American Star: Exposed

“All right, nobody move!” the young woman screamed. Her long red hair matched the red in her mask. It went down the sides of her head like Spiderwoman’s, but protected Shannon Hayes’s face. Better know as Blaze she was the young woman who could shoot flames from her hands and make use of thermal energy. Fire balls burned over her orange elbow length gloves. Her body was in a red sleeveless halter top leotard. An orange sash around her waist was complemented by orange tights. Red flatfooted boots was her footwear.

The girls of Kappa Sigma Beta held their places as the coed of combustion headed for their well earned fundraiser money. Canceling one of her fireballs, Shan smiled as she observed the money, soon to be her’s. Removing the single strapped accessory she motioned the sorority sisters to the other side of the room, her hand once again aiming a ball of flame. Once the girls were out of the way Blaze began to place her loot in the backpack.

Finished she flashed an evil smile, “Thanks ladies, I’ll see ya later.”

She ran outside and was now on the Georgetown Quad. Students were shocked to see the sizzling lass make her way out of the building, and quickly got out of the way. Shan was almost home free, all she had to do was create a thermal current and take to the sky.

“Blaze, I didn’t know you joined a sorority.” Shan turned her head to see the red-white-and-blue-clad maiden of Washington DC.

“American Star! Damn it I can I get a freaking break!” she cursed. Firing off twin balls of fire, they smacked into the ground where the young heroine had been only seconds before.

“Missed.” Allison Madison smiled now standing behind the angry Blaze. Shan sent a stream of fire at American Star, which Allison just dodged again. Then speeding up again, Allison headed right for Blaze as she moved to attack Allison again. Hitting her with a slightly superstrong punch, it knocked the red head down to the ground. Allison retrieved the backpack and tossed it to a surprised student.

Blaze got up and rubbed her jaw where she got punched, “One day American Star, I’ll get you.”

“Not in this life time.” Allison responded cockily. Blaze growled and behind her back, fired off a stream of flame that touched the front of the building.

“Next time Star.” Blaze surrounded her body in a thermal heat, and rose into the sky flying away.

Allison shook her head, she couldn’t chase after the blistering vixen. Running back to the burning building she found the girls coughing on the floor from smoke. Picking tow up at a time with her strength she speed them out of the building. With the girls saved she ran in a circle, increasing her speed making a vortex. This sucked the air out of the building and killed the flames. Once they were exhausted, Allison returned outside. Fire trucks and Police began to arrive. American Star stayed behind making sure the girls were okay.

Watching with the growing crowd was Shannon Hayes. Gone though was her beautiful spandex outfit, hidden under her pink blouse, red vest, and skirt. Shannon now wore a pair of wire frame glasses and her long red hair was pinned up in a bun.

“Damn American Star. She’ll get hers soon.” She walked away souring over her failure.

Little did Shan or Allison know, another girl was watching and thinking about American Star. Taking pictures with rapid fascination she took in every angle of the beautiful heroine. This woman had blonde hair the same length as Allison’s. She was wearing a red t-shirt that had a large white star over the chest. A demon skirt and blue tights completed the outfit.

Her name was Alice Michaels. She worked for the Georgetown Campus newspaper, and had a quite obsession with the red, white, and blue angel of DC. Since she had appeared she had been trying to convince the paper to let her do an interview with the superheroine. Some thought that Alice had a case of hero worship, in reality she was out for nothing but her own career. If she could learn the identity of the star-spangled heroine it would give Alice a huge break into journalism. Now with this latest incident, Alice was convinced she could get her interview with American Star.

“Thank you very much American Star.” The President of Kappa Sigma Beta said shaking the heroine’s hand from her seat on the back of an ambulance.

“Not a problem at all Ms. Stark, happy to help out.” Allison responded. She heard the school clock signaled it was 1:45. Oh no, I’m going to be late to History! She thought.

“I’m sorry Ms. Stark but I am needed elsewhere.” She sped off back to her small apartment next to campus. She put all of her costume except for her tights in a special pocket in her backpack and pulled navy blue skirt and light blue blouse on. With that done she sped off again, although slower this time, to class.


Alice got the assignment for doing an interview with American Star. It helped that she flittered with the Editor, she may be seen as a little strange but she was still hot. Now Alice was setting up everything she needed.

She waited impatiently as the phone ranged, “Hello?” was finally the answer.

“American Star?” Alice asked.

Allison realized that she was on her ‘super’ cell phone, changing her voice slightly, “Yes, who’s calling?”

“This is Alice Michaels from the Georgetown Paper. I was wondering if you’d accept a chance for an interview. Since you saved the fundraiser money you’re quite popular around here. I saw it myself and must say the way you just walked into danger was amazing.” Alice said being sincere and sweet.

Her flattery worked, “Thank you Ms. Michaels. Of course I’d love to give you an interview.”

Alice smiled; she could make anyone do anything, “That’s great American Star! I can’t wait to meet you in person. Here’s where you need to go.”

Over the next minute Alice gave the time, place, and careful directions. Hanging up, Alice smiled again. Soon she would have American Star’s secret identity, and her ticket to journalism fame.


“Man you’re great.” He said to her. The red head batted her eyes behind her glasses.

“Oh, Jim you’re too sweet.” Shan replied. They were sitting at booth in a great grill restaurant off campus. It was a great way to relax after the failed robbery that afternoon.

Jim smiled and leaned forwards, “So Alice got the interview that’s going really boost interest in the paper.”

Shan furrowed her eyebrows, “Oh? What she get a meeting with Paris and Nicole, the idiot sisters.” She proceeded to take a drink.

“No American Star.” He replied.

Shan nearly choked, “What?”

“Yeah it’s for her saving the Kappa Beta’s fundraising money. Since everyone is so impressed with her I thought it would be a good idea.” Jim explained not noticing the fire burning in his girlfriend both mentally and physically.

Then an idea began to build in her mind, “Say, Jim when is Alice giving this little interview…”


Allison was lounging in her sofa, laughing as she finished watching The Simpsons and turned off her TV. Looking at the clock, she saw it was almost time for her interview. Getting off her couch she headed over to her closet and removed the red and white leotard of American Star, as well as her blue tights. After slipping into the lyrca and nylons of her costume, Allison pulled her boots on and made her way out onto the streets of DC.

Alice too was getting ready for the interview. Her preparation though was more malevolent. She was preparing a perfume bottle, inside was an itchy chemical she would spray into American Star’s eyes. It would be an accident of course, but American Star would go to her bathroom to wash the offending substance out of her eyes. In the process she would remove her mask. The few minutes American Star’s face was free of her red mask, would be captured by a digital camera.

The image would then go to a special image search program Alice had acquired. Going through the District of Columbia’s driver’s license database, she hoped to find American Star’s identity. A knock at the door took her back to the problem at hand. Getting up, she straightened out her demon skirt and light blue blouse. Heading over to the door in her stocking feet she opened it up and saw the shapely figure of American Star.

“Alice, it’s nice to see you.” American Star said politely, offering her red gloved hand. Alice took it and shook it eagerly.

“Wow, American Star in my apartment! Please come in.”

The two entered Alice’s apartment and headed over to a sofa and a padded chair. Allison took a seat on the couch. She felt something in the back of the chair, but didn’t do anything about it at first. Alice took a seat in the chair and retrieved a notebook. She noticed American Star’s discomfort. Her perfume bottle was located at the back of the sofa. Alice hoped that it would cause enough discomfort for American Star to move the device. They began the interview with Alice asking all the usual questions. The would-be unmasker was growing more impatient as American Star just sat there.

Luck was on Alice’s side. Damn it, all right I have to move this, she thought. Reaching behind her back she felt the discomforting object. Removing it she saw it was a perfume bottle.

“Sorry about that, that’s were I left it.” Alice said trying to hide her excitement; her plan was coming to fruition.

“That’s all right, interesting bottle, what’s in it?” American Star asked.

Alice smiled, “Oh it’s a new French flavor.”

American Star soured, she hated the French, “Really, not a fan, my…” Allison was cut off. She accidentally shot off a blast of the spray into her own face. It burned her eyes and she dropped the bottle.

“Oh god! American Star are you all right?” Alice asked concerned, and overjoyed that her plan worked.

“I…need your…bathroom.” Allison pleaded trying to rub the liquid from her eyes.

“Of course it’s…” Now it was Alice’s turn to be surprised and shocked.

Her door blasted open and fell to the floor, its edges singed and burned. Looking up she saw a woman wearing a red halter top sleeveless leotard and matching mask. Orange tights and elbow length gloves completed the outfit with a pair of red lace-up slippers.

“Hi American Star, I told you next time you’d be mine.” Blaze spoke with glee.

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