assignment on which you are sent” Anna hesitated to allow the girls to lightly duck their heads, blush lightly and stare at the floor, their hands clasped in front of them as they both ran the toes of her shoes over some imaginary line in the solid burgundy carpet.

“.. Girls, you have 30 minutes to prepare Tonya before she joins Kara at the country club for the afternoon planning meeting.”, then nodding, Anna strolled out the door.

Standing with their heads looking at the floor, the toe of their shoes continuing to move back and forth on the carpet, the girls mumbled in unison..”.. we shall go your office Miss Tonya, … a short time to prepare .chop..chop…”

{Crump Tower Kara’s Office}

Walking into her office, Kara hummed to herself as she slipped off her dark blazer, placed it on a hanger and placed it into the rack of clothing in her the office closet.

“…Ok..give me the low down and wipe that smirk off your face” Kara addressed Anna without looking at the woman who sat behind her own desk. Displayed in an 180 deg arc around her body, rows of 3D holographic screens glowed a bright blue with numbers, lines, graphs and multiple video feeds being displayed. “Well done..the stock is up 52% on that announcement, the heroine’s little temper fit with Kat Grant has been a boon for business, we already have several calls from over seas wanting to discuss purchasing O13..” Turning and walking over to where Anna was sitting.. “. well if you are waiting on a thank you for setting up the spin on that one, you can forget it…” rolling her eyes as she stood behind Anna, “.tell me about the girl..”

Her fingers and hands flying across the floating holo screens, Anna pulled up several banks of charts and graphs “…bottom graph is normal, plain old klutzy Tonya…normal..adolescent girl.. nothing out of norms, this feed” she points to set of green lines at the bottom of the screen….” from the Alexis security chip in her neck.. temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and hormone levels… this chart up here is from the Morpheus bug that was inserted into her brain stem..” she moved her finger upwards to a set of red lines. “ this line only shows when she phases into her heroine persona….. now here…” she slid her finger back down… “ is where the body testamentary stops indicating she removed the security probe and notice the spike where the Paraclete line comes into telemetry then settles down to normal, you can see the gradual descending of the line as it mixes into her, lets call it for lack of a better term…her human bio-metrics readings. I cant be sure, but since she doesn’t carry her armor suit with her, my guess is that however she gets it, that…” she stabs her finger at the spike, “this is from when she transformed and the blending after that is where it blends and bonds with her body.. I also didn’t see a scar on her neck from removing Alexis, so healing appears to be part of her bio-metrics bonding also” sighing contentedly, she sat back in the chair and raised her arms to place her hands behind her head while starring at Kara with a smug look on her face.

“… want to see something kinky?” a wicked smile spread across Anna’s face causing Kara to roll her eyes, let out a deep sigh and nod. Sitting back up in her chair, Anna slides her finger across the images floating in the air to drag one over and place it beside the one they were looking at. “..this graph was taken in your office her first day when you were briefing her after the initial interview.. and over here is right before she walked up on stage to give her speech…notice her body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and hormone levels. All of them spiked when you touched her body.. from this data Ms. Crump…I would say the girl his hot for your body..” Anna chuckled and once again set back to allow her data to sink in for Kara to process.

“Interesting..” Kara smiled lightly ignoring the smirk on Anna’s face..”..our weekly planning meeting at the club may have just taken on a completely new direction..” Kara said more to herself than to Anna, “ me about where she transforms, if her suit bonds to her body here, here and here….can we inject some contamination into the bonding to put weaknesses in the armor and health bonding so that it can be breached easily and nullify or slow healing to a crawl without her being aware of the weakness until it is too late?”

Leaning forward, a studious look came over Anna’s face, her fingers flying over the super imposed keyboard on her desk.. “..why…yes..we should be able to do that.. it would take some time to become proficient in selecting the areas of contamination, but we right now, we can we can interject an overall nullifying of the suits effectiveness, since we don’t know exactly when she will change, we would need to make her initiate a change and be ready and it would not be a permanent corruption but would need to occur each time.”

Listening to Anna as she walked over to closet, Kara sorted down through the rows of clothing. “..ok..the restrictions are noted.. I think we can tempt Paraclete to change for us, set something up, do the programming and be ready… we go…” Kara pulled a white bikini and net cover up from the rack of clothing and held it up for Anna to see. “.. this should stir things up a bit in our planning meeting don’t you think?” a wicked smile crossing over her face.

“.. her biometrics data will most likely fry the sensor when she sees that..” Anna mumbled as she began her programming work.

{Crump Tower – 101st Floor – Tonya’s Office)

Walking into Tonya’s office, Kat and Cat turned to Tonya and bowed at the same time each speaking as one as they said at the same time. ”.Ms. Wilkenson…you must be vwey important..”

“We no have muwch time..” Kat began speaking “ must hwrry..remember what told ..” Cat finished her sentence.. nodding in unison together as they both recited together …“…vewy OLD club, bigggg rollers, staunchwy stuffed shirts, vewy formal, probably very Wepublican” They both bowed to Tonya once again.

Walking quickly to the closet together, Kat threw open the door, walked into the well stocked closet full of rows and racks of dresses, pant suits, skirts, blouses, shoes, and makeup. “Wow…dis awesome..” the girls voices speaking as one, their voices sounded from the closet and was quickly followed by the sounds of quick rummaging through the hangers until suddenly, an excited voice said..….. ahh ha…this it” and both of them came walking out of the closet holding a conservative white sleeveless dress that started just a bit below the knees and ended in choker style high around the neck and a single zipper running down the back from the dress top of the choker collar to several inches below where the butt crack was.

Holding the dress up Kat tugged on the over sized sleeveless arm holes.. “.. one ding four sure” Kat muttered and her sentence almost in stereo by Cat “….no bwa… dis gonna show wots of the sides of boobs…” they both stopped and looked at Tonya’s chest.. “wots and wots of boobs.. oh well. good ding. no cleavage front and no scooped bwack, so what es seen on sides be A OK”

Quickly shoving the dress into Tonyas hands Cat muttered “out of time..chop…chop” Kat suddenly reached down, her hand grabbing the bottom of Tonya’s blouse, her fingers flying quickly, she unbuttoned Tonya’s blouse as Cat moved like lightening around behind her and immediately jerked it off of Tonya’s shoulders.

“Theis must gwo..” Cat said, her fingers flipping the clasps on Tonya’s bra while at the same time, Kat’s fingers reached up to grab the clasp at the center of the bra between the cups, “HI..YA” and with a single motion jerked it off in one tug to free the Tonya’s mounds and allow them to fall free.

Beyond Tonya, Cat unzipped Tonya’s skirt and with another “HI YA” dropped it to the floor at Tonya’s feet and while her skirt was still in the midst of falling, Kat hooked her fingers into Tonya’s panties “HI YA” and jerked them down until they landed at Tonya’s feet at the same time as her skirt.

Grabbing the white dress, Kat lifted swung the edge of her hand into the back of Tonya’s knees, grabbed the leg and slipped it into the dress and while Cat at the same time performed the same function to the other. Immediately, Cat reached around Tonya, grabbed the white dress and began working the size too small dress up Tonya’s legs, her thighs, over her hips and then up under her breasts.

“Take a deep breath NOW…HI YA.” Kat said as she hardened her hand and drove a chop into Tonya’s contoured abs while at the same time, Cat reached around, and slid her hands along side of Tonya’s breasts to smusch them firmly together until her small hands finished their movement around to the front of the mounds, cupped the large breasts and suddenly jerked them back as flat as possible against Tonya’s chest, the flesh of the breasts oozing between her small fingers.

Without hesitation, Kat jerked the dress upward over Cat’s hands and the smushed breasts until they disappeared inside the white dress to cover Tonya’s breasts until she could finally close the catch at the top choker of the dress around Tonya’s neck.

Leaning over, Cat nuzzled her face underneath Tonya’s hair to place her lips near Tonya’s ear. “ mowment Ms. Wilkenson, I smooth dress over mountains…bahawa..…” she chuckled and began moving her hands underneath the tight dress that squished her hands, binding them into Tonya’s breasts underneath the tightness of the dress. “…” she began a slow circular moving around the full fronts of the mounds..” and here..her fingers pushing and kneading Tonya’s breasts as one would do to mold clay into a mold until her nimble fingers were thumbing the Tonya’s nipples.. “what you think sister?” she asked as her fingers continued to work the nipples underneath the tight material.

Kat nodded and smild ”..needs smoothing here also and placed the flat of her hand on Tonya’s stomach, and began smoothing motions downward, working the contour of Tonya;s mound underneath the dress unto she reached the hem, grabbed it and tugged down a couple of times before her hands slid underneath the dress and up the inside of Tonya’s thighs, her fingers working the inside of the dress upwards until the back of the knuckles of her hand slid up and down firmly bumping Tonya’s crotch with each movement. “Agwee sister, more smoothing..more dink so Ms. Tonya? ” her fingers pushing Tonya’s nipples forward, the movement sliding the nipples up and down against the the tight material inside the dress.

“Dis OK Miss Tonya?… more smoothing?” Cat whispered into Tonya’s ear, her tongue shooting deep into its center..

{Crump Tower – Kara Crumps Office}

“Brandy?” Anna said without looking at the figure behind her?” Stepping forward, Brandy massaged her still sore hand, still thinking thoughts of the last night before she answered tight lipped.. “..hell no..but it’s a start… send a copy of that to me.. I have something I am working on especially for the bitch and her alter ego Paraclete…something that she really will not enjoy… this is too good for her”

Turning to walk out…she hesitated and asked Anna”..Her grandmother?” Looking around, which caused knowing look to come over Anna’s face…and received a reply..”..Day Care reading time.. “ she hesitated…”..Look Brandy…be careful with that..IT is dangerous..very dangerous..”

Nodding, Brandy walked to the elevator.. “..the bitch’s arrogance needs to be brought down a lot… she needs a good dose of pain with a good beating, I wont to see the look on her face when good ole grandma slowly kills her one piece at a time.”

{ Farmers Branch Bank 1313 Mockingbird Lane}

“.. ok..e…ay…homey’s…ye want to put…theeemmm hands in the air…” James Buchanan held his AR15 into the air and pulled the trigger causing a spray of plaster as the bullets shattered the high arched ceiling over his head. “…I got you bitches attention…no funny stuff like alarms.cause we don’t want no pooooleeeceee here do we?”

Strutting over to one of the cashiers, He puts his arm around her and forces her to follow him towards the vault. Looking back over his shoulder, he yells. “…yo…Totsy….Rosalie Totsy… the back…get these honkey’s purses and shit…” Nodding, Rosalie swung her shot gun around and back and forth as she worked her way towards the back room”

{Bushwood Country Club}

Peering out over the top’s over the lenses of her large sun glasses and out from under her white, wide brimmed hat, Kara brought the straw of her multicolored drink to her red lips and sipped lightly as she gazed out over the sparkling blue water of the pool area. Slowly her eyes began a slow scan and made notation of the celebrities sun bathing or playing in the water at the pool. “..nice to see you out of Rehab..” she mumbled towards Lindsay Lohan who lay back on white lounge, her bra top undone and hanging half on and half off of one breast and next to her, Paris Hilton sat on a chair with her small dog nuzzling the girls bare stomach and moved upwards up, licking the sunscreen as its mouth approached two clear and hard nipples pushing against her multicolored bikini top.

Finally, Kara sat her drink down on the table next to her and leaned back, one long, muscular, tanned leg arched on the webbing of her lounge chair while she lifted her arms over head and stretched her long bronze body out full length, a slight ripple of her toned muscles running just under her skin as she moved and highlighted the hard and contoured abs of her stomach muscles and gentle sway of her full breasts as she moved and waited on Tonya to show for their meeting.


{Press Conference}

By the time Tonya arrived at the press conference, Kara was already on the podium looking so damned gorgeous. The young heroine swiftly stationed herself beside Anna and listened as Kara reeled off her speech. With each new revelation about Brandy Helms, Tonya began to feel bad about what she’d done to Brandy whilst in Paraclete form. In her haste maybe she had read the situation wrong? Perhaps Brandy really did give her granny that shot out of goodness and kindness?

Every time Kara looked over at Tonya, the woman dipped her head a little lower, much like a dog would when caught red handed doing something wrong. Tonya wanted to leave right then and there but knew she couldn’t. She was probably already in hot water for missing the morning meeting. She could feel Kara admonishing her for it with each and every look her way. Luckily the press conference ended sooner than expected, and she met up with Anna off stage.

“Thanks for covering for me Anna. I’ll link up with my memaw today and have dinner or something. I owe it to her big time. It’s been a pain in the butt trying to do damage control on my end. Glad Kara was able to clarify everything.” Tonya walked with Anna a ways before noticing her lean in sideways, a little too close for comfort, addressing the Alexis issue. Tonya turned on a dime and went face to face with her superior, invading Anna’s personal space as she’d just done to her. “No thanks, I’m fine. Alexis is working splendidly. Don’t know what I’d do without her, so no return to the security guard for me, hehe. I’d rather get molested by TSA than go through that again” The two smiled at each other and continued to walk.

Tonya frowned when Anna broke the news of not one but two personal assistants for Tonya. One named Cat, the other Kat. What was even more insulting was the reason for it. Tonya looked excellent. Beautiful. Well dressed. A perfect ten. Yet the two mousey looking girls were gonna help HER look better? Tonya was annoyed to the tenth degree and even snidely remarked to the two lovely ladies, “Cat and Kat, huh? Guess your parents weren’t the creative kind. I would have named one of you Kit, at least.”

Anna cast a stern look Tonya’s way and advised her that the two aren’t related. “Ohhh, I’m so sorry, ladies. You really do look like twins. Definitely fooled me.” The heroine shook her head mainly at herself and her stupid snafu.

{Crump Office. 101st Floor. Crump Tower}

SMACK! SWAT! “hey, stop that”.. Tonya couldn’t keep up with the twin whirlwind fashion designers that expertly flung away, strip by strip, every article of her clothing. The heroine tried to grab at a few pieces of her attire but they always wound up just out of her reach. She felt uncomfortable. Never had she been stripped down by a stranger, let alone two at the same time. And never had she been rendered completely nude in front of a woman (except for her mom and grannny when she was a kid). Yet before she knew it, that is exactly the predicament she found herself in.

Tonya groaned and moved her hands in front of her perfect, tiny, completely shaved vagina and watched in the mirror as her assistants moved swiftly in their work. It was then that common sense kicked in. Why was she so uncomfortable? These women are experts. They have seen hundreds, maybe thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of naked women before. The twins seemed very genuine and playful, sporting a youthful vigor to them that was not hard to like. They didn’t compliment Tonya on her athletic, toned, Olympian type amazing body nor did they condemn it or offer ridicule. To Tonya, it soon struck her that this was just another day at the office for them.

Sensing this, Tonya relaxed some and let them go about their duties without protest. She even started feeling good and liking the way their hands and fingers maneuvered across her flawlessly shaped body. Tonya closed her eyes and used their exquisite touch to pretend it was Kara Crump doing the dress up. Fantasizing even more, the scene changed to Kara Crump using whipped cream and strawberries on Tonya while the young heroine swung nude in a hammock. Before she could fully enjoyed the fantasy, the back of one of the girl’s hands brushed against Tonya’s soaking wet vagina, sending a sudden wave of crippling arousal through her loin and tummy. Her eyes flung open, glossy, and she let out a small moan. “Whoooa okay, okay, enough. You’ve done plenty.”

She moved away from them and collected herself to the best of her abilities. She brushed her hands across her swelling, hard nipples and breasts, then excused herself as time was passing too quickly to continue.

{Reading Time – Crump Day Care}

Seated in a plush chair and surrounded by children in ranges of age from 6 to 10, Maud Wilkinson continued to read from one of the classic books, “Red Riding Hood”. All of the children sat there enthralled, captivated by the great story telling and theatrics that Maud tossed in with the story. Except one child. Peggy Ann Royce, 8 years old, sat there bobbing forward and back then side to side. Her eyes couldn’t stay open. She was fighting a valiant battle against the ZZZZ monster but the monster was getting the upper hand by a wide margin. This wasn’t lost on Maud, who’d stopped her story several times already to aide the little girl in staying awake.

Maud lowered the book to find Peggy on her side, curled up in a sleeping position. She just looked at her for a moment. Displeased. She shook her head and blew it off then went to pick up where she left off when she heard a loud snore, followed by another, then another.”The audacity!!!” Maud shouted, waking Peggy up from her slumber. The little girl quickly sat up and SPLAT! The book, thrown like a Frisbee by a suddenly enraged Maud Wilkinson, careened into the small girl’s face. The impact sent Peggy rolling backwards and a moment later the screaming and crying started. Peggy jumped up holding her nose and ran all across the room like a chicken with its head cut off, screaming bloody murder and bawling her eyes out.

The other kids panicked as well and began running all over the place looking for places to hide and beating on the super thick doors. Maud wasn’t concerned with the others. She was hell bent on capturing Peggy. You’re an ungrateful little bitch just like my grand daughter.”Peggy dove under one of the plastic play tables only to have it uprooted and tossed like nothing across the room. Maud reached down with ungodly speed and nabbed the small girl by the ankle and lifted her up. She brought the girl face to face with her, with Peggy hanging upside down and bleeding from the nose. The old lady’s eyes were no longer kind and gentle. They were red and crazed. A yellowish white froth was oozing from the corners of her wrinkled mouth.

Suddenly, the hiss of the door sounded and it opened, allowing kids to flood out screaming. Stepping inside, eyes bugged out and mouth wide, wide in shock was Brandy Helms. Maud snapped her head toward her then squinted her eyes. Abruptly, she looked around as if lost then looked in her hand and saw Peggy there. “Ohh dear.. what in the heavens? Are you ok?” She gently lay Peggy down and tried to provide aide but the girl fastly sped away to Brandy and didn’t bother stopping once she got to her. Maud just stared at Brandy and shrugged. “I don’t think they liked that story. Maybe it is too scary?”

{In transit to Country Club}

Tonya still couldn’t believe how gorgeous she looked. She was mesmerized by her own self and kept looking into the big mirror that draped across the interior roof of the limo. She did a few sexy movements. Blew a kiss at herself. She was starting to think that maybe, as unrealistic as it sounded, maybe Kara Crump was attracted to her. After all, Kara kept staring at her at the press conference, and in the interview made some very questionable but welcomed movements, oh and there was the crushing, seductive lip lock at the adult film conference. A part of her was also grateful that she miscalculated what Brandy was about, although she’d still need to clear a few things up with her first.

Ping. Ping. Ping. The unusual alert sounded from Tonya’s cell and she opened it. To her surprise it was the bank robbery alert signal. It was put in place in the event that reaching the silent alarm for police was somehow thwarted by the baddies. The signal was embedded in the watches of bank tellers and managers. All it needed was to be pressed against something. The signal would then be sent out to the cellular device of the nearest super heroine or police cruiser. The device was implemented two years ago but until now had never been used. Tonya saw the address, the Bank at 1313 Mockingbird Lane. Just a few blocks away.

Tonya groaned. For the first time in her super heroine life, her actions to save others might wind up costing her a good career, but then again deep down Tonya didn’t want this type of career anyway. She pressed the driver button, “Mr. Willis, please pull into the gas station here. I need to tinkle.” He responded affirmative. The limo whipped into the parking lot and came to a stop. Bolting from the limo and drawing attention from everyone in the gas station, Tonya made haste into the bathroom and locked the door behind her. Once again it took her a little longer to merge into Paraclete form for some reason, but when she finally did she Misty Stepped out of the building and wound up at the back of it. From there she took flight like a speeding missile.

{Farmer’s Bank. 1313 Mockingbird Lane}

The employees and customers were bound and gagged and placed in the vault, guarded by the shot gun wielding Rosalie. Rummaging through the vault, James procured an undisclosed amount of cash and coin, and loaded them in a bag. A strong gust of wind swooped in unannounced and uninvited. The robbers spun in place, disorientated, and aimed their weapons around a little bit, even at each other. Jame’s eyes wide wild with fright as Paraclete popped up behind Rosalie and HURLED her like nothing over her shoulder and against the wall, sending the shot gun spilling onto the floor one way and Rosalie’s body the other.

Normally Paraclete liked to verbally destroy her foe before physically destroying them, but she had a really tight deadline to meet. Moving forward with speed and urgency, Paraclete caught the barrel of the AR-15 before he could fire and ripped it from his grasp. Whilst doing so, she clobbered him in the gut with a right hook. James stumbled back against the vault wall but didn’t fall, much to Paraclete’s surprise. The heroine tosses the gun aside and moved toward him, a little puzzled as to why he was still standing.

James was surprised too and looked down at his shirt. Ripping a part of it down he smiled a toothy grin. “Yo dis shit worked!” Only then did Paraclete get a glimpse of the weird, nearly indomitable armor that she’d encountered only once before. He fired off a punch at her, one that was much faster than a normal one, and it was only Paraclete’s enhanced reflexes that saved her face from being socked… not that it would have mattered. As the balled fist flew by, however, she noticed it was gloved by some fancy high tech looking apparatus, black and red color scheme. It looked like a robotic glove, maybe a smart glove.

Regardless, she dodged another fast punch, then another and another. The punches seemed to be gathering more speed but luckily the expert hand to hand combatant saw an opening and countered with a lighting fast, brutal over hand right to the man’s temple. He fell like a sack of potatoes and lay unconscious. No sooner than he hit the floor she heard a small click behind her. The sexy super lady spun on her heels just in time to see the shot gun pointed at her. Rosalie was also wearing the armor and had apparently faked being knocked out. The click that Paraclete heard was Rosalie flipping on a special lever on the highly modified shot gun.

The baddie pulled the trigger and the loud gun went off with a deafening sound. The slug burst forth but Paraclete caught it in her hand, spun with the momentum behind it, and threw it like a fast ball right at Rosalie’s forehead. It made contact and down Rosalie went, out cold. Unbeknownst to her, the slug that she caught in her hand was a specialized round. Tiny, microscopic nanobots were embedded in it and released upon her gloved hand, where they would lay dormant and bond over time.

In short order Paraclete released the customers and employees, destroyed the bad guys’s weaponry, removed their vests, and secured the evil doers in a side vault for the cops to deal with shortly. And with that, Paraclete flew away. No words spoken. No grand standing. No posing.

{Gas Station near the bank}

As Paraclete flew back toward the building, she broke off a small tree branch and hurled it at the limo that got her there. It made contact and put a dent in it. She then landed where she’d taken flight from, Misty Stepped back into the bathroom stall, then transformed back into Tonya Wilkinson and hurried back out to the limo. Mr. Willis was outside surveying the damage and throwing his hands up in the air. He explained to Tonya what had happened and she assured him no bad things would happen to him because of it. She took some pics of the damage done and sent them to Anna and Kara as an explanation for why she would be late for the meeting at the Country Club.

{Bushwood Country Club}

The limo pulled up and the door was opened for Tonya, and when the stepped out all eyes were on her. She looked good, no, far better than good. She looked so indescribably gorgeous that words could not describe it. Fancy dressed waiter and waitresses stumbled and spilled drinks. Old men and young, super rich and regular rich alike, spun their heads on a swivel, not giving a damn about their wives and girlfriends being present, and leered in lust. Conversations between billionaire moguls and high end actors were stopped mid sentence. Hats were tipped in her direction. Glasses of wine raised in acknowledgment of her beauty. Word was quickly spreading about who the mystery woman was.

Tonya blushed big time through all of it but carrier herself well. Back straight. Boobs waaay out. Head up. Confident. She felt more confident now than even in her Paraclete form. She gave them all respectful gestures in return but picked up her pace as she made it out of the main fancy shmancy club house area. She only slowed her pace about 100 feet from Kara. What she saw was a woman that had officially transcended into god hood. Not an once of fat was found on Kara’s ripped, flawless, unblemished frame. Her musculature had to have been crafted by the gods. Not even the most advanced work out regimen or scientific discovery could have produced a result like the one Tonya Wilkinson saw.

Lust was washing ashore the young heroine. Butterflies rampaged through her tummy. Each step she took was accompanied by more moisture betwixt her legs. She was getting nervous, hot, and bothered. But once she got in visual range she hid it best she could by smiling nervously and pulling up a regular chair beside her boss. “Ms. Crump I am so sorry for today. I tried to do damage control and lost track of time. There was damage done to the limo on the way here. Traffic was packed due to some robbery at a bank. I swear it’s like the gods conspire against me.” Tonya chuckled nervously as she sat in it and crossed her equally impressive legs, the toned muscles, wet and glistening, flexing as she did so.

Tonya spotted some body lotion on the table near the brilliant beauty. She quickly snatched it up. “Allow me to repay you for my insolence.” Without regarding a yes or no from Kara, the heroine put some lotion in her hand and ran it over Kara’s impeccable abdomen region and continued to rub it in even after its use was no longer needed. She loved the feel, the ripple of such feminine yet strong muscle. Kara was the ultimate female in every sense of the term. Oh how Tonya yearned to press her body against hers. She would give anything to relive the kiss Kara gave her at the film conference, but this time Tonya would make it last longer than a few seconds. She’d make it last minutes, hours, days, weeks if she could.

Tonya caught herself getting too frisky and retracted her hand and sat the lotion back down. She coughed, “So ahem, I have not gotten a chance to speak with Brandy yet about anything we discussed. Been busy with the other stuff. I’ll get to her soon as I can. Is that okay? Anything else you want to cover me with? I mean… um.. cover you with?” Tonya shook her head in annoyance with herself. “Wait… no… is there anything else that needs to be covered? And what is this current meeting planning for?”

She bit her bottom lip and held in her urges as she spied Kara’s long, arched leg that led so seductively to the most treasured spot in the world. Not a single bit of Tonya’s attention was paid to the over abundance of celebrities around. It was all Kara Crump.

{Brandy Helms’ Home}

Brandy was drowning in an unknown body of water. She fought to breathe but couldn’t. Then she woke to find Paraclete leant over her with her hand covering Brandy’s mouth. “Shhh. Noticed the little one was gone for a slumber party with the neighbor girl. But I didn’t want your security people to be alerted to me. Hence the need for you to be muzzled. I wanted to drop by an offer my apologies for what I did previously. I acted on what I thought was actionable intelligence but I may have been mistaken. All I need is to know why you are injecting them into people without their knowledge or consent. That’s all. Please tell me. Are you going to tell me”?

Brandy was scared and angry. She shook her head yes though. “Okay, I’m going to remove my hand from your mouth but please don’t scream or anything. We don’t want a repeat of last time. I just want to have a conversation with you.” Slowly, Paraclete removed her hand and Brandy sneered at her, clearly holding a deep animosity toward the super heroine now. “Get away from me. Back away and I’ll tell you anything you want to know. Just get off of me”! Paraclete begrudgingly backed away and put her hands in the air in the universal non hostile gesture. “Okay, no problem, backing away”. Brandy seemed to calm down a little then spoke, “I did it because I fucking wanted to, that’s why”. As she said the disdainful words, the floor beneath Paraclete opened up. It was the the classic trap door. The superheroine quickly disappeared from view.

In mid fall, Paraclete got control of herself and simply started to fly upward, now pissed off to the max. She had tried to apologize and get a more thorough answer from Brandy but was met with a freaking trap door. Of all things, a damn trap door. She made it a quarter of the way from the opening of the floor when a sudden, sticky rope like contraption wrapped around her left ankle, then her right ankle. It stopped her dead in her tracks. The super heroine looked down in shock and awe, but saw nothing but pitch blackness. She could not even tell what was wrapped around her ankles. She strained and tugged her body upward with mighty surges of strength, gaining a little ground here and there but not as much as she’d like.

She let out a frustrated scream and cursed Brandy for going to such an extreme in home security. The slow progress she was making became more slower as another set of the mystery inhibitor wrapped around each of Paraclete’s impressive thighs. Then one wrapped around her waist which effectively stalled her advance and began to force her back down. She grabbed at the thing. It felt like some kind of tentacle or something. Using her renowned strength, Paraclete started to tear it some but it proved a lot harder than she figured it would. Nonetheless she continued to slowly pull apart the thick roping. More came, faster and faster, like rapid craziness. Despite her best efforts to circumvent it, soon her arms were pinned to her sides.

She flexed and nearly freed herself, only for the roping to be reinforced by even more. Then, in a sudden, mighty movement, she was jerked downward really fast for a good five seconds until she hit the ground somewhere far beneath the Brandy Helms residence. A series of lights came on, the old school bulb kind that you’d see in underground tunnels. Gathered around her were four giant sized spiders, solid black, six feet tall by six feet wide. Every foe Paraclete had faced so far were humanoid in some degree. They each had certain powers or skill sets that set them apart from the normal race of humanoids, but never, ever had she had to deal with beast creatures like this. Before she could scream in dismay, two of the spiders who’d webbed her legs move away from each other while stationed on either side of her. The resulting action made Paraclete do a forced “splits” like in gymnastics.

Fortunately she was dexterous enough to endure it but it still gave her some discomfort. Her pain reducing capabilities more than made up for everything else. Only one problem though, they didn’t seem concerned with making her feel pain. The spiders kept moving, causing strain among her hips and upper legs. The horrible beasts were attempting to sever her legs from her body. Acting out of desperation, Paraclete’s eyes burned red and she let loose several heat beams at the webs, which broke them, then lobbed beams at the two retreating spiders that had tried to make off with her precious stems, killing them. Her eyes hurt badly and her brain was on fire; she hated using the heat beams and simply could not muster anymore. She got up to her feet but was instantly knocked prone from behind by one of the behemoth 8 legged creatures.

It started to twirl her around and around in place on the ground. Her legs soon were pressed together very hard, held in place by the nearly impenetrable bonds of the mighty web. The twirling wouldn’t cease. It donned on her that these spiders were going to try to cocoon her like a helpless fly that wanders into a spider’s web. She felt it getting higher, to her waist now.

Meanwhile, up in her bedroom, Brandy Helms was glued to her laptop watching the event below through video cameras she’d had installed among the lights. A cell phone was to her ear and she talked excitedly into it. ” Yes, that arrogant super heroine broke into my house again, but this time I was ready. Yep. Uh huh. She’s right here, well, under my house. You know those spiders I was doing experiments on? Let’s just say I took them home with me and run a trial course. I knew Paraclete would pay me another visit after her little escapade blew up in her face, I just didn’t think it would be this soon. And now they are having a field day with her. I’m gonna edit the feed, run it through some untraceable routes, and send it to Kat Grant with the title ‘Paraclete in Peril’ and let’s see how she deals with being embarrassed in the media like I was.” It was a trap she had set up previously before her first encounter with the heroine, knowing sooner or later Paraclete might pay her a visit, she just wasn’t able to use it last time Paraclete was at her house.

Down below Paraclete wailed in sorrow at her perilous plight and, with one giant surge of might, flexed outward with her arms. The act was joined by a she-warrior battle cry that could wake the dead in their graves. The surge was just enough. While she didn’t break her arms free completely out of the bonds, she did enough to wiggle them free as she continued to be spun.

Once she had them free for use, she started punching and grabbing wildly until she was lucky enough to grasp the spider by the head. It stopped spinning her and was preparing to defend itself by other means when Paraclete grabbed the other side of its head and pressed together as if trying to make her palms touch. She exerted immense strength for it and within a few seconds crushed the beast’s head like a grape. It collapsed atop her and she pushed it off to the side.

As soon as she did, though, the last spider pounced on her pinning her mighty arms down with 6 of its 8 legs. The mastodon spider used its remaining two to begin pummeling Paraclete’s face and head. The super heroine was able to endure it for a bit, but the relentlessness of the barrage increased to a point that it started to have painful affect. Time and time again she attempted to power her arms up and finally good fortune smiled upon her. She was able to free one arm and began bashing the spider in the side of the head just as relentlessly as it was striking her. Before it could try to regain its hold on her using it legs, she unballed her fist so that it was just a open palm, and thrust upward with ungodly force behind it. The tips of her fingers burrowed into the spider’s eyes. She sunk them in further, sending the beast into a frenzy as they pierced its brain. She then yanked outward, spilling contents of its brain case on and around her.

It did a few token jerks and fell dead also, Paraclete pushing it off and to the other side of her. She looked around in paranoia, expecting another thing to jump out at her at any second, but no other opposition arrived. She wasn’t out of the woods yet though, her powerful legs were still bound shut by the super thick and durable webs. She yelled out “Braaaannnndyyyy” as she went to work feverishly to free her legs. As she looked around, she noticed the spiders that she’d killed slowly liquidfy into near nothingness. She felt for her body cam but found it to be gone. It had been crushed or broken or something by the spiders or the fall. There was no evidence of any of this going on, which only intensified her anger.

(Sub Basement #6 Crump Tower}
“Computer HALT!!” Brandy fumed once again as she stepped carefully around the holographic bodies of the spiders and their silken webs in the holographic setting of the torture chamber beneath her residence. “..NO..NO..NO COMPUTER..Paraclete doesn’t KILL the DAMN spiders until AFTER they have impaled her LEFT SHOULDER AND STOMACH… CANT you get anything RIGHT?” Brandy fumed.She had not been sure about this whole Holodeck thing when Anna suggested it to her. Brandy wanted to see the real Paraclete suffer, not just in some 3D generation just so Brandy could have a relief valve for her anger at the violation of her home and family.“Computer…make correction and run again..” Brandy sighed once again and walked over to take her place once again:
Up in her bedroom, Brandy Helms was glued to her laptop watching the event below through video cameras she’d had installed among the lights. A cell phone was to her ear and she talked excitedly into it. ” Yes, that arrogant super heroine broke into my house again, but this time I was ready. Yep. Uh huh. She’s right here, well, under my house. You know those spiders I was doing experiments on? Let’s just say I took them home with me and run a trial course. I knew Paraclete would pay me another visit after her little escapade blew up in her face, I just didn’t think it would be this soon. And now they are having a field day with her.I’m gonna edit the feed, run it through some untraceable routes, and send it to Kat Grant with the title ‘Paraclete in Peril’ and let’s see how she deals with being embarrassed in the media like I was.” It was a trap she had set up previously before her first encounter with the heroine, knowing sooner or later Paraclete might pay her a visit, she just wasn’t able to use it last time Paraclete was at her house.Down below Paraclete wailed in sorrow at her perilous plight and, with one giant surge of might, flexed outward with her arms. The act was joined by a she-warrior battle cry that could wake the dead in their graves. The surge was just enough.
While she didn’t break her arms free completely out of the bonds, she did enough to wiggle them free as she continued to be spun.Once she had them free for use, she started punching and grabbing wildly until she was lucky enough to grasp the spider by the head. It stopped spinning her and was preparing to defend itself by other means when Paraclete grabbed the other side of its head and pressed together as if trying to make her palms touch. Struggling against the use of force, the Spider twisted its abdomen from side to side and as it did, the long sword of stinger that had been kept sheathed in the large bulb of its back end protruded and withdrew several times before in an effort and movement of several of its rear legs, managed to shift Parcelete and its body just enough. With lightening movement, the mighty muscles of the beasts body suddenly flexed as it swung the sword of a stinger around to catch Paracelete just under left shoulder blade and drive the stinger upwards to rip through the heroines body and slide out the front side of her body coated and dripping in bright red blood. “aiieeeeeeeee”Brandy smiled and almost and giggled as she heard the long cry of extreme pain when it filled the chamber and watched what she knew would be a futile effort as Paracelte exerted her immense strength upon the beast and within a few seconds crushed the beast’s head like a grape causing it to collapse atop her and as she pushed it off of her to the side, the stinger cracked an broke at its base leaving its long razor sharp piece still impaled in the heroines body.Before she could react further though, the last spider pounced on her pinning her mighty arms down with 6 of its 8 legs. The mastodon spider used its remaining two swinging back and forth to begin pummeling Paraclete’s face and head.The super heroine was able to endure it for a bit, but the relentlessness of the barrage increased to a point that it started to have painful affect. Time and time again she attempted to power her arms up and finally good fortune smiled upon her. She was able to free her one good arm and began bashing the spider in the side of the head just as relentlessly as it was striking her. Before it could try to regain its hold on her using it legs, she un-balled her fist so that it was just a open palm, and thrust upward with ungodly force behind it. The tips of her fingers burrowed into the spider’s eyes. She sunk them in further, sending the beast into a frenzy as they pierced its brain. She then yanked outward, spilling contents of its brain case on and around her. Letting out a sigh of relief, Paracelte allowed her body to go limp becoming weaker from the loss of blood all the while feeling the large Mastodon spider do a few token jerks and collapsed into a heap of dead weight..“COMPUTER…NO…NO…NO..NO..WRONG….WRONG…I-M-P-A-L-E, WHAT PART OF THAT DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND ” Brandy stood and yelled, her fists opening and closing in a fit of anger while she heard the metallic voice intone.”..PLEASE RESTATE LAST COMMAND…. PLEASE RESTATE LAST COMMAND”

“COMPUTER…OPEN THE DAMN DOOR..THIS IS SHIT..” Brandy yelled once again and walked over to where the hidden portal should be and began pounding her fists on the side of her bed room wall.. .”..PLEASE RESTATE LAST COMMAND…. PLEASE RESTATE LAST COMMAND”

{Kara Crump’s Office 101st Floor Crump Tower)

“ta..ta…da..” Anna hummed to herself as she watched events play out at Farmers Bank. “hmm…hmm…stupid bastards…” she muttered with focused concentration in the battle between the so called “robbers” and Paraclete. Tapping her fingers onto her desk top, Anna felt Ms. Crump would be quite pleased with the progress of the smart armor and glove and mumbled to the display screens that hovered around her head when James punches failed to connect time after time.

Finally, pulling up the recorded information on the screen, Anna carefully compared the log and the spike of the graphs at the point that Tonya had made her transformation in the bathroom of the gas station. From what the “net” had recorded, it had managed to download the virus corruption into probe implanted in the center of Tonya’s brain stem.

Satisfied that the program had indeed been received and stood ready to trigger at the next transformation that Tonya made. Anna typed her report to Kara noting that impurities in the data stream would be fed into Tonya’s neural system and thus injecting random corruptions into Paraclete’s suit which would weaken or nullify its armor strength at various places over the heroines body. It would be the luck of the draw to hit one exactly, but if one were to happen to find the right spot, Paraclete would be not be protected in those areas when the suit failed and ripped open at the point of impact in those areas. Anna knew the corruption would most likely yield everything from delayed to immediate failure, but either way, the heroine would now be vulnerable as a human in the areas were her suit was compromised.

Reaching a finger over and stabbing a key on the super imposed display on her desk, Anna said “..note to legal…get the bastards…er…obtain release for James Buchanan, Rosalie Totsy and rest of gang…”

{Bushwood Country Club}

Sipping her drink, Kara peered out from under her white, large brimmed hat and over the tops of her large lensed eye glasses. Watching Tonya appear from the interior of the club and she walk through the doors leading out to the pool, “hmmm…” Kara purred, her tongue licking her lips while she watched the girls breasts sway with each step of her high heels on the concrete around the edges of the pool.

It was obvious to Kara and the rest of the patrons at the club that Tonya was indeed un-haltered and seemingly, blissfully unaware of that fact as the tight dress did little to hide the shape of her large, brown aureoles and hard nipples pushing out on the material of the white dress.

Kara could see heads turn, mouths fall open and other women elbow their gaping husbands or just plain grabbed their heads and jerk them away from staring at Tonya as she walked up to Kara…Listening to her apology for being late.. waived a hand indicating it did not matter and motioned for Tonya to pull the pool chair up next her so they could talk.

“Tonya…how good to see you…” her voice lightly inflected the word “see” which obviously made little impact of meaning to the heroine as likewise did her next statement. “..You “look” lovely today… . Anna is a marvel at getting the complete most out of people wouldn’t you say?” and with that, Kara sat her drink down onto the small table to the side of her chair.
Raising her arms over her head, she clasped her hands together and stretched her arms back over head to pull her body tight, the toned muscles under her tanned, almost translucent skin moved in a rippling motion for Tonya’s benefit.
“hmmm.” Kara emitted a clear purring sound and did not object as Tonya reached for the sun screen with a slight nervous shake of her hand, she began spreading the sun screen over the chiseled contours of Kara’s muscled abs.
“You are doing just fine in your job Tonya…a few bumps…” she emphasized the words lightly when she felt Tonya’s hand follow the contour of the six abs clearly displayed on her stomach. “..along the way, but you seem to be able to find…” Kara gracefully brought one arm down and place her hand lightly on the back of one of Tonya’s hands and slowly guided her downwards until Tonya’s hand rested just above the top of her white bikini and with one final move to allow the tips of two of Tonya’s fingers to slip under the edge of the white cloth, she continued..”…able to find your directions quite well.”
Releasing Tonya’s hand, Kara once again raised her arm back up over head to the top of the lounge chair. Stretching once again, Kara moved her hips just enough where Tonya’s fingers slid a bit lower under the material.

Looking over the top of her dark glasses, Kara stared into Tonya’s eyes, “..are you OK Tonya, you look a little pale…maybe you should have that checked…. “ and ran the tip of her tongue over her lips to wet them. “..You can follow up with Brandy at any time.. she is such a dear.. have you ever met her daughter?” Kara looked deep into Tonya’s eyes, shifting her hips just imperceptibly once again to cause Tonya’s finger to move down under her the cloth of her bottom just a bit more and watched Tonya’s face at the question…”..I have heard she is an avid heroine fan.. you really should meet her some time”

“Now.. the purpose of the meeting.. she stopped and purposefully looked down at Tonya’s hand…”you seem well experienced with applying sunscreen” she smiled at Tonya before returning her gaze back to Tonya’s face as she continued….”…I selected you to become my personal assistant because I sensed within you the attributes of a leader that one day may help lead this company to be a leader of the world governments. I must know that I can trust you to be the type that has no fear of “plunging” ahead and not letting anything stop you from accomplishing your goals “ and without hesitation as she spoke, Kara moved arched her leg gracefully, the motion shifting her body just a bit for the tips of Tonya’s fingers to move to where they touched just the top of her mound. “ there can be no “hidden”..bringing her arms back down to her sides, Kara across Tonya for her drink, her tan arm brushing against the front of Tonya’s right breast, then the second as she picked up her drink and allowed them to brush back across the fullness once again until she had retrieved it and took a sip of the liquid.. “.. agenda’s. Openness and truthfulness is essential…do you understand what I am saying Tonya?”

Once again, Kara reached back across Tonya, pushing her arm harder across the fullness of the girls breasts while sitting her drink back down and without waiting on a response from Tonya, Kara continued… “, your next assignment is not” and with starting the last part of her talk, Kara gracefully slid her other leg until they were together, the movement pushing her hips upward and moving Tonya’s finger to edge of her camel toe, with just the tip of her finger brushing the top opening. “..for the faint of heart… Tonya, I need you to find a way to contact that Super Heroine Paraclete and setup a meeting for me with her.. I know it may take awhile to find her… but I have a proposal that is critical for both her and our company..and Tonya” Kara moved her and sat her hand casually on the rise of Tonya’s right breast…”..being completely straight forward with you and trusting you, it could be that if she has hesitations…I may need you to be extra friendly with her to close the deal..” and with that, Kara slipped her hand up around Tonya’s neck and pulled her forward until their lips were almost touching.. “.. I need you to pull this off for you think you can do that? “ Kara’s lips lightly brushed Tonya’s….” do you have any questions my dear”

 {Brushwood Country Club}

Whatever disbelief Tonya had about Kara Crump being interested in her had been effectively shattered. This was surreal. It was like something out of the movies. One of the most powerful and beautiful women in the world was without question, irrefutably making sexual advances toward little ole Tonya Wilkinson. They weren’t even that subtle, flirty yes, plenty overt in the same vein. The heroine uncrossed her legs without even being aware of it. The moisture between them was soaking her panties something fierce.

Tonya scooted the chair a little closer, her world hanging on every little syllable that exited Crump’s magnificent mouth. Her sea blue eyes nearly crossed as the lust of the moment caught up with her. For her, they were no longer at a Country Club. They were in a small bubble; one of primal, unadulterated lust. All Tonya did was listen to her boss’s remarks. Not even the announcement that Kara wanted to meet with Paraclete snapped her out of the near trance like state of mind.

With her eyes still locked on Ms. Crump’s, Tonya fumbled around with the lotion bottle, daring not to take her eyes off her seducer, and applied it to Kara’s upper thigh. “Yes ma’am, I can do all that is required of me, and then some.” Without delay, Kara suddenly rose and stationed her lips so teasingly cruel to Tonya’s that it almost made the young heroine a little mad that Kara hadn’t fully indulged with a kiss. Tonya hid it well though and refused to move her head back.

When Crump’s hand came and cradled her at the neck, Tonya’s hand that had been tenderly massaging up and down Kara’s succulent thigh moved north toward the most sought after love tunnel in the world. In a bid to tease back, Tonya had enough wherewithal to stop her hand just shy of Kara’s lips and slowly massaged the area around it, managing to hit all the tender spots except for the one she was hoping Kara wanted her to.

Tonya had never fooled around with a woman and hadn’t slept with too many men, so she had no idea if any of this was having the same affect that Kara was having on her. But hey, she was trying. As Kara continued to hold Tonya’s neck, the heroine slowly faded into submission, her head and neck tilting loosely into Kara’s hand. She let out a short moan which was more like a whimper. “I… I actually think I know a guy who knows someone that can get a hold of super heroines. I’ll give him a call and see what”…. She paused as Kara’s lips brushed against her in a horrible bit of tease…. “Come… commmees, up.” Tonya’s free hand slid up her own inner thigh and her fingernails lightly caressed the goosebumps dotting her inner leg.

Tonya’s other hand, the one occupying the area near Kara’s vaginal lips, lightly took a graze across the fabric of boss’s bikini bottom and came to a rest cupped over the precious spot. At this point, Tonya had lost control of herself. She had no idea what her hands were doing. She was virtually lost in lust. Emboldened by this venture and Kara’s clear interest (be it just sexual) in her, Tonya uttered the tiniest, nearly inaudible remark… “Please forgive me…. I can’t fight this.”….. Tonya’s hands moved with urgency and grabbed either side of Kara Crump’s head. From there the young heroine applied a small fraction of her enhanced strength to make sure the object of her desire could not escape her. Then, she plowed her lips into Kara’s with a kiss. There was no romance to it. No sensuality. No passion. It was raw. Aggressive. Gritty. Powerful. Her body briefly pressed against Kara’s, her large globes battling it out with Kara’s formidable ones. She forced Kara’s lips to part ways, briefly claiming them as her own, before sliding her tongue atop Kara’s in a bid to commence an all out tongue war.

Tonya’s track of time was lost, cast asunder. The kiss could have taken seconds, minutes, hell even hours for all she knew. What she did know, though, was that voices were impeding nearby. It was that which gave her just enough clarity to know they were in a public venue with the elite. Not exactly a good place to resign yourself to the throes of lust. Social media and all. Sensing this, Tonya broke the lip lock and stood up really fast, her chair tumbling over behind her. Alarmed over the possible ramifications for her young lustful violation of arguably the most powerful woman in the world, she could only stand there with hand over her chest and other hand over her mouth.

{Tonya’s Office – Crump Tower – Three days after the meeting with Kara at the Brushwood Country Club}

Tonya scrolled up and down her seemingly endless mess of emails. So many damn people wanted to secure meetings with Kara. It was unreal. “Do you people even live? Have lives? Geez.” She said to herself. People wanted everything from a tea date to full blown multiple days business meetings. Tonya couldn’t fathom having to live Kara’s life. She actually felt kinda bad for Kara. No wonder the woman wasn’t married and seemed content with flirting with girls of convenience. Herself. Anna too most likely. A spark of jealousy rose in Tonya, thinking that Anna could have also locked lips with the greatest thing to happen since the egg white omelette.

She checked her watch. It was nearly noon. Sadly Kara was out gallivanting the town with some high roller, so lunch with her was not possible, but what she was too giddy to wait around any longer to give Kara the good news. “Alexis, call Kara.” Tonya stood up and began walking the floor, hands behind her back, a big grin on her face. When Kara answered, Tonya piped up in cheer and much vigor of voice. “Ms. Crump, remember how you said it might take me awhile to secure a meeting between you and Paraclete?” Tonya paused for several moments to let the drama build. “Well, guess what? I have secured said meeting with Paraclete.” Tonya kept smiling.

After lapping around her desk one time she sat back down, still an impossibly huge smile on her face. “There’s a reporter that used to run articles about the store I managed before you hired me, especially when that salmanaia outbreak happened, which my store was also affected by. Jimmy Olsen is his name. Well, he also managed to nab a few interviews with Paraclete when she was starting to make a name for herself. He’s no Lois Lane or Clark Kent or anything but I still have his card and gave him a few rings.”

She leaned back in her chair a little bit and played footsie with herself. “Long story short, apparently Paraclete had reached out to him and others about making a big public apology over the Brandy situation, but he passed along your wishes to meet with her and she responded with a definite yes.” Tonya drew in a sigh. “However, it comes with some conditions as we expected. She wants to do it this Saturday. And she will only agree to meet with you if Brandy Helms will meet with her first. She is fine with meeting Brandy at whatever location Brandy wants. She wants to apologize and make amends face to face. Oh and she is fine with holding both meetings in the same day if you’d like.”

Tonya bit her bottom lip and continued, “I already spoke with Brandy over the phone and she is willing to meet her this Saturday and will get back to me soon with the location and stuff. I just need your final approval on all of this. What say you?”

Tonya listened, smiled, and nodded. “Alright. Yes ma’am, will make it all happen. Unfortunately I won’t be joining you guys. Saturday is my day off and sadly this Saturday is the anniversary of my mom’s death.” Tonya left it at that and gave her best wishes for a good day, then ended the call. Not thirty seconds after ending the call, Brandy Helms knocked on the door and slowly opened it. Her head peaked in and gave Tonya a pleasant smile. “Ah, yes, Brandy.” Tonya stood and motioned her to stay put as she walked toward the door. “Kara wanted you to show me some of the R&D stuff you’ve done on articles of clothing. Especially concerning what happened at the mall.” Stepping into the hall with Brandy, Tonya smiled and motioned for her to lead the way. “This stuff is way out of my league so take lead, Ms. Helms, and how’s that little girl of yours doing?”

{Meeting between Brandy and Paraclete – few days later – sometime on Saturday}

Tonya spent the first half of her Saturday mentally preparing herself for her meeting with Brandy Helms, as Paraclete. Her only fear going intro the ordeal would be that of Brandy somehow figuring out Paraclete was Tonya. She had to stay away from anything that only Brandy and Tonya had spoke about. She knew Brandy was super smart and could easily pick up on a slip up like that. The location Brandy picked seemed okay for the most part. No red flags really popped up. Not that it would matter since she would be in Paraclete form anyway, and thus pretty much invincible. So if Brandy wanted to get uppity for some stupid reason, Paraclete would be able to handle it. No problem.

As time drew near, Tonya concentrated and morphed into Paraclete. Instantly her already impressive set of powers were increased ten fold, including her confidence and composure. Her appearance changed too. The suit of divinity was a solid white one piece suit that ended at the low neck area. It was super skin tight, as though more of an extra layer of skin rather than a suit. White and gold gloves covered her hands and same colored boots covered her feet. One thing she really enjoyed about the transformation was how it changed her look too. Her hair went from brunette to golden blonde and a gold masquerade style mask with divinity gems encrusted in it covered half her face. It was hard for someone to figure out who she was by merely looking at her and imagining them with their mask off. Feeling confident and composed like never before, she set off to meet with Brandy Helms.

One Hour Later

Paraclete sat at the medium size circular table in the middle of the large room. Her powerful legs were crossed, hands clasps together politely in front of her. Waiting patiently. Brandy was several minutes late but Paraclete understood. In the roles were reversed, she’d probably be getting some of the cold feet jitters too. Soon the door opened and in walked Brandy Helms.

Paraclete stood up, bowed a little toward her and walked to her, extending a hand for a shake. Brandy shook it but the shake was an awkward one, as though just going through the motions of a formality. Along with the handshake, the two locked eyes. Right off the bat Paraclete saw a small spark of contempt in the woman’s eyes. Ms. Helms was brandishing a smile but the eyes don’t lie. Again, though, Paraclete could understand where she was coming from using the shoe-on-the-other-foot doctrine.

An exchange of niceities happened and the pair sat down across from each other. Paraclete sat much like she had before, her body language open and receptive. Brandy’s was more closed and reserved. Understandable. “Look, Brandy. I’m not like the other super heroines. I’m not politically correct. I don’t kiss ass. I’m not here to make myself feel good or what have you. I’m here because I believe in cutting to the chase. Bottom line, I treated you wrong.” Paraclete did feel bad about what she did for the most part, but there was still a small, tiny little part of her that didn’t sit quite well with Paraclete.

“I acted on actionable intelligence using the eminent danger law that took effect earlier this year. I thought you were, or had knowledge of things that would put this city as a whole or even one citizen in danger. However, I did not do a thorough enough check on your background, nor the fact that you had a daughter. If I had, I would have went about things differently. For that, I am terribly sorry and apologize.”

Paraclete dipped her head a little bit then held it up high again. “I humiliated you not only in your own home, in front of your own daughter, but also in front of the world. I have made you less trusting of your own elite armed guards due to the ease in which I incapacitated them. Even worse, I have made you less trusting of the very super heroines your precious little girl adores. Most notably, me.” Paraclete noticed a flare of animosity in Brandy’s eyes so she stopped her course of talk and switched gears.

Placing a square black pad on the table, Paraclete pressed a button and up popped a virtual hologram of the weird armor Paraclete has ran into a few times, along with the smart gloves she encountered at the robbery. “This armor is on a whole other level. I’ve encountered it twice now. Damn near impenetrable. The smart gloves I ran into only recently, but they seem pretty nasty too. I don’t have much to go on except for the holograms here, but what I do know is only a very, very small amount of people in the world have the intellect to design something like this.” She looked deep into Brandy’s eyes. “And only one around here… you.” Paraclete held up a finger to ease Brandy’s concerns.

“No. I’m not accusing you of any wrong doing. I did that once and was wrong. I think you are a good woman who caught a bad rap because of me. But I also think this stuff is part of your creation, which was likely stolen from you at some point, or perhaps is being stolen from you now and used for evil purposes instead of noble causes like issuing them to Law Enforcement and Military personnel. Could be some corrupt military general or Lord knows what. I’d just like your help in knowing how to defeat it easier or any other info you may have on it.”

Brandy wore a poker face. It was hard for Paraclete to read. The brilliant Crump employee leaned forward and looked at the graphs for a moment, then looked up at Paraclete. “I’ll see what I can do. Meanwhile, about that email you sent me.” Paraclete nodded. Brandy pulled out her cell phone and pulled up the email she had received from Paraclete a day earlier. “So, in this email you’re basically saying you’ll let me punch you in the face, right? As some part of payback for what you did to me, correct? A weapon even? Are you some kind of masochist” Paraclete shook her head and chuckled. “Nope. I just believe in vengeance. I bullied you in your own home. I crushed your hand like it was nothing. Granted I did heal it, but I still destroyed it for a little while. It caused you much pain. So you get a freebie. Actually, more than that because I caused your good reputation to be tarnished. Ms. Crump did a splendid job of clearing your name but I’m sure there’s still people out there thinking poorly of you.”

Paraclete paused for a moment. “Actually, since you have the ability to design nifty weapons using your vast intellect and creativity, feel free to use them on me. I think that’s fair. More than fair. Not only will this allow you to unleash any pent up anger you have for me, which I’m pretty sure you have some stored somewhere in you, it will also allow me to train and hone my skills. In the long run I think it might improve our relationship and we can get past this mess I started with you.”

Paraclete made a hand motion around the room, then upward, then downward. “We can do it right here or upstairs or downstairs or wherever. I’ll close my eyes, put my hands behind my back, and let you haul off an sock me if you want. Right here, right now. I deserve it.” Paraclete stood up and stepped away from the table a little bit. She then put her hands behind her back and waited for Brandy’s response.

{Brushwood Country Club}
Kara purred into Tonya’s mouth as the young girl lightly crushed Kara against her body, instead of resisting as the young girl thought she would, Kara’s tongue joined into the fray returning the sensual kiss.
Slipping her arms around Tonya’s body, her hand gliding up the zipper on the back of the dress until her hands entangled themselves in Tonya’s hair. Kara’s muscular strength became evident when she felt Tonya start to release her from the kiss. Suddenly and quickly tugging on Tonya’s hair, Kara jerked Tonya’s head backwards to present Tonya’s choker covered neck to Kara. Quickly, Kara’s fingers unzipped the back of the white choler to allow it to fall away and expose the white skin of the young girls neck and locked her lips onto the slender throat.

Slowly, she sucked nibbled on the skin and worked her way up down until the dress obviously stopped Kara’s threat of moving down towards the full rise of Tonya’s breast while Kara’s hands slide down Tonya’s back and grabbed both cheeks of Tonya’s butt before she slid her knee hard into Tonya’s mound and ground roughly up against her pelvis bone.
Around the two women, digital clicking sounds smart phones were heard as club goer’s frantically shot picture after picture to their social media accounts and it wasn’t long before the news media and social gossip columns picked up on the pictures.
Across the screens of People Magazine, TMZ, and other social gossip channels, the pictures showing Kara’s hands grasping Tonya’s butt cheeks, her fingers digging into the ample flesh under the dress. “..Crump has new squeeze..” ,,”In the END…Kara takes matters into own hands”,,,, “Who is the new woman in Crump’s life..”

{Tonya’s Office..Crump Tower)

Without apparently caring if Tonya was on the phone or not, the door to her office suddenly opened and Anna walked in, her hands behind her back she only barely gazed at the young girl who seemed in a world of heavenly bliss of her own by the smile on her face. Anna walked over and stood in front of Tonya so she could be seen and taking one hand out from behind her back, she waved the flat of her hand into the air. Immediately, six different life sized 3D holographic images of the exchange at the pool, Tonya’s passioned face and wild look as she grabbed Kara and kissed her and Kara’s fingers dug into and rubbing her backside suddenly took on life sized images as they were broadcast from the local gossip channels with headline after headline emblazoned on them.

Without saying a word, Anna place her hand back behind her back and left the images running in front of Tonya as she left her office.

{Meeting Room 1401}
Calmly Brandy sat across the table from Paraclete and listened to her obviously prepared speech until the heroine went quiet and then pulled out her phone and held up the email that Paraclete had sent her and listened calmly once again to another obviously prepared speech the Super Heroine quoted about how Brandy could take an obviously “free” punch at the heroine.
Not speaking a word as Brandy stood before her, Brandy sighed and placed her hands on the table in front of her and pushed herself up until she stood. “..Paraclete…I appreciate your attempts to sooth your guilty conscience by allowing me to try a physical attack on you, but lets face it, you have Super Powers, strength, possibly healing abilities and who knows what else.
You physically hurt me, took advantage of my loved one and threatened me, a mere human with your obviously superior powers. Now, anything I could physically do to you would cause no pain, embarrassment or discomfort to you at all and would more than likely ending up causing me to hurt myself again AND..if word got out to my daughter that I struck or even thought about hurting her hero, then it would cause me more pain with the emotional damage to my daughter.”

She paused and waited for that thought to be processed “Now, if you are as moral and good as you say you are, the best way I can hit you is to let you live with the guilt of what you have done and the knowledge of the emotional scaring you done with a young girls heart… but if you are as morally bankrupt as I think you are, then you will push this off in some fantasy imagination that you will add to your schizophrenic idea that every normal person is evil and you must squash them like a bug on a windshield.. “no Paraclete.. you will need live with the damage you have done and explain to all the little girls of the world why their heroine is so morally bankrupt..”

She walked to the door before turning to look back at Paraclete, paused and walked back to the heroine and only stopped when she raised her smart phone up and placed it in front of the heroines face. Starting to play in front of Paraclete’s eyes, her daughter sat on a bed in room hugging a Paraclete doll while she sobbed and cried broken heartedly. “..why…why..did you have to hurt mommy Para…cle..te.. Your least I thought you were… but you hurt good do I have to one.. there is no good in this world anymore…it’s all a lie…all of it..” her bed rocking with her sobbing.
Bringing her phone back down, Brandy again turned and walked to the door.. “..consider yourself struck Heroine…and live with it…for the rest of your life..”

(Penthouse…Crump Tower}
Drink in hand as she stood on the solid glass balcony that hung outwards and suspended from sides of her penthouse. Kara closed her eyes and felt the wind blow through the sheer golden one piece gown that flowed down around her body, the hem ending just at the ankles of her bare feet with their perfectly manicured toe nails.

Slowly, “net” adjusted and re-adjusted the lighting to highlight the golden material of the gown while accentuating her naked body underneath to hide the almost transparency of the material so Kara’s body was not completely visible but allowed enough light through that her each curve and each detail was highlighted with each and every move she made.
“ ten minutes out…” Anna’s voice sounded in hear, the sound emitted via the diamond dangly ear rings designed to transmit audible volume through the cartridge of the ear lobe. “ indicates spikes twice today..most likely suiting herself each time…suit corruption is calculated at 96.5% of some type…just in case you need it.. also, I added a new command on the last spike… say “oh shit”, the command issues a command to reverse the suiting process… “

Opening her eyes, Kara looked down at her bare feet standing on the glass floor at the lights and traffic so far below her before she raised the glass to her lips and looked out into the night sky as she tried to spot Paraclete approach. “..thank you Anna.. from Tonya’s little display at the club.. I think I will be just fine…ever see an orgasmic heroine before?”
In her ear, she heard Anna chuckle in spite of herself..

{Benchwood Tower}
Pulling the zipper of the camo suit upwards until it closed around her face, Brandy Helms picked up the XR 1400 bow and laid down into the dark corner of the roof. Slowly, her body flickered once and then completely disappeared from view. Raising the bow scope to her eyes, she watched as it searched the night sky until suddenly, the target dot flickered into view and a small reading confirmed the DNA signature of Paraclete which was then fed into each of the 5 arrows that snugged tightly away in their chamber below the bow string which would accelerate each arrow to hyper sonic speed in a matter of milliseconds.

Patiently, Brandy waited and watched Paraclete approach the penthouse, hover in the air for a bit off the glass balcony as she and Kara talked, then finally descended and landed on the glass structure.
Humming quietly to herself in her mind, Brand watched the two women the entire evening until Paraclete again appeared on the balcony, rose in the air as she hovered once again, then started to climb into the by then early morning sky.

Following her target, Brandy waited until the green light appeared in the tracking scope and slowly, she pushed the button 5 times. Instantly, each time, an arrow appeared on the hyper sonic bow string and without a sound, each arrow instantly leaped from the bow and gained hyper sonic speed almost instantly, their tracking heads following Paraclete’s DNA signature. At reaching their full speed, each arrow dissolved into masses of invisible atoms of kinetic energy as they essentially phased into another dimension of existence on their path towards the center mass of Paraclete’s body where, once the their pre-programmed sensors sensed the heroines mass, they would re materialize long enough for the kinetic energy would shatter the titanium of the arrow head in pieces and transfer that energy to Paraclete’s body mass.

Calmly, Brandy zoomed the scope into Paraclete’s face, the video camera running as she thought to herself. “..there heroine..accept my revenge punch”

{Tonya’s Office – Crump Tower}

Tonya tried to protest Anna’s rude behavior and asked for the woman to remove the things from her desk, but Ms. Barnes kept on walking away and exited out the door. The heroine ran her hands through her brunette locks, stressing the roots and follicles. Her face was everywhere, literally everywhere. Anybody and everybody that has ever known Tonya would see it. Her degrading herself so lustfully. Allowing herself to be mauled on the buttocks and sexually womanhandeled. Tonya buried her face in her hands as she thought of Pastor Rogers and the members of her Church. They would shun her now. She would not be allowed to attend services anymore. No longer would she be permitted to mentor the kids and youths via Sunday School or anything of the like.

Standing up in a rush, she quickly dismissed the images and feed of the lustful encounter, then placed both palms on her desk and tried to figure out a way to reverse the negative effect such a highly publicized thing. “Alexis, call Kara.” Again she was brought on line with her boss. “Ms. Crump, how do I go about doing damage control over our… whatever you want to call it…. at the pool? I have enough stress in my life right now, I don’t need any added through the media. Also, I spoke with Brandy about what you asked me to. She basically gave me the cold shoulder, so you might need to take care of that one yourself. I think she is still reeling from her unfortunate encounter with Paraclete.”

After ending the call, Tonya paced the floor some more and was dreading 5 o clock.

(Outside of Crump Tower}

Dressed in a form fitting yet professional looking blue and white pin striped business suit, Tonya pushed the doors open from the lobby and stepped outside. It was end of work, thank God. But as she expected, a swarm of reporters engulfed her almost instantly. Instead of them asking about business related ventures and the like, it was all about who Tonya was… is the Kara Crump’s girlfriend…. how did Kara’s lips taste…. and other questions of the sort. Thankfully security was there to provide a decent buffer as Tonya pushed through offering repeated “no comments”. It seemed like forever but she made it to her fancy new car that Crump Inc purchased for her.

After taking a few moments to collect herself in the driver’s seat, she called her grandma yet again, an act she’d been doing all day to no avail. As with before, she only got the voice mail. Her tone was slightly annoyed when she left the message, “Mamaw, it’s me. Dinner is on me tonight. 6 pm at Golden Corral, our favorite place. Please call me back. Haven’t gotten a chance to link up with you at work or home for days now.”

And with that done, she reved the engine and exited the parking lot which had become packed with flashing cameras and many questions from fast mouthed news personnel.

{Golden Corral – one hour later}

Tonya managed to get there early and sat waiting her grannie. She ordered a glass of water and some bread for appetizers from the waiter, who seemed to take a few extra looks at the heroine. About 6:30 Tonya received a call from her granny. “Geeez, finally you call me back, mamaw. I was worried. I’m here at the Corral. Where are you?” Once more her voice came off as a tad annoyed. “Well maybe if your tongue wasn’t so far down Ms. Crump’s throat I’d be more inclined to call you. But who am I to interrupt your mouth from some vigorous damned exercising”? Tonya shut her eyes and bit her tongue to prevent herself from lashing out. “Grannie, I can explain. That whole thing was taken out of context. Come down to the Corral and we can talk about it. I’ve already ordered your favorite platter.”

There was a low grumble on the other end. “I don’t even like the Corral. I’ve always just said that because I knew it was your favorite. You can call me back and drop by my home place once you’ve fully pulled your head out of Ms. Crump’s trillion dollar derriere. Not a moment sooner. I am so disappointed in you, Tonya. And so would your mother.” The harsh words cut deep and rendered Tonya speechless. The call was ended by her granny before she could offer any rebuttal. For several minutes Tonya just sat there, her eyes growing a little misty. It made her not want to eat. She slapped some money down on the table and got up to leave.

As she was milling through the packed crowd she could see them looking at her whispering to each other. They definitely knew who she was from the kissing and butt grabbing escapade all over the news. She dipped her head a little bit and jogged the rest of the way to her car and got out of there quick as she could.

{Meeting room – 1401 – a few days after the Brushwood incident and the Golden Corral scene}

At first Paraclete felt ashamed and bad for Brandy’s little girl. The images she was shown tugged at the heroic heart of the Paragon of Power. Brandy’s spiel didn’t help matters, but it also had unintended consequences, for Paraclete’s sorrow soon turned to anger at Brandy’s words. As Brandy delivered her prepared “guilt be you” speech with the final verbal jab, she opened the door to exit, thinking herself to have had the last word.


A blur of gold and white appeared before her, the door shutting closed behind it. Standing before her was a peeved Paraclete. Using her large globes as pushing weapons, she slowly “jabbed” Brandy into a back pedal. “I broke the heart of your girl over YOUR actions. It is YOUR secret actions with dangerous chemicals and god knows what else that brought all of this to be. Your girl may be brainwashed by you now because of this, but there is nothing I can do about that except call you a crappy mother. There’s plenty of little girls that look up to me because they know what I stand for. I may have gotten my research wrong on you, but you also weren’t completely on the up-and-up. You had ample time to explain to me the whole story that night, but instead you opted to taunt me about being defeated by an 8 year old girl. Yes, I’ll carry some regret and emotional baggage from that night, but I was acting on actionable intelligence.”

Paraclete bore down on the smaller woman, her lips curled in a unpleasant sneer. “Tell me, how many failed experiments have you done? How many test subjects have died on your watch? How many times have you just flat gotten something wrong and people died or were seriously screwed up by it, all because YOU were acting on actionable intelligence of your own? I bet it’s been more than once. So practice what you preach, Brandy.”

Paraclete put her hands on her hips in classic superheroine pose protocol. “If I have to break one little girl’s heart to save others I’m willing to make that sacrifice. Now since my attempt to bury the hatchet has failed and you’ve tried to use your precious little girl as a guilt trip ploy, as well as harboring clear animosity for me, you’re officially on my radar. That means every time you cut your legs shaving, I’m going to know about it. Every time you fart in a elevator, I’m going to know about it. Every time you go one mile per hour over the speed limit, make an improper lane change, don’t use your turn signals, or roll through a stop sign.. I mean anything…. I’m going to know about it. Just keep that in mind, will you?” Stepping away from Brandy, Paraclete opened the door. “We’re done here.” Paraclete slammed the door shut as she left.

{Penthouse Crump Tower – just turned nightfall}

Paraclete flew over her domain of dominance en route to meeting with Kara Crump. She was still fuming over her meeting with Brandy. Her attempt to quell the issue and let bygones be bygones had went horribly awry. The only plus that came from the meeting was that small little tiny nugget of suspicion Paraclete still had about her may have some merit. There was something just a little off about Brandy, ever since Paraclete encountered her on that fateful night. Brandy would have to wait. A more daunting task was ahead. Paraclete would need to meet with Kara Crump and not become sexually explosive on her. Tall order but as any good superheorine would be, Paraclete was prepared.

She had been mentally preparing all day. She would absolutely have to not be reduced to lustful putty at Kara’s hands. The thought of this critical meeting specifics was actually becoming more arousing than the prospect of being in the presence of Tonya’s sexual infatuation. That, coupled with a clever little scheme she’d concocted, would most likely carry her through the meeting without drooling and becoming a wet mess all over the place.

As Paraclete drew near to the tower she scanned the buildings all around and didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. Then her eyes fell upon the virtually naked frame of Kara Crump in the distance. She slowed her flight speed down. She was definitely going to need to enact the first part of her little scheme. Stretching both arms out before her, fists unballed, she started to fly again ala Super Man or Super Girl, with the tips of her fingers in line with Kara Crump. As she closed within 100 feet, Paraclete uttered an incantation and made the slightest, subtle gesture with her fingers. Sending forth the un-noticeable illusion spell, Kara Crump suddenly (and in Paraclete’s eyes only since she was the only one looking at her) morphed into an ugly, hideous, wart infested troll.

At last Paraclete hovered a mere ten feet from “troll” Kara and held back her repulsion of the illusionary image she’d placed. Yep, the attractive level of Kara Crump had dumped far into the negatives. Smiling, Paraclete was grateful that this was a one on one meeting, because she’d hate to have someone kill over from a heart attack coming upon a hideous troll beast. “Ms. Crump, thank you so much for extending your hand for such a meeting. I look forward to hearing what you have to say.” The Paragon of Power descended and shook “troll” Kara’s hand. “Wow you look delightful tonight.” Paraclete let go of the shake and remained on the balcony, smiling ever so sweetly.

“I want to apologize for the Brandy incident. I believe my recent meeting with Brandy went very well. Thank you for facilitating it. Aside from that, what exactly else brings you to want such a meeting with me?” Paraclete looked upon the ugly troll then had to look away, off into the city skyline.

{After the meeting – in the sky}

Paraclete’s mind was clicking and turning after her meeting. Lots of things to think about. She flew along and was about to lift higher in the air when suddenly a series of impacts hit her right side. Most of them did absolutely nothing, but one sent a ripple of pain through her first and second ribs. She let out a small yelp and spiraled out of control for a moment, then crash landed on the roof of a building. She rolled ass over head like a shot rabbit before coming to rest on her side. Her eyes were wide. Cheeks were puffing in and out rapidly, like a fish out of water. It had stole her breath away. For about 15 seconds she laid there cringed in pain and puffing, before the pain dissipated. Paranoid, alarmed, and utterly confused as to how she felt anything through her impervious suit, she skipped out on taking flight again and instead took travel via the roof door, disappearing into the building with much haste.

{Crump Tower – Tonya’s Office}

Hissing, the doors to Tonya’s office barely made it open before Grannie Wilkerson walked in appearing to try to keep as dignified look as possible on her demeanor as she possibly could.

Stiffly walking over to where Tonya sat, Grannie’s hand drew back and swept across the young girls face with a loud “smack”.

“THAT young lady is for acting like a slut and embarrassing our family and the company who has so graciously given us both jobs, income and a chance at decent life for a change.

I am so disappointed in you Tonya, you have never, until now, ever given me need to that.   I just don’t know what has gotten into you.. seducing Ms. Crump like that in public.. I mean, grabbing the woman like that and kissing her like that and causing..all kinds of un-natural feelings to arise in that nice woman.   I could understand a man Tonya, but another woman for goodness sakes.”

Taking a deep sigh, Grannie fought the urge to grab the girls head and twist it around backwards.. She could almost feel the satisfying crack of bones in Tonya’s neck in her thoughts.

Finally, calming herself.   She reached down and took Tonya’s hand, “..dear.. I don’t want this job to go to your head.. if you cant handle yourself, then maybe you should talk with the grocery store again, maybe you can get your checkers job back…”

Finally, releasing Tonya’s hand, Grannie turned and walked back to the door, “It’s as much my fault as yours.. we just have lost touch with our family values.. Tonya Wilkenson, I want you home tonight for a family dinner. We must fix this now”

Leaving the office, Grannie turned the corner and on the other side, Tonya Wilkenson walked back towards her job in the kiddie day care center.   Passing the ladies room, Tonya took a sigh and stepped inside to check her makeup and stepping up to the glass, Paraclete looked herself over, ran her hands over the slick white suit before running her hands up and pushing her large boobs up and back into place before she reached into her pocket for her compact and touched up her makeup, then turned and walked back into the hallway to make her way back to the Day Care center where she stopped at the door briefly then stepped inside.   “Grannie…Grannie..Grannie..”   the kids yelled in glee as Granny Wilkenson picked up a book “reading time sweeties”


{CatCo News Room}

“Now for a breaking news story exclusively from the CatCo News room….” the perfectly manicured blond with perfect white teeth kept a “news look” serious face being careful to move only her lips in apparent business like sincerity.   Behind her, the digital magic of television displayed a full size picture of Paraclete with the words emblazoned across her picture…”Super Heroine Unstable????”

“It has come to our attention that the cities favorite Super Heroine, Paraclete has been seen acting in ways that raise questions that she may indeed becoming a hazard to the public by acting in ways that appear to show an instability in her mental state….” She paused for a few seconds for impact..”..we now cut to Jenny Moore who is with Mr. David Osman.. Jenny what did Mr. Osman view last night?”

The camera cuts to the reporter and a short, dumpy, balding man who looks around nervously…”..are we on?… man..this is soo great..” he rubs his hands together, the camera quickly going to a close up of Jenny…”..Beth Ann, Mr. Osman, an avid amateur astronomer just happened to be on the roof of his building last night star gazing and ended up being a first hand observer of a strange sight in the night sky…Mr. Osman, why don’t you tell us what you saw..”

Looking into the camera, David Osman nodded..”..why yes…Stephanie…”.. the reporter mumbled in the background..”..Jenny..its Jenny”

Ignoring the reporter, David Osman continued..”..there I was last night on the roof with my Yashica X200 Galaxy scope, which is on sale at Osman Electronics at 12th and Broadway now for a special price of only $4,999….”

“…there I was, looking for asteroid N100 which everyone knows will pass at a close 100Million miles from the Earth on May 21, 5010 and boom, there I saw her… that heroine name Paraclete…zooming across the sky and then, all of a sudden..well…well…just show the video…and note the clarity, 1080P on fast P

{Crump Tower – Tonya’s Office}

Hissing, the doors to Tonya’s office barely made it open before Grannie Wilkerson walked in appearing to try to keep as dignified look as possible on her demeanor as she possibly could.

Stiffly walking over to where Tonya sat, Grannie’s hand drew back and swept across the young girls face with a loud “smack”.

“THAT young lady is for acting like a slut and embarrassing our family and the company who has so graciously given us both jobs, income and a chance at decent life for a change.

I am so disappointed in you Tonya, you have never, until now, ever given me need to that.   I just don’t know what has gotten into you.. seducing Ms. Crump like that in public.. I mean, grabbing the woman like that and kissing her like that and causing..all kinds of un-natural feelings to arise in that nice woman.   I could understand a man Tonya, but another woman for goodness sakes.”

Taking a deep sigh, Grannie fought the urge to grab the girls head and twist it around backwards.. She could almost feel the satisfying crack of bones in Tonya’s neck in her thoughts.

Finally, calming herself.   She reached down and took Tonya’s hand, “..dear.. I don’t want this job to go to your head.. if you cant handle yourself, then maybe you should talk with the grocery store again, maybe you can get your checkers job back…”

Finally, releasing Tonya’s hand, Grannie turned and walked back to the door, “It’s as much my fault as yours.. we just have lost touch with our family values.. Tonya Wilkenson, I want you home tonight for a family dinner. We must fix this now”

Leaving the office, Grannie turned the corner and on the other side, Tonya Wilkenson walked back towards her job in the kiddie day care center.   Passing the ladies room, Tonya took a sigh and stepped inside to check her makeup and stepping up to the glass, Paraclete looked herself over, ran her hands over the slick white suit before running her hands up and pushing her large boobs up and back into place before she reached into her pocket for her compact and touched up her makeup, then turned and walked back into the hallway to make her way back to the Day Care center where she stopped at the door briefly then stepped inside.   “Grannie…Grannie..Grannie..”   the kids yelled in glee as Granny Wilkenson picked up a book “reading time sweeties”


{CatCo News Room}

“Now for a breaking news story exclusively from the CatCo News room….” the perfectly manicured blond with perfect white teeth kept a “news look” serious face being careful to move only her lips in apparent business like sincerity.   Behind her, the digital magic of television displayed a full size picture of Paraclete with the words emblazoned across her picture…”Super Heroine Unstable????”

“It has come to our attention that the cities favorite Super Heroine, Paraclete has been seen acting in ways that raise questions that she may indeed becoming a hazard to the public by acting in ways that appear to show an instability in her mental state….” She paused for a few seconds for impact..”..we now cut to Jenny Moore who is with Mr. David Osman.. Jenny what did Mr. Osman view last night?”

The camera cuts to the reporter and a short, dumpy, balding man who looks around nervously…”..are we on?… man..this is soo great..” he rubs his hands together, the camera quickly going to a close up of Jenny…”..Beth Ann, Mr. Osman, an avid amateur astronomer just happened to be on the roof of his building last night star gazing and ended up being a first hand observer of a strange sight in the night sky…Mr. Osman, why don’t you tell us what you saw..”

Looking into the camera, David Osman nodded..”..why yes…Stephanie…”.. the reporter mumbled in the background..”..Jenny..its Jenny”

Ignoring the reporter, David Osman continued..”..there I was last night on the roof with my Yashica X200 Galaxy scope, which is on sale at Osman Electronics at 12th and Broadway now for a special price of only $4,999….”

“…there I was, looking for asteroid N100 which everyone knows will pass at a close 100Million miles from the Earth on May 21, 5010 and boom, there I saw her… that heroine name Paraclete…zooming across the sky and then, all of a sudden..well…well…just show the video…and note the clarity, 1080P on fast P

{Crump Tower – Tonya’s Office}

Hissing, the doors to Tonya’s office barely made it open before Grannie Wilkerson walked in appearing to try to keep as dignified look as possible on her demeanor as she possibly could.

Stiffly walking over to where Tonya sat, Grannie’s hand drew back and swept across the young girls face with a loud “smack”.

“THAT young lady is for acting like a slut and embarrassing our family and the company who has so graciously given us both jobs, income and a chance at decent life for a change.

I am so disappointed in you Tonya, you have never, until now, ever given me need to that.   I just don’t know what has gotten into you.. seducing Ms. Crump like that in public.. I mean, grabbing the woman like that and kissing her like that and causing..all kinds of un-natural feelings to arise in that nice woman.   I could understand a man Tonya, but another woman for goodness sakes.”

Taking a deep sigh, Grannie fought the urge to grab the girls head and twist it around backwards.. She could almost feel the satisfying crack of bones in Tonya’s neck in her thoughts.

Finally, calming herself.   She reached down and took Tonya’s hand, “..dear.. I don’t want this job to go to your head.. if you cant handle yourself, then maybe you should talk with the grocery store again, maybe you can get your checkers job back…”

Finally, releasing Tonya’s hand, Grannie turned and walked back to the door, “It’s as much my fault as yours.. we just have lost touch with our family values.. Tonya Wilkenson, I want you home tonight for a family dinner. We must fix this now”

Leaving the office, Grannie turned the corner and on the other side, Tonya Wilkenson walked back towards her job in the kiddie day care center.   Passing the ladies room, Tonya took a sigh and stepped inside to check her makeup and stepping up to the glass, Paraclete looked herself over, ran her hands over the slick white suit before running her hands up and pushing her large boobs up and back into place before she reached into her pocket for her compact and touched up her makeup, then turned and walked back into the hallway to make her way back to the Day Care center where she stopped at the door briefly then stepped inside.   “Grannie…Grannie..Grannie..”   the kids yelled in glee as Granny Wilkenson picked up a book “reading time sweeties”


{CatCo News Room}

“Now for a breaking news story exclusively from the CatCo News room….” the perfectly manicured blond with perfect white teeth kept a “news look” serious face being careful to move only her lips in apparent business like sincerity.   Behind her, the digital magic of television displayed a full size picture of Paraclete with the words emblazoned across her picture…”Super Heroine Unstable????”

“It has come to our attention that the cities favorite Super Heroine, Paraclete has been seen acting in ways that raise questions that she may indeed becoming a hazard to the public by acting in ways that appear to show an instability in her mental state….” She paused for a few seconds for impact..”..we now cut to Jenny Moore who is with Mr. David Osman.. Jenny what did Mr. Osman view last night?”

The camera cuts to the reporter and a short, dumpy, balding man who looks around nervously…”..are we on?… man..this is soo great..” he rubs his hands together, the camera quickly going to a close up of Jenny…”..Beth Ann, Mr. Osman, an avid amateur astronomer just happened to be on the roof of his building last night star gazing and ended up being a first hand observer of a strange sight in the night sky…Mr. Osman, why don’t you tell us what you saw..”

Looking into the camera, David Osman nodded..”..why yes…Stephanie…”.. the reporter mumbled in the background..”..Jenny..its Jenny”

Ignoring the reporter, David Osman continued..”..there I was last night on the roof with my Yashica X200 Galaxy scope, which is on sale at Osman Electronics at 12th and Broadway now for a special price of only $4,999….”

“…there I was, looking for asteroid N100 which everyone knows will pass at a close 100Million miles from the Earth on May 21, 5010 and boom, there I saw her… that heroine name Paraclete…zooming across the sky and then, all of a sudden..well…well…just show the video…and note the clarity, 1080P on fast

{Crump Tower – Tonya’s Office}
Hissing, the doors to Tonya’s office barely made it open before Grannie Wilkerson walked in appearing to try to keep as dignified look as possible on her demeanor as she possibly could.
Stiffly walking over to where Tonya sat, Grannie’s hand drew back and swept across the young girls face with a loud “smack”.
“THAT young lady is for acting like a slut and embarrassing our family and the company who has so graciously given us both jobs, income and a chance at decent life for a change.
I am so disappointed in you Tonya, you have never, until now, ever given me need to that. I just don’t know what has gotten into you.. seducing Ms. Crump like that in public.. I mean, grabbing the woman like that and kissing her like that and causing..all kinds of un-natural feelings to arise in that nice woman. I could understand a man Tonya, but another woman for goodness sakes.”
Taking a deep sigh, Grannie fought the urge to grab the girls head and twist it around backwards.. She could almost feel the satisfying crack of bones in Tonya’s neck in her thoughts.
Finally, calming herself. She reached down and took Tonya’s hand, “..dear.. I don’t want this job to go to your head.. if you cant handle yourself, then maybe you should talk with the grocery store again, maybe you can get your checkers job back…”
Finally, releasing Tonya’s hand, Grannie turned and walked back to the door, “It’s as much my fault as yours.. we just have lost touch with our family values.. Tonya Wilkenson, I want you home tonight for a family dinner. We must fix this now”
Leaving the office, Grannie turned the corner and on the other side, Tonya Wilkenson walked back towards her job in the kiddie day care center. Passing the ladies room, Tonya took a sigh and stepped inside to check her makeup and stepping up to the glass, Paraclete looked herself over, ran her hands over the slick white suit before running her hands up and pushing her large boobs up and back into place before she reached into her pocket for her compact and touched up her makeup, then turned and walked back into the hallway to make her way back to the Day Care center where she stopped at the door briefly then stepped inside. “Grannie…Grannie..Grannie..” the kids yelled in glee as Granny Wilkenson picked up a book “reading time sweeties”

{CatCo News Room}
“Now for a breaking news story exclusively from the CatCo News room….” the perfectly manicured blond with perfect white teeth kept a “news look” serious face being careful to move only her lips in apparent business like sincerity. Behind her, the digital magic of television displayed a full size picture of Paraclete with the words emblazoned across her picture…”Super Heroine Unstable????”
“It has come to our attention that the cities favorite Super Heroine, Paraclete has been seen acting in ways that raise questions that she may indeed becoming a hazard to the public by acting in ways that appear to show an instability in her mental state….” She paused for a few seconds for impact..”..we now cut to Jenny Moore who is with Mr. David Osman.. Jenny what did Mr. Osman view last night?”
The camera cuts to the reporter and a short, dumpy, balding man who looks around nervously…”..are we on?… man..this is soo great..” he rubs his hands together, the camera quickly going to a close up of Jenny…”..Beth Ann, Mr. Osman, an avid amateur astronomer just happened to be on the roof of his building last night star gazing and ended up being a first hand observer of a strange sight in the night sky…Mr. Osman, why don’t you tell us what you saw..”
Looking into the camera, David Osman nodded..”..why yes…Stephanie…”.. the reporter mumbled in the background..”..Jenny..its Jenny”
Ignoring the reporter, David Osman continued..”..there I was last night on the roof with my Yashica X200 Galaxy scope, which is on sale at Osman Electronics at 12th and Broadway now for a special price of only $4,999….”
“…there I was, looking for asteroid N100 which everyone knows will pass at a close 100Million miles from the Earth on May 21, 5010 and boom, there I saw her… that heroine name Paraclete…zooming across the sky and then, all of a sudden..well…well…just show the video…and note the clarity, 1080P on fast

Photo SD card all for just $4,999 at Osman Electronics at 12th and Broadway..”

The screen suddenly cutting to a clear video of Paraclete flying across the sky when suddenly she spiraled out of control a moment, straightened up and then crash landed onto the roof of a nearby building before she re-appeared, opened the door of the roof entry and walked out of sight closing the door behind her..

“…there..there…did you see that.. she is just flying along and suddenly, she went all drunk crazy like and crashed into that building… you can see with the clarity of the Yashica X200, which by the way is only $4,999 at Osman Electronics, 12th and Broadway…that there Is nothing that hits her, she just goes crazy and crashes”

The camera cutting back to Jenny…”..there you have it Beth, Mr. Osman is correct, the cities favorite heroine appears to just loose her flight ability and crashes into a nearby building.   The question that has to be asked is what would happen if a Super Heroine lost control and plowed into a bus load of children, or a parade, hospital or old folks home?   Is Paraclete becoming a danger to the city and what can be done to insure the safety of its citizens,.. This is Jenny Moore, Catco News”

The camera cut back to Beth and going to a wide shot to include Danny Johns, her co-anchor..

“..Yes Danny, this is not the first instance where Paraclete has appeared to be a bit “stressed” or “off her game wouldn’t you say?”     Going to a full shot of Danny…”.Indeed its not Beth, lets remember the tape that Paraclete sent to our own Cat Grant..accusing the cities own Brandy Helms, noted molecular scientist of being an evil scientist”

The video fills the screen as it runs..and upon ending…” Beth, these allegations were dismissed by Kara Crump who stood behind Brandy Helms”.

A video runs showing Kara’s speech to the city before it cuts back to Danny.

“CatCo News has just received this latest video…”

The video cuts to Paraclete…
An exchange of niceities happened and the pair sat down across from each other. Paraclete sat much like she had before, her body language open and receptive. “Look, Brandy. I’m not like the other super heroines. I’m not politically correct. I don’t kiss ass. I’m not here to make myself feel good or what have you. I’m here because I believe in cutting to the chase. Bottom line, I treated you wrong.”
“I acted on actionable intelligence using the eminent danger law that took effect earlier this year. I thought you were, or had knowledge of things that would put this city as a whole or even one citizen in danger. However, I did not do a thorough enough check on your background, nor the fact that you had a daughter. If I had, I would have went about things differently. For that, I am terribly sorry and apologize.”

“I humiliated you not only in your own home, in front of your own daughter, but also in front of the world. I have made you less trusting of your own elite armed guards due to the ease in which I incapacitated them. Even worse, I have made you less trusting of the very super heroines your precious little girl adores. Most notably, me.”

The video ending, the camera cut back to Danny, “…Beth, it appears that the heroine has admitted to falsely accusing and taking violating Brandy Helms Constitutional

Rights and even more oddly Beth is this… another clip of video begins.


Paraclete shook her head and chuckled. “Nope. I just believe in vengeance. I bullied you in your own home. I crushed your hand like it was nothing. Granted I did heal it, but I still destroyed it for a little while. It caused you much pain. So you get a freebie. Actually, more than that because I caused your good reputation to be tarnished. Ms. Crump did a splendid job of clearing your name but I’m sure there’s still people out there thinking poorly of you.”

“Yes Beth, it would appear that not only did Paraclete invade Brandy Helms home, terrorized her daughter, but also committed assault and battery against a noted scientist and Nobel Peace Prize runner up.

The camera zooming in on Danny’s face.   “…the question has to be raised regarding Paraclete’s mental state.   Are Super Heroines above the law which they claim to exist to uphold?   It would appear that Paraclete could be indeed unstable, both in her powerful body and her mental state.   CatCo news has spoken with city officials and they have refused to comment, however, we have learned that the city has entered into discussions with the FAA who as everyone knows controls all travel in the skies, in hopes of passing new regulations for all Super Heroines who fly.   The mayor has stopped just short of suggesting that Paraclete submit herself for mental evaluation…This is Danny Johns…Gooodddd Dayy”.

{Kara Crump Penthouse…Night Before}

“Welcome Paraclete..I have heard so much about you..” Kara smiled, gazing at the heroine as she stared over the top of her glass and sipped her drink. “Please..come in..” and walked back inside and off the balcony..

“I am glad you were able to join me tonight.. as I told Tonya, I felt like you and I should meet and get acquainted.. and..”

Kara moved over to a white couch and sat down curling her legs underneath her before pulling the sheer golden gown over them.   Patting the couch beside her, “..please…have a seat..”

“Paraclete.. I am a business woman.. and you…” Kara waived a delicate hand in the air.. “…are a notable figure that carries quite a following in the social and media world which makes you a celebrity.”

Kara stopped and took a sip of her drink, sliding her finger around the top of the glass in a slow circle as she continued talking… “the problem with celebrities is that public opinion is so fickle.. one minute they love you and the next minute well…”

Raising a delicate hand into the air and immediately, in a 360 degree circle around the couch, 3D holographic TV feeds from stations around the world appeared, showing Tonya and her wild eyed eroticism that took place at the pool. “..oh my, is that still news?   I must ask your forgiveness, that is Tonya, my assistant and ..” she hesitated, licking her lips as she watched Paraclete’s face.. “ lover.!

“ she stopped and raised an eyebrow…”..does that surprise you Paraclete..that I my assistant and myself would be lovers?.. you know…”

Kara casually took a sip of her drink and leaned forward towards the heroine…”..something about you reminds me a lot of her…hmmmm..”   Kara chuckled as she locked eyes with Paraclete..”..of course, that would be silly…now wouldn’t it…Tonya…being Paraclete?…hmmmm”   Kara smiled innocently at Paraclete..

Holding her gaze with the heroine to allow the silence to fill the air. as the news feeds continued to fill the air around both of them.. “..Paraclete, there is a very good social and business reason that you and I should have a…a..relationship… “ she paused and then continued…” and celebrity.. your social standing could add influence to Crump Industries and our name and reputation and product offerings could go a long way to help give you not only funding for any special pet projects you may have but would enhance your integrity among not only business but government circles at the same time..”

Shifting her gaze to the full size pictures of Tonya that appeared on the holographic images….”..lovely girl isn’t she.. if you are interested Paraclete, I can introduce you to her.. “ she stopped and turned her gaze back to Paraclete..”unless of course you already know her?”

Pushing herself up off the couch, Kara walked over to the 3D image, closed her eyes and traced her hands over the projected of Tonya’s body until she allowed her hand stop and cup the image of the projection of Tonya’s crotch.. “hmmm..with a hot body like that…hmm.. I just get so horney.”

Finally, shaking her head, Kara turned to Paraclete..”..think on it and get back to me.. come to my office tomorrow evening, say about 7 ish..and I can give you a tour of our offices….maybe you can even meet Tonya..”



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