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The party was well into its third hour and people were still hanging about. Men in tuxes and ladies in fabulous dresses chatted with each other in the main ball room of the Stackhouse Mansion. Victoria Stackhouse was throwing a party to celebrate the New Year. Senators, business leaders, foreign dignitaries all had showed up. One such dignitary was working on getting a certain New Year’s Eve present.

“Come one, we could just slip into one of the side rooms….no one will know.” A young Russian diplomat smiled to the gorgeous brunet in the blue dress in front of him. She had her hair spilling over her shoulders of the blue gown. She completed the ensemble with a light blue set of tights and a pair of crystal sandals. He began to slide his hand down her side.

“Okay…ssh…” she replied. The two made their way to a room just outside the main ballroom. He kissed her on the lips and began working to find the zipper at the back of her dress. She was kissing him too and brought her lips close to his ear and whispered.

“What…” he asked.

“Bed time.” With that she stabbed him with her ring. A small needle made its way into his system and knocked the man out cold. Collapsing into her arms, she carefully threw him onto the bed. If anyone checked it would look like he had a little too much to drink.

Jennifer Ryan let out a sigh. God that asshole almost felt me up, she thought. Walking over to the door she locked it and began to get down to business. Listed as Allison Hayes a Defense Department employee, Jennifer worked for in reality a much different organization just across the river, the Central Intelligence Agency. While the CIA had agents all over the world there was a splinter faction of the Department of Operations. It fielded only female agents and had a Presidential authority to do what ever necessary, wherever and however, to ensure the safety and security of the United States.

Code named ANGELS only the Directors of Operations, and Intelligence at Langley and the President were aware of their existence. Jen was a BLUE ANGEL, she specialized in covert infiltration. She had stolen files right out of FSB headquarters in Moscow, sabotaged a North Korean missile test, and set up the capture of a terrorist leader in Israel. There were dozens of missions under her belt, and this was another one.


One Week Earlier…..

“Ms. Lee will see you now.” The secretary told Jen. She got out of her seat at the reception area for the DO (Director Operations) and headed for her door. Wearing a black suit with skirt and some dark hose she looked like another intelligence officer getting her assignment from the DO. Once inside the office she said her code phrase, LYRCA and took a seat in front of the Director’s desk.

“Good to see you Jen, the DCI wants me to pass on his congrats on that Japan op.” Ms. Lee said, free to talk now that the code word had been used.

“Boss I was looking forward to my vacation.” Jen began. But she knew what was coming.

“Sorry but country calls.” Ms. Lee smiled, “We have a problem, one that requires your special skills.”

“Karla it’s going to be New Years Eve next week, I want to enjoy the holiday for once not sitting on board a C-130 over Afghanistan, or swimming to a pick up boat in the Taiwan Straight.” Jen pleaded, “Send Keri, Jill, hell anyone just not me.”

“Well look at it this way, you’ll get to go to a New Years Eve party.”

Jen raised an eyebrow in curiosity. Her boss explained.

Stackhouse Industries a leading supplier of military hardware seemed to be a completely patriotic and had nothing to hide, at first glance.

“As you know we have been running Special Forces on the borders between Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan to stop weapon shipments. Well a Green Beret team intercepted one of those shipments; it was filled with Stackhouse hardware. There were Stingers, M-4 rifles, and most dangerously a PRC-85.”

“What!” Jen exclaimed, “I can see the Stingers and the M-4s but how’d they get one of our satellite radio systems?”

“Think that’s bad it gets worse, they also had a list of frequencies to listen in on. All were special forces channels or US Army.” Lee said. With those radios and frequencies the Taliban and Al-Queda forces might be able to get the drop on US forces and ambush them. Causalities would be high for US troops if those codes and radios got out.

“So, who is there to suspect at Stackhouse industries?” Jen queried.

Lee opened up a file on her desk, “We don’t have any one person to look for, but if you can find transport records for the latest shipment of those radios we’ll have a good idea of who to investigate further.”



So that was her mission, access the shipment records from the files of Victoria Stackhouse and see who was signing off on the shipments. Jen made sure her would be groper was asleep. With him still out cold she began to change.

First she let her dress fall to the ground. This revealed what was on underneath, a skintight blue leotard. Her light blue tights were on as well. Jen walked over to a chair and grabbed it. Standing on top of it she reached up and undid the vent cover to an airshaft. Using years of gymnastics she pulled herself up and entered the vent.

She crawled through the vent and made her way to the coat room. Looking down she saw through the coat room vent, the room was empty. Her skin tight attire allowed her to slip down without a sound. Jen went through the coat room till she found what she was looking for, her backpack. She had stashed the backpack in the room when the butlers took her coat, with the hidden pack in it.

Jennifer zipped her bag open and got her various gadgets and equipment out of it. First was a special watch she slipped onto her wrist. Next were her black Teflon gloves. Finally she put her backpack on. It was a special backpack that went across one shoulder then was very thin but still had plenty of storage.

“All right, let’s get this on with.” She said quietly. Jen quickly got back up the vent and took it deep into the mansion. Four minutes later, Jen was at the end of the vent system. The last vent cover gave her a view of the courtyard. It was already two in the morning, so there were no lights on in the courtyard. The Blue Angel reached behind her and pulled a special pair of glasses out.

They could see in the dark with light amplifying lenses and had a thermal backup, all while looking like normal sunglasses. Turning on the NVG option see could spot three sentries walking in the courtyard. Jen was surprised by the guards. Each one was a woman; they wore a skintight black unitard with a matching beret. They were also armed with P90 submachine guns.

It would take some skill to get through here.

Jennifer reached into her bag of tricks and pulled out an interesting shaped pistol. Next she undid the fasteners holding the screen on place. With that out of the way she popped open the vent cover and slid out. Her skin tight outfit made for no noise as she slipped out from the vent and into the grass around her.

The two guards hadn’t noticed her entry into the courtyard, great, she thought. Jen now brought her pistol to bear. Unlike normal weapons her’s could fire both bullets and special dart rounds. Each of her darts had the prefect amount of a knockout cocktail that would leave a person unconscious for two hours. Jen aimed her pistol at the lead guard. The woman was only twenty feet away, coming closer. The Blue Angel was just waiting for the right moment…her partner turned her back.

CLICK! The pistol made a low click as the round exited the gun and flew right into the guard’s neck. She felt the prick, heading for her neck she saw a small projectile that had hit her. She was about to call out to her partner about it when she began to feel dizzy. The durg already was overriding her body’s systems, muscles, conscious thoughts and speech. Her eyes rolled up into her head and she fell towards the ground. Jen watched the lady give off a small ugh, as she hit the dirt. Quickly why the other guard’s back was still turned Jen ran out and grabbed the knocked out lady by her legs. She then brought her into the grass with her.

Jennifer could see the second guard had now turned back to face her partner.

“What!” the second lady said to no one. She moved towards where the first guard had been. Jen raised her pistol once more, taking aim, another silent crack, and another koed guard. The Blue Angel quickly crossed the courtyard and grabbed this guard from under her armpits. A quick drag brought this koed guard out of sight as well. Jen disabled their weapons and admired their outfits.

She had always had a thing for skintight clothing. When not wearing her Blue Angel outfit she would wear skirts and pantyhose or tights. Jen quickly regained her current thought process and went back to work. Heading to the end of the courtyard she spotted her next obstacle, a hallway. The lovely Angel removed her special glasses.

Peaking around the corner she saw no one waiting for her in the hallway. Jen could also see a door that she could slip into. Quickly and silently she dipped across the hallway and opened the door and closed it. As she suspected it was an empty bathroom. She reached into her backpack and pulled out her newest gadget, an optical probe. Sticking it through a crack in the door she could see the next section of the hallway.

Here was another person, but this wasn’t a guard. This woman appeared to be a maid. She was about Jen’s age and wearing a maid’s uniform and black pantyhose. This normally wouldn’t have been a problem but she was coming to the bathroom. Jen needed to act fast!

The maid entered the bathroom. With a sigh she kicked off her shoes and wiggled her toes in her nylons. She had been wearing those shoes for hours. Heading towards the sink she began washing her hands. After some soap and water she was drying them when a hand clapped over her mouth. The maid tried to scream trying to get help. She struggled but could smell something strange coming off the glove…her mind began to slow down, she felt heavy, weaker…

Jen eased the maid to the floor. She held her gloved hand over the maid’s mouth for a few more seconds before she removed it. When the maid had come in she had snuck into one of the stalls to come up with a plan. Deciding to knock this lady out as well, she got the small vial of chloroform from her bag. Pouring it onto her right gloved hand (the gloves could absorb the chloro) she then quickly got behind the maid and knocked her out.

To keep her prisoner at bay, Jen used a wash cloth to gag the maid. Then she removed the girl’s pantyhose and used it to bind her wrists together, which she then tied around one of the pipes that lead into the toilet. Angel Jen then left the bathroom and locked the door.

According to her mental map, Victoria Stackhouse’s office was down this hallway. Moving quickly she headed down the hallway and entered the room. Again Jen pulled her special specks out and looked for any laser detection sensors, none. She then checked for cameras to disable, none. This was strange to the spy.

Who leaves their office unobserved? She pondered. Jen decided that it was carelessness on Victoria’s part, and headed for her computer desk. The PC was in standby mode, so she just brought it out. Again she was surprised that there was no password on it either. Jen went into the computer’s files and looked for the transactions. Her search yielded nothing though. The Blue Angel was about to give up when she noticed a folder, ANGELS.

Jen double clicked on the folder and looked through its contents, there was only one a MS Word document. She opened it up it read, GOTCHA! Jennifer said, “What?”

The hissing noise from the keyboard shook her out of her pondering. A cloud of white gas was rising from it.

“GAS!!!!” She screamed, unfortunately she breathed in some of the fumes. Coughing she tried to get away from the booby trap. But her once powerful muscles began to get slower. Her sharp mind became cloudy.

“Can’t…stay…awake…getting weaker…” she stammered as she slummed to the floor. Jen fought to keep her eyes awake; the last thing she remembered though was a pair of stocking covered feet approaching her.

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